14 Best Ryzen Motherboards For 2022 – Buyers Guide and Reviews To Help You Buy The Best

Most users consider performance and price when choosing AMD processors and their AM4 motherboards. While all motherboard manufacturers will have a perk of additional features, choosing the right chipset gives you a great headstart. Users who need performance will choose X370, X300 and B350 chipsets. These are designed for Small Form Factor Systems and they support overlocking.



Ryzen processors, from the low end to the high end, are offered with unlocked multipliers. Nevertheless, users who need to use two graphic cards will be limited to X370 and X300. These are the only two chipsets that support dual PCIe graphic card slots. Users who need a system that operates smoothly when they do not push it beyond its default configurations might consider the A300 and A300.



When looking at pricing, the X300 and X370 motherboards are comparatively expensive. The B350 comes with features and performance capabilities that cater for the mainstream market. It is followed by A300 and then A320; these are for users who need performance in affordable motherboards.

AMD has partnered with motherboard makers to produce motherboards for Ryzen 7 and earlier models. These partners include GIGABYTE, ASRock, ASUS, MSI and Biostar. Buying from any of the partners, therefore, guarantees you quality.



Let’s Take A Look At What We Think Are The Best Ryzen Motherboards on the Market Today


1. ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming AMD Ryzen 2 Motherboard

ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming AMD Ryzen 2 Motherboard

This motherboard from ASUS is a versatile piece of equipment that’s more than capable of being the heart of your next PC build. It can be used with 7th generation Athlon processors for enhanced performance. To meet your specific gaming needs, the board can be calibrated. You don’t need to be an expert to make the most out of this board’s technology. The ASUS 5-way optimization system will create overclocking and cooling profiles with just one click.

Keeping your rig cool is relatively easy with this motherboard. Not only are there multiple fan headers to connect various cooling elements, but the board has an intelligent heatsink. With the Fan Xpert 4 system, you can game without having to worry about making constant adjustments to your dynamic cooling system.

The ROG Strix X470-F motherboard is very flexible. It has two SafeSlot PCIe slots. They’re compatible with both SLI and CrossFireX. There are also four DIMM slots to give your computer up to 64GB of speedy DDR4 RAM.

In my opinion this is one of the Best Ryzen motherboards on the market.


Supports up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM
Two SafeSlot PCIe slots
5-Way optimization
Built-in heatsink
Multiple fan headers
I/O Shield is pre-mounted
Full RGB lighting
8-Channel audio driver

No built-in Wi-Fi capabilities
Uses more power when idled that some competitors





2. ASRock B450M Steel Legend Socket AM4 Motherboard

ASRock B450M Steel Legend Socket AM4 Motherboard

If you’re looking for a flexible Ryzen motherboard that looks great, consider this option from ASRock. It uses the AMD Promontory B450 chipset and can be used with up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM. The board is compatible with most Ryzen processors. It does a very good job of getting the most out of your equipment. Complementary software and drivers from ASRock are available to optimize system performance and overclocking.

The I/O hood includes all of the ports you’ll need. There’s six USB ports, HDMI connections, Gigabit Ethernet LAN, and so much more. To keep your system and any peripherals safe, the motherboard uses Full Spike ESD. This feature can be found in the USB, audio, and Ethernet ports. Both the I/O hood and the heatsink are outfitted with RGB lights as well, allowing you to customize your rig how you please.

Supports 1st and 2nd generation Ryzen processors
Slots for up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM
PCIe steel slot
RGB lights on heatsink and I/O hood
Four DDRM4 RAM slots
Realtek high-definition audio
Gigabit LAN port
Detailed I/O hood with ESD protection

No built-in wireless capabilites
Only one PCIe 3.0 slot






3. MSI ProSeries AMD Ryzen 1st and 2nd Gen AM4

MSI ProSeries AMD Ryzen 1st and 2nd Gen AM4

From MSI is this Ryzen-compatible motherboard. It works with a number of different processors, including both first and second-generation options. You can also use Ryzen processors with Radeon Vega graphics. On the board, you’ll find plenty of ways to personalize your rig. There’s a single PCIe 3.0 slot. It’s armored with steel to prevent bending and electromagnetic interference. The board also has one PCIe 2.0 slot and four PCIe 1.0 slots.

A couple of different features are used to maximize performance. CoreBoost is for enhanced gaming and overclocking. It refers to MSI’s premium layout and power design, which supports more cores. There’s also X-Boost. This feature automatically optimizes USB devices for faster data transfer. The motherboard even has a unique Super Charger USB port that supports fast charging technology.

