Ten Best Truck Bed Tents 2021 – Complete Buyers Guide And Reviews

So, you want to enjoy the great outdoors with your family or that special someone, and simply relax. You’ve cleared a nice, level spot, set up your tent, rolled out your sleeping bag and enjoyed some time around the campfire. You enter your tent, slither down into your sleeping bag roll into that comfortable sleeping position and… there’s a rock under your hip. You reposition to get away from it, but find another one. As you toss and turn throughout your sleepless night you come to the conclusion that you must be sleeping on an entire bed of jagged rocks.

If this sounds like many of your camping experiences, then you might be happy to take a closer look at truck bed tents. A truck bed tent gets you up off of that stony ground and allows you to sleep on a smooth, level surface. Truck bed tents provide much of the convenience of a camper, but without the cost and the hassle.

How do you know what truck bed tent best fits you and your truck? We can help you answer that question with our mini buyer’s guide and the ten best truck bed tents reviews for comparison. Let’s dive right into our mini buyer’s guide.


Truck Bed Tents Mini Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to selecting a truck bed tent you will want to ask yourself some questions first. Why would I get one? What type of tent fits my truck and my type of camping? What features and characteristics should I look for in a truck bed tent? Our mini buyer’s guide will help you answer each of those questions.


Why get a truck bed tent?

The quick illustration we used to open this article is a major reason that many people use truck bed tents when they go camping. With a truck bed tent you have greater control over what’s underneath your tent. Besides having greater control, it gets you up off of the ground and into a more comfortable, dry and protected place to sleep. In addition, there is no packing heavy equipment and searching for the right spot to set up your tent. Finally, a truck bed tent is convenient and easy to set up so that you can start exploring your surroundings instead of setting up camp.


What type of tent fits my truck and my type of camping?

When it comes to selecting a truck bed tent there are several practical matters to consider before diving right into the features and characteristics you might want your truck bed tent to have. Let’s consider those practical matters first.


Type and Size

Truck bed tents are typically set up in the bed of a pickup, but variations have been made so that they now fit the rear opening of SUVs as well. Though our guide and reviews are specifically focused on tents for pickup beds, you need to be certain of what type of tent and for what style of vehicle you are purchasing your tent to avoid confusion and disappointment.

Beyond the type of tent you purchase, the size makes an enormous difference. Because not all pickups are designed alike, you will need to have a good understanding of the dimensions of your truck bed. The box size and box style of your pickup is a very important consideration in your selection.



Another consideration to keep in mind is the design of your truck bed tent where seasonality is concerned. Essentially, the material of your tent and its design can be for:

• Warm weather camping, in which a tent needs to have plenty of ventilation to avoid condensation and stuffiness.
• Three season camping, where temperatures can dip down a bit and weather can be a major factor.
• Four season camping, which could include freezing temperatures, snow and ice.

If you’re a true snow and ice camper, you’ll want the four season tent, otherwise stick to a three season tent in order to be prepared for the worst, but with better ventilation options.


What features and characteristics should I look for in a truck bed tent?

Once you have narrowed down your choices to those truck bed tents which fit your truck or SUV, you can begin to consider additional characteristics or features that you would like to have in your tent.


Height and Length

If you’re tall and want to stretch out a bit, you will want to consider a floor dimension with greater length. Of course, the size of your truck bed might have limits on this feature if you’re working with a shortbox truck.

Height of the tent can also make a difference when it comes to moving around. Dome style tents tend to offer more overall height, but can limit floor space, while cabin style tends tend to provide better floor space, but steal away some of the overall height.


Tent Poles

The support and stability of your tent is in the tent poles. Fiberglass and aluminum are the typical design materials used in making these poles. For durability under windy conditions, aluminum poles are your best choice and also tend to have greater longevity.


Rain Flies and Awnings

Keeping water away from the openings of your tent is a major factor in keeping your camping experience dry. Nearly all truck bed tents come with one or two rain flies, but not all are equipped with awnings or vestibules.

Rain flies with full coverage work very well for keeping you warm and dry whenever you are camping during heavy rainstorms or even snowstorms. They should be strong enough to withstand a storm and keep you dry, but still allow light into your tent.

Awnings and vestibules also help to keep water away from the door of your tent as well as provide protection for your camping equipment in a storm. Awnings can be a part of the rain fly or a separate attachment on some models.


Mesh Panels

When camping in warmer weather, ventilation becomes a major factor in keeping you and your equipment dry. Without proper ventilations your tent can sweat on the inside and make everything inside of it damp and muggy. Mesh panels, which might not be great when it comes to rain protection, are essential for preventing condensation on the inside of your tent. Mesh panels can also let in cool air while you are sleeping and make you much more comfortable.

