70+ Unique and Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him – 2021 Buying Guide

If you’re at a loss as to what to buy your man on Valentine’s day then fear not. Yes it can be a very difficult task to buy a guy a gift, especially for Valentine’s Day. No grown man wants to receive a soft toy with “I love you” written on its tummy. We have plenty of unique gifts just for him in this epic Valentine’s day buying guide for men.

Date Night Game Box Set

With this box set of three games, you can get to know your special guy in a whole new way. Each game includes cards designed to get a conversation started. It’s also great for new friend groups because each card lets them learn more about the others. The game includes cards for dating, flirting and daring other players.

Dirty Sex Coupons

Give your life the excitement that it needs and make date night more fun with this coupon book, which lets him pick exactly what he wants. Each coupon asks for something special and maybe even a little naughty. As much as he looks forward to handing over one of these 50 coupons, you’ll look forward to getting it.

Bike Chain Bracelet

When the weather is too cold for a motorcycle ride, he can let others know that he loves his bike with this bracelet, which looks like a bike chain. It measures 8.66 inches long and 0.47 inches wide and is lightweight enough that he may forget he put it on his wrist. This bracelet will give any outfit a masculine edge.

The Mini C64

Guys who grew up during the 1980s will remember playing games on the Commodore 64. They can now recreate that fun and excitement with this system, which comes with both a joystick and a keyboard that plugs into a television or computer. It also comes with more than 60 classic Commodore 64 games already installed.

Heart Balloon Mix Tape Flash Drive

Capable of transferring files between two devices, this handy flash drive also lets him know that you care. It looks like a classic cassette mixtape and features a design of heart balloons on the front. This flash drive has 8GB of storage space. If you decide to make him a custom mix, you can store thousands of songs on the drive.

Foosball Coffee Game Table

Who needs an ordinary coffee table, when you can play a game of foosball on this one? Made from dark wood, the table has a clear glass top that lets you see all the action on the game field inside. It features smooth rods that glide in, out and around to turn the players on the field and enough space for two people to compete.

100 Dot-to-Dot Cities

Those same dot-to-dot games that you played as a kid are now suitable for adults with books such as this one. Each page features a different city and some of the landmarks from those cities. He’ll need to move from one dot to the next to create lines that make up the design of the 100 includes cities.

Portable BBQ Toolbox

Though this fun product looks like a toolbox, the sides open up to reveal a hidden grill inside. Once folded, it creates a compact design that he can store in his garage or trunk. It has carrying handles on the outside for taking to tailgates and parties and multiple racks inside for cooking all his favorite dishes.

Tentacle Octopus Balaclava Head Wrap

He can look his stylish best in this balaclava, which functions as both a hat and a scarf. It offers protection from the wind when riding a motorcycle and from the cold when playing outside. He’ll get a kick out of the design, which features tentacles hanging down to mimic the look of an octopus.

Coin Eating Bank

Encourage him to save money and have some fun along the way with this bank, which looks like it eats coins. Available in different colors, the bank has a cute face on the front that includes two eyes and a smiling mouth. When he places a coin in the mouth, a mechanism inside pulls the money into the bank.

Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher

All guys have balls that scratch every now and then, but no one wants to scratch that itch around other. This ball scratcher will help him take care of that itch and give him something he wants to show off. Made from solid metal, it has a long handle with a small hand at the end for getting to his most sensitive spots.

PlayStation Controller Mug

With this mug, he can show off his love of the original PS gaming console and let others know that he’s a hardcore gamer. Not only does it feature the PlayStation logo on the front, but it also has a replica of that system’s controller on the handle. He can use this with hot or cold drinks and pop it in the microwave when needed.

Luxury Shave Set

Guys who want to shave as their fathers and grandfathers did will like that everything they need comes included in this shaving set. The brush and soap let him create a rich lather in the included mug. He also gets a safety razor that removes hair without damaging his skin and replacement blades for future shaves.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

A smartwatch gives him access to apps and games while on the go, and this Samsung Galaxy watch is one of the best around. It has health and wellness checking built inside for guys worried about their health and is compatible with many different apps. With a Bluetooth connection, he can connect this watch to an Android or Apple device.


