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We’ve all walked through our family rooms and observed this scene: kids staring at the video game screen, glazed over, with the only action and movement being taken by the animated characters. There’s no doubt that kids find this entertaining, and these games certainly have taken a permanent place in modern society. There are times, however, when parents want to help their children become more active and engaged with the world outside of the one that exists on their televisions and smartphones.

Walkie talkies are a fantastic answer to this dilemma. Walkie talkies stimulate kids’ sense of adventure and encourage imaginative play, prompting them to head outdoors and explore their surroundings. These toys also help kids as they are learning to express themselves by providing an opportunity to build communication skills, develop their vocabularies, and gain further experience with spoken language. Walkie talkies can also serve as an introduction to another form of technology and may spark an interest in science that could ultimately become a chosen field of study. Finally, walkie talkies can be easily integrated into both traditional and modern childhood games, teaching kids the power of adaptation and inspiring them to embrace creativity and innovation in other areas of their lives.

We’ve reviewed some of the bestselling walkie talkies for kids below to help you choose the perfect set for your family. Once your equipment arrives, follow these simple tips before heading out for your adventure:

Practice using your walkie talkies before starting to play, making sure that everyone knows how each button functions and have a level of comfort with how the devices work.

Decide the parameters of your adventure—for example, “inside the house,” “no further than the end of the block,” “within the boundaries of the park”.
Have plenty of extra batteries on hand! Walkie talkies use a lot of juice and you don’t want your adventure to abruptly get cut short.

Add an extra dimension to the fun by learning some walkie talkie / cb radio lingo. The kids will enjoy using these cool terms:

“Breaker 1-9” — I want to start a conversation
10-1 — I can’t hear you
10-9 — Please repeat
10-11 — You’re talking too fast
10-17 — This is urgent
10-20 — Tell me your location
10-23 — Please standby
Affirmative — Yes
Negative — No
Do you copy — Do you understand me
Over — I’m ending the conversation

Incorporate your walkie talkies into classic games that kids love to play. Hide-and-seek and capture the flag rise to new levels when walkie talkies are added into the mix. They’re also great props to use for pretend play, and directional games such as scavenger hunts.’s Best Walkie Talkie Radios For Kids


Little Pretender Walkie Talkie

The preschool set loves the Little Pretender, with its cool look and brilliant royal blue color. Parents report that using it is “effortless,” and that it’s tough enough to withstand the rough and tumble handling of the youngest children. The unit has 3 channels and a 2-mile range, and like many others it boasts an LCD display and a built-in flashlight. Its ergonomic design makes it easy for little hands to hold, but one of the buttons is prone to stick. Consumers also wish there was a way to control volume. What sets the Little Pretender apart from others is the fact that it won’t pick up the conversations of strangers on nearby frequencies—the device can only communicate with other Little Pretender units.



GoTalkie Interchangeable Walkie Talkie

The GoTalkie features a light-up LCD display, a built-in flashlight and belt clip, and a range that users feel is pretty impressive although staticky at times. Its easy operation makes it a great choice for children, yet many find that it works much better than expected for a toy that’s primarily marketed to kids. It boasts 3.5 hours of continuous fun, with the ability to use both regular and rechargeable batteries that can be recharged within the unit by attaching a USB charger. The highlight of this unit is the interchangeable face plate which allows kids to choose their own adventure. Four face plates are included, giving kids the option to engage in role playing as a police officer, firefighter, army recruit, or spy.



Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkie

Consumers consider the Retevis a step up from typical walkie talkies that are marketed to kids. Available in red, silver, and black, it’s compact and designed to fit comfortably in your pocket. Users love the clear sound as well as the LCD display and the cool Vox hands-free feature, both of which make it a great value. It additionally has an impressive range, with reviewers stating that they’ve successfully used it in four-story condos, throughout expansive neighborhoods, and on family vacations. Parents say that the unit could use simpler instructions, but Retevis has an easily accessible customer service contact that promptly handles any any questions or issues.





Uokoo Kids Walkie Talkie

This unit may be small and lightweight, but it has a solid design making it a perfect choice for kids who are tough on toys. Recommended for ages 4 and up, it comes in an array of cool colors, including army green, camouflage, black, and yellow. With 22 channels, a 3-mile range, and a simple “push to talk” function, this unit gets rave reviews from parents. One reviewer prefers this unit for children rather than a smartphone. The Uokoo takes AAA batteries and features a useful flashlight. Parents love the packaging and instructions, but say that it takes effort to replace the batteries because of the design.





Yetion Walkie Talkie for Kids

This unit features an LCD backlit display, 22 channels, and a low battery indicator. A highlight is its function that allows the consumer to mute background noise, making it a great choice for use in crowded areas. Parents like the adjustable volume as well as that fact that it takes AA batteries. This unit works well for a wide variety of ages, including preschoolers, elementary school children, tweens, and teens. Its range is impressive, with one reviewer stating that it performed beautifully on a cruise ship. The Yetian comes in the red and orange and can work with any other models in its brand. The manufacturer offers a one year warranty.





Galway 888S Walkie Talkie

This unit stands out with its rechargeable batteries and charging base that save consumers the hassle of buying batteries time and again. Adding to that, an alarm notifies users when the batteries are low. Consumers give this unit rave reviews for its durability and superb sound quality, as as well as for its range across long distances that included dense foliage and power lines. One reviewer was able to communicate with someone who was ten floors up. The Galway features an earpiece headphone and a belt clip, with the main complaint being the lack of an LCD screen. Parents love it for use on camping trips and at amusement parks.





Guanyue Direct Kids Walkie Talkie

The Guanyue is lauded for its easy operation—simply “push to talk”—which makes it a terrific choice for small children, especially preschoolers. This model features a flashlight that turns off automatically when the unit isn’t in use, as well as an LCD backlit display. Consumers appreciate the rechargeable batteries, but complain that the batteries must be charged relatively often. One reviewer was pleasantly surprised that the unit continued to work despite heavy rain. The unit comes with a one year warranty and is available in both pretty pink and baby blue.





Sokos Walkie Talkie for Kids

This unit comes in two fun colors — red and blue — and boasts twenty-two channels and a range of up to 5 miles. Consumers love it for its long play time and excellent sound quality as well as its “cute” look. It’s extremely compact, easy to use, and also quite sturdy—one reviewer’s unit survived an accidental round in the washing machine. The Sokos is preferred by parents of kids in the 5-10 age range, with the most common complaint being that it’s too complex and small for toddlers. Additional features include a backlit LCD screen, built-in flashlight, and headphone jack. This unit has also been deemed appropriate for baby monitoring and similar uses in homes and childcare facilities.


Walkie talkies have withstood the test of time as fun and educational toys that inspire creativity and instil a sense of wonder. They encourage communication and teamwork while motivating kids to explore their surroundings. Finally, they offer a welcome alternative to sedentary activities and awaken kids to a world of possibilities. There are a wide variety of high-quality walkie talkies to choose from for every budget and every taste, with a range of features designed to fit your needs. Check out some walkie talkies and help your kids find a whole new way to play! 10-4 over and out!


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