The Best Quiet Hairdryers 2021 – A Mini Buyers Guide To Peaceful Hairdrying

Hair dryers have come a long way since the old, clunky models that roasted hair better than delivering a steady stream of hot air at precisely the right temperature for quick drying and efficient styling. Thanks to a number of breakthroughs in fan and heating technologies, some of today’s best hair dryers allow anyone to dry and style their hair without risking their eardrums. Although no hair dryer will ever operate completely silently, a number of advanced models are sufficiently quiet that even lengthy drying and styling sessions will remain pleasantly quiet.



A Mini Buyers Guide for Quiet HairDryers

Choosing the right hair dryer can be a difficult task. Every person’s hair is different, and the right hair dryer should be an ideal combination of ergonomics, heat speed, and fan speed. It’s important to get the bottom layers of hair dry without over-drying the top layers. Some of today’s advanced models use ionic technology to reduce frizz and flyaway hair while adding in other technologies in order to ensure that hair stays hydrated, shiny, and healthy.


When choosing a quiet hair dryer, it’s essential to remember that speed and heat can sometimes be sacrificed in order to reduce the output of noise. A quality quiet hair dryer will have a number of different speed and heat settings in order to allow for concentrated heat when you need it most without becoming disturbingly loud. Carefully assess all hair dryers for the way they feel in the hand, the number and style of heating and fan speed options, and whether or not it has a cool shot option to deliver a stream of unheated air to lock in your hair style.


Additional options to look for include ionizers that send a steady stream of charged particles to reduce and eliminate fuzz as well as ceramic tournaline technology to keep hair looking shiny, healthy, and hydrated.



9 of The Best Quiet Hairdryers


After carefully reviewing all of the hair dryers on the market labelled as being quiet, we have narrowed down the list to these models that we feel deserve to be on our list:


Revlon RVDR5045 Quiet pro Ionic Dryer

With a sleek and modern style, the Revlon RVDR5045 delivers a powerful stream of heat while remaining up to 50% quieter than other hair dryers thanks to a vertically-mounted fan and centrifugal fan design with curved blades. The Revlon RVDR5045 relies on ionic technology to quickly dry hair while producing less frizz. When you’ve got your hair perfect, a cold shot button releases a blast of cooler air. The Revlon RVDR5045 comes with two ergonomic rocker switches. One switch activates between two heat settings while the other switch selects between two different speed settings. The Revlon RVDR5045 also comes with a concentrator attachment for accurate styling and drying.




Whisper Quiet Lite Hair Dryer

This stylish hair dryer from Ion uses a revolutionary ceraminc tourmaline ionic technology to dry and style hair with a minimum of noise. The quiet motor of the Whisper Quite Lite has two different speed settings and four different temperature settings for maximum control. The Whisper Quiet Lite also comes with a cool shot button to lock hair styles in place after drying. The Whisper Quiet comes with a diffuser as well as two different concentrator attachments for optimum drying and styling of all hair types.




Conair Infiniti Pro Quiet 1875-Watt Hair Dryer

Although the Conair Infiniti comes with a powerful 1875-Watt motor, it operates extremely quietly for a more pleasant drying and styling experience. The included speed-drying concentrator attachment allows you to dry both the top and bottom layers of hair simultaneously and even. The Conair Infiniti comes with a cool shot button for locking in hair styles in place while two heat and two speed settings deliver maximum control. The Conair Infiniti has a hinged filter design for rapid and easy clean-up. The Conair Infiniti comes with a fixed six-foot power cord, and is designed to be up to 75% quieter than normal hair dryers.




Ion Whisper Quiet Ionic Dryer

With a stylish silver design, the Ionic operates with up to 50% less noise than conventional hair dryers. The Whisper Quite Ionic comes with a finger diffuser pick and concentrator to dry and style hair exactly where and how you want it. It uses turbo ionic technology to minimize drying time while eliminating frizz. There’s multiple heat and speed settings for fine control of the drying and styling experience. It also comes with a lockable cool air button for finishing up your hair styling.




Gammapiu Relax Quiet Hair Dryer

Available in glossy black, the Gammapiu Relax hair dryer was designed to reduce the stress of drying and styling hair. Using advanced electrowave emission dampening technology, the Gammapiu Relax is an eco-friendly and powerful hair dryer. An advanced design allows the Gammapiu Relax to operate quietly and efficiently. As an added bonus, both the case and packaging of the Gammapiu Relax can be safely recycled. The Gammapiu Relax comes with a powerful 1900-Watt motor to leave hair shiny, glossy, and healthy.




Centrix Q-Zone Dryer

With a futuristic space gray and black design, the Centrix Q-Zone uses two different fan speeds to quietly but efficiently dry and style hair. For maximum ergonomics, the Centrix Q-Zone comes with two different cool shot buttons, one located on the front and one located on the back of the handle. The Centrix Q-Zone comes with a concentrator to deliver a powerful stream of air right where you need it most. The advanced ceramic tourmaline technology helps hair look and feel healthy while ion technology rapidly dries hair.





A truly salon-quality hair dryer, the Hot Tools Ionic Quiet has a rubberized body for ergonomic control while the included concentrator and pick allow for fine control of drying and heating. The Hot Tools Ionic Quiet is powered by ionic technology to minimize frizz while increasing shine. The Hot Tools Ionic Quiet has two different speed settings and six different heat combinations plus a cool shot button for maximum control over drying and styling.




BIO IONIC Whisper Light Pro-Dryer

With a funky black and turquoise design, the Bio Ionic Whisper Light is both an incredibly quiet and lightweight hair dryer. The powerful 1400-Watt motor allows for fast drying while the built-in nanolonic mineral hydrates dry and damaged hair while minimizing frizz. The Bio Ionic Whisper Light also uses far infra-red energy to seal hair cuticles. The Bio Ionic Whisper Light also comes with a concentrator to deliver a powerful stream of air right where you need it most.




Andis 1600W Quiet Hangup Hair Dryer with Night Light

This hair dryer from Andis comes with its own wall mount for easy storage when not in use. The Andis comes with a convenient LED light for convenient illumination of the bathroom or other spaces while the while the 1600-Watt motor delivers a powerful stream of hot air for fast drying and styling. The wall mount has a Lifelong shock protection to avoid accidents. The Andis has two heat and two speed settings plus a cool shot button to seal in hair styles.





Available in a number of colors, designs, and styles, today’s quiet hair dryers give individuals the ability to enjoy salon-quality hair drying and styling without creating an undue amount of noise. Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty hair dryer that can quickly dry out thick layers of hair or just want to perform a quick blow out, today’s quiet hair dryers can do everything their normal counterparts can do only with a reduced amount of sound. Some hair dryers come with picks and concentrator attachments to focus hot air on stubborn and special areas, while ergonomic cool shot buttons allow users to finalize their hair style.


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