Battle Combat Mug

Getting through a day at the office or a bus ride can feel like a day on the battlefield, and this mug lets him feel safe and confident as he handles all those tasks. This unique mug uses a high-quality material that can withstand drops onto hard concrete or cement surfaces and a handle that fits comfortably in his hand. Thanks to the interface system, he can mount the mug onto his gun and use it as a rear sight.


Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker

Guys who are always in a hurry in the morning won’t have any excuse not to sit down to breakfast when they have this sandwich maker in their kitchens. Not only can it warm up a piece of ham and create the perfect poached egg, but it will also toast an English muffin and have everything ready at the same time.


Marshall Fridge

As much as he loves his guitar and releasing a few links, he’ll love this refrigerator just as much. Designed to look just like one of the amps that Marshall makes, it has the same buttons and lights on the outside that a real amp does. The refrigerator holds food and drinks at the perfect temperature, and the freezer is cold enough for storing ice cream and frozen foods.


Paracord Bracelet

Military men never step off base without a paracord wrapped around their wrist. Even if his only military experience comes from video games, he’ll like the look and design of this bracelet. The set comes with two bracelets that have a built-in compass and a plastic snap he can undo to release several feet of paracord for use in an emergency.


Bradley Element Watch

Designed for guys who want to strike a pose, this watch will make him look like a million bucks. The case uses both ceramic and steel materials that won’t scratch as he works and plays, while the bracelet design of the strap uses a matching type of steel. This watch is also coated to prevent all types of damage.


Hangover Prevention

When he has a few too many drinks one night, he’ll like waking up to find this hangover cure waiting for him. The box comes with five packages of the cure in a sweet fruit punch flavor that guys like. Rated as one of the best cures for hangovers, it features ingredients designed to alleviate pain and reduce other symptoms.


Punching Bag Hanging Laundry Bag

Give him the encouragement that he needs to put away his laundry and keep his room clean with this laundry bag. Designed to look like the punching bags found in gyms, it has a metal loop at the top for hanging anywhere in his bedroom. The bag has a flat bottom for sitting on the floor too.


Reversible Welcome Mat

Not everyone wants to open their doors to the salespeople who come around, which is why so many guys like this welcome mat. The letters used on the front look like they say “Come In” when viewed in one way and “Go Away” when viewed in another. He can change the position of the mat before his next party.


Build-On Brick Mug

Those who are kids at heart never quite outgrow the fun of building with LEGO bricks. Thanks to this mug, they never need to outgrow those toys. The mug features small indents along all sides that hold the bricks in place and is compatible with the bricks created by LEGO. It holds up to 12 fluid ounces of his favorite drinks.


Images You Should Not Masturbate To

This book from Rob Hibbert and Graham Johnson just might be the perfect addition to a bathroom or a coffee table. It features dozens of images with funny captions that will make him think twice before he engages in some alone time. He’ll also like sharing some of those images with his buddies.


The Homemade Gin Kit

Gin gets its distinctive flavor from juniper berries that are often hard to find, but this kit comes with those berries and all the other ingredients he needs to whip up a bottle of delicious gin. The kit comes with two bottles, a special blend of botanical ingredients and instructions that let him make a custom blend based on his preferences.


Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

Give him an excuse to skip the gym and workout at home with these dumbbells. Each one has an adjustable design that lets him pick a weight between five pounds and more than 52 pounds. The dumbbells are easy to use and won’t take up a lot of space, giving him the option of working out while watching television.


HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System

Gamers can play like they never played before with this virtual reality system. It comes with a free two-month subscription that lets him check out some new titles, but it also comes with a few free games already installed. The full system comes with a headset and controllers that track his movements and show his actions in the game.


Cat DJ Scratching Post

Who says dogs have all the fun? Guys who have cats will love this scratching post, which turns their little four-legged friends into disc jockeys. Made from cardboard, it has a solid base that sits on the ground with a record made from cardboard that actually moves on the top. He may even want to take photos and videos of his cat to show loved ones.


Toolcard Pro with Money Clip

Capable of performing an impressive 40 different tasks, this little gadget may become his favorite tool and wallet. It has a clip on the outside that holds paper money and can fit his ID and cards. The tool itself functions in dozens of different ways. This is safe to take through the TSA and acts as a wrench, ruler and screwdriver among other tools.


Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

With these headphones from Sony, you can let him play music and games long into the night and still get all the sleep that you need. The design cancels background noises to help him focus and blocks some of the sounds that would otherwise come through the speakers. They adjust to fit comfortably on his ears and head too.


Metal Meat Claws

He’ll want to release his inner Wolverine when he slips these meat claws onto his head. Though they look like the claws that the comic book character has, the edges are sharp enough to shred through any type of meat, making it easy to create pulled chicken or pork. The stainless steel claws can withstand high temperatures without breaking.


Skateboard Mirror

Even if he left his skateboarding days behind, he’ll still like hanging this mirror on a wall in his house. It looks just like a real skateboard, right down to the wheels and decks, but those accents won’t interfere with his view of the mirror. He can hang it horizontally or vertically on any wall. It’s the perfect gift for skateboarding enthusiasts.


Nothing, For the Person Who Has Everything

If you’re tired of struggling to find the right gift for the special guy in your life, give him the gift of nothing. This hysterical gift will put a smile on his face and let him know that he needs to tell you what he wants next year. The gift comes in a simple gift package with an air pocket of absolutely nothing on the front.


Beechwood Crab Multi-Tool

Multi-tools can help him handle any job around the house, and this crab model makes those jobs a little more fun. The wood used on the outside gives the crab its body, but the inside features tools made from high-quality stainless steel. He can easily grip the wood shell when accessing the screwdriver, bottle opener and other tools inside.


Retro Arcade Console

Arcades come and go, but this retro cabinet makes it easy for him to play all his favorite games without leaving the house. The small size doesn’t require a lot of space and allows him to hold the cabinet in his hands. It features vintage and retro graphics on the outside and comes with built-in games. The cabinet puts 200 games right at his fingertips.


Elite 23-Piece Bartender Cocktail Set

This set gives him the perfect excuse to be a bartender at his next party. It comes with a wood stand that holds all those tools and all the accessories that he might need to make custom drinks. He’ll get a cocktail shaker, some stirrers for mixing drinks, a handy strainer and other solid tools.


Rude Hand Gestures of the World

Written by Romana Lefevre, this humorous book is one that he’ll want to display in the center of his coffee table. It includes photos of dozens of hand gestures that are common in the United States and rude in other countries. The book teaches him what to avoid as he travels around the world.


Holy Stone FPV Drone

Adults will feel like kids when they head outside with this drone. Compatible with most smartphones, it lets him control his drone with an app he downloads to that phone. A camera on the phone streams video to the phone to let him know where he’s at and what he can do as he flies through the air.


23andMe DNA Health and Ancestry Test

This 23andMe kit lets him find out more about his family history and general health. It only requires a saliva sample and shows him how to set up his account online. When his results come back, he’ll learn what traits and health characteristics he has as well as his family’s history over the ages.


Predator Motorcycle Helmet

Whether he rides a big hog or a smaller import bike, he’ll love cruising down the open highway with this helmet. Designed to look exactly like the creatures from the film series of the same name, it offers protection if he crashes. The helmet also has a visor to keep the wind away from his face.


October Elf French Baguette Slippers

Guys with a good sense of humor will like taking out the trash and grabbing the mail in these slippers, which look just like a real baguette. These slippers come in different sizes to fit all feet and have multiple layers of fabric and padding inside to make him feel like he’s walking on a cloud.


Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

The over-ear design of these headphones fit right on top of the ear to reduce strain and fatigue. They use a pure noise canceling technology that eliminates background noises and calibrates to work with different devices. These headphones are wireless and have a battery that lasts for up to 22 hours to give him all-day listening.


Royal Blue Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Table

Perfect for use in small spaces, this poker table comes with a royal blue cloth top and space for multiple players around its edges. Each setting has a cup holder that holds standard size cans and bottles. The legs on this table also fold down to make storage a snap.


Beard Catcher Apron Bib

If you’re tired of your guy making a mess every time he shaves, treat him to this beard catcher apron. It comes with two suction cups that attach to the mirror and a bib that he can wrap around his neck. The apron catches all the hair from his head, face and neck to make cleaning easy.


