Ten Best Polaroid Cameras 2021 – Reviews Of The Latest Polaroids On The Web

Do you ever find yourself taking pictures with your cell phone and wishing that people still shot on film? Polaroid was one of the top companies in the world making cameras for a number of years before entering the world of digital cameras. You can still find digital cameras as well as cameras that use film.

The biggest decision that you need to make is between a digital camera and one that uses film. Thanks to the Impossible project, you can now get film that will work in the 600 models for a low price. Some of the cameras that the company makes use film of an unusual size that is a little harder to find.

When shopping for digital cameras, it’s important that you look at the features available like an automatic flash and an electronic shutter. These features help you more easily set up shots in mere seconds. Polaroid also makes newer digital cameras that you can use with a separate printer. Called a ZINK printer or a zero ink printer, it hooks up to the side of the camera and lets you print images while on the go.


Looking at the top 10 cameras from Polaroid can give you an idea of which cameras are right for you.



Polaroid One600 Classic Instant Camera

The Polaroid One600 is one of the best digital cameras for those who love classic Polaroid cameras but need one that can take digital images. Its light blue color is a unique twist on the black cameras that the company made in the past and will make you smile every time you take a photo. Capable of working with the 600 film that Polaroid and other companies make, this camera has its own built-in printer. When you take a picture, the printer will spring into action to save that shot on paper and slide it out of the front in the same way that older cameras did. The lens lets you get up to three feet away from your subjects without focusing the camera, and it has an automatic flash for shooting in darker conditions.



Polaroid One Step Close-Up 600 Instant Camera

While Polaroid makes a few nice digital cameras, photo enthusiasts often prefer the classic cameras that the company made like this One Step Close-Up 600. The 600 is a collectible camera that has a built-in printer capable of printing photos right from the camera without you hooking it up to a computer or printer. When you fold down the top, you can create a more compact camera that is easier to carry. It has an attached strap on the top that you can use for carrying it around your neck too. As this camera uses real film, you’ll need to purchase 600 instant film from either Polaroid or from the Impossible company. The Close-Up 600 can take hundreds of photos before it needs servicing to help you capture important moments.




Impossible Polaroid 600 Square Black Camera

The Impossible project was a project that launched in the hopes of bring back the classic Polaroid film cameras that the company made in previous years. This camera works in the same way that the one you had or the one your parents used once did. You will need to use actual film inside, which you can purchase online. Once you line up and take a shot, the camera automatically prints off the image on the film inside. With a square design that is easy to hold in one or both hands, this camera lets you keep a firm grip on its body as you set up shots. It has a built-in electronic flash that automatically comes on when you do not have enough light for your photos too.




Polaroid Hunter Green OneStep Express 600 Instant Film Camera

While you can look for refurbished Polaroid cameras and cameras sold by photo enthusiasts, you can also buy this OneStep Express 600 camera directly from Polaroid itself. As one of the last traditional cameras made by the company, this camera will work with newer film as well as older film. It has an extensive focus range for getting closer to your subjects without your finished pictures coming out blurry or out of focus. The automatic flash will work at a distance of up to 10-feet away from your subject, and that flash will come on automatically. Polaroid added a viewing area of more than nine square inches to help you get a clear image of the shot that you want to take. This camera comes in a deep hunter green shade too.




Impossible Polaroid 600 Round Camera

While some people love the more traditional square Polaroid Impossible camera, some people like yourself may prefer this round version of that camera. This camera comes in a green finish with metallic flakes added to that finish to give it a more intriguing look. When you push down on the top part of the camera, it folds down and into the body to create a rounded shape, but you can lift that piece to take photos. Designed to work with Impossible film, the camera has a specially designed tongue on the front that shields the photos that come out from the sun and other conditions that might damage the final print. The camera has a built-in flash that helps you compensate for poor lighting conditions and add light to your photos.




Polaroid 600 Round Instant Film Camera

This Polaroid 600 camera will take you back in time and make you want to snap some shots at your next party. The round in the name comes from the fact that you can fold the camera down into a compact shape that has a rounded top for carrying. Lifting the top lets you line up and take shots as well as use the automatic flash to take pictures when there isn’t a lot of light available. Located on the side of the camera is a hand hold that adjusts to fit different sized hands to help you keep your hand on the camera. As soon as you snap a shot, the camera will save that photo on a piece of film and send that film out of a slot on the front.




Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera in Red with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology

The Snap Instant is one of the best digital cameras that Polaroid makes. This model comes in a bright red color that grabs the attention of party guests and others nearby to let them know that it’s time to take a photo. Designed to look like the oldest instant cameras that the company made in the past, it has a fairly minimalist design with just the Polaroid rainbow logo on the front. It has a micro SD slot that works with a memory card of up to 32 GB for storing copies of the photos that you take. The 10-megapixel design of the camera allows you to capture realistic photos that show all the action that unfolded in front of you. You can integrate the camera with a ZINK printer to make copies of photos too.




Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera With LCD Display

Polaroid offers the Snap Touch Instant in a few different colors, but this black version of that camera is the best choice for those who prefer the classic look of Polaroid cameras. It even has the same rainbow band that the older cameras featured running across the front. This camera brings Polaroid into the modern era though because you can hook it up to a ZINK printer that lets you print photos instantly without using any ink. When hooked up to a printer, you can create copies of your favorite images in less than 60 seconds. Compact enough for carrying in your pocket, this camera has a large viewing area on the back and an automatic flash setting. It can save photos inside or to a memory card of up to 32 GB that you put inside.




Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera

The Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera is one of the more unique cameras that Polaroid made over the years because it prints photos that are roughly the same size as business cards. It is also unique because its built-in printer pushes those photos out through a slot at the top of the camera instead of on the front. Available in several colors like a bright blue option, it has an electronic shutter that operates at a high speed and an automatic flash. You can adjust the flash on your own or let the camera do it for you. Polaroid designed this camera to work specifically with 300 instant film that you can purchase online. The film looks like small pieces of paper that fit right inside the camera.




Polaroid Cube+ LIVE STREAMING 1440p Mini Lifestyle Action Camera

With the Polaroid Cube, you now live stream all your favorite activities and events and share them with the public. Though it looks like a small speaker, this is actually a video camera that can keep up with the demands of the most active of lifestyles. You can now use WiFi to connect the Cube to any mobile device like your phone or to your home computer for saving copies of your videos and photos before sharing those images. Inside the Cube is a battery that will last for up to two full hours of shooting, and you can recharge that battery in an hour or less. It has a slot that can accommodate a larger or smaller SD memory card and a wide-angle lens that will capture more of the action.


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