Beat The Commuter Traffic With These Best Scooters For Adults – 2022

Visit any suburban neighborhood and you will probably see kids zipping around on their scooters having lots of fun. Besides the manual push models, electric scooters are gaining popularity with the older crowd. Adults buy powered scooters for fun, too, but more and more are using these convenient vehicles for getting around. More details about why adults are using scooters in increasing numbers and all the benefits of the most reliable and enjoyable types could have you pulling out your wallet to get one for yourself.


Why Do Adults Use Scooters?

Once you are over a certain age, simply buying an electric scooter to have fun might seem a little odd. They are quite useful at getting around the neighborhood, the city, or even a university, office park, or other large business property. The fun you have riding one of them is a pleasant side effect of the journey.

These are not scooters for people who cannot walk, just for those who would prefer a faster mode of transportation. Their relatively small size, foldability, and convenient charging possibilities add to the list of reasons why adults buy scooters, to begin with.


7 Benefits of Adult Scooters

Many of the benefits of electric charged scooters for grownups convince people to buy one for themselves. These can help with day-to-day life in ways you never considered before.


1 – Inexpensive to Operate

Every single aspect of regularly using an electric scooter costs less than a gasoline-powered option, motorbikes, and definitely a car or light truck. Charge it at home and your electric bill will go up some, but you will completely eliminate gas costs, maintenance, and wear and tear on your regular vehicle for those days. Replacement parts are readily available and affordable for the more popular models.


2 – Eco-Friendly Transportation

The increasing popularity of electric cars stems from the fact that this type of motor is cleaner and greener to operate. It stands to reason that the small motor on a scooter will be even better. Once charge can last quite a while under normal conditions. Operating it will never product smoke or any type of exhaust. Noise pollution is less with quality scooters, too. You can even ride your scooter inside, where allowed, and not disrupt other people.


3 – Small Convenient Size and Foldability

Any able-bodied adult can fold up and transport an electric scooter without much trouble. You can lift them in and out of a car truck or the back of your SUV. Fold it up and wheel them into the classroom or your office to store until you leave once more. Perhaps best of all, you will never need to find a parking space.


4 – No Licenses or Permits Needed in Most Areas

Unlike larger motorbikes, scooters do not require licensing or any extra fees to use. However, it is important to note that some municipalities or cities do not allow them to be operated in certain areas or on sidewalks at all. Always know the laws and guidelines before taking your electric scooter to a new location.


5 – Smooth, Comfortable Ride on Most Surfaces

Scooter wheels may come in slightly different materials, but they are all sturdy and hard-wearing. Inflatable tires are offered on some models, which give a shock absorber type of benefit. This makes them appropriate for many surfaces from concrete to cobblestones.


6 – Save Time Wherever You Go

No one could claim that walking is faster than riding an electric scooter. While you may have to slow it down considerably if there are other people around, open pathways disappear quickly when you increase power. This can save you plenty of time and ensure you never miss a business or social meeting or the beginning of an important class.


7 – High Levels of Safety

As long as the adult riding the scooter has a normal level of balance ability, using an electric model is quite safe. In some places, helmets are required, which help protect your head in case of an accident. The chance of having one is quite low, however. In order to stay safest, always operate the scooter on a smooth surface away from obstacles and other people.



Top 10 Excellent Electric Scooters for Adults


1 – Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

This attractive turquoise blue scooter has a sleek design and lightweight construction. It operates on a chain-driven motor found under the foot deck. One of the slower models, this electric scooter only goes up to around 12 mph for about 40 minutes total. Both throttle and brake are in the handle for easy operation.


• Full-size frame for adult use and comfort
• 8-inch inflatable tires for a smooth ride
• Kickstand that can be retracted easily
• Steel construction for long-lasting sturdiness


What We Like Best:

Although the Razor E200 is not the most powerful scooter out there, we like that it can be safely ridden by anyone age 13 and up. This makes it more useful for a family with older kids. Also, the controls in the handlebar make it easier to speed up and brake without shifting balance and inviting accidents. Razor is also a highly trusted brand in the scooter industry.





2 –Swagtron Swagger Pro Adult Electric Scooter

Swagtron Swagger Pro Adult Electric Scooter

This compact scooter has a light-weight yet strong carbon fiber frame, handle, and deck. It is rated up to 250 pounds, which makes it usable by most of the adult popular likely to use a scooter at all. The handlebars are relatively short but easy to grip and operate. With 250 watts of power housed in the upright bar, this scooter can travel up to 18 miles before needing a charge.



• New model extends range up to 18 miles
• Easy-read dashboard shows battery charge
• Fast and easy to fold for carrying or storage
• Front wheel suspension system


What We Like Best:

The ability to check the remaining charge on the battery while you are riding the scooter is a great feature. The display is bold enough to see easily, but not obtrusive. The front shock absorber helps while going over rougher terrain. One of our favorite things about the Swagger Pro is that you only need to charge it for 2.5 to 3 hours before you use it for short trips.




