Ten Best Laser Tag Sets For 2021 – Reviews and Buyers Guide

The last few years has seen the rise in popularity of the laser tag sets. Children and adults alike have come to appreciate these toys. They are so versatile that they are not only ideal for use in laser tag arenas, but you can also buy your own equipment and set up a laser tag arena in your home. How cool would that be?

Due to their growing popularity, numerous companies have set up shop trying to make the best laser tag sets in the market. But how many of these have actually managed to do that? Continue reading the article to find out, which are the best laser tag sets in the market today.


Choosing The Best Laser Tag Sets For Home Use

When shopping for the best home laser tag sets there are several things you need to remember, these are:


i. Who are you buying the set for?
If the answer is kids, then you need to buy laser toys that are easy to handle. Your young kid does not need the same fancy features that your older kids might need. You have to differentiate the two.


ii. How many guns do you need?
Some sets include 4 guns while others include only 2. You can also purchase individual guns to satisfy the need, but you have to make sure that the guns can be programmed to communicate with each other.


iii. Lastly, there is the target vest.
Some laser tag sets come with target vests, which players can use, wear while playing, while others are configured in such a way that guns are the actual targets. It is not that we have a preference, but having a target vest makes the combat experience appear more real.


Laser Tag Sets Comparison Chart

Laser Tag Sets ImageModelNo. of PlayersRating out of 5Price
Dynasty Laser Tag Set4 player gun set4.4$$$
Laser X 880162 player gun set4.4$$
Nerf Lazer Tag Set2 player gun set4.4$$
LAZERTAG Multiplayer Battle System2 player system3.9$$$$
Star Wars Party Set with a Storm Trooper Backpack2 player system
Includes a Star Wars backpack to make it easy to transport the laser guns.


Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Set
4 gun team player toy4.6$$
Best Choice Multiplayer Mode2 player system4.1$
Dynasty Laser Blaster and Robot Bug Striker1 player + movable bug to shoot.4.2$
Power Brand Star Wars Falcon2 player system with Star Wars movable Millennium Falcon to shoot.4.1$
Recoil Starter Set - GPS Enabled Smartphone-Powered Laser CombatIntense 16 player game of laser tag4.0$$$




Best Home Laser Tag Sets Reviewed for 2020


Recoil Starter Set – GPS Enabled Smartphone-Powered Laser Combat

Skyrocket is taking laser tag where it’s never gone before with their Recoil laser tag set, where Augmented Reality and competitive game play collide to form an intense 16 player game of laser tag. In order to play, simply download the free Recoil app, link your blaster to your smartphone using the phone clamp, and then, via Bluetooth, sync the two together. Included in the box comes two RK-45 Spitfire blasters, damage sensors, phone mounts, and a WiFi game hub.

Recoil is ideal for those 12 and up who are intrigued by both AR and outdoor activity. It offers multiplayer modes, including both Team Deathmatch and Search & Destroy for a diverse laser tag experience. The 3D Positional Audio feature allows for an enhanced experience as it streams real time feedback in your ear.

While the Recoil can connect to most phones including the iPhone and Android, if you have an HTC it will not recognize your device. For those that have expressed concern with needing to purchase additional blasters in bulk, Skyrocket is currently working on providing a purchasing option that allows for more than 1 additional blaster to be purchased at a time.





Dynasty Laser Tag Set

The Dynasty set features blast settings and team settings, which are easily interchangeable on each blaster. The set comes with 4 laser blasters as well as a carrying case for easy travel. Each blaster has different color from the rest, this makes it easy for the players to choose a team whether it is the white team, red team, blues team or green team.



The blasters have a shooting range of 120 ft and players can choose to either play free-for-all battle or play 1v1 battle. Players can also switch between the 4 separate blasters such a shotgun, rocket, submachine, or pistol.








Laser X Laser Gaming System – Laser tag set with vests

The Laser X Laser Gaming System is a good — though not great — option for home laser tag fun. One of best laser tag sets with vests, the Laser X Blasters boast an impressive 200-foot range, allowing you to stage epic battles over a wide area. The set also features a changing color system that lets you keep track of your — or your opponent’s — health and ammo stock.

That’s where the set’s flaws begin to show through. The reloading mechanism — you have to hold down the trigger and shake your gun up and down — can be unreliable and require multiple attempts, leaving you frustratingly vulnerable in the heat of a firefight. The blasters also emit a loud, constant beeping that renders stealth play nearly impossible.

Despite these flaws, the Laser X Gaming System is a fine option for casual home laser tag fans looking to bring the fun home rather than travel to a dedicated arena.

The Laser X’s standard set includes everything two players need to have an intense laser tag match right away: two Laser X Blasters, two Receiving Vests, a sports bag, and six Duracell batteries.






Laser X 88016

It is among the newest tag sets on the market and it is sold at a reasonably low price. It is a set of two guns and each gun has target vest. It comes with cool sound and light effects, which when combined make it the ideal set for a home battle especially when the lights are off. The laser X is available in a 3-pack set and a 2-pack set . With the Laser X, you can blast your opponent’s vest from up to 200 ft away. The set is equipped with an interactive voice coach that gives you tips and feedbacks throughout the game.









