Best Wireless Earbuds Under $30 – 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Wireless technology has revolutionized the earbud game. Gone are the days of being tied down to your device with a cumbersome wire that you can easily snag. Thanks to Bluetooth, earbuds are more flexible than ever before. The best wireless earbuds let you move about untethered. For this reason, they have become a hot-commodity among athletes, busy commuters, and anyone else who’s constantly on the move.

With the evolution of wireless technology, audio quality also received a noticeable upgrade as well. Early earbuds produced muddy noise that lacked dynamic range, making music sound flat and boring. These days, wireless earbuds are fully capable of creating true-to-life sound. This doesn’t just benefit the quality of your favorite audio tracks, but it makes wireless communications sound crisp.

If you’re in the market for wireless earbuds, you have plenty of goods to choose from. These products are no longer a luxury purchase that will cost you a fortune. As the technology became more widespread, manufacturers were able to make solid earbuds with all the bells and whistles at an affordable price.

We’ve rounded up some of the best wireless earbuds under $30. Each one of our picks will let you jam out and stay connected with your friends and family, all without the use of pesky wires.


Symphonized DRV Wireless Active Earbuds

These Bluetooth headphones from Symphonized have a sleek and modern look. They feature genuine wood accents. The two earbuds are connected with a short wire that goes around your neck. The wire includes volume controls and a mic. One thing we like about this option is that the magnets. When you’re not using the earbuds, you can use the magnets to secure the device around your neck, much like a necklace.

When it comes to comfort, Symphonized made it very easy to get a secure fit. The gadgets come with multiple ear tips to fit anyone. There are also several wings to ensure that the earbuds stay put even through the most vigorous workout.

Uses Bluetooth 4.1
Built-in neckband with audio controls
6-hour playtime
Customizable in-ear tips and hooks
Wide frequency response

Lower connection range
Weaker bass



Symphonized NRG 2.0 Earbuds

Another great option from Symphonized is the NRG 2.0 earbuds. The cheap earbuds have a lot to offer in terms of versatility and control. It uses Bluetooth technology, so you can easily connect to any compatible smartphone, computer, or tablet. Like the previous model, these earbuds have a handy neckband with a built-in microphone and audio controls.

Despite the low price point, these earbuds have a very high-end look. The buds are covered in natural wood. Not only does it improve aesthetics, but the wood can also enhance deep bass response and overall acoustics. To accent the wood, the wire takes on a vibrant neon color.

8-hour playtime
Neckband with microphone and controls
Unique design
Comes with many tips and wings
Includes carrying pouch
Noise isolation

Range is only 33 feet
Wood can become damaged with sweat



LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones

Whether you use a device from Apple or Samsung, these Letscom earbuds will serve you well. It has a ton of great features that you normally wouldn’t find in this price range. For example, it has digital noise cancellation using CVC 6.0 technology and IPX7 waterproofing.

Thanks to the customizable fit, sweatproof design, and long battery life, these are one of the best earbuds for sports enthusiasts. The built-in neckband and wrap-around ear hook will keep things secure as you move.

Bluetooth 4.1
Microphone and audio controls built into the left earbud
Waterproof build
8-hour playtime
Customizable fit
Deep bass
Digital noise cancellation

Short range of 33 feet





Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones

These earbuds have a look that’s similar to Apple devices. However, it comes with a much lower price tag. The earbuds use Bluetooth technology to connect to any device. Once connected, you can use the touch-sensitive controls to adjust volume, answer calls, skip songs, and more.

The unique thing about this option is the charging case. The earbuds already have a 6-hour battery life. However, you can pop them into the included case to add some extra power on the go. The case has its own built-in battery and can be charged separately to prolong the use of your headphones.

Sleek design
Includes quick-charge case
Water-resistant shell
6-hour playtime
Microphone and touch controls
Noise cancelling

No neckband
May be difficult for some to get a comfortable fit



Symphonized PWR Bluetooth Earbuds

If you’re looking for earbuds that you can use as you exercise, this pair from Symphonized will do the trick. Instead of using an in-ear hook like some of the other models from this brand, this one has over-the-ear hooks. It wraps around your ear to provide more security.

