The Very Best LEGO Elves Sets For Kids & Adults – 2022

Legos are iconic toys that have been enjoyed by people all over the world for decades. While they work on the same basic principles, these little bricks are no longer the same basic building blocks you played with as a child. The Lego Group produces a range of complex sets that are modelled off of beloved franchises. You can find sets for everything from Harry Potter to Disney. However, Lego has also created its own unique lines as well.

Lego Elves is one of the company’s newest franchises. The Elves line incorporates mythical creatures, magical scenery, and a captivating story that appeals to any imaginative child. The cool thing about Lego Elves is that it’s a multi-media franchise with animated videos and short movies on digital streaming platforms.

The available Lego Elves building sets takes the story off the screen and into real life. Each set includes all the pieces kids need to recreate their favorite scenes. They even come with miniature figurines of the characters, allowing them to use their imaginations to push the narrative of Elves even further.

Plus, the Lego sets have the added benefit of teaching your child problem-solving skills. Every set has to be put together. It’s a challenging process that ends in a fun reward. We’ve collected some of the best Lego Elves sets currently on the market. Whether your child is already a big fan of the Elves series or you’re looking to provide them with something they can get excited about, these Lego kits have a lot to offer.


LEGO Elves Naida & The Water Turtle Ambush

LEGO Elves Naida & The Water Turtle Ambush

This set depicts a harrowing scene between Naida Riverheart, a brave water elf, and Furi, a nefarious bat. There’s also a cute little baby turtle figure. Your youngster can put together the pieces and create a battle between good and evil. The biggest part of the set is a large water turtle. She acts as a guardian for the Water diamond, which sits on top of her head. The beautifully designed turtle features a painted head and plenty of room for the Naida figure to hitch a ride on her back.

The mini-figures can be attached to any open block. Also included with the set are instructions to build an island. It has a working disc thrower, which your child can use to attach the enemy’s boat. The boat also has a chain shooter, which the evil bat must use to capture the coveted Water diamond from the guardian turtle.

Includes 205 pieces
3 mini doll figures
Working disc and chain shooter
Detailed instructions
Colored and painted
Includes a handful of replacement blocks

Smaller parts are easy to misplace



LEGO Elves The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack

LEGO Elves The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack

The Elvenstar Tree set is great for kids that want to create imaginative stories with their Legos. The tree is quite large and includes three separate levels. Each level has fun rooms with small accessories and a slew of moving parts. There are several miniature Lego dolls thrown in. They include the characters Lumia, Naida, and Azari. There are also two enemy bat figures.

The cool thing about this kit is that it also has blocks to create two accessory figures. One is a portal, which can be used to launch the bat figures towards the tree. The second is Noctura. Noctura is a large bat creature with moving wings and a menacing hinged jaw. All of these great components combine to make up a scene that’s familiar to any Lego Elves fan.

Includes 883 pieces
Has unique Lego pieces not found in other sets
Measures 10 inches tall by 11 inches wide when assembled
Moving parts
5 mini dolls
5 animal figures

May take younger kids a long time to put together



Lego Elves Aira and The Song of The Wind Dragon

Lego Elves Aira and The Song of The Wind Dragon

Add another scene to your kid’s Lego Elves collection with this unique set. It’s designed to replicate the Elven music school. The assembled building offers plenty of fun activities. It has a swinging platform, a rotating sign, and a couple of hiding spots to keep your characters safe. Those hiding spots should come in handy after your child builds the included enemy airship, which has a shooting function.

Another great addition of this set is Cyclo, the Guardian Wing Dragon. This buildable dragon measures 2 inches tall and about 8 inches wide. It has translucent wings and beautiful paint details on the head. Your kids can even attach two of the include mini dolls to the dragon’s back for fun ride over to the Elvendale School of Dragons. The dolls are modeled after Aira, Lumia, Sebastian the bird, and Pyell the evil bat.

Includes 451 pieces
Moving platform and accessories
Has 4 mini dolls
Step-by-step instruction book

Dragon isn’t as detailed or big as it is in other sets
Small parts are easy to misplace



LEGO Elves Rosalyn’s Healing Hideout

LEGO Elves Rosalyn's Healing Hideout

Visit the all-powerful Rosalyn by building her magical hideout. This set includes 460 pieces to create the character’s hideout. The finished treehouse building measures over 6 inches tall. Rosalyn has a collection of Elvendale’s strongest potions, so the set includes many small accessories to reenact the queen’s dragon rescue story. You’ll find a cauldron, small potion bottles, and a slew of ingredients.

There are also unique pieces to build Sapphire, Rosalyn’s trusty dragon. She features a painted head, multi-colored wings, and pegs for the miniature dolls to sit. Your child can also have fun with figures of a baby dragon and the Goblin called Remlin.

