How To Break In New Work Boots – A Useful Pre-Buying Work Boot Guide 2022

Your new work boots are here and can’t wait to try them. You’ve bought the best work boots you can buy. You carefully slip them onto your feet and lace them up.

There are no words that can explain what you are feeling right now.

You are happy!

The beautiful boots make your old work outfit look new.

You are now walking and running around your house in your new boots…..but wait.

Something feels wrong. What you thought would be an enjoyable moment has turned into a bad experience. You are in pain. Your boots feel like bricks that are about to crush your feet. Do they really fit? Should you return them to the store and ask for a refund? Do you need a repairer to fix the problem? Are you wearing them properly? Did they deliver the wrong work boots? What do you do?

With so many unanswered questions, you will be tempted to ask for help from your friends and family. But before you do that, here is what you should know. Most people will advise you to wear the boots all day. They will tell you how the pain will go away after getting around in them all day. Don’t let them mislead you! The truth is that there nothing that causes discomfort than wearing work boots that chafe for a long time. Trying to push through the pain will only lead to blistered ankles and aching toes, something that you cannot afford while working. So, what should you do? You need to break in your work boots. How do you do this? We have compiled a list of 13 techniques that you can use to break in your boots correctly and effectively.

But before we look at these techniques and explain how they work, here is what you should do first:


Be ready to take it slow and steady

Before you start breaking in your boots, it’s essential to ensure you are relaxed and prepared to take it slow. We understand that you have planned to wear your new boots to work come Monday, but you should understand that breaking in work boots takes time. Your work boots aren’t going anywhere. Relax!

Saying that breaking in work boots takes time, however, does not mean that it will take you forever. No! You can break in your boots and have them fit perfectly within 24 hours. The amount of time you take to break in the boots will depend on the design of the boots, type of material that is used to make the boots, and the technique you use to break in your boots.


Make sure you identify the problem

Where does it hurt? Asking this question will help you break in your boots quickly and efficiently. The best way to identify the parts that hurt is to wear the boots in short spurts and take them off when they start hurting. If you have a busy schedule, you can carry the boots to work and switch into them during your free time to ensure you identify the areas that have a problem.

Are you ready to take it slow? Have you identified the areas that pinch or are too tight? If so, here are 10 time-tested techniques that you can apply to break in your boots fast and effectively.


Tip- Using more than one technique at the same time will make your boots overstretch. It is advisable to choose the one that suits your needs.


1. Using A Shoehorn

Once you have identified the area that pinches or is too tight, the first thing you should try is a shoehorn. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to break in work boots. All you have to do is to stick the shoehorn in your boot and adjust it to properly stretch the leather. Then, leave it for a few hours. The shoehorn will help expand the leather of the boot and make it less stiff.

If you don’t have a shoehorn, you can use the stick treatment. This technique is simple and will also help you stretch the leather if it is too hard. Follow this procedure when using the stick treatment. Insert a mop or broomstick into your boot and aim it towards the affected area. Then, gently bend the work boot over the stick to stretch the part that pitches or is too tight. If you notice a slight discoloration of the leather, this is an indication that you have successfully stretched the leather.


2. The Hot Water Treatment

If the shoehorn or stick treatment fails, go for the hot water treatment. This technique is popular among military men and women. How does it work? Heat some water and immerse the new boots into the water for around 30 minutes. If the boots are made of finished leather, let them stay in hot water for 35-40 minutes. After emptying the excess water from the boots put on some socks and wear the wet boots for another thirty minutes or an hour. This enables the boots to take the size and shape of your feet as the leather cools.


3. Wear Them

Wearing work boots that hurt to work is not wise. However, putting on your new boots at home till they feel comfortable can help you make the boots fit perfectly. Only use this technique when you are sure it won’t result in blisters or toe itching. Make sure you have thick socks before you wear and start walking around with your boots. Thick socks will help prevent inching and blistering. The socks will also help stretch and expand the new boots to your fit. If you don’t have thick socks, wearing several pairs of socks when putting on the boots will help attain the same results. If the boots are causing you too much pain, don’t use this technique.


4. The Cold Water Treatment

If you don’t have time and want to break in your boots as quickly as possible, the cold water treatment may not be a good idea. How does this treatment work? You need to fill two sturdy plastic bags with water, and then place each bag into one of your new work boots. Once you have done that, place the boots in the freezer, and leave them overnight. The water will turn into hard ice and expand your boot.


5. Mink Oil

Identifying the part that pinches and coating the outsides of that part with mink oil can help break in your boots. Does it have to be mink oil? No! We have mentioned mink oil because it’s fairly easy to obtain and it’s highly effective when it comes to breaking in shoes. If you are short on mink oil, don’t worry because you can use other leather conditioners to break in your boots. Once you coat your boot with mink oil, leave it overnight. In the morning, wipe off the mink oil with a cloth. The whole process results to a soft leather, making your boots more comfortable when you wear them.


6. Boot Stretch Spray

Available in most shoe shops, boot stretch spray is a product that can also help you break in your boots. The good news is that it is cheap and highly effective. The product will help soften the lather, which helps reduce friction and make the boot comfortable to wear. When using a boot stretch spray, make sure you read and follow the instructions from the manufacturer. Reading the instructions will help you know if the boot stretch spray you buy is appropriate to use on your work boots.


7. Alcohol And Water Mixture

This is another shortcut that can be used by those who don’t want to use time-consuming techniques to break in their work boots. How does it work? Mix water and rubbing alcohol in the ratio of 1:1. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and directly spray it inside the new work boots. Then, wear the work boots for 25 minutes. The mixture will soften the leather, enabling boots to take size and shape of your feet as they dry off. It’s advisable to ensure you repeat this procedure for it to work correctly.


8. Adding An Insole

While adding an insole might make your boots a little tighter, it will help make the boot more comfortable with time. Adding an insole will make your feet expand the boots a bit. Therefore, if you remove the inner sole after a few days, the boot should not hurt.


9. Boot Stretchers

Boot stretchers are adjustable and will help stretch your boots regardless of their size, design, and the material used to make them. You will fit them into your new boots and recondition the fit of your boots. You can slip boot stretchers into your boots overnight, and in the morning the work boots will feel comfortable to walk around with.


10. Professional Help

If everything fails, it’s time to find a leather expert to help you. A leather expert will know what procedure to use to ensure your boots fit perfectly. With better tools and techniques, the lather expert will be able to identify the exact spot that is causing discomfort and fix it.



The Guiding Tips For Buying Or Breaking In Work Boots


Here’s What To Do….


Shop right
Before you go to buy a work boot, ensure you have conducted an online or offline research to ensure you pick a boot that only not matches your needs and want, but also feels comfortable.

Test the fit
Before you leave the shoe store, you should wear the boots to see if they fit perfectly. If the boots do not fit at the store, they won’t fit at home.

Apply leather conditioner
Whether the boots feel comfortable or not, ensure you apply leather conditioner always. This will also help increase your boot’s durability.


What To Avoid

• Don’t ignore irritations, pinches, and hot spots.
• Don’t submerge your boots in water.
• When breaking in your boots avoid applying direct heat to your boots.

Getting new work boots should be an enjoyable experience. Don’t let pain get in the way of your happiness. Apply the tips discussed above to break in your boots. They are effective and have worked before. You should also take some time to understand what to do and what to avoid when shopping for or breaking in work boots.

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