With the above considerations in mind, here are ten truck bed tents reviews for you to consider by way of comparison in order to narrow your selection to the truck bed tent which best fits your needs.



Ten Best Truck Bed Tents Reviews

Kodiak Canvas Mid Size 5-6ft Truck Bed Tent 7211

The Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent features a tunnel design and is a universal fit for all 5 to 6 ft. truck beds. It features a 5 foot tall ceiling and is constructed of waterproof cotton canvas. Rated as a four season tent, the Kodiak also features mesh panels in the sides and the door for ventilation.


The Good

The four season capabilities of this tent are impressive with the durable cotton canvas construction. In addition, its ceiling height, the fact that it has a universal fit design for use with all pickup bed types are also items to keep in mind.


The Not So Good

There is a definite limitation when it comes to ventilation and this tent is likely to be very stuffy in warmer weather.


A Great Choice If…

You are a true four season camper or tend to camp at higher elevations in early spring and late fall you will be pleased with this tent. You will probably not be pleased camping in this tent in warmer weather.


Rightline Gear 110730 Full-Size Standard Truck Bed Tent

Designed to fit a standard full-size truck bed, the Rightline Gear 110730 is a three season tent with the necessary length and width to sleep two people comfortably. The dome style of this tent allows for more overall height and its design makes getting in and out the door much easier than most. With the rain fly off you can get a view of the night sky while you camp or you can stay dry with it attached in place.


The Good

This tent allows for airflow in warm weather while still keeping your dry in wet weather. The structural design of this tent makes it great at withstanding high winds as well. It is a quick and easy setup for one person and it has various designs to fit different truck models.


The Not So Good

Unless you add on a vestibule, opening the design of this tent door could get the back half of your tent wet in a soaking rain storm. Some complain that the seams and zippers on this model are a little bit weak for heavy-duty camping.


A Great Choice If…

You are camping in warm, fair weather, are an infrequent camper and tend to struggle with getting in and out of other tent styles. You will be disappointed in wet weather unless you attach a vestibule to cover the door.

Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Grey

Headroom and a great vestibule set up are major features of the Sportz Truck Tent. This dome style tent offers 5’ 6” of head clearance without giving up too much floor space. It offers plenty of ventilation with mesh panels on three sides as well as the door, which is well protected by a 4’ x 4’ attached vestibule. In addition, there is an access panel to the sliding back window of your truck should you have one.

The Good

The headroom in this tent is certainly impressive, as is the ventilation for warm weather camping. The added convenience of access into the cab of your pickup is certainly a plus as is the vestibule and its fixed design.

The Not So Good

Setting up this tent is a bit of a struggle due to the length of the poles which tent to stretch the material too tightly. In addition, the door of this tent does not unzip at the bottom, meaning that you are always walking across the door when you come in and out.

A Great Choice If…

You are a three season camper who often encounters wet weather and requires that extra vestibule space. You might not be happy with this tent in colder weather conditions.

Napier Outdoors Sportz #99949 2 Person Avalanche Truck Tent

Full access into the cab of your truck through the tent and the over-sized awning are stand out characteristics of the Napier Outdoors Sportz 99949 2 Person tent. Designed to fit over the cab in the front of the tent, getting in and out of the cab is a snap. This tent has 5’ 6” of headroom without sacrificing a lot of floor space. The tailgate attached awning over the rear door is a spacious 6’ x 6’ to keep the door and any gear you might want to store outside the tent dry.

The Good

The structural design of this tent is such that it will withstand strong winds well. The back awning is certainly impressive as is the full cab access feature.

The Not So Good

This tent is a little tight for two larger framed people due to the limitations of the truck box size. In addition, the structural design of this tent is a little bit complicated for quick and easy setup.

A Great Choice If…

You are a seasoned, frequent camper who needs a quality tent for an Avalanche model truck. You might not be happy with the size of this tent if you are a taller and larger framed adult.

Napier 57122 Full Size Regular Box 57 Series Sportz Truck Tent w/ Rain Fly

Hunters are likely to appreciate the various features of this camo-style Napier 57122 Full Size Regular Box style truck tent. This tent provides an additional rain fly option which can be pulled down for full coverage in cooler wet weather. It can also be opened up with plenty of mesh for ventilation in warmer weather. It also comes with a 4’ x 4’ tailgate awning which uses poles attached directly to the tailgate structure.

