Best Microwave Stands For 2021 – A Handy Kitchen Storage Solution

As a homeowner, having enough kitchen storage can be a huge hurdle to overcome. You want to have a place for everything without sacrificing your counter space. Built-in shelving or storage simply doesn’t work well in appliances like microwaves, and this can leave you scrambling to find a place for it.

Having a separate shelving area or even a cart can help solve this problem. There are dozens of different shelves, cabinets, and carts available. This can make it very difficult to find the best one. However, they’re essential to have because of all of the benefits they offer.

They’re the total storage solution because they offer a large volume of storage in a compact design that is right at your fingertips when you need it. We’re going to help you pick out the best microwave stands, and we’ve picked out nine high-quality ones for you to look at.


Our List Of The Best Microwave Stand On The Market – Reviews


1. Mr. IRONSTONE Kitchen Baker’s Rack Utility Storage Shelf Microwave Stand

Mr. Ironstone’s multipurpose microwave stand comes made out of a durable metal design that has four sturdy legs and stable shelving. It comes with three and four tiers, five hooks, several small shelves, and a rolling wire drawer to keep your accessories in.

The thick wood shelving is durable enough to withstand the weight of several smaller kitchen appliances including the microwave, toaster, blender, and coffee pot without an issue. You can quickly and easily wipe the entire frame clean with a damp cloth. It comes with rubber stoppers to prevent scratching your flooring.


  • Very sturdy metal construction
  • Lightweight and open design
  • Has several spaces for your appliances


  • Shelving materials could be higher quality
  • Can be difficult to get the basket on the rollers



Mr IRONSTONE Kitchen Baker’s Rack Utility Storage Shelf Microwave Stand

This three-tier storage rack from Mr. Ironstone features wide open shelving on a sturdy metal frame that is perfect for your microwave and other small appliances to sit on. The environmental wood shelving fits snugly into the metal frame.

It’s designed to go together quickly and be very sturdy once you get it together. You’ll get give shelves, a wire basket, and several hooks to hang your utensils when you purchase this stand. The feet have rubber bottoms that prevent slipping, sliding, or scratching your floor.


  • Has a rubber bottom for more stability
  • Features several wide shelves
  • Has a study and durable metal frame


  • May not be tall enough for some people
  • Comes with very few directions



McNeil 3-Tier+4-Tier Microwave Stand

This metal microwave rack from McNeil comes with large open spaces that are great for your smaller appliances. You’ll get six shelves in varying sizes and a basket that slides in and out for additional storage. You can also choose from three different colors.

The largest shelf can easily hold 55 pounds without a problem, and the other shelves are capable of holding up to 15 pounds. You can also roll this cart around your kitchen and lock the wheels in place when you get it where you want it. It comes with an 18-month guarantee against damage or defects.


  • Able to hold up to 55 pounds
  • Has lockable wheels
  • Comes with a lot of shelf space


  • Can be difficult to assemble
  • May not have all the required screws



Home Source Industries Brook Tall Microwave Cabinet

This tall microwave stand comes made out of durable Asian hardwood. You get an elegant white coating over a smooth surface, and the clean white blends well with any decor. You get the shelf for your microwave, two storage compartments, two drawers, and two smaller storage compartments with glass windows.

Standing at 67 inches tall, this cabinet is slightly more narrow. However, you get a sleek look, and there is a hidden hole to thread the microwave’s cord through in the back of the cabinet. The elegant cherry finish ties this entire cabinet together.


  • Very elegant and clean lines
  • Has a lot of storage space
  • Hole cut for the microwave’s cord


  • May be too tall for lower ceilings
  • Can be difficult to get it level when you put it together



LANGRIA 3 Tier Microwave Stand Storage Rack

This simple wire stand by Langria features four shelves with a slight lip around three of them to keep your items from falling off. The shelf comes in two different sizes. There is a railing with for hooks includes that is great for your utensils or towels.

The all-metal design makes this stand very sturdy and durable. It comes with four adjustable feet that help to ensure you get a stable finished product. Each shelf on this unit slides into place quickly and easily. There are clips in each corner to keep them in place.


  • All metal design is durable
  • Comes with lips around the shelves to keep them in place
  • Has adjustable feet


  • Very short design that stands around four feet tall
  • Can be difficult to clip the shelves in place



Whitmor Supreme Microwave Cart

This microwave cart features a heavy-duty metal body with a thick wooden top and lockable wheels that are commercial-grade. You can quickly and easily adjust she shelves an inch at a time to accommodate different items. The top of the stand doubles as a food-safe cutting board.