3 – Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Another selection by one of the most popular scooter brands, Razor, is the E300, which is the fastest model they offer. It can cruise along at 15 mph with its extremely quiet, chain-drive motor. Due to its speed, the size of the deck, and height of the handles, this model is recommended for age 13 and up.



• Handle speed control and brake
• Two rechargeable batteries hold up to 40 minutes of power.
• Large, 10-inch inflatable tires.
• Convenient kickstand.


What We Like Best:

The size and power of this electric scooter from Razor is impressive and seems sturdier than some other models. This does, however, make it heavier, too. The E300 is approximately 30 pounds, which makes it less appropriate for carrying by hand inside. For street transportation, it gives easy control, rapid acceleration, and long use time.





4 – Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

Take all the power of the E300 described above and add a convenient seat. This “S” model also comes in your choice of blue, gray, or pink. The seat adds another dimension to riding an electric scooter. People up to 220 pounds can experience greater comfort for longer periods of time. If you want to stand up and go, you can simply remove the seat and its stand. It also travels at around 15 miles per hour at its fastest speed.



• Very quiet, high-torque motor
• 10-inch pneumatic tires
• Removable seat for convenience and comfort.
• Spring-loaded kickstand


What We Like Best:

You cannot beat the flexibility of an electric scooter with a seat that you can take off and put back on. This gives you multiple options depending on the trip you want to take. Maybe you do not want to stand up for the maximum of 40 minutes ride time. The color choice is fun, too.





5 – Glion Dolly Foldable Adult Electric Scooter

Glion Dolly Foldable Adult Electric Scooter

Manufactured from sturdy aircraft aluminum, this Glion electric scooter is intended for adult use on a regular basis. The metal is powder-coated to combat corrosion and damage. The tires are 8 inches in diameter. Instead of inflatable ones that could flatten if you ride over something sharp, they feature a honeycomb interior construction. This electric scooter can travel at 15 miles per hour and go for 15 miles: perfect for short commutes and journeys around town.



• Twist acceleration and twist braking
• Antilock electronic rear brake mechanism
• Digital battery meter on the handlebar
• Pedestrian bell included.


What We Like Best:

Convenience and user-friendly are the best words to describe this Glion Dolly-Fold electric scooter. The tires will not go flat. The lithium battery offers 500 miles of use. Instead of a kickstand, the scooter is self-balancing, and it folds up flat so you can wheel it along behind you with ease.




6 – Qiewa Q1 Hummer Electric Scooter

Not only can you zoom around town on the Qiewa Q1 Hummer scooter, you can charge your smartphone at the same time. The 800 watt engine powered by a lithium battery lets you go up to 60 miles at speeds near 35 miles per hour. This puts this model near the top of the range and speed levels of most electric scooters. With double disk brakes, shock absorbers, 10-inch tires, and a maximum load of 550 pounds, the Q1 is versatile, safe, and impressive.


• USB mobile device charging system
• Anti-theft alarm
• Convenient battery charge display
• Folds quickly for transport or storage

What We Like Best:

The Hummer electric scooter by Qiewa gives more speed and longer run time than comparable products. The allowed weight up to 550 pounds makes it usable by virtually any adult. The sturdy construction and shock absorbers make for a comfortable ride, too.



7 – Qiewa Qmini Electric Scooter

For amazing speed, the Qmini scooter model cannot be beaten. Its 48-volt lithium battery and powerful 500w brushless motor let you travel up to 38 miles per hour. One full charge lasts almost 40 miles, so you can definitely use it for commuting or a trip around town. The chassis is 12cm off the ground and shock absorbers in the front and rear wheel areas make the ride safe and comfortable.



• Two electronic fobs for anti-theft system
• Easy fold up for transport and storage
• Aircraft-quality aluminum frame
• Carries up to 440 pounds


What We Like Best:

Besides being really fast for an electric scooter, the Qiewa Qmini offers plenty of unique features that do not come standard on some other types. The anti-theft fobs are a useful touch. The USB charging port can keep your phone or mobile device ready to use. It even has a horn and headlight for safe driving at any time.



8 – Airwheel E3 Electric Commute e-Bike

This electric scooter is shaped more like a miniature bike, but you do not have to pedal to get where you want to go. In fact, transportation is the main purpose of this Airwheel model It folds neatly up into a special carrying case that is perfect for taking on a plane or anywhere you want to go. Once you reach your destination, you can enjoy the 12 miles per hour speed, electric braking, overcharge-protected battery, and sturdy frame that can hold up to 220 pounds.