Wine Bottle Lock Set

Guys who are serious about their wine collections will appreciate this set of two locks. Each lock has a combination dial that he can set before placing it on the neck of a bottle. No one can remove the lock and get to the wine inside unless they have the combination. It is easy to set too.



Philips Norelco 9700 Electric Shaver

Suitable for wet and dry shaving purposes, this electric shaver will remove both short and long hairs from guys with up to three days of growth. It comes with an attachment that he can use to moisturize and clean his face and a handy brush for cleaning the motor. This model also has three speed settings.


Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard

Available in different designs and colors, this keyboard is the ultimate addition to any home or work computer setup. It has larger knobs and controls to help him more easily play games and access apps from the keyboard and a hub that helps him quickly transfer files. This keyboard even has a key to enter sleep mode.


Ring Doorbell Pro

Originally launched as a crowdsourcing product, Ring is now one of the top features of any home security system. The Pro model allows him to view anyone who is outside before he opens the door. It comes with a lifetime warranty against theft too. With Ring, he can keep his home and family safe and view live video on his phone.


NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

Whether he’s a professional cook or just likes cooking at home, this pair of gloves will keep him safe in any kitchen. The gloves are lightweight and won’t interfere with his movements, but they are also flexible to give him full freedom. He can use any sharp objects with these gloves without cutting his hands.


Poker Chip Set

He’ll love hosting the next guys’ night in with this poker chip set, which comes with a carrying case. That case has snap locks to keep the chips from falling out and features compartments inside for all the included parts. He gets chips in several different colors and two decks of playing cards that are suitable for most table games.


Mug with a Hoop

Turn his first cup of coffee into a more exciting experience with this fun little mug. It has a solid base and handle with enough space inside for most drinks. Attached to one side is a basketball hoop that lets him dunk marshmallows and other ingredients into the mug as he drinks.


Game Alarm Clock

This alarm clock makes getting up in the morning a fun game and keeps him from oversleeping. The included target attaches right to the top of the alarm clock and works with the infrared gun. He can pick between two different alarm modes and change the display. It requires that he hit the target one to five times to shut it down.



Ninja Mega Kitchen System

From guacamole and soup to frozen drinks and yogurt, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System helps him do it all. Each component is dishwasher safe and can tackle different prep jobs. The system comes with a food processor bowl and bowls for making smaller dishes as well as prep cups he can take with him.



DMOS Stealth Shovel

Removing ice in the long winter months is easy with this shovel. It has sharp teeth along the edge that grip to dirt and ice to remove as much as possible with each push. Those teeth also help the shovel move more smoothly and quietly, which lets him work without disrupting his family or neighbors.



Robot Nutcracker

Guys who like snacking on nuts when playing video games and watching television can crack those nuts easier with this fun tool. It looks just like a robot and has graphics on the front that add to that design. A screw device in the center crushes nuts and removes the shell to reveal the treat inside.



The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Let him know that he’s in charge of the grill this BBQ season with a whimsical apron that looks like something Rambo might wear. This apron features an ammo belt around the top that holds up to six standard cans of beer or soda, a camouflage print and pockets for all his favorite grilling tools and accessories.


The Cash Cannon

Now is the perfect time to make it rain with a Cash Cannon that he can use at home. It has a chrome finish and comes in four color options that let you pick his favorite. As the cannon also comes with a 9V battery, he just needs to add his own cash before playing.



Stainless Steel Whiskey Nosing Glass

He can enjoy the perfect glass of whiskey and pick up all the notes and aromas in that blend with this glass. Specifically designed with thin top and bottom, it allows the scent of the whiskey to hit his nose before the taste touches his lips. This glass comes in a designer packaging for convenient gift giving.



Millennium Falcon Patent Art Poster

Any “Star Wars” fan will get a kick out of this art poster, which shows the architectural design of the Millennium Falcon. The design features a bold blue background with the design elements in white. As it’s both inked and printed, it will last for years and serve as a reminder of your love.




Some guys think there is nothing better in life than a stiff drink and a good cigar. If your man is one of them, he’ll appreciate this glass, which lets him do his two favorite activities at the same time. This glass is solidly made from two pieces of glass and has a built-in resting spot for a cigar.


