Best Weighted Blankets Guide – 2022 – Alleviates stress and anxiety

Do you toss and turn at night and have trouble falling asleep? If so, you’re not alone. The stresses of daily life affect us all, making it difficult to reset the mind and body at night and receive the rest we need. In fact, an estimated 77 percent of Americans have trouble falling asleep. Weighted blankets may not be the solution for everyone, but for most, they definitely help.

Most weighted blankets feature glass beads stitched into them, making them heavier than traditional blankets and allowing them to apply soothing, deep pressure to your muscles and joints. Most are also available in different sizes and weight options, allowing you to pick the right size and weight for your body. In addition to beads, they’re also filled with polyester fibre for extra padding and softness.

That’s what is in weighted blankets and what they’re supposed to do, but do weighted blankets work as advertised? In one word – yes! Sleeping with a weighted blanket has been proven to release hormones that increase happiness and improve sleep duration and quality. The best weighted blankets can also help with depression and sooth both adults and children with autism and other mental disorders.

Whether you’re shopping for weighted blankets for adults or weighted blankets for toddlers, weight is generally the most important thing to consider. Today’s weighted blankets can weigh as little as five pounds or as much as 30 pounds. However, too much weight can erase the benefits of weighted blankets and actually cause an unpleasant sleep experience.

In this guide, you’ll find all kinds of tips and suggestions to help you pick the weighted blankets best for you. I’ve even included my top nine picks for the top weighted blankets for sale today. So, if you’re ready to finally get a good night’s sleep, let’s get started.



Best Weighted Blankets – Rated and Reviewed


Best Overall – Gravity Blanket

Key Highlights:

• 25 lbs.
• 48” x 72”
• 100 percent cotton inner cover
• Velboa plush outer duvet cover
• Internal clasps for improved stability
• 30-night sleep trial

My top pick for the best weighted blanket is the popular Gravity Blanket. A favorite in many weighted blankets reviews, this smartly designed weighted blanket features gridded stitching, allowing the non-toxic and eco-friendly glass bead filling to evenly distribute for the perfect amount of deep touch pressure.

Unlike weighted blankets Walmart and other weighted blankets cheap, the Gravity Blanket has a top-quality velboa plush outer cover, which is soft, warm, and great for sleeping in cold weather. The cover is also removable and can be machine washed and dried.

Meanwhile, the inner blanket is made of 100 percent pure cotton, so it’s both soft and breathable. Inside it, there are internal clasps to secure it to the plush cover of the duvet. If you want to use it by itself for a lighter blanket if you’re running hot, you can just undo the clasps.

You can find the Gravity Blanket on Amazon and select retailers online. It’s available in 15 lb., 20 lb., and 25 lb. weight options, making it an ideal option for anyone shopping for weighted blankets for kids and adults. A 35 lb. king size option is also available, which is perfect for two people.

That said, if you’re looking for 10 lb weighted blankets or lighter weighted blankets for babies, the Gravity Blanket isn’t for you. Other than this, there’s not really much to pick apart. In fact, it pretty much delivers on every level.

Ideal for:

• Kids and adults weighing 100 lbs. or more
• People who tend to run and sleep cold
• Anyone with a healthy budget who wants the best



Best for Kids – YnM 48” x 72” Weighted Cotton Blanket

Key Highlights:

• 20 lbs.
• 48” x 72”
• Seven-layer structure design
• Small inner compartments with glass beads
• Made with 100 percent OEKO-TEX certified cotton
• Multiple interior duvet ties

If you’re on the hunt for great weighted blankets 20lbs, this YnM Weighted Cotton Blanket might be for you. At 20 lbs. and 48 x 72 inches, it’s an ideal sleeping solution for children and young adults.

It features small inner compartments filled with glass beads for maximum comfort. Unlike many other Amazon weighted blankets, it’s made with multiple layers and features a unique seven-layer structure, allowing it to provide both cooling comfort and excellent decompression.

The blanket itself is made of 100 percent OEKO-TEX certified cotton, making it one of the top weighted blankets cooling on the market today. It’s soft, completely breathable, and along with the glass beads is able to provide excellent temperature control to keep you cool and comfortable.

