20 Free Printable Letters from Santa Templates For 2022

During the Christmas season, children all over the world write letters to Santa. It’s a holiday tradition that adds some fun to the festivities. With all that hard work your child put into that letter, it’s only fair that they get one back!

Nothing provides more whimsy and magic to your child’s holiday than a personalized letter from Jolly Old Saint Nick himself! We’ve found some of the best printable Santa letters on the web. Each letter is completely free and can be customized with the name of a special child in your life. Some even come with a matching envelope template for an extra touch of realism.

Whether the youngster is on the “naughty list” or the coveted “nice list,” these letters are a great way to get ready for the holidays to come.


From the Desk of Santa Claus – Lia Griffith

Want to let your child know that they have done well this year? This letter from Lia Griffith should do the trick. It’s designed to look like a professional notice. There’s even a seal of approval down at the bottom! The letter praises the child and encourages them to send in their Christmas wishlist, which will be very useful for parents. Thanks to the realistic signature and official-looking envelope, your youngster will truly believe it came from the big man himself.

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Naughty List Notice – Las Vegas Fit Mom

Getting a notice like this in the mail will have any kid changing their tune. Despite its colorful and festive design, this printable has all the hallmarks of a serious warning. There are no warm and fuzzy greetings to be seen. Instead, it’s a simple form that includes your child’s name and their “naughty” behaviors. There’s even a stamp of approval and a signature by the head elf of the Department of Naughty List. Keep a stack of these on hand, as it’s a great way to get kids to be on their best behavior.

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Santa’s Workshop Letter – The Shady Lane

This printable letter may look simple at first. However, it’s can be customized to reflect your child’s year. For example, you can include a major accomplishment the kid achieved, where they live, what they included on their Christmas wishlist, and even names of their closest friend. With all this customization, the letter will sound very personal. Your kid will love the sentiment.

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Official Letter from the North Pole – Frosted Events

This letter offers a colorful look at what goes on in Santa’s workshop. It’s meant to come from the Christmas headquarters and comes with all the official markings to convince your child that its the real deal. Within the letter, Santa praises your child’s behavior and encourages them to continue until the big day. There are even some humorous musings about Mrs. Claus and Rudolph to get your little one hyped.

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Santa Certificate – Hallmark

Hallmark is no stranger to creating beautifully designed holiday cards. The company offers this printable certificate for free. It features festive graphics that your child will proudly show off. The “Certificate of Niceness” can be used to praise your child anytime they do something good. The certificate lets them know that they’re officially on the “nice list,” which can help them maintain their streak of good behavior all year long.

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Santa’s Beard Letter – Free Fun Christmas

This letter is one that youngsters will want to hang on their wall. It’s modeled after Santa’s iconic beard. His cheery face and signature hat can be found on the top, making it a great decorative item for the holiday season. Part of the message is prewritten. It commends your child for having a good year. However, you can also include your own handwritten messages to personalize the letter for your child.



Santa’s Warning Letter – ConsumerExpert

If you’re looking for a printable that will encourage your child to do better, this may be the option for you. Rather than using bright and colorful graphics, this warning letter takes on a more serious and refined approach. Of course, the message is all in good fun. It tells your child that they are currently on the “naughty list.” But, by making some of the good choices included in the letter, they can be moved onto the “nice list.”

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Santa Mail Greeting Card – Mr. Printables

From Mr. Printables is this blank greeting card and envelope. The two pieces are decked-out with colorful graphics. The envelope has a unique return address, stamp, and postmark. Just pop it into your mailbox and your child will be none the wiser. The greeting card doesn’t have any writing on it. You can include your own personalized handwritten message. Just make sure to sign Santa’s name!

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Official Nice List Notice – Tip Junkie

If you have a family elf that watches over your home during the Christmas season, this printable is perfect for you. It’s an official notice that your child is on the “nice list.” You can check off the good behaviors your child showed and include the name of your elf. It can be a part of a fun holiday game and help to reinforce the stories you tell about that little elf that’s always watching them.

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Santa Reminder Letter – Design Dazzle

This printable from Design Dazzle is beautifully made. It’s relatively simple compared to some other letters out there. However, this simplicity is what makes it seem so real. The included message uses a realistic font that appears to be written by Santa himself. Plus, it has a heartwarming memo that reminds your child to continue doing well. What’s not to love?

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Official Naughty or Nice List Notice – Love Laugher Forever After

Make your child think that you’re constantly communicating with the North Pole with these colorful notices. You can print out several notices and hand them out as a reward or a warning. The cool thing about these printables is that you get to decide whether your kid was being “naughty” or “nice.” Just check off one of the boxes, explain the behavior, and write down who saw it. Because the notice will include the name of someone they actually know, your child will want to be on their very best behavior.



Elf-Certified Letter – New Grace Photography

With a candy-cane border and festive green accents, this printable letter from New Grace Photography can become a part of your home’s holiday decor. Before you hang it up for all to see, write down a personalized message for your child. The letter doesn’t have a prewritten message. Though, it does have an official letterhead and a certification stamp. There’s even a return address on the bottom to make your child believe.


Santa’s Workshop Reminder – SOHO Sonnet

Once Christmas break begins and your children start getting excited for the fun to come, send them this reminder from Santa. It features a fun message that tells them they are on the “nice list.” Of course, Christmas hasn’t arrived yet! So, the letter reminds them to continue with their good behavior. The letter is vibrant and has a ton of great graphics. There’s even a modern email address and phone number up top, giving the printable a professional look.

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Santa’s Questionaire – Mother’s Niche

As children get older, that magic they experience during the holidays starts to diminish. With this questionnaire, you can remember all of your kid’s imaginative thinking. All while getting to know them a bit better. This printable features a series of questions that your child has to answer and send back to Santa. It covers all of their favorite things, clothing sizes, and aspirations. You can collect these every year and even send them off to other relatives to give them a better idea of what kinds of gifts your child might like.


Letter from North Pole – Paging Supermom

Did you know that you can actually get a real postmark from North Pole. No, not from Santa’s North Pole but North Pole, Alaska! You can make the experience of getting a letter from Santa even more realistic with this printable letter. It includes a real address that you use to get the postmark. Just include your kid’s personal details. Then, put it into a self-addressed envelope and include the fake return address. Pop this into a bigger envelope and send it off to the address in North Pole, Alaska. Your kid’s eyes will light up when they see the postmarked letter in your mailbox a few weeks later.



Christmas is a magical time for kids of all ages. With one of these printable letters, you can create fun memories that your child will cherish for years to come.




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