The headphones produce very nice sound quality. It’s capable of creating HD stereo sound with strong bass. Plus, it offers noise cancellation. The earbuds are sweatproof and can be customized to fit you comfortably.

Ergonomic design
Bluetooth 4.1
Built-in audio controls and microphone
6-hour playtime
Can create extra bass
Noise isolation
Customizable fit

Shorter Bluetooth range
Vulnerable charging port



AUKEY Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

The Aukey earbuds are designed with active individuals in mind. Both buds have a water-resistant shell. The casing is sealed to keep the drivers and electronic components protected from rain or sweat. Each earbud is connected with a neckband, which has the built-in audio controls and microphone.

One thing we like about the earbuds is the ergonomic fit. The package includes a couple of different tips and soft in-ear wings. You can easily swap them out to ensure that the earbuds fit into your ear canals comfortably.

Bluetooth 4.1
8mm drivers
8-hour battery life
IPX4-certified water resistance
Quick charge feature
Neckband with audio controls and microphone
Customizable fit

Control panel can be cumbersome
Lower volume capabilities
Weaker bass



AUKEY APTx Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds are another great option from Aukey. The difference between this model and the previous one is the use of APTx technology. This unique audio codec helps to preserve the finer nuances in your music and deliver CD-quality sound.

To offer even more customization, the headphones have three different equalizer modes. These modes include Balanced, Treble, and Bass. You can switch between them to listen to your music the way you want.

APTx for better sound quality
Bluetooth connectivity
8-hour battery life
Water-resistant design
Quick charge feature
Neckband with audio controls and microphone
Security magnets
Microphone noise reduction

Bluetooth can lose the connection sometimes
Material on tips and wings may be stiff for some



JLabs Audio Metal Bluetooth Earbuds

With its modern look and rugged build, these JLab earbuds can serve most people very well. When it comes to sound quality, they don’t disappoint. High-quality drivers are used to recreate your music how it was meant to be heard. If you want to make some adjustments, there are three equalizer settings as well.

While the metal shell of the earbuds provides a modern look, they also do wonders in terms of durability. The metal helps to prevent damage from accidental drops. Plus, it protects the important components from sweat and moisture.

8mm drivers
Noise Isolation
6-hour battery life for playback
Durable build
Neckband with audio controls and microphone
Multiple EQ settings
Comfortable fit

Microphone is weak
Control panel and battery are located on one side of the neckband, which can cause discomfort



SoundPEATS Magnetic Wireless Earbuds

With the SoundPEATS earbuds, you can drown out the world while you’re listening to music. The included tips let you get a comfortable fit that’s perfect for your ear canals. This helps to isolate noise so that you can focus on your audio.

The audio quality of these headphones is great despite the low price point. The APTx codec is used to ensure that your music, podcasts, and videos sound crisp and punchy.

APTx codec and high-quality Bluetooth chip
Noise Isolation
8 hours of playback, up to 100 hours of standby
IPX6 sweat resistance
Inline microphone and audio controls
Neckband with audio controls and microphone
Convenient magnets

Doesn’t provide true noise cancellation
Weight is uneven due to the placement of inline controls



Boltune Wireless Earbuds

Don’t let the low price tag of these Boltune headphones fool you. The device is packed with some advanced technology. It’s equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 wireless protocol. So, the connection to your device will be more powerful and reliable.

As if the stronger connection wasn’t enough, Boltune included a high-capacity battery as well. It has an impressive runtime of 16 hours. That’s twice as much as many other models on the market. To round off the device’s great features, it has a water-resistant build and a customizable fit.

