Ten Best Laser Measuring Tapes 2021 – Reviews + Mini Buyers Guide

It cannot be put to question that the measuring tape as a measuring device, has had quite a long history. The measuring tape with metric readings has served a lot of purposes since its inception. From measuring the length of your couch at home, to measuring the dimensions of rooms during the construction of houses and buildings, the measuring tape has served many purposes, but it has now gotten replaced with the laser tape measure.

A laser tape measure is an efficient tool that saves time and money, as well as errors from incorrect measures that are prone to the measuring tape, which has proven to be quite frustrating. Due to its extreme precision, it does not need more than two hands to operate like its predecessor, and because it is a digital device, it has no errors that tend to happen when humans intervene such as when reading the measurement from the tape measure. With a backlit display combined with the laser dot itself, you can use your laser distance tape in poorly lit conditions. The laser tape measure has the capability of increasing efficiency while cutting down on the time and effort put into a job by about a tenth.


Who would use a Laser Tape Measure?

Lots of people in professions that require a level of accuracy when measuring spaces. Realtors, Surveyors, Architects, Tradesmen such as carpenters, builders and electricians. There’s a use for it around the home as well, like when measuring up for new curtains or blinds as well as a wide range of uses around the house when doing DIY.


Bosch GLM 35 Laser Tape Measure

The GLM 35 is small but with very powerful functions that entail area, length, distance, and volume measurement. Its operation is straightforward and all one needs to do is turn the unit on with the power button and press the red arrow so as to take a measurement. There is an icon on the screen that assists the user to know precisely what function they are on. Scrolling through the functions is achieved by pressing on the function button, and the user is able to scroll through five different functions, which include a continuous measure, which is the first at startup, linear distance, area, volume and finally, indirect measurement. The Bosch GLM 35 is incredibly useful while doing measurements and it can save up to 10 measurements in its memory, therefore, making it a highly efficient device for every professional to use.





General Tools LTM1 2 in 1 Laser Tape Measure

The General Tools LTM1 2 in 1 Laser Tape Measure is unique because it couples both the traditional tape measure that’s 16 feet long and a 50-foot laser distance measure feature that gives the user an allowance to make quick and easy measurements between two points. To make a distant laser measurement, the user is supposed to hold the back of the tool against the surface under measurement and press the red measurement button. This action will activate the display, the infrared receiver, and the laser pointer, therefore, causing the laser enabled icon to flash, indicating that the device is ready to make a laser measurement. The device uses two triple ‘A’ alkaline batteries, and it is recommended that both batteries be removed when the user does not expect to use the device for a long amount of time so that the batteries do not leak acid and ruin the tool.








Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Tape Measure

The Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Tape Measure is able to target up to an accurate distance of 196 feet and can measure in metric as well as imperial. It has a two bubble level feature that is useful for a high accuracy measurement and a mute function that silences the device when in use in a quiet environment. It has a big LCD screen fitted with a four line display and a back light that allows the user to read measurements in lowly lit areas. The casing used to cover the laser tape measure is made of ABS plastic, and it is powered by two triple ‘A’ batteries. It comes with a portable bag as well as a strap, which is convenient for protection.








Suaoki D5 Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Meter

Measuring distance using this device should not be a problem. The Suaoki D5 Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Meter can measure a target as far as 65 feet with an apparent laser light and easy navigation features. The device can be placed on top of a tripod if need be for better accuracy, and it comes with an LCD touchscreen that allows the user to choose to measure choices according to their preference. The device is powered on by just sliding down its switch on the front and requires two triple ‘A’ 1.5 voltage batteries, and it has a three line display that quickly gives the user measurements so calculations can get done. The Suaoki D5 laser gives the user four choices of measurement modes that include inches, feet, meters, and feet plus inches. It has a sturdy cover made of plastic as well as a hard rubber grip that hinders the device from wearing out that also helps the device fit well in the user’s hand.