While it doesn’t come with a weighted blanket cover or duvet cover like many of the other best weighted blankets on this list, YnM offers several covers to choose from.

That’s right; whether you want to stay warm and snug or cool and comfortable, there’s a cover available for you. Unfortunately, it also comes at an added cost.

Ideal for:

• Kids and smaller adults
• People who tend to run and sleep warm
• Anyone looking for a simple and effective weighted blanket solution



Best Dual-Weather – BABO Cooling Weighted Blanket

Key Highlights:

• 15 lbs.
• 60” x 80”
• Fits all size beds
• Made with 100 percent cotton
• Innovative dual-weather technology
• Five-inch pockets filled with glass beads
• Double-stitching to prevent shifting and leaks

The BABO Cooling Weighted Blanket proves the benefits of weighted blankets can extend beyond providing a warm, snug, and secure night’s sleep with therapeutic relief. Unlike a quilted comforter and weighted blankets Kohl’s or other stores, this BABO blanket also provides both cooling and warming benefits.

In fact, while other 15 pound weighted blankets primarily keep you warm, this blanket features innovative dual-weather technology. The dotted minky side of the premium BABO Cooling Weighted Blanket provides a warm hug when it’s cold outside, but the other side is made of woven bamboo for cooling relief on hit summer nights.

It feels great regardless of the temps and is the perfect sleep medicine for anyone struggling to get and stay comfortable when sleeping. If you tend to run hot, cold, or both and want to find the weighted blankets best for you, don’t sleep on this BABO, no pun intended.

Ideal for:

• Kids and adults
• People who run hot, cold, or both
• Anyone looking for a large, therapeutic blanket



Best for Adults – YnM 60” x 80” Weighted Cotton Blanket

Key Highlights:

• 20 lbs.
• 60” x 80”
• King size design
• Seven-layer structure design
• Small inner compartments with glass beads
• Made with 100 percent OEKO-TEX certified cotton
• Multiple interior duvet ties

At 60 inches by 80 inches, this YnM Weighted Cotton Blanket is one of the best weighted blankets for adults. Whether you’re looking for weighted blankets queen size or weighted blankets king size, it’s designed to provide you with the dimensions, and most importantly, the therapeutic relief you need.

At 20 lbs., it’s a heavy blanket, but not too heavy to make you feel hot and uncomfortable. Like other weighted blankets on Amazon and elsewhere, it’s designed with small inner compartments filled with small glass beads to provide both weight and comfort. It’s seven-layer design provides excellent decompression for your muscles and joints, nervous system benefits, and cooling comfort.

Made of 100 percent OEKO-TEX certified cotton, it’s soft, breathable, and offers excellent temperature control too. All in all, it’s an ideal option that highlights the many weighted blankets benefits available for today’s restless sleepers.

On the downside, it doesn’t come with a duvet cover like many of the other best weighted blankets on this list. Its larger size also makes it a poor choice if you’re looking for weighted blankets for kids. Other than that, this large YnM weighted blanket doesn’t disappoint.

Ideal for:

• Adults and queen or king size beds
• People who tend to run and sleep warm
• Anyone looking for an effective, no-frills weighted blanket solution



Best for Comfort – Quality Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover

Key Highlights:

• 15 lbs.
• 60” x 80”
• 100 percent breathable cotton material
• Extra glue-free polyester layers and padding
• Safe and effective glass bead technology
• 7-layer design for superior comfort
• Multi-loop cover binding
• Pre-attached minky cover

Whether you’re shopping for weighted blankets at Walmart or weighted blankets Amazon, all weighted blankets are designed to provide deep pressure and comfort. However, the Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket truly excels in this regard.

A top recommendation in many reviews on weighted blankets, this Quility is made with a 100 percent breathable cotton fabric to perfectly suit any body temperature and a unique 7-layered design. The interior layers consist of premium non-glue polyester padding filled with millions of tiny glass beads to provide both soothing comfort and therapeutic decompression, regardless of your body weight.