Powered by AMD Promontory B450 chipset
Supports most Ryzen processors
PCIe steel slot
X-Boost technology for better performance of USB devices
Plated heatsink
CoreBoost Technology
Enhanced audio components

No RGB lights
No voltage offset
No DisplayPort output






4. GIGABYTE X470 AORUS Gaming 7 Motherboard

GIGABYTE X470 AORUS Gaming 7 Motherboard

The Gigabyte X470 AORUS Gaming 7 motherboard is a high-performance option that’s built to make your games run smoothly and efficiently. It supports many different Ryzen processors and two-way CrossFire/ SLI graphics. There are two PCIe 3.0 slots and four DDR4 RAM slots, providing you with plenty of customization options.

When it comes to performance, the motherboard can handle a lot. The heat management system has multiple sensors and fan headers. The integrated heatsink also has an innovative fins-array design. With more than 100 fins to dissipate heat, the heatsink is capable of reducing VRM temperatures by as much as 40 percent.

If looks are important to you, this motherboard can be used to create a PC that stands out. RGB lights are used to accent many components. These include the I/O shield, heatsink, memory slots, and more. Gigabyte included a swappable LED overlay as well to create your own light banners.

Supports first and second-generation Ryzen processors
Effective heatsink design
Integrated 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi
Covered in customizable RGB LED lights
Two PCIe 3.0 slots
Comprehensive I/O with shield

Clunky RGB software
No DisplayPort output






5. ASUS Prime A320M-K Ryzen 7 Motherboard

ASUS Prime A320M-K Ryzen 7 Motherboard

The ASUS Prime A320M-K Ryzen 7 Motherboard is powered by Ryzen AM4 and generation 7 Athlon processors. This enhances its connectivity and its speed. The simple unit features NVMe M.2 and supports 32-GB of DDR4. This renders it adaptable and enhances its performance. It also features USB 3.1 with Gigabit LAN, enhancing connectivity more.

The unit is offered with 5X protection 3 hardware level, which keeps the components inside it safe, enhancing their longevity and making the unit reliable. It is also offered with patent-pending SafeSlot Core with fortified PCIe slot that keeps the unit safe from heavy weight GPUs.
The unit runs on FAN Xpert systems, which are advanced fan controls to optimize cooling. It is also offered with high quality HD-Audio that features Japanese capacitors. The onboard LED-illuminated design makes them easy to manage.






6. GIGABYTE AORUS GA AX370 DDR4 Motherboard


The GIGABYTE AORUS GA AX370 DDR4 Motherboard is designed for performance and durability. It is offered with a high performance, multi-channel HD audio codec that delivers 120dB SNR. This guarantees users clear acoustics. It is offered with Smart Headphone AMP up to 114dB for SNR recording and hardware decoding of DS128. This gives users an immersive audio experience.

The unit features adjustable voltage USB port that sports a dedicated power design. This USB DAC-UP 2 enhances the generation of clean and quiet power, enabling the unit to compensate low voltage drops. This is a unit that was designed for power intensive applications. It is, therefore, ideal for gamers as it allows continuous voltage outputs.

Turbo B-Clock is a unique feature of this motherboard. It allows you to calibrate frequency to enhance performance. With this feature, you can tune the IC from a minimum of 100MHz to a maximum of 300MHz. This, however, may range based on CPU capabilities.






7. GIGABYTE M399 AORUS Gaming 7 Motherboard

GIGABYTE M399 AORUS Gaming 7 Motherboard

The AORUS X399 offer great customizability. They are designed with great LED system with an intuitive IU. The On-board 5-pin header allows you to customize RGB, RGBW and RGB UV-LED strips for a wide color spectrum. You are offered Smart Fan 5, which automatically detects fans/coolers, giving you information on water temperature and flow-rate. The unit features 8 hybrid fan pin headers and 9 temperature sensors.

The GIGABYTE M399 AORUS features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This allows you to start browsing immediately. With this, you can eliminate wires and set your Wi-Fi anywhere in the room. With Bluetooth, you can control applications from your phone.

The Front USB 3.1 header, gives you fast connectivity and convenience.






8. MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen B350 Motherboard

MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen B350 Motherboard

One fact that sets this unit apart is the cooling technology used. It features enough fan headers, allowing it to operate for long periods without heating up or slowing down. The 6X fan headers with full fan control and Watercooling Ready keeps your unit operating optimally.

In case of power surges, the unit is designed with Intel LAN, which reduces CPU overhead and offers high TCP and UDP throughput. This allows effective use of CPU for more gaming. With Audio Boost, you get true Hi-Fi audio to enhance your gaming. Audio Boost 4 will even allow you to locate enemies with eyes closed. Like other MSI motherboards, this unit is designed with DDR4 boost to enhance the memory of your gaming rig.

With the DDR4 boost, the unit will have high speed, high overlocakbility and great stability. For a stronger hold, the unit features MSI PCI Express Steel Armor slots.






