The Most Christmas Obsessed Office Worker EVER!

Most of us love a bit of festive cheer around the office. When December 1st comes around, people in the office might put up a bit of tinsel around their desks, or the odd festive light here and there.

But some people take Christmas a lot more seriously than others. They take it a bit too far, some might say. People like Sharon.

Yes Sharon, and office worker with a desk decided to make her work area the most festive looking office cubical in the history of office cubicals!

Sharon built a festive gingerbread house out of cardboard and decorated it with fairly lights!!!

Here’s the email she wrote to her boss in reply to asking her to take it down.


Looks like the office is going to have to put up with Sharon’s festive construction until April! LOL!!!

I wish there were more Sharons in the world.

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