DEWALT DW03050 165-Feet Laser Distance Measurer

Dewalt tops the list when it comes to making technical tools and accessories that make work very easy and it did not disappoint with the Dewalt DW03050 laser distance measure. The laser functionality in the device is able to cover a distance of up to 165 feet, and it has the ability to work out the area and volume of a target room automatically. It can do this by use of a Pythagoras feature enabled in the device that allows the user to find out measurements of points that can be linearly measured. It has a two line LCD backlit display that automatically enhances its readability in areas that are both well and poorly lit, and it can recall the previous five measurements from its memory. It is also water and damage resistant as it comes with a pouch that serves for easy portability and carriage.







DMiotech Laser Distance Measure 131ft 40m Mini Handheld Digital Laser Distance Meter

Designed and manufactured by Uxcell, the Dmiotech laser distance measure offers a range of up to 131 feet and has a very decent accuracy that can be relied on for projects over the short and medium range. The dimensions of the device measure up as 4.7 by two by 1.2 inches, and these measurements make sure that the laser tape measure is very portable and ideal for the work site. It can instantly change its measurements from inches to feet, and meters. The device can also automatically work out the area and volume as well, not to mention that it is highly affordable and so most potential customers cannot afford to pass it by. It has single button operations that provide for quick measurements and calculations, but it, however, has a beeping sound during operation that cannot be shut off. It has a bubble level among its features and gets powered by two triple ‘A’ batteries.








Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level measure Line 8ft+ Measure Tape Ruler Adjusted Standard and Metric Rulers

The Qooltek multi purpose laser level measure is an all in one device. It comes with a tape measure that comes with a laser level and a bubble level with three positions and a measuring tape that stretches up to 8 feet. The tool’s dimensions measure by 18.5 centimeters long, 2.8 centimeters wide by 6.2 centimeters, making it a very portable device weighing in at just 200 grams. The device has a light switch that turns the laser on and off, is powered by three AG 13 button cells type battery and has both imperial and metric linear measurements. It is a superb tool for straight line measurement because of its accuracy, and it is instrumental in hanging pictures, leveling nails, designing cabinets, shelves and a ton of other furniture. The device is extremely affordable and is extremely convenient as it can get hung on a tripod.








Foneso F100 328ft Distance Laser Measure

The Foneso F100 Distance Laser Measure is one of the best laser measures out there due to its incredible functionality. The device measures a variety of units that include inches, feet, decimal feet and metric units. A backlit display has been built into the device to allow the user to use it in areas with low visibility and dim lit areas. It is capable of measuring as far as 328 feet and is pocket sized, therefore, making it highly portable. The device is incredibly versatile as it can measure up to three measurement modes that include single distance measurement, continuous measurement, and area measurement. It also has a Pythagoras measurement feature and can recall up to the last twenty historical data. It is power efficient as well as after a minute of inactivity the laser switches off automatically to save battery while the entire device will shut down after 10 minutes of inactivity.








Arama Handheld Digital Laser Distance Measuring Tape

The arama handheld digital laser distance measuring tape is a very well designed, versatile and accurate digital laser distance measurement tape. It is able to measure up to a range of 80 meters and can show measurements in meters, inches, and feet in both fractions and decimal units. It comes with an ideal backlit LCD display for use in dim areas and a four line display that gives the user a lot of areas to read measurements that are easily visible. The measurements modes of the device include the distant laser feature, area, volume, continuous measurement, single distance measurement, and indirect Pythagoras measurement. It comes with an excellent memory capability that allows the user to store several measurements all at one go and can be used to calculate measurements through addition and subtraction, and accurately too, at that, so as to save the user time. It is ideal for projects at home and in the construction industry as well.








Leica Geosystems Disto D2 Laser Distance Tape Measure

The Leica Geosystems Disto D2 Laser Distance Tape Measure is one of the more powerful laser tape measures with a 330-foot measuring range with Bluetooth feature that measures up to 130 feet. The device is relatively easy to operate, and its 330-foot range makes it a good device to measure long distances. It is one of the smallest laser tape measures if not the smallest, making it super compact considering the powerful features the device has. The advanced Bluetooth feature integrated into the instrument allows the user to move their transfer data through the Bluetooth Smart Connectivity directly to their tablet, cell phone, computers, as well as smart phones. The Leica Company provides a Leica Disto Sketch app that is free on the app store, which designs simple wall and floor plans while allowing the user to put the measurements on top of pictures. This device offers a lot in functionality and convenience for the user.





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