Best USB Fans – 2021 Guide On USB Fans

USB cable powered fans are quickly becoming one of the most popular office accessories as they are portable, accessible, and easy to operate personal fans. There are plenty of different models and sizes available, each with the ability to be plugged into a wall or computer. The USB port plug-in allows for these fans to be used without an outlet, as long as they can draw power from a laptop or tablet, making them ideal as a desk fan in hot offices. Here are our top ten reviews of some of the highest rated and best USB powered fans.



Opolar USB Desk Fan F501

This cooling fan is designed to provide ease and convenience to the user. The pure aluminum blades and copper frame allow for a light and portable feel. The screws are easily removed in order to clean the fan. The cord allows for length so the fan may be positioned in exactly the correct way for the user. There is an anti-skid mat in order to keep the fan steady while in use. This fan features a full 360 degree, no-resistance rotation feature for optimal directional use. It is designed to be sturdy and produce a strong airflow, while maintaining portability and ease of use. Ideal portable fan for travellers and students.





This model is designed to fit well into any area, including a home office, dorm room, game room, or desk. The solid metal frame allows for a sturdy yet portable experience. This fan comes in different colors to suite the user’s preference. The soft and steady breeze is perfect to have in the background of activities, and the noise level is low for sleeping or studying. OPOLAR provides a 1 year replacement warranty as well as customer support 7 days a week for this model. Users can talk with live customer support whenever needed. The 3.9 foot cable allows for optimal positioning.






Stroller Fans Mini USB Desk Clip Fan

Thanks to a set of rechargeable batteries and a USB cord, this desk fan works in two different ways. Those batteries give it a total run time of 40 hours. You can this fan at home or work to stay cool without worrying that you need to keep the batteries charged. If you turn it up to the maximum setting, it will still run for more than four hours before the batteries run out. The motor has a built-in feature that helps the fan spin at the speed that you want without producing as much noise as similar fans do. A single button on the base of the fan lets you switch between speeds and turn the phone on and off. You might like the included cord too because it measures more than three feet long, which lets you use the fan far away from a USB port.






Designed to resemble the old round fans that you used as a child, this portable USB fan works great on any desk. The four blades inside spin quickly and work together to increase the airflow around you and to help you stay cooler. Those blades move quietly and won’t disrupt you as you work or watch TV. Measuring only six inches tall, the fan also weighs less than a pound, making it a good choice for those who want one they can use in different rooms or places. You’ll have no problems grabbing the fan and taking it to work or anywhere else. It also has durable legs that support the weight of the fan and let you use it on different surfaces without worrying about whether it might tip over. The USB cord will work in laptops and with chargers you use in outlets and your car.





ARCTIC Breeze Mobile Mini USB Desktop Fan

No matter what colors you like, the chances are good that you can buy this fan in one of your favorites because it comes in so many different shades. This is one of the best USB fans for those who are always on the go because you can plug it into a cell phone or any other device with a USB port. It will also work with the charging devices that you already own. When not in use, the fans resembles an ordinary flower, but it has a flexible neck that connects the fan head to the USB plug. This neck is extremely flexible and lets you plug in the fan and adjust the neck to aim the air where you want it to go. It features seven blades around the top of the fan that can produce more than 1,700 revolutions per minute as the fan runs.





efluky 3-Speed Mini Desk Fan

With three settings available, this desk fan lets you adjust the speed based the temperature of the room and how much cool air you need. It has a familiar design that features a large cage around the outside to keep your hands away from the spinning blades inside. A blue light inside can serve as a nightlight when you head to bed, but it also has an emergency light on one side that you can turn on quickly as needed. The included USB cord charges the fan and turns on a light located on the front of the fan to let you know when it’s fully charged. This cord lets you charge the fan via a power bank or another charger and with your phone or laptop. It can run for two to nine hours on a single charge.





iMBAPrice USB Fan

This model is designed to be user-friendly and easy-to-operate. With an off/on switch, this model provides a no-frills experience with a strong airflow. Adjustable positioning and quiet rotation provide a cool and relaxing experience. The plastic frame is designed to make the fan noiseless. The blades are plastic so as to increase user safety. The fan does not include anti-skidding pads and some users experience it moving when turned onto a higher setting. The adjustable breeze allows for use in many different locations. This fan is a lower-cost option than some of the fans with metal frames.