9. MSI ATX X370 Sli Plus Motherboard

MSI ATX X370 Sli Plus Motherboard

MSI ATX Sli Plus is a high performance X370 motherboard created for gaming machines that require high performance. It is designed for AMD Ryzen series processors and Generation 7 A-series. The unit accommodates DDR4-3200+(OC) Memory. Besides, it supports NVIDIA SLI and AMD crossfire.

The unit features double layer grounding mounting holes. Its double bandwidth allows it to support USB 3.1. It features DDR4 Boost, giving you great speed and optimal performance. The Hi-Fi audio allows you to game with confidence.






10. ASUS Prime X370-Pro AMD Ryzen Motherboard

ASUS Prime X370-Pro AMD Ryzen Motherboard

The design of most ASUS motherboards is the same. According to the manufacturer, each of the motherboard designed enhances connectivity and speed. This motherboard features a front panel USB 3.1, allowing you connectivity and Gigabit LAN for protection from power surge and for added connectivity.

You are offered 5-way optimization, letting you customize the unit. The unit sports FanXpert 4, which delivers advanced cooling. This is enhanced by an integrated AIO pump for dynamic cooling. The unit is built for heavy weight GPUs and CPUs that demand high performance. For this, the unit features an injection molding process to integrate the metal framing for optimal performance.

To offer a wide spectrum of colors, the unit is fitted with AURA Sync RGB lighting features. This allows the user to synchronize effects on products that are AURA Sync enabled. The unit is offered with high quality 8-channel HD audio to deliver a warm and full sound.

For ease of use, the motherboard is accompanied by a detailed user manual.






11. ASRock x370 Professional Gaming Motherboard

ASRock x370 Professional Gaming Motherboard

Like any other X370 motherboard, the ASRock x370 Professional Gaming Motherboard is designed to offer increased performance. It features a great design, allowing it to integrate swiftly with many systems. It supports AMD AM4 Ryzen Series CPUs and also supports DDR4 3200+(OC). It is offered with DDR4 boost. This makes it an ideal choice if you are looking for increased performance and speed while saving on memory.

It features 2 USB 3.1 port, one type A and one type C and 10 USB 3.0 front and back ports. This gives you all the connectivity you need.

The HD audio fitted in this system allows users to enjoy their gaming with quality acoustics. It also features built-in Wi-Fi for better connectivity anywhere you are.






12. ASUS ROG Crosshair X370 VI Hero Motherboard

ASUS ROG Crosshair X370 VI Hero Motherboard

The ROG Crosshair VI Hero is designed for gamers who need performance. It features an easy to use interface to allow you maximum control. It features the signature ASUS Dynamic AURA Sync RGB lighting that allows you great customization. It also allows 3D printing mounts for optimal personalization. Aura is an intuitive lighting control software that lets you choose your favorite LED effects. These effects cast a multi-color glow for a stunning look.

The ROG Crosshair is offered with one-click overlocking and cooling. It offers 5-step optimization, allowing you all complex setting. The unit gives you highly controllable performance boosting ROG technology that optimizes your system for use.

ASUS ROG offers super-speed connectivity. It is offered with front panel USB 3.1 type A and C with up to 10GB/s. The ROG is designed with premium quality components for durability, This keeps your system stable and reliable. It is accompanied by DIY designs across the board. These include QSLOT and SafeSlot, which increase your gaming experience.






13. MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon

MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon

The MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon is a near mirror design of the MSI X370 Gaming SLI Plus with slight difference in the design and the components. The unit is offered with enough fan headers for full control cooling. It includes 6x Fan Headers with Full fan control and Watercooling Ready. This keeps your system cooled for optimal performance.

It is offered with RGB Mystic Light, allowing you to combine effects for great customization. Changing the colors will only take a few seconds. The unit is offered with Audio Boost for gamers who need quality and clear acoustics. Audio Boost allows you to take control of the gaming.

The PCIe Steel Armor slots fitted in this unit are armed with more solder points for a stronger hold. This prevents damage that might be caused by heavy weight graphics card. It also protects PCIE signals against electro-magnetic interference.






14. Biostar TB350-BTC Ryzen Motherboard

Biostar TB350-BTC Ryzen Motherboard

Biostar motherboards are designed with DDR4 Boost to enhance the gaming rig memory with enhanced speed, enhanced overlockability, and also enhanced stability. It features optimized traces with fully isolated memory circuitry. This makes the unit highly stable and ups its performance. This, in turn, ensures that your system does not suffer crashes when you are gaming.

It supports Triple M.2 with thermal guard, allowing you to maximize the performance of your system. The unit also features a Flush system, which allows you to flash the BIOS without necessarily having a CPU or installed memory.



Thanks for reading my guide to buying the Best Ryzen Motherboards. If you think you have found any better models, then please do a leave a comment and I will check them out with a view to adding them to this post in the near future. You might also be interested in my other motherboard review posts: Best z170 Motherboards


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