Best Overnight Diapers – Nighttime Diaper Guide & Reviews 2021

Everyone knows how important diapers are to a baby. Just like diaper pails or baby pacifiers, they’re a crucial part of parenthood, whether you like it or not. While many new moms and dads learn pretty quickly how their baby will use diapers throughout the day, nighttime diaper usage is a completely different story.

During the day, you probably change your baby’s diaper multiple times. You may even have your baby on a schedule that you can rely on. However, at night, you don’t have that luxury. Once you get your baby sleeping throughout the night, you’re going to need a diaper that lasts. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a screaming baby, leaking diaper, and messy crib.

Overnight diapers can help to keep your bundle of joy dry as they sleep. They’re considered to be heavy-duty diapers that are capable of absorbing more moisture than standard products. There are plenty of great options to choose from. Many diapers companies make an overnight option to complement their daytime line. Here’s a collection of overnight diapers worth trying.


Huggies OverNites Diapers

The OverNites diapers from Huggies are purposefully designed with nighttime comfort in mind. They have enough absorbent material to last up to 12 hours. Double leak guards are also included. The ruffled guard creates a seal around the thighs for ultimate protection. The diapers feature an elastic waistband and Double Grip Strips that can stay secure all night long.

Up to 12 hours of protection
Double leake guards
SnugFit waistband with secure grips
Color-changing wetness indicator

Must unfold leak guards to be effective




Pampers Swaddlers Overnight Diapers

These diapers from Pampers are a great option for young babies. It has a quilted pattern that’s very soft to the touch. To keep your baby’s belly button comfortable, there’s even a notched cutout. When it comes to protection, these diapers have enough SAP for up to 12 hours of protection. There’s also a unique, moisture-wicking liner and built-in ventilation to prevent moisture from affecting your baby’s skin.


Up to 12 hours of protection
Comfortable quilted pattern
Heart quilts liner
Color-changing wetness indicator
Drying air ventilation channels

Inside may flake when filled




Seventh Generation Overnight Diapers

If your baby suffers from allergies or has sensitive skin, you may want to consider these diapers from Seventh Generation. The diapers have no chlorine, lotion, or fragrance. They also utilize a unique absorbent material. Instead of the traditional SAP, these diapers have a core filled with absorbent wood fluff pulp. The material is very absorbent and capable of keeping your baby dry throughout the night.


No chlorine, lotions, or fragrances
Distinct nighttime design scheme
Leak protection
Eco-friendly wood fluff pulp

No extra seal around thighs





Honest Overnight Baby Diapers

From the Honest Company are these eco-friendly overnight diapers. They have a very thin design, making them comfortable for all-night wear. Despite this, the diapers can absorb up to 20% more moisture than their daytime counterparts. Numerous features are included to protect from leaks as well. These include moisture barrier cuffs around the legs and a secure waistband.


No chlorine, lotions, or fragrances
Leak protection around waistband and thighs
Eco-friendly wood fluff pulp
Comfortable thin design

May not provide all-night protection for all babies




Luvs Ultra Leakguards

With up to 12 hours of wetness protection, these diapers from Luvs can keep your baby comfortable and dry as they sleep. The diapers feature three different absorbent zones. This can help prevent leaks regardless of what position they’re sleeping in. NightLock protection also helps to prevent leaks by creating a snug fit. Repositionable side tabs let you tighten the diaper whenever it’s needed.


Three absorbent zones
NightLock protection
Up to 12 hours of protection
Repositionable tabs
Wetness indicator

Has a fragrance





BabyGanics Ultra-Absorbent Diapers

While these diapers from Babyganics aren’t advertised as being an overnight product, they do offer more absorbency than traditional options. The ultra-absorbent diapers utilize a plant-based core that’s both eco-friendly and easy on the skin. The diapers are infused with a unique oil blend that’s designed to nourish the skin without the use of synthetic lotions.


Ultra-absorbent design
Thin and comfortable
Stretchy sides and leak protection around legs
Eco-friendly wood fluff pulp

May not be ideal for babies with sensitive skin





Pampers UnderJams Disposable Nighttime Underwear

Your child can continue to get nighttime protection when they get older with these UnderJams from Pampers. Available for both boys and girls, this product acts similarly to diapers. It has absorbent materials and NightLock technology to prevent leaks. However, because it’s made for toddlers, this options is designed like normal underwear. It’s made from a softer material that’s quiet and discrete.