In addition to its impressively smart design, this Quility also comes with a super soft and comfortable minky duvet style cover. Like many other premium weighted blankets for anxiety and comfort, you can keep the cover on for added warmth in the winter or take it off to keep cool in the summer months. Removing it is as simple as unzipping a zipper and untying the strings attached to the loops around the edge of the blanket.

As a testament to this Quility’s quality, it comes with a no-hassle refund policy. If you’re not happy with it for any reason, you can send it back for a full refund with no questions asked. I doubt you’ll want to take Quility up on this offer, but it’s certainly a nice option to have.

Ideal for:

• Adults interested in premium quality and comfort
• People who appreciate versatility and smart designs
• Anyone not looking for weighted blankets for kids



Most Innovative – Degrees of Comfort Zoning Weighted Blanket w/Two Duvet Covers

Key Highlights:

• 12 lbs.
• 48” x 72”
• Patented zoning design for cool, calming pressure
• Nano ceramic bead technology
• Upgraded internal cotton insert
• Duralast fiber stitching
• Not one but two duvet covers
• One-year money-back guarantee

It may not have a short, catchy name like some other Amazon weighted blankets, but the Degrees of Comfort Zoning Weighted Blanket is right up there with some of the best weighted blankets on sale today.

There’s a lot to like about this blanket, but one of its biggest selling points is its patented zoning design, which provides cool and calming pressure without making you feel like you’re being smothered. By directing 80 percent of the blanket’s weight to the outer sides, it’s able to provide the same deep pressure stimulation as the other best weighted blankets on this list while also minimizing heat buildup in the blanket’s center. This design makes it one of the top weighted blankets being made today.

Speaking of design, the interior of the blanket features a cotton weighted shell for excellent breathability and cooling. The outer cover, meanwhile, is made of 50 percent polyester and 50 percent nylon. With nano glass bead technology too, it’s a premium weighted blanket worth the expense. Sure, you can Google “weighted blankets DIY,” but unless you’re an expert seamstress with access to the same quality materials, you’ll be hard-pressed to replicate its superior design and construction.

Like other weighted blankets 12lbs, it’s also great for kids. Did I mention it comes with not one but two duvet covers? So, it turns out the Degrees of Comfort Zoning Weighted Blanket is a fantastic value too!

Ideal for:

• Adults and kids wanting cooling and calming comfort and support
• Anyone who appreciates innovative design
• Out-of-the-box thinkers and restless sleepers



Best Made – Bare Home Weighted Blanket for Adults and Kids

Key Highlights:

• 17 lbs.
• 60” x 80”
• Quality hand-crafted construction
• 100 percent OEKO-TEX certified cotton cover
• Filled with millions of tiny, sand-like glass beads
• Perfect amount of fiber filling
• Easy care design

If you’re idea of the weighted blankets best for you is one that’s ideal for adults or kids and features high-quality, hand-made construction and thoughtful design elements, then the Bare Home Weighted Blanket might be for you.

This Bare Home blanket is double-stitched with completely all-natural, eco-friendly materials. Each blanket is also made by hand to ensure even weight distribution. In my opinion, this is its biggest selling point.

That said, there’s plenty to more like, including its intelligent design. It’s made with not one but two layers of 100 percent cotton for softness, breathability, and soothing pressure. Each compartment is stuffed with just the right amount of fiber filling and ultra-fine glass beads to provide weighted comfort, breathability, and temperature control.

The Bare Home Weighted Blanket is also easy to care for. Like other great weighted blankets on Amazon and in this guide, it’s machine washable and dryable. Just untie the corner ties to take it out of the duvet cover, toss it in the washer on a gentle cycle, and you’re good to go.

Plus, it’s available in both adult and child sizes. So, if you’re looking for weighted blankets for children, weighted blankets toddlers, or even weighted blankets baby, it just might work for you.