Includes 460 pieces
Includes 2 mini doll figures
Has 3 creature figures
Buildable dragon
Many scenic accessories

Many tiny pieces that younger kids can lose



LEGO Elves Emily & Noctura’s Showdown

LEGO Elves Emily & Noctura’s Showdown

It’s a battle between good and evil with this Lego Elves set. There are three distinct builds included. One is Noctura’s bat laboratory. Your child can make bat figures appear while they recreate the Dark Elf’s evil experiments. The second build is Lumia the wolf. This large creature is ridden by the heroine of Lego Elves, Emily Jones. Finally, there’s Noctura’s carriage. It has colorful flapping wings to add a touch of realism to your child’s play session.

The set has four miniature dolls. These include Emily Jones, Noctura, and two of Noctura’s minion bats. The thing we like about this set is that the three main components are all separated into polybags. This makes it easy for kids to follow the build manual without getting things mixed up.

Includes 650 pieces
Includes 4 mini doll figures
Bat reveal feature
Flapping wings on carriage build
Individual builds are separated



LEGO Elves Azari & The Fire Lion Capture

LEGO Elves Azari & The Fire Lion Capture

With this set, your child can defend the majestic guardian fire lion from those pesky bat enemies. The biggest component is the buildable lion. It’s about 3 inches tall and 8 inches long. A distinct head separates this creature from all of the other ones in the Elves series. There are also translucent blocks to create the illusion of fire as you’d find on the fire dragon’s lava cave.

Kids can also build two other components. The catapult features a bright green chain. With a press of a button, the chain will snap down onto the lion’s head to capture it. Also included is a mysterious bat cave complete with a movable spider web door. Overall, the kit is easy to put together. It contains fewer parts, making it easy for kids of all ages to manage.

Includes 360 pieces
Includes 3 mini doll figures
Movable chain and bat cave door
Detailed instruction manual and colorful stickers

May be too easy for some experienced Lego builders



LEGO Elves Breakout from the Goblin King’s Fortress

LEGO Elves Breakout from the Goblin King's Fortress

The Goblin King breakout kit offers a lot of unique mechanics that you won’t find on other Lego sets. It has a moving drawbridge to prevent entry into the fortress. There’s also a transforming portal, dangling prison cage, and escape raft. All of these components can be used to reenact this exciting Lego Elves scene. Infiltrate the fortress before the Goblin King’s evil dragon returns!

The set is quite complex. There are 695 parts in total, ensuring that your child is challenged during the build. Many of those parts are small. They’re accessory pieces that can help to liven up the scenery and provide a more immersive playing experience. There are a total of 6 figures included. They are Emily Jones, Sophie Jones, the Golbin Kind, Tufflin the goblin, and two mysterious ravens.

Includes 695 pieces
Includes 3 mini doll figures and 3 creature figures
Moving drawbridge and portal
Comes with brick remover tool

Many small one-peg pieces



Lego Elves Noctura’s Tower and The Earth Fox Rescue

Lego Elves Noctura's Tower and The Earth Fox Rescue

Farran the Earth Elf is the hero of this Lego Elves scene. The set brings Noctura’s Tower to life. It’s complete with all of its mysterious hiding spaces and dangerous traps. There are several moving parts. Two levels of rooms hide hidden diamonds and treasures stolen from the precious crystal mine. At the top of the tower, there are two moving wings and a dragon’s head. Removing these components reveals the final level of Noctura’s evil tower.

Also included are pieces to build the guardian Earth Fox. Like many of the buildable creatures in the Lego Elves franchise, the Fox has a distinct head with vibrant eyes and a moving jaw. In addition to Farran and Noctura, you’ll find two of her bats.

Includes 646 pieces
Includes 2 mini doll figures and 3 creature figures
Flapping wings
Mechanical trap doors
Hidden treasures
Biggest structure is over 11 inches tall

Parts of the manual can be confusing for some kids



Lego Elves Aira’s Airship & the Amulet Chase

Lego Elves Aira's Airship & the Amulet Chase

Take to the skies with Emily Jones and Aira Windwhistler as they make their way to Skyra’s mysterious sky castle! The main build of the set is a large airship. It has a number of parts that are exclusive to this line. These include many decorative elements, flapping wings, and prominent balloon pieces. It’s a unique addition to your child’s collection and will look great when put on display.

To accompany the main airship, the set has blocks to build the Goblin air glider. It has movable wings and a projectile shooter. Your youngster can use this to bring the exciting air battle to life. There are several miniature doll figures and smaller accessories included to give your kid hours of fun.

