Top Ten Projector Screens Guide 2021

Projector screens can be used for conference rooms at home or work or as a high quality cinema projection stage for your indoor home theater. Whatever you use your projector screen for, it is important that you find the right screen to make your investment worthwhile.

This short guide and product review will take you through the different considerations you should keep in mind when choosing which projector screen to purchase.


Top Ten Projector Screen Reviews


1. Elite Screens Tripod Series 85-Inch 1:1, Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

This 85-inch screen is made of a white multi-layer weave material with a 180 degree viewing angle and textured surface. Ideal for 4K, 8K, and 3D viewing, this screen can be taken outdoors for a presentation or movie beneath the stars or indoors in your home office or theater. The screen material and tripod is mildew resistant and can be easily washed with mild soap and water. The tripod is also adjustable so you can get your ideal height.






2. Visual Apex Projector Screen 120″ 4K Portable Indoor/Outdoor Movie Theater

This massive projector screen can be easily folded for quick transportation capability. Thanks to this feature, the setup for this screen does not require any frame assembly, as the pieces simply unfold and snap together. The legs can also be removed to make this a hanging projector screen if desired. The screen itself is made from matte white material that is UV protected, anti-static, mildew resistant, and flame retardant.






3. Best Choice Products Manual Projector Projection Screen Pull Down Screen, 119″L

This matte white screen with anti-static and mildew resistance is easy to clean and easy to install. The black border of the screen provides a sharper image and the screen itself has a 160 degree viewing angle for maximum viewing coverage. This screen includes a mounting bar with a manual pull function that can either lock the screen down or roll it up while it is not in use.






4. 100 Inch Elite Screens Manual B, 16:10, Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K/8K Ultra HDR 3D Ready

This manual retractable screen is made of a textured matte white multi-layer weave material with a 180 degree viewing angle. The screen is durable, mildew resistant, and can be cleaned with mild soap and water. The mounting bracket has a 2 inch locking mechanism that allows you to pull the screen down to a customized length. This 100 inch screen is made to reproduce stunning colors and image ratios, but is not meant to be used with a Short Throw or Ultra-Short Throw projector.






5. GBTiger 150 Inch Outdoor Movie Projector Screen with Bag – Ideal Outdoor Movie Screen for Home Cinema

This massive projector screen is very lightweight and easy to move about so it can go just about anywhere. Any wrinkles that may develop because of the screen’s storage style can be smoothed out by wrapping the screen tightly around a frame for a few days, you can hand wash it to ease the wrinkles, or you can use an iron on a low heat setting. The screen itself is made of a highly durable and mildew resistant synthetic fiber. This screen does not come with its own frame or other set up, but can be attached to walls or mounts using nails, hooks, or ropes.






6. JaeilPLM 100-Inch 2-in-1 Portable Projector Screen + Outdoor & Indoor Compatible

This screen can be used either with its triangular stand or as a hanging screen, depending on your needs or personal tastes. The aluminum stand is sturdy enough to withstand a stiff breeze outdoors and will not topple over easily. For the hanging style, you will only require a single nail to support the screen’s hanging component. As an added bonus, the screen material, which is matte white, is wrinkle resistant so you do not have to worry about viewing quality. The screen comes with a carrying bag so that you can bring it with you on all of your family’s vacations or office-related presentations.






7. TOUMEI – 120 Inch Portable Projector Screen Foldable Material

This flexible screen is wrinkle resistant and portable so you can take it with you anywhere. The screen material is easy to clean with mild soap and water and can be easily hung on a wall using nails, hooks, ropes, or double sided tape. With a 160 degree viewing angle and heavy duty PVC screen material, this portable projector screen is perfect for a number of activities where projection is necessary.






8. Elite Screens Spectrum, 100-Inch Diag 16:9, Electric Motorized 4K/8K Ready Drop Down Projector Screen, ELECTRIC100H

Elite Screens has created a beautiful and high quality motorized device with this 100 inch projector screen. The screen is made of a lightly textured matte white material with a 180 degree viewing angle that is 4K, 8K, and 3D ready. Furthermore, the material is mildew resistant, easy to clean, and flame retardant. The steel mounting bracket is easy to install and comes with a 3-way wall switch or mobile remote that will easily and efficiently lower or raise the screen depending on what you require.






9. VEVOR Portable Projection Screen 144 Inch 16:9 Indoor and Outdoor Movie Screen with Stand Proejctor Screen with Carrying Bag

This projector screen comes with a sturdy stand that is easy to set up and tear down for quick and easy storage. The stand itself is made of high quality iron tubing which is both tough and light and the black backing material of the screen helps reduce loss of light and increase overall image quality. The screen is made of white synthetic fibers and is ready for 4K or 3D projection.






10. Pyle 120″ Matte White Home Theater TV Wall Mounted Fixed Flat Projector Screen

When this projector screen is installed in your home or office, the screen material is 100% flat for the best viewing possible. The matte white screen helps to cut back on light interference and glare which gives your projected image a beautiful color contrast. The aluminum frame that keeps the screen in its rectangular shape is velvet plated to enhance the overall appearance of the screen and absorb excess light for a clearer picture.






Projector Buyer’s Guide

While using a wall is a possible choice for your projector, there is a great deal of benefit to be found in investing in a projector screen. The following buyer’s guide will walk you through the advantages of a projector screen and how you can use your screen for the best projection and show possible.


Screen Types

There are two primary types of projector screens: fixed-frame and retractable. A fixed-frame screen will require that you have enough empty wall space to mount the screen and will not be easily moved. Fixed-frame screens are popular for home theaters or for dedicated office spaces where presentations are held on a regular basis.

Retractable screens can be rolled up and stored in a case when they are not in use. The retractable style is also broken down into either a manual or motorized version, meaning that you can either unroll the screen yourself (these will generally run cheaper) or employ an internal motor to expand your screen. These screens are highly portable and perfect for a mobile office or other on-the-go presentation purpose.


Screen Materials

The different aspects that make up a projector screen’s material include its gain, color, and texture. Each of these aspects are integral when it comes to deciding what type of material you need to purchase for your projector screen.

Screen gain refers to the amount of light your screen reflects back at the viewers, and is directly connected to a clearer and brighter image. However, the higher your screen gain, the lower your viewing angle. In other words, a screen with a high gain must be viewed from near the center of the screen for the best picture. Take into consideration the size of the area you will be using your projector screen in to determine the right balance of gain you will need.

Screen color is the color of the screen’s fabric and primarily impacts the contrast of the projection. White screens are brighter while grey screens can better handle dark tones. However, white screens do not require as powerful of projectors to get the ideal image.

Screen texture is primarily involved when you are considering purchasing a 4K projector which requires a higher amount of smaller pixel handling. The finer the texture of your screen, the smoother the image.


Screen Size

Projector screens comes in a variety of sizes, and knowing which size will fit your needs is perhaps one of the most important choices you will need to make. If you are looking to design a home theater or home office, measure the wall the projector screen will sit on before you begin your shopping search.

Size can also affect the overall clarity of the image of your projection, which means bigger is not always better. You want a projection to screen ratio that will show a clear image while still allowing you to utilize your new home theater (or office) to its fullest potential.

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