Bengoo Portable USB Fan

No bigger than an IPhone, this fan model aims to pack a powerful punch while maintaining an extremely small exterior. It has blue LED light that illuminates behind the blades to aid visibility in dark situations. The light may be illuminated no matter what speed the fan is on, or the user may choose to use the fan without the light to conserve energy. It is designed with three rotation speeds for user convenience. This USB fan works without being plugged in for 2-6 hours after being charged. It has a quiet design for user convenience. Because of its cordless feature and LED light backing, users can take this fan on camping trips or to remote areas where electricity is not readily available. Many people like this feature and it sets the fan apart from other models.






SIMBR Portable USB Fan

This model was designed for ultimate quietness. It was built with 4 aluminum alloy blades so that the wind current is stronger, and it is also paired with a triangle base with rubber anti-skid mats for sturdiness and quietness. The blades are 4 inches saving space and also providing for less noise. Most USB Fans are built with 3 blades. The 4th blade adds extra power and current. The alloy-aluminum composition allow for a stronger wind current as well. Users have reported that the current is stronger when used on a wall mount versus plugged into a laptop or other USB port.






Opolar F60 USB Fan

This model is designed for ultimate efficiency. There are two wind speeds, yet the model only consumes 0.6 amps/hr. It has a universal USB outlet and works everywhere. As always, the Opolar mini fan models come with a one year replacement warranty and customer service support 7 days a week. A 360 degree vertical adjustment plus a 3.9 foot cord make this fan versatile for use. It has a good compact design and fits well into tight spaces or on a desk. Some users wish there were more settings so as to have a larger variety of wind speeds to choose from. Others wish that it were more quiet for office or sleeping spaces.






Sunpollo Clip-On USB Fan

This model is unique in that it features a clip-on design to hold the fan securely in place and not take up any space on a desk. The clamp has a strong spring and non-slip grip to keep it securely in place. It also was designed to not scratch furniture. It has a 360 degree rotation swivel. Its brush-less motor allows for quiet use with strong airflow. It also is designed for portability as it can be operated with 4 AA Batteries or a universal USB outlet. Its unique design caters to all users without taking up space.







This model has a unique square design to add a modern touch. Its brush-less motor allows for longer, extended use and quiet operation. Space saving and easily portable, it serves in a variety of areas. The base is wave shaped and rubber to keep the device from sliding around and making noise. 2 speed settings and a 360 degree up and down adjustment make for optimal use. This model also comes in a clip-on version for users who need to save more space. The clip-on version has a strong clamp to keep it in place with a thick metal spring.






Thermaltake USB Fan

This fan is the ultimate sturdy, metal, durable USB Fan. It comes in a variety of colors and takes up very little space. It’s unique all-metal, square design make it durable for all situations. Many users have found success using it to cool down their PC monitors and external hard drives. It is a quiet model and the frame is made of steel. The grill is easily removed for cleaning. It is an extremely small model that is still able to put out a lot of power. Speeds are controlled by a knob that allows for a gradual increase to find exactly the right speed for you. The protective grill increases fan safety.






Edating USB Fan – Ideal Mini Desk Fan

This model is designed to have a powerful airflow that is also safe and travel size. The frame is all metal and anti-rust to protect users. There are also rubber shoes to hold the fan securely in place on a desk or table top. The four aluminum blades are light and professionally balanced so as to increase airflow to the user. The stand may be adjusted a full 360 degrees for optimal directional flow. The stand allows the fan to be used in a variety of places including table or desktops, mounted on a wall, or even on a rope. This fan is designed to have low-noise with its brush-less axial motor and anti-vibration pads.


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