Ideal for:

• Kids and adults
• People who appreciate quality
• Anyone interested in getting a great value



Best Looking – Quality 60” x 80” Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover

Key Highlights:

• 20 lbs.
• 60” x 80”
• 7-layer design
• Breathable 100 percent cotton outer layer
• Double polyester layers with micro glass beads
• Advanced sewing technology
• Removable minky cover
• Multi-loop cover binding

Weighted blankets don’t have to be boring or ugly, and the proof is in the pudding with the Quility 60” x 80” Premium Adult Weighted Blanket. Mimicking ostrich, its plush exterior is in a rich navy blue and features raised dapples that both look and feel great. It also contrasts beautifully with its dark grey interior layer, providing a luxurious look that will dress up any armchair or room.

As far as looks go, it’s one of the best weighted blankets on the block. However, this Quility functions just as great as it looks. First of all, it’s 20 lbs., so it may not be ideal if you’re searching for 15 lb weighted blankets or weighted blankets for kids. However, its weight and therapeutic properties are perfect for adults.

It also features not one or two but seven layers for serious comfort. The outer layer is made of 100 percent cotton for softness and breathability, while the interior has multiple layers of non-glue polyester fill and sand-like glass beads.

Similar to the other weighted blankets Amazon on this list, the cute and cuddly included minky discussed above is also removable, allowing you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. All in all, it’s attractive, comfy, and guaranteed to provide a huggable good night’s sleep.

Ideal for:

• Those looking for both comfort and style
• Adults and king or queen-size beds
• Anyone with a healthy budget



Best Cooling – Dozeology Premium Cooling Weighted Blanket

Key Highlights:

• 15 lbs.
• 60” x 80”
• 160 GSM cotton cover
• Ultra-soft and 100 percent breathable
• Eight corner ribbons
• Specially sewed to prevent shifting and leaks
• Machine washable
• Made in the USA

Unless you live in the Arctic, chances are the weighted blankets best for you have both heating and cooling properties. As far as the latter goes, it’s hard to top the Dozeology Premium Cooling Weighted Blanket.

Made of luxuriously soft and breathable 160 GSM cotton, the attached duvet cover is about as cooling as they come. This makes it great for the warm summer months. However, the cover is also removable, so you can stay warm and cozy in the winter too. Just tie the eight corner ribbons to put the cover on, or untie them to take it off. Either way, you’ll be able to benefit from deep pressure touch and the relaxation it provides.

At 15 lbs. and measuring 60” x 80”, it’s not one of the best weighted blankets for kids out there, but it’s a great option for almost any adult. Like other great weighted blankets, it’s specifically sized and weighted to apply just the right amount of pressure for a sound night’s sleep.

Ideal for:

• People who run hot or live in warmer climates
• Winter and summertime use



Best Weighted Blankets – Buying Guide

You won’t find a top-quality weighted blanket on the sale rack at your local big box store. Sure, you can find weighted blankets at Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, and so on, but buying one takes a bit of a commitment and shopping for one is a bit more involved than picking out a throw, or even a comforter. You don’t need to know everything about weighted blankets, but you do need to learn what they are, what they do, and most importantly, what to look for.

What are Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are heavier than standard blankets, comforters, quilts, and duvets. In fact, most weigh 10-30 lbs. in order to apply just the right amount of soothing pressure to improve sleep quality and boost relaxation.

How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

Weighted blankets are specially designed and constructed to provide users with a cozy and snug sleeping environment. According to some users, sleeping with a weighted blanket feels like you’re being hugged.

In order to create this warm and snug sensation, weighted blankets are designed in layers. Take off the duvet cover and you’ll find a specially crafted blanket with layers of polyester fill and impeccably sewn compartments loaded with millions of tiny sand-like glass beads. This is what adds the weight and creates a ‘grounding’ sensation.

Grounding occurs when moderate pressure is applied to a sleeper’s body, pushing them deeper into their mattress or sleep surface. When this happens, hormones are released. These ‘happy’ hormones calm the nerves, increase relaxation, and help promote a good night’s sleep.