The Good

The easy setup of this tent on a wide variety of full-size pickups is an attractive feature. Its versatility for warmer or cooler weather is another impressive feature that sets this tent apart. In addition its roominess in all three dimensions is something to draw your attention.

The Not So Good

The dura-wrap fiberglass poles are a bit of a disappointment on an otherwise well-designed tent. It can be a hassle to get setup the first time.

A Great Choice If…

You are a three season camper who tends to get out early in the spring and stay out late in the fall. You might not be impressed if you’re not particularly adept at the mechanics of setting up a tent.

Sportz Truck Tent III for Full Size Regular Bed Trucks (For Chevrolet C/K and Silverado Models)

The Sportz Truck Tent III is an adaptation for Chevrolet C/K and Silverado truck models of the Sportz Truck Tent we reviewed earlier. This model has the same dome style headroom without giving up too much floor space, plenty of ventilation for warm weather camping, the rear window access door into the cab and the tailgate attacked 4’ x 4’ rear awning.

The Good

The same good features apply to this model as the other. It has impressive headroom and good ventilation for warm weather camping. The added convenience of access into the cab of your pickup is certainly a plus as is the vestibule and its fixed design.

The Not So Good

The not so good features are the same with this model pointing to the difficult setup given the length of the poles and the drop style tent door. In addition, this model is limited to specific truck models.

A Great Choice If…

You are camping in a Chevrolet C/K or Silverado pickup, you will find that this tent suits your needs well, but because it is limited to those truck models, it might not fit your truck and you should look to other models instead.

Genuine Nissan Accessories 999T7-BY300 Bed Tent

The dome style structure of the Geniune Nissan Accessories 999T7-BY300 truck tent allows for good headspace without sacrificing floor space. There are plenty of mesh panels on this tent for ventilation and its tailgate awning is spacious and supported by a solid structural design.

The Good

This tent is a perfect fit for a Nissan Frontier SE pickup. The tent material is high quality and the structural poles are rigid and durable to withstand wind and for longevity.

The Not So Good

This tent has a very specific fit design and it will not work with any pickup models outside those it is designed for.

A Great Choice If…

You own a Nissan Frontier SE model pickup. It will not work with shorter bed model Nissan pickups or other pickup models.

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

The combination dome and tunnel style of the Guide Gear Full Size truck tent makes it unique among truck tents. Taking advantage of the dome tent structure allows this tent to provide roominess while also keeping the opening of the tent dry without an additional awning. It features mesh side windows in 190T waterproof polyester coated material and features a 4 pole, easy setup.

The Good

You will be very impressed with this tent in wet weather because of the D-shaped door and tunnel style entry. It doesn’t require an additional awning to keep it dry and it is easy to set up. You can get away with late or early season camping with this tent, though it is still a three season tent.

The Not So Good

The tent is set up out of the pickup and then anchored inside the bed. In addition, it doesn’t breathe well for warm weather camping given the tunnel style door opening.

A Great Choice If…

You are camping in early spring, late fall or in higher elevations where cooler weather is likely. You might not appreciate this tent in warmer weather.

Backroadz SUV Tent

Though this Backroadz tent is being called an SUV tent, it is designed to fit in a pickup bed. This is a dome-style tent with an added rain fly is a three season tent which allows you to still enjoy it in warm weather. It features 4 large mesh windows as well as a mesh door for ventilation. It uses 4 fiberglass poles in its tent structure.

The Good

You will get good ventilation with this tent, making it an excellent choice for warmer three season camping. It has a good quality design and used durable material for both the tent and the rain fly. It fits well and is pretty spacious.

The Not So Good

This tent would be much better with an attached awning to keep rain away from the door and would be better structurally if the fiberglass poles were replaced with aluminum poles.

A Great Choice If…

You are a three season camper who tends to go more frequently in the warmer months. There could be some wet weather or cold season issues with this tent.

Milliard Truck Tent | Standard 6.5ft Bed

Easy setup, durability and value are all features of the Millard Truck Tent. Build of quality structural and fabric materials, this tent will last a longer than others in the same price range. It is a great fit to a standard 6.5 ft. truck bed, features a domes style construction for greater headroom and offers plenty of mesh panels for ventilation.

The Good

For the price you pay for this tent, you are really getting some good quality. You have to be impressed with its quick setup. It has a snug fit in the right sized truck.

The Not So Good

The lack of a vestibule or awning runs the risk of getting water in the door. This tent structure would be improved with aluminum poles in place of fiberglass ones.

A Great Choice If…

You are a three season camper on a budget, but still want a good quality tent. Without an added vestibule or awning of some sort you might get wet.

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