A Guide To The Best Nerf Sniper Rifles 2022 – For Kids and Big Kids A Like

Nerf have been prolific in their creation of products over the last few years. There’s been many different types of toy guns blasters such as the super small Nerf guns, revolver blasters, big machine guns, and also the Nerf sniper rifles.

This guide is all about the Nerf sniper rifles, which give the user a small amount of increased accuracy, but let’s not kid ourselves here as these are only toy guns.
Typically the sniper rifle is a high powered and extremely accurate gun ( in real life ) but as we are all aware, Nerf Blasters are not known for such a trait.

Nerf have a selection of some of the best toy rifles on the market and although they may not be the most accurate shooter, they do look pretty amazing and do the job intended very well..(for your kids and adults to have a whole lot of fun!)

We’ve had a look at some of the best Nerf snipers that have come out in recent years and have selected our top 7.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Strike Set RaptorStrike


Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Strike Set RaptorStrike

A best seller. Comes with an adjustable bipod, pop-up sight viewer and 36 AccuStrike darts.

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What Are Nerf Sniper Rifles?

Nerf have developed a different type of blaster than they normally produce. This time its a sniper rifle type of blaster that tries to resemble the typical characteristics of a real sniper rifle.

A real sniper rifle is a high powered firearm with the ability to shoot vast distances whilst maintaining a high degree of accuracy. Nerf have done an excellent job in creating a blaster that looks and feels like a sniper rifle but also making it look like a toy gun. Nerf has taken the key features of a sniper rifle such as the shoulder stock and sight tube and created a blaster that look and feel like real world sniper rifles. You can also modify these Nerf rifles to perform better and theres so many different accessories that are available on the market such as different nerf darts and extension barrels which massively improve the sniper rifle.


Please don’t have really high expectations of a super powerful Nerf sniper, as ultimately these are toys to be used by kids.



7 Of The Best Nerf Rifles 2021 Edition


Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Strike Set RaptorStrike

Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Strike Set RaptorStrike

In 2017 Nerf released the AccuStrike RaptorStrike which features all the attributes of an actual sniper rifle. There’s an adjustable bipod, pop-up sight viewer and it comes with 36 AccuStrike darts. These darts are a lot different to the traditional Nerf blaster products as they are designed to be more accurate as they have improved weight distribution and is shaped in a way to produce a spin effect when fired from the rifle.

With the RaptorStrike you don’t get a tactical rail which means you can’t customize the rifle with an external sight viewer, but it does come with a built in sight viewer which actually works really well and looks awesome.

In the RaptorStrike Nerf rifle, you have 2 locations for the 6 dart magazine clips, one in the shoulder stock and one in the front of the blaster rifle. The bipod helps to steady the rifle and can be adjusted to different heights, depending on how far you want to shoot from.

The RaptorStrike is compatible with Elite Darts. This Nerf rifle is ideal for children 8 years and over.


Pros & Cons of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Strike Set RaptorStrike


  • Sturdy and robust
  • Comes with 36 darts
  • User-friendly
  • Shoots true
  • Great price – excellent value


  • Lack of customisation
  •  Darts can jam in the clip



Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster

This Nerf rifle is a beast! It shoots Mega darts and as the name suggests, these darts are bigger than the elite darts that come with other such Nerf rifles. They are developed to shoot longer and faster. They also make a screaming noise when you fire them! The Centurion is part of the Mega series of Nerf blasters and is one of the best in its class.

The Mega Centurion comes with a bi-pod, magazine and six mega darts as well as a front attachment. The magazine is quite large and can hold all six of the large Mega darts, but some users don’t like this as the magazine looks way too big for the gun. But to be fair, you don’t really notice this when you’re in the depths of a Nerf war!

I like the bi-pod on the Centurion as it actually looks and feels quite strong, whereas some of the other models its not as robust. It can be easily attached to the rail at the bottom of the blaster to give you that additional sturdiness. There is also space on this rifle to add an extra rail on top for accessories which you can also buy from Nerf.

Firing range on the Centurion is really good, although the firing of the Mega darts creates quite a bit of noise, but I suppose this just adds to the overall authenticity of using a sniper rifle. The action of the firing is smooth and shooting the gun is easy.

Overall the Nerf Centurion is an exceptional Nerf rifle and one which I would buy in a heartbeat.

Tip: Buy yourself some extra darts as you fire the 6 you get with the gun pretty quick.


Pros & Cons of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster


  • Fires Mega darts
  • Can customise the gun with extra accessories
  • Pretty accurate
  • Looks awesome
  • Great price – excellent value


  • Creates quite a bit of noise when firing
  •  Loading the gun can take a bit of time.



Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series AlphaHawk

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series AlphaHawk

The Alphahawk is in the newly released Accustrike series from Nerf. With this model, Nerf wanted to improve accuracy and have also re-designed the dart that is fired from this series of guns. It’s a really comfortable gun to use and has been designed to be used by kids and big kids ( dads ).

The Alphahawk comes with a 5 dart revolving cylinder capacity with easy opening to re-load in combat. With the gun itself you get 10 darts in total and a 2 piece bolt. I found that the power is pretty standard and nothing to write home about, although the accuracy makes up for the shortfall in power.


Pros & Cons of the Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series AlphaHawk


  • Great looking gun
  •  One of the most accurate guns in the Nerf range.
  • Good range
  •  Two tactical rails, making it highly customisable.
  •  Comfortable grip and easy to use


  •  Gun can only hold 5 darts at a time.
  •  Can’t use Nerf magazines





Nerf N-Strike Elite Longshot CS-6 (Blue Version) Dart Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Elite Longshot CS-6 (Blue Version) Dart Blaster

Another very popular Nerf rifle, the Longshot CS-6 is part of the Elite range of Nerf guns and has recently had a revamp. It used to be colored in the traditional Nerf yellow but the edition is now blue and white. As with other Nerf rifles, the Longstrike has an easy to fold bi-pod attached and has a supremely comfortable hand grip to make firing the longshot an absolute joy.

Firing action is great and the shoulder stock is adjustable to make it even more comfortable to use. Performance wise its probably the worst on this list, but I think that just shows the quality of rifles on this list rather than saying the Longshot is bad.





Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire is one of my favourite Nerf guns. Why?  Well it has an incredible 25 dart drum and can spit out 5 darts per second. That’s why! the Hyperfire uses a conveyor belt mechanism which is different to other guns because they have the more traditional motorized pusher to fire the darts.

Here’s a brief summary to what you get with the Hyperfire:

  • Impressive 5 per second firing rate
  • Massive 25-dart drum
  • Comes with 25 Elite darts
  • 4 pounds in weight
  • Requires x4 D batteries (not included)

Although the 25 dart drum is an excellent addition to this gun, it can be a bit cumbersome and chunky. Some say its a bit too big, but you can fire 5 darts per second! Keep telling yourself that when you’re moaning about the size of the dart drum.

One of the most important aspects of a Nerf gun is the range at which you can shoot the darts. With the hyperFire, the firing range is a bit disappointing, but only when you use the rapid fire. Although Nerf says this gun can fire 90 feet, in reality its about but 40 feet.





NERF NStrike Elite Retaliator Sonic Ice Series Blaster

NERF NStrike Elite Retaliator Sonic Ice Series Blaster

This is the special edition Ice Series Blaster of the N-Strike Retaliator Elite range and probably the coolest looking gun on this guide.

It’s very comfortable to use for all ages and has a nice firing action. It has a dart clip capable of holding 12 Elite darts. You get 12 darts included with the gun as well.
The dart clip fits easy into the bottom of the gun doesn’t get in the way when you are deep in battle.

It also has a removable shoulder stock at the rear of the gun. Attach this to get a more steady shot. The shoulder stock is great as it means you can get a better aim.

Not only does this gun look cool, it has a really firm and secure grip which makes this blaster rifle feel robust. I like how you can easily take it apart and customize it into 4 different types of guns. Not only that but you can easily add more components.

Overall the Retaliator is robust, highly customizable and very affordable. Great value for money and an ideal first Nerf.





Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

Probably the most customisable Nerf rifle, the Nerf Modulus can be used with a huge amount of add-ons and accessories that can be purchased and attached onto this blaster. There’s a long range kit that you can buy as an add-on which turns this nerf gun into a true sniper!

It can also be configured in more than 35 different ways, which makes playing with this gun awesome for a child. Also gives you huge value for money as you can literally create a different look gun every time you want to use it.

The Modulus ECS-10 is part of the extremely popular N-Strike series. It is a semi automatic blaster and flywheel operated. It comes with an electronic clip system which means that you only have to press the clip release button to re-load Elite Darts into the clip, which enables you to continue your Nerf battles without stopping to reload as often.

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Things To Consider When Buying A Nerf Sniper Rifle

While Nerf guns are typically marketed towards the younger crowd, there is no maximum age limit to having fun. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your child, there are a lot of things to consider. Many of these factors will vary based on who is going to use the sniper rifle and how they play.


Size and Weight

Generally speaking, Nerf sniper rifles are pretty lightweight. However, even a few pounds can be cumbersome to a smaller child. Furthermore, moving stealthily while holding up a few pounds of plastic can be a bit of a task. Keep this in mind when you’re choosing a Nerf gun. These toys can be as light as about 1.5 pounds or as heavy as 5 pounds.

Light guns tend to have fewer features, which could ultimately affect your game. Though, on the other hands, a decked-out Nerf gun can weigh you down and decrease your accuracy. If you’re unsure about which weight is right for you or your child, choose an option that’s around 3 pounds.



