Best Pet Carpet Cleaners For 2021 – Reviews And Buyers Guide

Since you treat your pets like family members, it’s difficult to get mad at them. However, when they make a mistake and leave an unwanted gift ( pet messes ) on the carpet, it might feel like your furry little friends are testing your patience.

Instead of getting mad, you can get prepared and take care of the stain of pet urine with a pet carpet cleaner. If stains aren’t removed quickly, they can set into your carpet fibers and become much more difficult to remove, even with the best carpet cleaners. The same is true for pet hair.

Whether you have a dog, cat or pig, you can’t escape the fact that animals shed hair and make mistakes, so it’s best to get prepared for the inevitable. When the time comes, you’ll have the equipment to handle tough stains and problematic pet hair.



What to Look When Buying A Carpet Cleaner For Pet Owners

The market is filled with hundreds of products for pet cleaning, so it’s important to know what to look for. Pets can leave behind pungent odors, so you need to choose a product that is designed to remove odours. Many standard vacuum cleaners won’t work because they’re not equipped with the components needed to remove tough pet stains.

An ideal pet cleaner is a cross between a vacuum and steam cleaner. A standard vacuum might be able to remove some pet hair, but you need a product that will remove all of it. The problem that many pet owners make is allowing pet hair to set in.

Once the fine hairs have become embedded into your carpet, they’re able to cling to the carpet fibers, so they’ll be much more difficult to remove. The solution to this problem is built into many carpet cleaners, and it consists of strong brushes.

Some of the best carpet cleaners use a mixture of strong brushing and suction, which removes significantly more pet hair than a standard vacuum cleaner. A strong brush feature is crucial for removing pet hair, but it’s also important for eliminating liquid stains.

Pet urine can penetrate deep into carpet fibers, so your carpet cleaner should be able to penetrate just as deep. Before you find a product to purchase, you should pay attention to the suction power.

The best cleaners have very strong suction, so they’re able to suck dirt and moisture from deep within your carpet.



Best Carpet Cleaners For Pets – Comparison Guide

Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet CleanerLightweight
Upholstery tool
Ideal for stairs
Great on couches
BISSELL DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner 17N4Stains from kids and pets.
Good on tough stains
Cleans upholstery
Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet CleanerPortable

Easy to store

Cleans upholstery.
Ideal for cleaning stairs.
Hard to reach areas.
BISSELL DeepClean Deluxe Pet Full Sized Carpet Cleaner 36Z9Stains from kids and pets.
Good on tough stains
Cleans upholstery
Bissell 1548 ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full-Size Carpet CleanerLarge areas of carpet.
Cleaning around furniture.
Stair tool
BISSELL Spotbot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain CleanerCleaning robot
Very portable
Easy storage
Ideal for households with pets
BISSELL SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner 1719Portable

Easy to store

Cleans upholstery.
Ideal for cleaning stairs.
Hard to reach areas.
BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePassPortable

Easy to store

Cleans upholstery.
Ideal for cleaning stairs.
Hard to reach areas.
Hoover F5914900 SteamVac Carpet CleanerUpholstery
Cleans floors
8 ft. Stretch Hose
Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner MachineLarge areas of carpet.
Stains from kids and pets.
Tough on stains
Stair/upholstery tool
Car carpets, car upholstery


Here’s what we consider to be the best carpet cleaners for pets

Below, you’ll find 10 reviews for some of the top pet carpet cleaners on the market, so you don’t have to waste your time shopping around.


Consumer Expert’s Star Choice Carpet Cleaner For Pets

Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub Pet Carpet Cleaner (Black)

When it comes to carpet cleaners, Hoover is one of the most well-known brands on the planet. The Hoover Power Scrub Elite FH50150 is a great example of a heavy-duty cleaner. It runs on 120 volts of power, and it features a lightweight, powerful design.

Since it’s easy to clean, fill and empty, it can make short work of tough pet stains. This product features SpinScrub technology, so it can give your carpet a 360-degree clean. To clean deep within the carpet fibers, the Hoover FH50150 utilizes a strong brush system.

Instead of rolling, the brushes spin, which keeps the brushes in constant contact with the carpet. This carpet cleaner meets almost every specification that a pet owner could want, and it’s especially useful for removing tough stains. It even comes with an accessory pack, so you can remove stains from some of the most awkward areas of your home.


Pros & Cons of the Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub Pet Carpet Cleaning Machine


  • Incredible suction
  • Very light, especially for an upright cleaner
  • Comes with decent carpet shampoo
  • Removes stains with ease – Pro level cleaner


  • Upright only



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BISSELL DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaning Machine 17N4

Here we have a carpet cleaner that is specifically designed to clean up everything left behind by your pets. When compared with a standard upright vacuum, this product has much more to offer.

It’s designed to remove stains, and it’s just as effective for removing the odors, such as pet urine, that are associated with the stains. This cleaner has 12 rows of dual-rotating brushes, so it can reach deep into carpet fibers to remove the stain.