• Headlight for nighttime driving
• Digital battery indicator screen
• Comes in white or black

What We Like Best:

Most electric scooters fold up for convenient transport, but few are TSA compliant so you can carry them onto airplanes. The Airwheel E3 scooter or e-bike folds up into its own piece of luggage that is no more than 18 inches long and 14 inches wide. Imagine the convenience of getting to your destination, unfolding your scooter, and zipping off to see the sights.


9 – Hover-1 XLS Folding Electric Bike Scooter

This electric scooter starts with a key after charging its battery overnight for the first time. One charge lasts approximately 22 miles and the engine can reach speeds up to 20 miles per hour. A very strong metal frame supports your weight easily but is still light enough to carry and stow after folding it up at the end of a ride. Best of all? The seat comes standard, giving this motorized scooter the nickname of a compact e-bike as well.


• Dual disc breaks
• Turn signals, brake lights, and head lights
• LCD display with odometer, speed, and more
• Keyed start helps protect against theft

What We Like Best:

The Hover-1 XLS comes with no assembly required. Just take it out of the box, charge the battery, and go. We love the “go” part because this electric bike or scooter is comfortable enough to ride for a while, seats people up to 285 pounds, and can go for almost 1.5 hours. It feels safer than some other models due to its vehicle-like turn and brake lights.


10 – URB-E Black Label Electric Scooter

Proudly made and assembled in America, the URB-E scooter offers the opportunity to zoom around town at speeds up to 15 mph. The unique foldable design features a lightly padded seat and comfortable handlebars. The frame is a combination of sturdy aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber. The lithium ion battery, the small workhorse of a motor, and disc brakes keep you on the go until you want to stop.


• USB mobile device charging plug
• Folds super easily and quickly
• Included 1 year warranty
• Only takes 4 hours to charge the battery completely

What We Like Best:

While the design, style, and functionality of the URB-E Black Label scooter are impressive, we love the fact that it was made in California, USA. Another great thing about this model is the optional accessories such as a cup holder, basket, and phone holder you can easily add to the scooter handlebars.

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Scooter

While things like high ratings, long battery life, and reliability are absolutely important to the long-term enjoyment of your new electric scooter for adults, the other criteria are not universal. Before you open your wallet and place your order, you need to determine what you specifically need and can handle.

Size matters when it comes to buying any type of vehicle, even a small, easy-to-use one. Will your feet fit comfortably on the deck? Does the handle extend high enough for comfortable use? If it gets too big, the weight also increases and you need to make sure you can lift and carry the model you buy. Also look into how much weight the individual scooters can handle. Most are not rated for much over 200 pounds.

The last thing to consider when shopping around is how far you want to go and where. Some batteries hold longer charges than others. The length of time you can zoom around also depends on if the ground is sloped or flat, rough or smooth, or if you need to stop, go, and turn frequently.


How to Charge an Electric Scooter

The charging process for most electric scooters is quite simple and intuitive. Of course, refer to the manufacturer’s user guide or instructions before plugging in your particular scooter. The initial charge after purchase may take longer than the everyday charging done after you finish riding the scooter.

You can recharge a scooter anywhere you have an electrical outlet. Each scooter comes with its own charger pack. This plugs into the wall and the scooter on the other end. Always use the charger that suits the make and model you own as it will have the correct voltage and connections to ensure safe operation.

1. Unplug and remove the battery from the scooter to prevent overheating.
2. Connect the charger to the scooter with the correct wires.
3. Plug the other wire from the charger into the wall outlet.
4. Make sure the red or green indicator lights are correct for the model.
5. Leave the scooter charging for 8+ hours or overnight until full.
6. Reattach the battery carefully and you are on your way.


Optional Accessories and Add-ons for an Adult Scooter

The majority of accessories offered for use with electric scooters have to do with easy storage or rider comfort. For the first benefit, you should consider buying a sturdy bag or carrying case for your ride. These usually zip around the device when it is folded up as small as possible. With handles, you can heft it up and carry it into your office, classroom, or house. Some bags leave a wheel out so you can drag the folded scooter behind you.

Add-ons that improve comfort include padded seat cushions for those models that offer a seat and more comfortable grips that do not interfere with operation. The most popular type of accessory, however, are bags or boxes for your stuff. Carrying lunch to the office? Or maybe you need space for books on the way to class? Perhaps a water bottle and tour guidebook while visiting a new location. Sturdy zippered pouches or plastic latched bins can fit on the handlebars, attach to the front upright pole, or clip to the back wheel or engine cover.

Electric scooters for adults offer more than some fun on the weekends or after work. Although zipping around the neighborhood with the kids can be a great bonding opportunity for parents, scooters also offer economical, convenient, and environmentally friendly transportation options. Recharge your scooter overnight and you have all the power you need to get around campus quickly, explore the city, or speed between office buildings in time for the big meeting. Explore the options in brands and models reviewed above and start dreaming of how an adult electric scooter can make every day easier and more enjoyable.

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