Ten Best Oil And Fluid Extractor Pumps 2021 Reviews + Buyers Guide

Oil and fluid extractors help remove fluids from the engine and motor of the vehicle. These oils and fluids may include engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, coolant, or brake fluid. While extractors play an important role in car garages and body shops, these tools are also important for everyday car owners as well. Many individuals do not change their own oil or transmission fluid because it can be messy or due to concern that draining gas and fluid can put the engine at risk. Fortunately, owning an extractor offers a solution to both concerns.

Extractors neatly evacuate oil and liquid from property like cars, trucks, and lawnmowers, eliminating the mess and risks associated with open drainage. An extractor prevents oil from sliding down into the chassis or wearing down the threads of the motor drain. The product also helps to prevent oil from splashing onto other parts of your engine. A look at the top oil and fluid extractor pumps can help you get the tools you need for a risk-free oil or fluid change each time.


Guide to Best Oil and Fluid Extractor Pumps

Extraction is the process of sucking up oil into a pump for storage, recycling, or disposal. When you go for a professional oil change, the vast majority of shops actual use an oil or fluid extractor. To avoid the risks of traditional oil or fluid drainage, body shops and garages use professional extractors to work on your car, tractor, zero-turn, snowblower, or lawnmower. Fortunately, owning your own extractor means that you can do this on your own as well.


Advice for Choosing the Oil and Fluid Extractor Pumps

Choosing the right extractor depends on the size of your oil change job, how frequently you intend to use it, and whether you have an electricity source. You should note these features to understand how your extractor operates before you get to work on your equipment or vehicle.


Oil and fluid extractors come in three primary categories:

Manual extractors require you to pump until you create a vacuum for suction. These extractors are appropriate for household vehicles, smaller jobs, or people who do not use the extractor often.


Pneumatic extractors connect to air compressors, and the pressurized airflow sucks the oil out. These are among the most popular extractors. Pneumatic extractors often have a manual backup option in case the air compressor falters or if you cannot plug into an electricity source.

Electric extractor’s connect the vehicle’s battery as an energy source. These extractors are important for emergencies, maritime environments, and other scenarios in which you do not have access to an outside energy source.


Why You Need an Oil and Fluid Extractor Pump

Extractors help with required oil or fluid changes on your automobile, truck, motorcycle, bike, or lawnmower. If you do land work, extractors come in handy for changing oil in equipment like tractors or zero-turn mowers. In colder climates, extractors are a must-have for people who own snowplows or snowblowers. Moreover, anyone who owns a boat or watercraft should also keep an extractor on hand. If you cannot make it to a repair shop right away, for example, an extractor can help with an emergency fluid change and prevent your motor or engine from blowing out. It is also important to have an oil and fluid extractor for routine maintenance of vehicle parts like brakes or gears.


What to Expect From the Best Oil and Fluid Extractor Pumps

The best oil and fluid extractor pumps should have several features that ensure efficient operation. With these features, you can use your own extractor without having to rush into a body shop for an emergency oil change. The most important features include reservoir size, portability, and safety considerations.

Reservoir: Reservoir sizes range anywhere from compact 1.5 liter to commercial 100-liter tanks. Small reservoirs work best for home equipment and lawnmowers, medium reservoirs work well for boats and vehicles, and large reservoirs work well for commercial equipment or garages.

Portability: Portable extractors are easier to carry and store after use. Unless you operate a garage or commercial facility, you should consider size and portability when choosing your extractor. In addition, the length of the extractor hose can also make your work more flexible by allowing you to move around.

Safety: Since working with engine oil rouses safety concerns in most individuals, the best oil and fluid extractors has built-in safety components. These include features like multiple extraction tubes, funnels for pumping oil straight from the engine, and automatically closing valves to prevent oil overflow.


Top Ten Best Oil and Fluid Extractor Pumps


Hydro-Turf Oil Extractor

Benefits: The Hydro-Turf Oil extractor is a manual tool designed for home garages. Designed to hold 1.57 gallons, this extractor is compatible with cars, motorcycles, and motorbikes. It is also suitable for oil changes in other property around the home, including snowmobiles, boats, and ATVs. To operate the Hydro-Turf, squeeze the pump to create a vacuum to extract oil. It includes a pour spout for safety, and the pump is removable for easier storage.


  • Suitable for home use and DIY oil changes
  • Manual extractor with removable pump for easy storage
  • Includes a pour spout for safety
  • Reservoir container easily shows volume


  • Some users have experienced difficulty in colder weather
  • Depending on arm strength, may not retain vacuum pull





EWK Pneumatic and Manual Oil Changer Vacuum Fluid Extractor

Benefits: The EWK extractor has both pneumatic and manual functions. It features a faster suction on pneumatic compressor mode at 1.6 liters per minute. If you do not have access to a power source, you can use the manual function anywhere. This enables you to extract engine oil, gear oil, coolant, and transmission fluid. The EWK also includes lengthening hoses for boats and larger vehicles without the needing a lift, and it includes a pour spout for safety.