Nerf Lazer Tag Set

The Nerf Lazer Tag Set comes with a red receiver dome that is positioned on top of the gun to register tags. Every time the gun is tagged, the dome flashes red. Unlike previous versions of the same, it doesn’t have detection or lock-on indicators, which is largely due to the fact that it does not have a receiving barrel. This means that you can’t tell a player’s allegiance simply by pointing their tagger. The Nerf Lazer Set comes in a complete 2-player set that lets you battle even in intense home laser combat. It also features a class 1 LED light infrared-light with a wavelength of 40 nanometers. As for the tagger, it features a built-in rumble pack that shakes and flashes every time the trigger is tagged or fired.







Legacy Laser Tag Set

This home laser set is capable of a shooting range of over 120 ft. It comes with four completely unique settings that allow both old and young players to enjoy countless hours of gaming. With this set, you can also switch between the four separate blasters that are available in your arsenal. Each of these blasters has its own weaknesses as well as strengths in relation to reload time, range and damage. In case you want to reload your tagger, you simply tap the blaster’s butt and the built-in speakers will notify you once the reloading is complete. Unlike the previous models, the Legacy Laser Set does not come with a target vest; instead, the blaster is the target. The Legacy Laser Set emits a non-visible infrared light that is 100% safe for all age groups.








LAZERTAG Multiplayer Battle System

The Battle System comes with a 2-player gun set that lets you and your buddy enjoy an intense home laser combat. With this model, you can also purchase additional taggers to include more players in your laser combat. The LAZERTAG Battle System not only looks good but it is also good to the touch. Each tagger is designed to register special weapon activation, shots and hits.



Every time any of these features are activated or registered, you are notified by a combination of vibrations, lights and sounds. It also has a shot attachment blast that lets you tag multiple targets all at once thus boosting your overall hits. The system also includes a rumble pack, which lets you know every time you take a hit. As for the gun, it recoils every time you take a shot.










Star Wars Party Set with a Storm Trooper Backpack

The Star Wars laser set offers a premium home laser tag experience for multiple players as it has a laser range of 120 ft. It comes with a Storm Trooper Backpack to store your Star Wars blasters. In this set, you’ll find 2 laser tags blasters each designed with a different color. It also feature the “Call of Life”- a premium laser tag multiplayer gaming experience that makes it easy for players to interact with other either as a team or individual players. With this set, you can choose to either play the free-for-all battle or the 1v1 battle. Each blaster is also equipped with infrared to help track each other. Like the Legacy Laser Tag Set, the Star Wars Laser set has 4 separate team settings to ensure it is suitable for all ages.







Kidzlane Infrared Home Laser Tag Set

It comes with 4 team modes and each team is indicated by a different color; blue, green, red white and light color. It also has four gun modes; you simply go to the gun settings and choose the mode you want. There is the pistol, submachine, rocket, and shotgun mode. Each mode has a different sound. Every time you shoot or hit your target, it lights up and vibrates. It also shows the life bars and the remaining shots for each mode. It has a striking range of about 130 ft, which makes it an ideal set for both outdoor and indoor games. It gives you a realistic experience of combat as it integrates real shooting sounds for the different gun modes. Its compact size makes it ideal for both children and adults. It is rated 8 years and above.








Best Choice Multiplayer Mode

The 2 pack set has an output of less than 1mW and it is class 1 certified. With the multiplayer mode, you can easily build alliances or battle friends and also enjoy the blaster setting that give you access to different ammunition levels. You also get to enjoy the thrill of the game while reloading and gearing up for combat. It features three light indicators for the number of lives remaining. Each player is given a maximum of 9 lives (1 light = 3 lives). After every battle, you get another three lives. It also comes with infrared receivers to track and register all hits. It has a maximum shooting range of 40 meters.









Dynasty Laser Blaster and Robot Bug Striker

Unlike the other models we’ve discussed in this review, the Dynasty Laser Blaster comes with a moving bug which acts as the target. All you need to do is practice your aim and start shooting at the moving bug. It has a striking range of 120 ft and comes with multiple setting for a fun experience irrespective of age. If you are looking to use it with your friend, you have to buy an extra set to make the game more fun. With this blaster, the team sizes are limitless. As for the robot bug, you shoot it and it is up and running in under 2 seconds, which means that you ought to have a good shot to keep it down for long. It has a class 1 certification due to its low output of 0.0496mW.








Power Brand Star Wars Falcon

Are you a big fan of star wars? If the answer is yes, then this home laser tag set is suitable for you. With this set, you’ll have lots of fun trying to recreate numerous scenes from Star Wars. The set comes with two Roll Attack Strikers, Millennium Falcon vehicle that launches forward with the 2 Roll Attack Strikers and vehicle stands as well as bases for the vehicles. The blasters are designed as the target, which means that you’ll not need to have target vest strapped to your body. The Millennium Falcon set comes with 24 figures and 7 vehicles Darth Varder, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker (Exclusive), 4 Snowspeeder Pilots, 7 Snowtroopers, 1 Millennium Falcon, 4 Rebel Soldiers, 3 AT-AT walkers, 2 Roll Attack Strikers, 4 AT-AT Drivers, 3 vehicle bases and 3 vehicle stands.



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