You’ll get a convenient pullout shelf that makes accessing your items fast and convenient. There are metal hooks on the side of this cart for additional storage space. You won’t need any tools to assemble this microwave cart, and you get a very stable and sturdy finished product.


  • Very easy to put together
  • Top doubles as a food-safe cutting board
  • Has lockable wheels


  • May not fit larger microwaves
  • Sliding clips can be difficult to secure



American Furniture Classics OS Home and Microwave Utility Cabinet

This cabinet comes with a white finish that pairs well with the aluminum handles. You get a lot of storage space under the microwave stand. The doors feature raised vinyl with veined lines that give in a subtle texture.

Along with the cupboards, you also get a large drawer for storage. The storage space has one shelf that you can adjust and move around as you need it. You get a sturdy wood base that is capable of holding your microwave without a problem. There is also a small shelf on the top for additional storage.


  • Very soothing white coloring with aluminum pulls
  • Able to adjust the shelf as you need
  • Works for big and little microwaves


  • Can be difficult to put together
  • Runs small to size



Polar Aurora 3-Tier 35″ Microwave Stand

This microwave stand comes in two colors and two sizes. You get five shelves in varying sizes. It also has a wire drawer that pulls out for additional storage. There are three hooks on each side of the stand that allow you to hang your towels and utensils.

The sturdy wood design comes with lockable wheels that allow you to slide it around as you need it. You can quickly and easily move the middle shelf up and down to fit different accessories. It weighs just over 30 pounds, and it’s durable enough to hold large microwaves as well as small ones.


  • Comes in two colors
  • Able to pick from two sizes
  • Quick and easy to move the shelves


  • Can be difficult to put together
  • Can be difficult to get the shelves to stay in place



SINGAYE 3-Tier Kitchen Shelf Shelving Cart with Wheels

You can choose from a three tier and four tier shelf. The all metal design ensures that this stand survives wear and tear. The second shelf on this stand is easy to adjust in order to fit different accessories and appliances.

The edges of this shelf are slightly rounded, and they’re designed to fit the natural curve of your hand. The wheels on this cart lock into place to ensure that your cart doesn’t slide. You get all of the tools you need to assemble this shelving unit all in one convenient package.


  • Has an all-metal design that is durable
  • Wheels lock into place
  • Can pick from a three or four-tier design


  • May not be wide enough for some microwaves
  • Shorter than other options


Microwave Stand Buyer’s Guide

Why You Need a Microwave Stand

The right microwave stand can solve a lot of problems all in one unit. They provide you with valuable space to store not only your microwave but a lot of your smaller appliances and utensils as well. They can also be very mobile if you get one with wheels. This makes it easy to store your cart away from your immediate cooking area and bring it out when you need it.

Buying Considerations for Your Microwave Stand

The cost of the stand will play heavily in your decision. Microwave stands can get very expensive, so you do want to keep your budget in mind. Make sure that you get everything you need without going way over your budget. This can take a little searching, but we have stands from every price range in our reviews.

There are several different microwave stand designs that you can pick from. The final choice is going to depend on your kitchen’s style, but it’s important to know the different designs. You can get cabinets that don’t move, or you can get actual carts that roll around.

Durability is very important with your new microwave stand because it’ll go through a lot of wear and tear. You can spend a decent amount on this stand, so it’s important to get a durable one. Look for a metal frame or a thick wood frame. It’s also important to pay attention to the connection points to make sure they’re durable.

Your shelves should be made out of a thicker material that can easily support your microwave. Additionally, it’s nice if you can adjust your shelving height to fit shorter items like your toaster or taller items like your blender. Being able to clip them in place is a bonus as well.

Your microwave cart can vary a lot in size. You can get stationary cabinets that weight more, but this is okay because you don’t plan on moving it. You also want to make sure that it’s wide enough for your microwave to fit without hanging over. This could require you to measure your microwave and compare it to the shelf’s dimensions.

Your cabinet should have a lot of storage options available. This allows you to store more than your microwave in one place. Look for closed cabinet space, drawers, hooks for utensils, and open shelving options. You may also want a top that can convert into a cutting space for the rest of your kitchen work.

Wheeled or Stationary
A lot of microwave stands come with wheels that lock into place when you’re using it. The wheels let you slide the stand out of your way when you don’t need it. You can also get heavier stands that are stationary. You don’t move them around, and they tend to have a little more storage space.


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