The Best Knee Pads For Work In 2021

Protecting yourself with helmets, safety goggles, the best work boots and work gloves is common procedure for most individuals who work in a dangerous or high risk environment, but there is another critical area to protect on your body which often goes unnoticed; your knees. Because your knees are such a vital element in being able to move around, injuries, especially long-term injuries, can become a significant problem. You can protect your knees while you work just as you protect other areas of your body with kneepads.

There are plenty of kneepads available to choose from, so it takes a little bit of knowledge to know how to select the pair which will work best for you. Our mini buyer’s guide will provide the necessary information to make a qualified choice when it comes to the selection of the right kneepads for the type of work you do as well as your personal preferences. Along with our buyer’s guide, we will review ten kneepads for work so that you can compare how the various features and benefits are applied to different models of kneepads.

Our objective is to give you all the information you need to make a well informed choice when it comes to choosing the kneepads which work best for you. So, let’s jump right in.

Knee Pads For Work Buyer’s Guide


Why do you need kneepads for work?

There are a lot of jobs in which individuals are kneeling, resting on their knees or even moving across a hard, rough surface on their knees. In addition, a number of individuals who work in high risk jobs have to be aware of heavy impacts to their knees. In both cases, kneepads help to support and protect the kneecap or patella and the knee joint itself and those who are subjected to these conditions really need to consider adding kneepads to their protective gear.

What benefits can you expect from kneepads for work?

The right kneepads will cushion and cup the patella to keep it place protecting the vital tendons in the knee joint. Quality kneepads can guard against impacts which have the potential to shatter the patella or dislocate it. Kneepads also provide comfort and stability for those who spend extended periods of time in a stationary position on their knees or navigating over rough or finished surfaces on their knees.

What are some features to look for in kneepads for work?

Selecting the proper protective kneeware requires some attention to various features that are available in kneepads. Various types of jobs will benefit from kneepads with various features, but there are some general features which are common to all kneepads to keep in mind.

Fitting Kneepads

Trying kneepads on is one of the best indicators of their fit and function. The right kneepads will fit your knees comfortably and you will feel their support and protection almost instantly. Some suggest that there might be a break-in period with different types and models, but that does not tend to be true. If your kneepads are not a comfortable fit the moment you try them on, put them back or send them back and try a different pair.

Type of Caps

Kneepads can have a variety of caps on them. These caps are the outer shell of the kneepads and are varied because they are designed to carry out different functions. Here are the main three types of caps you can expect to find:

• Hard-caps.– These caps work well when swiveling or sliding around, like on carpeted areas or grass. Using them on other hard surfaces is not advisable because they might slide out from under you and tear a muscle or tendon in your groin area. These caps are also more impact resistant for those who are at risk for those forms of injuries.

• Curved soft caps. These tend to have a rubber cap or leather surface which grips the surface you are working on. These work well when you are performing side-to-side rocking motions, like installing flooring. They tend to be scuff proof so that you don’t ruin the finished surfaces you are working on. They are also good for stationary tasks like plumbing.

• Flat-caps. As their name suggests, they are flat and the entire surface of the pad is in contact with the surface you are working on. These are also great for tasks in which you kneel in a stationary position for a long time and tend to be the more common choice of plumbers and gardeners.

Inner Padding and Lining

The inner padding and lining of kneepads is where their comfort comes from. Various types of foams and gels or layered combinations of the two tend to be used to provide the support and comfort for cupping and holding your patella in place. They are typically lined with some sort of neoprene, felt or other breathable cloth to provide additional comfort and the absorption of sweat. This is where you will notice the greatest difference when it comes to the right fit.


Another critical part of getting the right fit is related to the straps which attach the kneepads to your knees. Various designs provide a wide variety of types of straps and their positioning. Various types of snaps, buckles, Velcro and other means of attachment are available. You will have to sort through different kinds and styles of straps to know which ones give you the best fit and support, but still allow decent mobility. Straps tend to tear loose where they are attached to the kneepads as they wear, so stitched reinforcement at that point of weakness is something to be mindful of as you select the right kneepads.

With the features and benefits we have just provided in our mini buyer’s guide, you should have a better understanding of what you are looking for when selecting a pair of kneepads for work. With that information in mind, let’s compare teen kneepads for work, so you can further narrow down your choice.



Ten Best Knee pads for Work – Reviews


Fiskars Ultra Light Knee Pads (9418)

Relief from knee pain while working in your garden comes in the form of Fiskars Ultra Light Knee Pads. Dual-layer construction allows for both longevity and comfort. The moisture proof outer shell is tough for cold and rough terrain while the inner foam liner provides plenty of cushion for your kneecaps. The easy-to-adjust straps make them ideal for fitting various sizes of knees. Better yet, these kneepads come with a lifetime warranty.

The Good

These kneepads are light, but provide plenty of moisture proof protection for those who might be kneeling in grass or in a garden to work. They are durable on the outside, but create comfortable support on the inside. They have easy to adjust straps to fit a variety of individuals. These kneepads also come with a lifetime warranty.

The Not So Good

The Velcro on the straps can be an irritant to those who are wearing these kneepads with shorts instead of with jeans or pants. These kneepads won’t hold up under the conditions of frequent use or more intensive types of work.

