Best Waist Trainers – 2021 Buying Guide and Reviews

No matter how many squats you do or how much time you spend with a personal trainer, you can’t get the hourglass figure that so many celebrities now have just through exercise. Kim Kardashian has a tiny little waist and a large butt that makes men’s jaws drop, but she’s far from the only famous person with this type of body. Using a waist trainer is one of the easiest ways to reduce the shape of your waist and to give you the classic hourglass shape that you desire.

You can use one of these products for any number of reasons. Maybe you put on a few extra pounds since high school or college and want to wow your old friends at an upcoming reunion. Many women also use these garments after giving birth because they have a hard time getting back in shape.

Waist trainers now come in sizes that are suitable for all types of users and for both men and women. The garments essentially train and shape your waist over time. You can choose how often to use one, but you can also wear one every day. Once you look at the best waist trainers, you can find out how to use one and get answers to the questions you have, and perhaps achieve your perfect waist.


LODAY Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss

The best waist trainer for plus size women is this LODAY corset that comes in several sizes, including a 4XL can fit a waist size of up to 40 inches. It uses two layers of high compression to tuck in your midsection and give you a slender waist. The steel boning used on the corset supports your back and provides relief as you move. That boning can also help you stand up straight and improve your normal posture. A series of hook and eye closures on the boning lets you adjust the fit of the trainer. You can use those hooks and the zipper to get the corset on and off with ease.


– Available in sizes ranging from small to 4XL
– Comes in multiple colors
– Built-in flexible boning helps with back pain and posture
– Features two layers of high compression. High quality construction.
– Sits lower on your body to reduce muffin top problems


– The sizes don’t always match the description
– May not cover as much of your body as you want





Ann Chery Waist Shaper and Shaper

Designed to train your waist with minimal discomfort, this bestseller shaper from Ann Chery features a cotton liner that keeps the latex on the outside away from your skin. That liner helps your skin breathe and reduces any rubbing that you would otherwise feel. A hook and loop closure on the front has three settings that help you adjust the fit to get the waist that you want. This is the best waist shaper to lose weight because you can wear it daily and underneath your favorite clothing. Capable of making your hips and waist look slimmer, this shaper comes in multiple colors and works with the toning creams from the manufacturer. An excellent instant slimming waist trimmer.


-Available in light and dark colors
-Uses a cotton lining layer that helps your skin breathe
-Works with waists of up to 42.5 inches
-Features latex that tightens your stomach and hips
-One of the more comfortable waist trainers


-Sizing is sometimes off
-Has some sharp and rough parts



Nebility Waist Trainer

Made from a combination of spandex and polyester, this weight loss trainer is both comfortable and useful. Those materials pull sweat and moisture away from your skin, which makes this a good trainer for wearing as you exercise. It has adjustable straps that fit over your shoulders and a hook and loop closure that you can adjust while training your waist. That closure sits behind a full-length zipper that helps you get in and out of the trainer. The U-design on the top also draws attention to your chest and pulls the eye away from your stomach and hips.


-Should straps adjust in two ways
-Uses a combo of spandex and polyester
-Lifts up and draws attention to your chest
-Smooths the waist and hips
-Comes in different sizes and two colors


-Can create bulges on your stomach or back
-Sizing runs small



Burvogue Waist Trainer Corset

The best waist trainer for women who recently gave birth comes from Burvogue. Thanks to the underbust corset waist design, it is easy to wear and won’t leave you feeling suffocated. Four buckles across the front feature rows of hooks and loops that let you train your waist to get as slim as you want. You can lose up to five inches from your waist with regular wear, and most users lose at least three inches. The longer design covers the area from just below your chest to the bottom of your natural waistline. It can give you an hourglass shape quickly, though the fit may be too snug for some.


-Available in two colors
-Works well for women who want to lose their baby weight
-Has four hook and loop closures on the front
-Works on both the upper and lower stomach
-Stretches to fit your body


-Is snugger than other trainers
-Can loosen as you move





L&Y Honey Women’s Latex Sports Trainer

Suitable for wearing at the gym or outside, this sports trainer can give you an hourglass silhouette in formal clothing or everyday wear too. You can choose from different sizes and use the three hook and loop closures to get the shape that you want. Capable for those who need help with weight loss, it can improve your posture and shed three to five inches from your stomach. The waist trainer has two layers of stitching to extend its life and steel bones that provide extra support. You can wear it with a sports bra and underneath other types of clothing.