To quickly clean dry surfaces, the BISSELL DeepClean 17N4 uses Surround Suction, and it even has a designated collection basket for pet hair. Bissell is a titan in the vacuum industry, so when they make a product that is specifically made for cleaning up after your pets, it’s hard not to trust it.

This particular model features a 1.25-gallon tank and weighs no more than 25 pounds. To make cleaning easier, it has an extra-long power cord.


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Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

Here is another top product from Bissell. Since it’s a professional spot cleaning machine, the Bissell 3624 is especially useful for removing urine and pet stains. Although it’s not classified as a steam cleaner, this product can provide similar results.

It can be used on upholstery, stairs and carpet, and it comes with a long flex hose. If you’re constantly trying to remove stains from awkward areas, this could be the cleaner you’ve been looking for. It comes with a special cleaning formula and has a very long power cord.

One of the greatest benefits of this carpet cleaner is the size. With a small, compact design, you can take it almost anywhere in your home and remove tough stains. The Bissell 3624 happens to be the largest portable cleaner offered by Bissell, so you’ll have plenty of cleaning power at your fingertips.


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BISSELL DeepClean Deluxe Pet Full Sized Carpet Cleaner 36Z9

Here is another popular carpet cleaner from Bissell. It features an innovative Cleanshot Trigger, so it’s capable of directing cleaning formula directly at stubborn stains. It has a stain trapper tool, which is great for containing messes left behind by your pet.

A pet hair basket traps hair and makes disposal easier. The BISSELL 36Z9 uses Heatwave Technology to keep water at a consistent temperature, so you can get consistent cleaning results.

With dual power brushes, this carpet cleaner is able to pull dirt from deep within your carpet’s structure. For maximum cleaning power, there are 12 rows of brushes. Deep cleaning is important because it digs deep and removes tough odors and stains.

The BISSELL DeepClean 36Z9 is a great example of a product that is capable of cleaning deep, and since it’s specifically designed for removing pet stains, every feature is customized to meet this goal.


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Bissell 1548 ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full-Size Carpet Cleaner

You’ll find that most carpet cleaners that are made for removing pet stains are from Bissell. The Bissell 1548 is such a product, and it offers several features that are ideal for cleaning up after pets. This particular cleaner has two different cleaning modes.

One mode is designed for deep cleaning, so it’s perfect for the toughest pet stains. The other mode is called Express Clean and works best for quick, light-duty cleaning sessions. This cleaner comes with deep cleaning formula and has HeatWave technology.

By maintaining the correct water temperature, the HeatWave technology makes it easier to loosen dirt and stains from carpet deep within carpet fibers.

The Bissell 1548 is a full-size carpet cleaner, but if you lift it up, you’ll notice that it’s incredibly light, which makes it much easier to maneuver. It uses dual rotating power brushes to remove stubborn stains, so it’s one of the best carpet cleaners for pet owners.


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BISSELL Spotbot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner

If the idea of a hands-free cleaner sounds good to you, then the BISSELL Spotbot could be in your future. As a designated stain and spot cleaner, this portable device packs a serious cleaning punch. It uses automatic cleaning cycles, so you can select a setting and walk away from it.

This is an innovative machine because it does the work for you. It’s especially useful for removing pet stains because it reaches deep into the carpet fiber. One of its best features is the unique spiral brush action, which delivers 400 cleaning revolutions per minute.

Microban antimicrobial protection is built into crucial components, so the BISSELL Spotbot is able to fight the growth of bacteria, mildew, mold and odor. If you want to remove tough pet stains and prefer to leave the hard work to a robot, this might be a great carpet cleaner for your home.

With preset cycles, this device automatically sprays, brushes and removes stains and foul odors. However, if your main problem is pet hair, then you might want to consider a different product.


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BISSELL SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner 1719 – Stain Removal

When you need to quickly remove a stain, the BISSELL SpotLifter 1719 can help. It’s available in two different colors, and it’s a hand-held cleaner. It uses a stationary cleaner brush, which agitates soiled carpet fibers. It also sucks up debris while it cleans.

This 9.6-volt cleaner can be used for a full 15 minutes and must be charged for 24 hours. It features a dual tank system, so you can fill one of the tanks with cleaning solution while the other fills up with dirty water.

With a weight of six pounds, it’s easy to carry around, so you can take it anywhere in your home. If you hate blotting carpet stains and want a faster, easier way to clean, this could be a great product for you. It uses a powerful brush to attack stains while using suction to remove debris.

Although it only works in bursts of 15 minutes, the BISSELL SpotLifter 1719 is ideal for fresh pet stains. If your cat mistakenly relieved himself on your favorite recliner, this is the cleaner that you want to have on hand.



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Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10 Deep Cleaning Machine

Pet odors can cling to your home and affect anyone who visits. Bissell makes the BigGreen commercial cleaning machine for those who want to eliminate any odors caused by their pets. Though you may suffer from nose blindness that keeps you from smelling those odors, you will pick them up again when you spend time outside and then come home again. This machine lets you get the commercial cleaning action needed to go deep into your carpets to remove urine and anything else that causes strong odors.