Nerf guns look pretty cool all on their own. However, many serious players take their guns to the next level with modding. If you fall under this category, you’ll need to choose a rifle that’s designed with customization in mind. These types of guns will typically have a modular design that allows you to remove pieces as you please.

Some toys even have a rail system. They’re perfect for attaching accessories that can improve your game, such as a scope or laser.


Ammo Capacity

When you’re playing as a sniper, stealth and strategy is the name of the game. Nerf sniper rifles aren’t meant for going at your enemy guns blazing. As a result, you’ll find that most options have limited ammo capacity. Most can hold in the neighborhood of 10 or 15 shots. Though there are some models that can hold a bit more.

If you need more ammo than the rifle can hold, consider getting a gun that lets you carry an extra magazine. An additional fully-loaded magazine can double your ammo, letting you play longer games without needing to reload.


Shooting Preference

There are two main types of Nerf sniper rifles available. Single-shot rifles are more true to nature. They allow you to shoot one shot at a time, which helps to keep your location hidden. Sniping is all about control and stealth, so many players prefer these types of rifles to create a more genuine experience.

Rapid fire guns are also available. They can shoot their ammunition at the same distance as single-shot options, but they give you the opportunity to do more damage at one time. The ammunition is quickly prepped, letting you make shots in rapid succession. The option that’s best for you is all about personal preference. Choose a Nerf gun based on how you like to play.


Compatible Ammunition

The Nerf brand has come out with many different types of ammunition throughout the years. The most popular and recognizable ammunition is the dart. Darts are mostly made out of foam and feature a rubberized tip. Some also have suction cups that can stick to smooth surfaces. Darts can come in a couple of different sizes, so it’s important that you keep this in mind. You may want to purchase more ammunition in the future.

In addition to darts, there are Nerf guns that can shoot rubber discs and foam balls. Foam balls are one of the safest and most comfortable types of ammunition. Though, this often comes at the sacrifice of accuracy and range. Discs are very fast and can be shot pretty far. However, because they’re made out of rubber, they tend to be more painful to whoever is on the other end of your sniper rifle.

The type of ammo your gun uses can affect its safety and efficiency. While some guns will take multiple types of ammunition, most require a specific size and material.


Accuracy and Range

Accuracy and range are two things that can make or break your game. After all, the whole point of being a sniper is to shoot your opponent without them even seeing you. Long-range guns are capable of shooting nerf darts over 100 feet away. Though, they are much less accurate. Because you’re shooting your opponent from so far away, you’ll have to take wind speeds, trajectory, and more into account. Using these guns accurately may take some practice for beginners.

Short-range guns are suited for targets that are about 50 feet away. Accuracy isn’t so much of an issue with short-range Nerf guns because the force of the shot overcomes most environmental factors. The downside is that you’re pretty limited in shooting positions due to the shorter shooting distance. Like with shooting style, the gun that’s right for you will depend entirely on your playing preference.

FAQs – Nerf Sniper Rifles

Are Nerf Sniper Rifles Illegal?

No they are not illegal. They are 100% legal in the US and Europe. In some states, there might be restrictions on using them in public places or carrying them around in public.


Can I bring a Nerf Sniper rifle on a plane?

As I mentioned before, Nerf guns are not illegal. You actually carry them with you in your hand baggage. One thing I will say is that you should check with your airline before traveling, as they may have an issue with carrying any sort of toy gun on the plane. The last thing you want is to get to the airport and experience some sort of issue that could hold you up with boarding your plane.


Where are Nerf Sniper Rifles Made?

Nerf sniper rifles are made in China. No surprise there, as most kids toys are made in China. They are extremely well designed and constructed.


Can I use real bullets in my Nerf Sniper Rifle?

No. These are toy guns that use the specially designed foam bullet / nerf darts for use with Nerf Sniper Rifles. If you try to use real bullets you will ruin the Nerf gun and potentially get yourself in trouble with the law.


Can I take a Nerf Sniper Rifle To School?

Although Nerf Sniper Rifles are legal to own, I’m pretty sure your teachers won’t appreciate you bringing one into school with you. Most schools will not allow students to bring in Nerf Guns to school, simply because its a place to learn and not to have epic nerf gun fights.


Can I bring my Nerf Sniper Rifle To University or College?

Generally speaking, Universities and Colleges have no issues with you bringing Nerf rifles to campus, as they are just toy guns. Check with your university or college to see if there are any restrictions.


Do I have to re-assemble the Nerf Sniper Riffle after each use?

Real guns do, but Nerf Sniper riffles are not real guns. They are toys. They do not need to be unassembled and resembled any point in their lifetime. These guns are ready to jump into action at any time. They are designed to be ready to be taken out of the box and used.




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