-Has steel boning and reinforced stitching
-Sits under your chest and pulls in your stomach
-Fits waists of up to 38 inches
-Works with most clothing
-Uses both cotton and natural latex


– Only comes in one color
– Has a foul smell when it first arrives





SHAPERX Latex Waist Trainer

Available in two colors and two different designs, this waist training corset pulls in your stomach and lifts your chest to make give you a great shape. It has a back length of more than 10 inches and a front closure of nearly 14 inches, which makes it one of the best models for those with a longer torso. The two layers of compression fabric smooth out bulges on your back and stomach. It also features nine different bones made from steel that help your posture. You can quickly reduce your waist by three to four inches to achieve that slimmer waist.


-Fits waists of up to 44 inches
-Comes in XS through 6XL sizes
-Features nine steel bones
-Can help with weight loss and posture
-Available in two designs and colors


-The latex has a strange smell
-Does not fit those with a small/short torso





LadySlim by NuvoFit Waist Cincher

Suitable for wearing with any bra or pantie, this waist cincher was designed specifically for women. It comes in sizes that fit women with a waist size of between 23.5 and 39.5 inches and can help them reduce their waists by three inches or more. With a longer fit than other corsets, it measures 12 inches in the front and 10 inches in the back to fit long torsos without causing discomfort. The trainer uses pressure and compression to reduce bulges and fatty spots on your back and stomach. It also uses thin materials that aren’t detectable under your clothes.


-Available in 2XS through 3XL sizes
-Fits long torsos
-Works on your back and stomach
-Pulls in your waist while lifting your chest
-Comes in solid colors and fun prints


-The latex has a strong odor
-You may feel some pinching





Nebility Waist Training Corset

Nebility made this list of the best waist trainers with this second model, which is a full body shaper that can transform your body. The adjustable straps bring the trainer up and pull the eye to your chest, while the trainer itself has a corset design. With three hook and loop closures to choose from, you can make it fit as tight as you need to smooth your stomach. The straps and other parts also smooth bulges on your back and help you stand straight. There is also a full-length zipper that further compresses your stomach and back.


-Gives you back support and improves posture
-Smooths belly and back fat
-Lifts your breasts
-Available in sizes up to 4XL
-Features adjustable straps and multiple closures


-Can stretch out with regular use
-Runs small



VENUZOR Waist Trainer Belt for Women

If you need the best wait trainer for weight loss and posture, this VENUZOR velcro waist trainer might be your top choice. Unlike the other corset models on this list, this one functions as a belt. It comes in one size that fits most users and allows you to adjust the velcro fastening belt to fit your waist. As you slowly increase its overall tightness, you can lose inches from your waistline. It is quite flexible, which lets you change the fit and wear the belt with any clothing. You will also find that it lacks the sharp boning and rough edges that other trainers have. This belt uses both neoprene and polyester.


-Fits most users
-Can fit over your entire belly
-Helps improve your posture
-Uses a combination of polyester and neoprene
-Comes in some fun colors


-Can lose its elasticity over time
-May come loose as you move


Waist Trainer FAQs


What are the Benefits of Wearing Waist Trainers for Weight Loss?

The best reason to wear a waist trainer is that it gives you almost instant results. As soon as you put one on and adjust the fit, you can slim down your waist by two to three inches or more. There are other benefits to these trainers too, including smoothing out fatty spots and bulges on your back and improving your posture.


How Does a Trainer Differ from Shapewear?

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for the best waist trainer is that it only works on a few areas of your body. Most trainers pull in the skin and fat on your back and stomach to give you an hourglass figure. Some are long enough that they can work on your lower belly and upper hips too. Shapewear is different because it smooths larger areas of your body. You can shop for designs that fit all the way down to your knees. Shapewear generally does not train your body the way waist trainers do though.


Which is the Best Waist Trainer and What Should You Consider?

Whether you shop for a body shaper or the best waist training for plus size, there are a few things you should consider. The most important is the fit. You need to make sure that you correctly measure your waist and compare that measurement to the sizes listed by the manufacturer. The natural waistline is higher than you might think and roughly one inch above your belly button. As long as you buy the right size, the trainer should fit comfortably.

As you consider the way the trainer fits, make sure that you can breathe while wearing it. Some of the corset models fit so tightly that you may have issues moving or breathing. You should also look for those that use cotton and other materials that let your skin breathe, especially if you want one that you can wear daily or when working out.

Shoppers should also make sure that the trainer fits and will not move. Some cheap models have edges that can roll up and away from your stomach when you stand up or walk. The most important things to keep in mind when shopping for the best waist trainer is how it fits and whether it will work for your body type and size.

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