The machine has two motors that let you operate it in two different ways. Not only can you push the machine across the floor in a forward motion, but you can also back up without the cleaner stopping. It has a built-in monitor that comes in handy for deep cleaning too. This monitor lets you know when you need to add more of the cleaning solution and when the water level drops. Thanks to the large capacity of the tank, this machine can hold enough water to clean your whole home without stopping to fill up the tank between each room. To make the machine even more useful, it features two separate tanks.

Designed to clean a larger path, this machine cuts a 10-inch track through your home to help you remove more pet odors with each pass. It also has an adjustable handle that lets you move the handle as you clean under furniture and move the machine around corners. With the 25-foot cord, you can keep the cleaner plugged into an outlet and clean the whole room without looking for another one. Many users also like the included attachment that easily connects to the machine and lets them clean upholstery and hard to reach spots.






BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass

Here is the corded version of the BISSELL 9595A vacuum. This product is designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver. It’s ideal for cleaning up pet hair because it uses powerful suction to remove hair that has become entangled with carpet fibers.

With an innovative brush design, this product removes more debris during the initial pass. The brush rotates down into your carpet, so it’s able to remove more debris than many alternative products, which don’t rotate downwards.

With Bissell’s powerful Cyclonic system, the BISSELL 9595A offers some of the strongest suction in the industry. The dirt tank is easy to empty, and with multi-level filtration, unwanted pet hair is quickly removed from almost any surface.

For upholstery, furniture and stairs, the BISSELL 9595A has a TurboBrush tool. The Cyclonic system helps this vacuum maintain suction over time, so although this cleaner isn’t great for stains, it can quickly remove all unwanted pet hair.






Hoover F5914900 SteamVac Carpet Cleaner

The Hoover F5914900 runs on a powerful 12-amp motor, and once it’s loaded with cleaning solution and hot water, it’s capable of removing most pet stains. For cleaning carpets, it has five spinning brushes, and the brushes also work well on upholstery and bare floors.

This carpet cleaner has a Clean Surge feature, which provides an additional burst of cleaning solution for stubborn stains. To separate dirty and clean water, the Hoover F5914900 has two individual water tanks.

Unlike older cleaners, this product eliminates the need to replace broken belts. It applies hot cleaning solution to your carpet and uses powerful scrubbing brushes to remove stains.

It’s great for bare floors, stairs and upholstery. If you need a heavy-duty cleaner for the toughest stains, this could be a great cleaner for you. Although this product isn’t classified as a steam cleaner, it can deliver very similar cleaning results.






Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Machine

The final product on the list is from Rug Doctor. There is a good reason why many retail stores rent these cleaners out to consumers. When compared to many of the top spot cleaners, this device offers two times the suction power.

It can clean deep down into the structure of your carpet and remove stains that you didn’t even know were there. To perform the heavy-duty scrubbing action, it uses a handheld oscillating motorized brush.

What makes this carpet cleaner different from other products is that it does the cleaning for you. It’s designed to be easy to use and has a retractable handle. It has wheels that won’t damage your carpet, and the Rug Doctor portable spot cleaner machine also has removable water tanks.

If you need a portable spot cleaner, this is one of the top products on the market. The Rug Doctor contains innovative technology and can make short work of tough pet stains. However, it’s not the best product for removing hair.






Why Choose a Pet Carpet Cleaner

Millions of consumers own at least one pet, and since pets are like humans, they make mistakes. When left untreated, urine can leave a nasty, stinky stain on your carpet.

After a while, urine will start to become ammoniated and produce an unbearable odour. By purchasing a pet carpet cleaner, you’ll always be ready for the unexpected.

It’s important to be prepared for surprise stains, but you also need to clean your carpet regularly. Pets, especially cats and dogs, can leave behind copious amounts of hair, and the right carpet cleaner will let you take care of both problems.


Types Of Carpet Cleaners For Pet Owners

There are many types of carpet cleaners out there on the market in all different shapes and sizes. Some are easier to use than others, and accessible to those who are unable to lift heavy objects.

Generally the carpet cleaners for pet owners are a bit bigger than the standard carpet cleaners as they may have additional functions like steam cleaning or shampooing features, which just add to the bulk of the machine. The full size professional carpet cleaner machines, such as the Bissell Big Green, can be quite heavy and makes them less accessible to those who don’t have the physical fitness to handle such a carpet cleaning machines.

If you live in a small apartment for example and you have pets, then a smaller more compact cleaner would be more than sufficient. The compact cleaners lack the power of the full size cleaners, but again if the space is small and you don’t have large numbers of pets then it should be a good fit.



As pet owners, we want our animals to enjoy life as much as we do, but we have to remember that taking care of animals can be like taking care of children. When they live inside of your home, you must clean up after them because they’re not equipped to handle the dirty work.

The best pet carpet cleaners can make it extremely easy to eliminate unexpected stains and hair, so everyone in your household can live in perfect harmony.

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