Scratch Off Map of the World Poster

Guys who like traveling the world can now show their friends and family where they went with this map. It features every country in the world today and lets him scratch off each one after a visit. He can scratch off the flags on the bottom of the map with the included tool.


First Aid Survival Kit

Thanks to this survival kit, your special guy can survive any situation he encounters. The kit itself has a zipper to keep the supplies inside safe. Not only does he get basic bandages and other supplies, but he’ll also get a compass, fire starter, wire saw and other small tools for use in emergency situations.


T18 Cordless Drill Set

From putting together furniture to hanging pictures, this cordless drill can do it all. It has a lightweight design to reduce user fatigue and a brushless motor that makes the motor last longer. The T18 comes with different heads to help him tackle all types of jobs and a battery that lasts for hours.


Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Movie buffs of all ages will get a kick out of this movie poster, which includes miniature images from the top 100 films of all time. Those images have brown blocks covering them that he’ll need to scratch off as he watches each one. The poster includes everything from “The Shawshank Redemption” to “Groundhog Day.”


Game of Thrones Cluedo

The classic mystery game of Clue gets a brand new look in this edition, which includes characters and images from the hit series “Game of Thrones” from HBO. Players work their way through different settings from the show as they find out where the crime occurred and who was responsible. This game is suitable for players of all ages.


“Gin and Juice” Platinum LP Record Collectible

Fans of Snoop Dog and his classic rap songs will want to display this collectible record in their homes. It includes a reproduction of the art used on the cover of the original CD and a copy of a platinum record. Guys can hang this in their living rooms and any other spaces.


100 Albums Scratch Off Bucket List Poster

Music enthusiasts helped pick the top 100 albums of all time, all of which appear on this scratch off poster. He can scratch off each album to reveal the cover beneath after listening to them or adding them to his collection. The poster looks nice when framed after he finishes this list too.


Harry Potter Self Stirring Mug

Guys who love coffee and other hot drinks but hate mixing will like this mug, which does all the hard work for them. This mug features a small mechanism in its base that stirs quickly to mix liquids and solids together. It also features a fun Harry Potter design on the front and is safe to use in a microwave.


InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

With this diffuser, he can safely tackle anything that life throws at him. It has a clean and modern design that uses a wood panel graphic and a bright pop of color on the top. He can use it with any type of essential oil to reduce stress and feel more energetic.


Nostalgia Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

The bright red color and the retro design of this toaster makes it a great addition to any kitchen. While it toasts two buns to the perfect golden brown shade, it can also make two hot dogs at the same time. He’ll love making dinners and quick snacks with this vintage looking toaster.


Storm Glass Weather Predictor

A sudden rainstorm can stop him from spending time outside, but this handy tool lets him predict the weather at home. It has a funky design with a liquid inside that transforms based on the weather conditions outside. He’ll know instantly whether snow or ice is on its way and can change his plans accordingly.


Universal Socket Grip

Designed to work with ratchet wrenches and power drills, this adapter allows those tools to work as a socket. It creates the perfect amount of grip to ensure that the adapter doesn’t come off the tool and uses a high-quality metal. The adapter creates the power socket that he needs for working on his car and doing other jobs.


Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet

He’ll never again need to worry about others stealing his identity when he has this wallet in his pocket. It has a chip inside that blocks the RFID devices that can access credit card numbers and other confidential information. The wallet has space for cash inside and a strap on the exterior for storing cash.

Movado Core Classic Museum Watch

With this watch, he can look his best and tell the time whenever he needs. Made by Movado, it has a classy metal band that adjusts to fit his wrist and a sleekly modern face that includes minute and hour hands. It comes with a box for gifting that he can use for storing too.


Star Wars Art Print Set

Guys who love the “Star Wars” film series will like this print set, which comes with three different pieces of artwork. Each one features a different image from the series. He’ll get both a Boba Fett and a Darth Vader print as well as a print that uses an image of the Death Star.

Stylophone Gen X-1

The Stylophone Gen X-1, is a gift that men of a certain age would remember from their childhood. The analogue synthesizer was a must have gadget back in the 70s and 80s. Create quirky beats to haunting melodies, with just a few movements of the pen. This model is jammed packed with features which will have the man in your life playing with for hours.


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