NightLock leak protection
Offers overnight protection
Quiet, fabric-like material
Low waist




Overnight Diaper Buying Guide

The main goal of an overnight diaper is to keep your baby dry and comfortable as they sleep. It can be tough enough to get your baby on a normal sleeping schedule. Having a solid diaper can make it much easier. Here are some things to consider during your search for the right overnight diaper.

More SAP

Absorbency is key when it comes to finding a solid overnight diaper option. All disposable diapers come with Super Absorbent Polymer, also known as SAP for short. SAP can hold up to 300 times its weight. Whenever your baby urinates, the SAP will pull the moisture away from your baby’s body and into a separate compartment, keeping them dry.

Traditional diapers have enough SAP to hold your baby over for maybe a few hours. It’s certainly not enough to last between 10 or 12 hours. Overnight diapers, however, do. It’s what sets them apart from the normal diapers you find lining the shelves at your local supermarket. Overnight diapers are packed with SAP. Most manufacturers advertise this on the packaging, making it easy for you to distinguish overnight varieties from daytime ones. Look out for labels like “12 hours of protection,” or “Nighttime Protection.”

Moisture-Locking Capabilities

Another important thing you’ll want to consider is the diaper’s ability to keep moisture locked away. One of the biggest complaints of low-quality diapers is that they tend to leak. Most diapers leak because they’re overfilled or there’s not an adequate seal around vulnerable areas.

Your baby will move around at night. As they move, moisture can start to leak out around the thighs. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, look for diapers with special moisture-locking design features. This will often come in the form of extra absorbency pads around the thighs or a multi-layer elastic seal.

Rash Prevention and Fit

Rashes are another thing you need to be wary of when selecting an overnight diaper. Rashes are typically a result of having moisture-to-skin contact. If your baby’s skin is wet, it can cause painful chaffing. Rashes, as well as leaks, are usually direct results of a poor fit.

The best way to avoid rashes it to choose a diaper that can be customized to fit your baby. Look out for all the same features you would on a daytime diaper. These include elastic material around the waist and thighs. They can provide a snug fit. However, because the diaper will be used for much longer, these features need to be extra robust. Make sure that the various tabs are strong enough to stick through tossing and turning.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I just use normal diapers?
You could certainly try to use normal diapers when you put your baby down, but you’re probably going to have to deal with the mess later. Overnight diapers are specifically made to last for extended periods of sleeping time. They have much more absorbent content inside to prevent accidents in the crib.

Q: How are overnight diapers put on?
Typically, overnight diapers are put onto your baby in the same way that daytime products are. However, they may have a couple of unique design features that you need to pay attention to. For example, many overnight diapers have ruffles along the inner thigh area. They can be pretty easy to miss, but they play a very important role in preventing leaks. To ensure that the diapers can do their job at night, you need to make sure that this ruffle is pulled out. It’s usually flatted in the manufacturing process, so you need to fluff it up a bit to make sure that it can provide the protection it was designed to.

Q: What if my baby has sensitive skin?
Choosing diapers for a baby with sensitive skin can be tough. Overnight diapers are no different in terms of material and content than traditional diapers. The only differences are within the design and amount of absorbent materials. As a result, you can base your purchasing decision on how you choose daytime diapers. For sensitive skin, it’s recommended that you choose a fragrance-free diaper to minimize allergic reactions. You may also want to pick up a smaller package size to do a trial run. See how your baby reacts to the diaper before you commit to bulk boxes.

Q: How long will an overnight diaper last?
This depends entirely on how much your baby urinates. Generally speaking, overnight diapers have enough SAP for 8 to 12 hours. However, if your baby is very well-hydrated, you may want to change their diaper at some point during the night to be safe.

Q: How can I make sure that my baby stays dry?
Babies are unpredictable and no product is perfect. Accidents do happen from time to time. With that being said, there are some ways you can minimize the chances of them occurring. In addition to using overnight diapers, you can avoid nighttime messes by planning your baby’s routine accordingly.

For instance, you can limit drinking about an hour before bedtime. While this is unavoidable with young babies who need to eat before they sleep, it’s a good technique once your child hits their toddler years. You can also wait to put the diaper on until the very last minute. Nighttime routines aren’t always relaxing affairs. It can take some time to put your baby down. They may soil their diaper before they even close their eyes. By waiting to put the diaper on until they’re ready for bed, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll keep them dry throughout the night.

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