Includes 343 pieces
Includes 2 mini doll figures and 1 Globin figure
Largest build is 6 inches tall and 9 inches long
Separate Goblin glider with shooting mechanism
Flapping wings



Lego Elves Elves Emily Jones & The Eagle Getaway

Lego Elves Elves Emily Jones & The Eagle Getaway

If you’re looking for a Lego set that can complement your child’s existing Elves builds, this option may be for you. It’s a relatively small set that includes only 149 parts. However, those building blocks create some fun structures that will expand the Elves storyline and provide your child with hours of imaginative fun.

The biggest build is Lumia the eagle. Lumia has pegs on her back so that the included Emily Jones doll can go for a ride. The other component is a mysterious bat cave. Emily Jones visits this cage in search of missing diary pages. While she can find it in the buildable chest, there are some traps hiding on the other side. The set has a hidden bat glider, which can shoot discs to capture Emily Jones.

Includes 149 pieces
Includes 2 mini doll figures
Disc shooter

Not as big or detailed as other kits



Lego Elves The Capture of Sophie Jones

Lego Elves Ragana's Magic Shadow Castle

This Lego Elves set has a lot of replay value. It has many different build components, which can be used alongside other sets. Your child can build Mr. Spry’s grocery store, which is in the secret marketplace. It includes quirky extras like a barrel, baskets, and a sidewalk sign. Of course, the colorful squirrel is there to ring up Sophie Jones as well. A buildable portal is also added to the set, which can be used to roleplay this pivotal capture scene.

Just when poor Sophie Jones least expects it, a Goblin vehicle comes up from behind to capture her. The vehicle is equipped with a moving net and Goblin figure.

Includes 226 pieces
Includes 1 mini doll figures and 2 creature figures
Multiple buildings
Buildable vehicle with moving parts



Lego Elves Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle

Lego Elves Ragana's Magic Shadow Castle

Want to give your child a challenge that they will enjoy? Consider this Lego Elves set. It has over 1,000 parts. While it may be difficult for younger kids, the detailed instruction manual is there to help them every step of the way. When it’s finally finished, your child can spend hours roleplaying with the included mini dolls. This particular scene depicts the rescue mission of a baby wind dragon. To get there, the heroines have to evade the evil Ragana and make their way through various traps.

To make this magic rescue as fun as possible, Lego included many trapdoors and small accessories. Whether they decide to follow the show’s storyline or not, your kid will have a ton of fun exploring every inch of the finished build.

Includes 1,014 pieces
Measures 11 inches high and 14 inches wide
Includes 3 mini dolls and 2 creature figurines
Multi-level build
Several moving components

May be too difficult for some kids



Lego Elves Magic Rescue from The Goblin Village

Lego Elves Magic Rescue from The Goblin Village

Don’t let the bright and colorful nature of this set fool you. It’s enemy territory! If your child’s a fan of the Lego Elves series, they’re sure to recognize this Goblin village. It has three primary buildings. They’re modeled after the Goblin crystal workshop, cage-making facility, and dungeon. The set also has a separate prison carriage and a working catapult.

Once all of the components are assembled, kids can arrange the buildings how they want to. Smaller accessories, such as Azari’s magic fire power studs, food, decorative newspapers, and more can be used to customize the scene even further. There are plenty of moving components throughout the set, so your kid will have no problem letting their imagination run wild as they help the characters sneak off and move towards the Goblin forest escape.

Includes 637 pieces
3 separate buildings
Includes 2 mini dolls and 5 creature figurines
Unique mechanical functions
Most blocks are compatible with all Lego sets



Lego Elves The Water Dragon Adventure

Lego Elves The Water Dragon Adventure

With this set, your child can create their own story centered around Naida the water elf and her dragon Merina. The set is smaller than some other options. However, the quick building process and small footprint make it an excellent addition to other sets. Kids can use it to create custom stories with other set pieces, such as Crystal Hollow, Aira’s Pegasus Sleigh, and the Elves’ Treetop Hideaway. Whatever your child chooses to do with the set, they’ll have plenty of fun building it.

There are enough pieces to build Merina and Naida’s waterfall. The waterfall includes a collection of fun accessories and has a block launching mechanism. It can be used to feed Merina some of the included food blocks. As always, this Lego set has a detailed instruction manual and includes a slew of standard parts that can be used with other sets.

Includes 212 pieces
Includes 2 mini dolls
Buildable dragon
Launching mechanism

Not a story-driven set
Fewer parts may make assembly too easy for some kids




The Lego Elves line is very expansive. These are just a small collection of what the line has to offer. You can easily expand the brick-building world with sets that recreate the dragon sanctuary, Naida’s epic adventure ship, Aira’s creative workshop, and so much more. You can even add more characters with figurines of characters like Enki, Miku, and Blu. This imaginative world is magical and full of life. The Lego Elves sets let your child continue the story and create their own adventures.




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