Up to 16 hours of audio playback
Quick charging feature
Bluetooth 5.0
IPX7 water resistance
Large 10mm drivers
Built-in audio controls and microphone
Ergonomic fit
Includes travel pouch

Weaker volume settings
Battery and control panel is a bit heavier than other options



Finding The Best Wireless Earbuds For Your Budget

During your search for the best earbuds, you’ll come across options with varying quality. As with any popular product, there’s always going to be poorly made knock-offs made by brands that are only looking for a cash grab. The key to avoiding those substandard earbuds is to consider every aspect of your purchase. Here are some things that you should keep in mind while you’re shopping.

Wireless Technology

Before you look at anything else, it’s important to check that the products offer a truly wireless listening experience. Take a look at the technology the devices uses. Bluetooth is often the wireless protocol of choice.

Bluetooth is compatible with most modern mobile devices and is capable of transferring data at impressive speeds. The latest version, Bluetooth 5.0, takes things up a notch by increasing performance and range.

Other wireless technologies are available. Some wireless headphones use infrared or Wi-Fi, though these options are quite rare. If you’re looking for a true wireless earbud, stick with Bluetooth. The technology is versatile, widespread, and very easy to use.

Design and Comfort

Next up, you should take a look at how the earbuds are designed. Consider the materials that are used and how everything is put together. Modern wireless earphones do much more than just deliver music playback. As such, they’re packed with tiny processors and a slew of components.

This can make things feel bulky and uncomfortable in your ears. Bluetooth earbuds are all about portability, so stick with sleeker models that won’t hurt your ears after a few hours of wear.

Battery Life

With a sizable battery, you can enjoy hours of music without having to recharge your headphones constantly. Running the music drivers and maintaining the Bluetooth connection requires a constant stream of power. Battery life estimates often range from 5 hours to 10 hours. These measurements refer to active listening. It’s how long the battery can last when you’re listening to music or making calls.

You’ll also want to consider standby time. The battery can drain even when you’re not using your ear headphones. Having a higher battery life across the board will ensure that you’re not left sitting in the quiet.

Sound Quality and Noise Cancellation

When it comes to audio quality, things get a bit harder to gauge, especially when you’re purchasing the earphones from an online retailer like Amazon. There’s a lot of technical aspects that could affect a device’s frequency response and overall quality. Generally, a pair of headphones that uses Bluetooth and good audio codecs will offer clear sound regardless of the source.

If you want to take things a step further, you can invest in noise-canceling or noise isolation earbuds. Noise isolation is much more affordable. They incorporate design elements to physically block out ambient noise. With noise cancellation, separate drivers are pumping out negative sound waves into your ears to remove ambient noise completely

Convenience Features

Convenience features are a must-have. Bluetooth wireless earbuds offer a truly hands-free listening experience. The best models will have small features that make a big difference in how you use them. For example, tap controls are great for skipping songs or picking up phone calls without having to take your device out of your pocket.

Built-in volume controls are also nice, as they allow you to make adjustments on the fly so that you’re always aware of your surroundings. Finally, there’s the microphone. The best headphones will have a powerful microphone that’s more than capable of picking up your voice so that you can speak normally. They can produce decent sound quality for the person your talking to.

Lifestyle Needs

Perhaps the most important thing to think about is your lifestyle. How do you plan on using your new Bluetooth wireless earbuds? Not every pair of earbuds is going to meet your needs. If you plan on using your new investment while you work out, you’ll need features like ear hooks or a neckband to keep things secure. Also, a sweat-resistant build will ensure that your earbuds don’t get ruined after an intense workout.

If you only need wireless earbuds for your commute or lounging around the house, your requirements may be a bit different. You might want to focus on finding models that have a convenient carrying case and high-quality stereo sound. The goal is to get earbuds that work with your life, so think about your daily routine and look for features that will add convenience to your life.



You don’t have to spend a fortune to take advantage of wireless audio technology. All of these earbuds are affordably priced and have a lot to offer in terms of portability, sound quality, and convenience. No matter how you plan to use them, the best Bluetooth earbuds offer ultimate flexibility and freedom as you enjoy your music collection.

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