  • Both pneumatic compression and manual functions
  • Includes three interchangeable nylon tubes, shut-off valves, and safety cup
  • Capable of fast extraction and good volume capacity
  • Lightweight


  • Some users reported difficulty with manual extraction
  • May not work well with synthetic oil





Air Power America LiquiVac Oil Changing System for Small Engine

Benefits: The Air Power America oil changer and liquid extractor is a manual tool easy to use on compact and smaller vehicles. Its efficient size makes it easy to carry and use on small cars, generators, lawnmowers, and snow throwers. This “LiquiVac” also includes a nozzle to fit into tight spaces and reduces the risk of spillage from drain plugs.


  • Manual extractor easy to use
  • Portable, compact size
  • Suitable for small cars, generators, and lawnmowers


  • Does not include funnel
  • Not suitable for larger vehicles or equipment





Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator Plus

Benefits: The Mityvac 7201 Plus is a manual extractor with a generous capacity of over 2.3 gallons. It features a polyethylene reservoir that accepts nearly all fluid types without melting or corroding. The Mityvac includes automatic shut-off valves for safety and multiple dipstick tubes in addition to the primary extraction tube.


  • Manual extractor for easy use
  • Heavy duty polyethylene design
  • Includes automatic shut-off values to prevent over-filling
  • Features two dipstick tubes and a main extractor tube


  • Some users have reported that lines may not be fully sealed and result in leakage
  • Plastic pump attachment points are not heavy duty
  • Some users consider the instruction manual unclear





Briggs & Stratton Oil Extractor Pump

Benefits: The Briggs & Stratton pump is a versatile extractor with a generous capacity of up to 4.0 liters. This extractor works well for oil changes, but you can also use it to extract excess gasoline and similar fluids. The tool features plastic casing that makes it easy to see how much room is in the container. It is suitable for cars, machinery, and power equipment around the house.


  • Manual extractor for simple use
  • Good capacity
  • Clear tubing allows you to view volume


  • Plastic may be susceptible to cracking
  • Short hose length makes it harder to use on larger equipment





OEMTOOLS 24389 Manual Fluid Extractor

Benefits: The OEMTOOLS 24389 is a manual extractor designed to benefit your “original equipment manufacturer” (O.E.M.) vehicle parts. This means that the extractor is versatile enough to evacuate fluids ranging from transmission to power steering fluid and lubricating oil. The extractor features an extra-long hose and two dipstick adapters for easy use, and it includes automatic shut-off valves for safety.


  • Compact design
  • Extracts a wide range of fluids
  • Extra-long hose and two dipsticks included
  • Automatic shut-off values


  • Limited instruction manual
  • Requires repeated manual pumping to maintain suction
  • Smaller reservoir container



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Powerbuilt Oil and Fluid Extractor

Benefits: The Powerbuilt is a manual extractor designed to evacuate and transport a wide range of fluids. The unique design makes this extractor portable for work and easier to transport the filled reservoir to a recycling or disposal facility. It is suitable for home vehicles, farm equipment, plumbing, and watercraft.


  • Manual extractor for easy use
  • Portable design
  • Extracts a range of liquids including oil, coolant, and other chemicals
  • Useful for numerous household projects


  • Rounded design may make this reservoir harder to hold while pumping
  • Pump may not be as heavy duty as other models





Astro Pneumatic Tool 7343 Manual Fluid Extractor

Benefits: The Astro 7343 is a large extractor with both pneumatic and manual capabilities. It includes a 9.0 liter (2.35 gallon) reservoir that holds fluids ranging from engine oil to transmission fluid. The extractor includes a main hose, extension hoses, dipstick tubes, and a brake fluid attachment.


  • Large capacity
  • Accepts a wide range of fluids
  • Manual and pneumatic capabilities
  • Includes primary hose, extension hoses, dipstick tubes, and a brake fluid attachment


  • Accessory tubes feature a shorter length that may not work with larger equipment





Mityvac 7300 PneumatiVac Air-Operated Fluid Evacuator

Benefits: The Mityvac 7300 PneumatiVac is a very popular model with pneumatic capabilities only. This means that it requires an external power source for its air compressor to work, but it can also extract fluids faster than many manual versions. It is made of heavy-duty polyethylene and thereby accepts almost any vehicle fluid. The Mityvac 7300 comes with an extra-long hose, dipstick tubes, and a brake-bleeding adapter. Its large capacity works with bigger equipment, and it has an automatic cut-off valve to prevent over-filling.


  • Powerful pneumatic extractor
  • Heavy duty design
  • Includes an extra-long hose, dipstick tubes, and a brake-bleeding adapter
  • Automatic shut-off valves prevent over-filing


  • Instruction manual may seem unclear
  • Requires external power source to work





Air Power America 5060TS Topsider Multi-Purpose Fluid Removing System

Benefits: The Air Power America 5060TS model is a unique manual extractor that uses a metal reservoir and pump to create rapid suction. It uses a dipstick tube and a pot-shaped base to collect oil for recycling or disposable. This model has a compact design along with a handle, making it portable for jobs around the house or garage.


  • Manual extractor
  • Portable with built-in handle
  • Metal design prevents collapse
  • Includes dipstick tube


  • Requires continuous pumping to maintain suction
  • Pump attachment may fit too loosely
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