What to Look for When Buying a Weighted Blanket

Nearly all weighted blankets feature specially sewn panels filled with tiny glass, steel, plastic, or ceramic beads evenly distributed for proper weight distribution. In addition to weighted beads and other materials, weighted blankets also have cotton, polyester, or fleece fabric padding to absorb the beads so you can’t feel them and provide an added layer of cushioning. Some also include moisture-wicking material to keep user’s dry on warmer nights.

Most of these blankets also come with covers, and with the best weighted blankets, you can remove the covers and throw them in the wash. Most covers are made of cotton or other natural fibers for softness, coolness, and breathability. Polyester and other synthetic materials may be cheaper, but they’re much less breathability tend to be much, much warmer.

Other things to consider include:

• Weight – Most weighted blankets weigh between 10 and 30 pounds. The heavier the blanket, the more pressure you’ll feel. Children should only use weighted blankets 10 pounds or under.

• Size – Typically, lighter weighted blankets are shorter and skinnier than heavier ones. Most weighted blankets come in sizes that match mattress dimensions, such as 60” x 80” or 48” x 72”.

• Removable Cover – Most quality weighted blankets have removable covers that can be washed and cleaned.

• Inner clasps – Some models of weighted blankets also have internal clasps to keep the shape of the interior blanket and prevent it from bunching up.


Weighted Blanket Benefits

Weighted blankets offer a bevy of benefits and can help almost anyone get a better night’s sleep. However, before we discuss the different benefits of weighted blankets and who they are for, it’s important to point out they’re not for everyone.

Weighted blankets can pose safety and health risks for kids under eight years old, and they should only be used for children in this age group if it has been prescribed by a licensed therapist or doctor.

People with claustrophobia and respiratory or circulatory issues should also be careful using weighted blankets, especially heavier models.

That said, nearly everyone else can benefit from weighted blankets. Here’s how:

• Increased melatonin production

People suffering from insomnia often produce less melatonin. Weighted blankets have been proven to boost melatonin levels, resulting in significant sleep improvements.


• Reduced cortisol levels

Cortisol is a steroid-like hormone triggered by stress. Nighttime cortisol production can reduce melatonin levels, making it difficult to experience restful sleep. Weighted blankets and “grounding” reduce cortisol production and have a positive effect on sleep quality.


• “Happy hormone” production

Grounding also increases the release of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and other “happy hormones,” making people feel nice and relaxed.

In addition to these stress relief-related benefits, doctors have also noted the ability of weighted blankets to help with certain medical conditions and disorders, such as:

• Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
• Autism spectrum disorder
• Post-traumatic stress disorder



Pros and Cons of Weighted Blankets


• Alleviates stress and anxiety
• Increases melatonin production
• Boosts the body’s “happiness hormones”
• Improves sleep quality
• Helps people with ADHD, ASD, and PTSD
• Wide variety of weights and sizes available


• Not ideal for travel
• Not suited for people with claustrophobia
• May not be safe for children under eight
• Can be a little pricey


Weighted Blanket FAQ

Who are weighted blankets for?

Weighted blankets can help increase melatonin levels, reduce cortisol levels, and trigger various “happy hormones” that boost relaxation and alleviate anxiety and stress. From sleepwalking and restless leg syndrome to disorders like ADHD, ASD, and PTTSD, weighted blankets can be a huge help.


Who shouldn’t use weighted blankets?

Weighted blankets shouldn’t be used by anyone under eight years of age or anyone with claustrophobia or circulatory or respiratory conditions.


Can weighted blankets be washed in a washing machine?

Different manufacturers have different care instructions, but many weighted blankets require spot or dry cleaning. Their covers, however, are often machine washable. Some can even be placed in the dryer as well.


Which weighted blanket weight is right for me?

For most adults, an ideal weighted blanket weight is 5-10 percent of their body weight. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, a 15-pound weighted blanket would probably suit you best.


Best Weighted Blanket – Final Thoughts

Ready to pick out a weighted blanket and finally get the calming rest and relaxation you deserve? With so many different weighted blankets out there to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the right one that lives up to its promises. Luckily, you landed here and now know all about weighted blankets and the best ones on the market for your specific needs. Most come with a money-back guarantee, so there’s nothing stopping you from getting your zzz’s!

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