A Great Choice If…

You need something to protect your knees while gardening and want them an economical price. You might not be happy with the irritation from the Velcro straps if you wear them with shorts or use kneepads more frequently.





KneePro Tactical Ultra Flex III Safety Paintball Airsoft Knee Pad Various Colors

Hard shell knee pads to provide impact protection for your knees come in the form of KneePro Tactical Ultra Flex III. Built for protection against impact, these kneepads are virtually indestructible with their high-impact resistant outer shell, but they are also comfortable on the inside to provide a soft place for your kneecaps to rest with ½” soft inner foam. These kneepads are hinged with heavy metal rivets for greater mobility. Fast clips make them quicker to put on and take off as well. Woven elastic straps have sewn ends for additional durability and they won’t bind behind the knee.

The Good

The hard-shell caps can resist heavy impacts for those who are kneeling quickly and frequently in rough terrain or who might experience sudden, violent impacts to the knee area. They are hinged with heavy metal rivets, the fast clip attachment and adjustable straps are both pluses when it comes to durability, as is the addition of sewn ends where the straps attach to the kneepads. In addition, these kneepads can be strapped a little bit loose and still not slip around.

The Not So Good

The elastic straps of these kneepads stretch out too easily and their fast clip attachment is a little too small to manipulate while wearing gloves. With some wear, the inner pads detach from the outer shell and begin to slide around even though they are still held in place by the rivets.

A Great Choice If…

You are at risk of high impacts to your knees and want something you can move around in. You might be disappointed with the quality of the straps on these kneepads if you are a frequent user.





DEWALT DG5204 Professional Kneepads with Layered Gel and Neoprene Fabric Liner

Firm, durable and professional protection against frequent impacts on the jobsite, these Dewalt DG5204 Professional Kneepads are built for durability and comfort. The outer shell is made of ballistic poly material, which is non-skid, and the inner lining utilizes layered gel in a closed cell design with neoprene fabric lining. The slip buckle fasteners are attached to heavy-duty, adjustable elastic straps to provide a snug fit.

The Good

The layered gel and neoprene fabric combination provide excellent support to the kneecap. They have a broad, non-slip heavy-duty cap for added support and durability. The wider Velcro strap for the lower attachment will not stretch like other straps and the slip buckle fastener on the upper strap is of a durable design for added longevity.

The Not So Good

The elastic on the upper strap wears and becomes overstretched after frequent wearing and it needs frequent adjustment to keep the kneepads from moving around. The wider bottom strap can rub a sore on the back of the knee of some people. They tend to be pretty hot.

A Great Choice If…

You do flooring work on a frequent basis and need some kneepads with plenty of durability and protection. You might not like these kneepads if you are working in very hot environments.





DEWALT DG5224 Heavy-duty Flooring Kneepads

When it comes to working on your knees all day installing flooring, you will appreciate the heavy duty design of these Dewalt DG5224 Flooring Kneepads. The closed cell foam padding provides all of the comfort your knees require with a neoprene liner to absorb moisture from your sweat. The ballistic poly fabric, PVC outer surface of these kneepads will not scuff finished surfaces. Slip-buckle design fasteners make putting on and taking off these kneepads a snap and the adjustable woven elastic straps are extra durable as well.

The Good

Ballistic quality PVC is used between the inner lining and outer non-scuff surface of these kneepads. Their inner lining is made to provide sufficient support and absorb moisture as well. The slip buckle fasteners are durable for longevity and the straps are thick, heavy and adjustable.

The Not So Good

The straps will rub the backs of your legs raw unless you have some pretty thick material back there to prevent it. The poly fabric on the outer surface will wear more quickly than hard-shell types.

A Great Choice If…

You do infrequent flooring or if you do very little moving around while you are in a kneeling position. You might not be happy with the long-term wear of these kneepads for frequent flooring work.





Caterpillar Men’s Knee Pads

Slightly less comfortable but still functional for infrequent use, these Caterpillar Men’s Knee Pads provide protection without a lot of expense. They are ergonomically designed with compartmentalized 1 ½” thick padding for a better fit to various sizes and shapes of knees. These kneepads are designed to fit inside Caterpillar Men’s Work Jeans. Their outer surfaces are 100% Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) for water resistance.

The Good

The compartmentalized foam padding of these kneepads work to create a better fit around the knee while still providing support on the outside. They do not actually come in contact with the surface you are working on, so they do not knee a hardened cap. These are certainly economical and easy to replace when they are worn out.

The Not So Good

These kneepads are pretty much useless without the Caterpillar brand pants which they are inserted into. Wear will be on the pants rather than on the kneepads, so they don’t save the knees of your pants.

A Great Choice If…

You already own a pair of Caterpillar pants with the pouches specially designed for these kneepads. You might not be keen on buying a special pair of pants to wear so you can use your kneepads.





CLC Custom Leathercraft 313 Heavy Duty Leather Kneepads, with Double Thick Lining

CLC Custom Leathercraft provides these Heavy Duty 313 Leather Kneepads with double thick lining and plenty of comfort and durability. Double ½” thick felt padding cups your kneecaps with comfort and the heavy duty leather outer shell will not scuff finished surfaces while providing protection against impacts and continuous pressure on your kneecaps throughout the day. The adjustable leather straps have steel buckles to provide a custom fit for all knee sizes. Heavy-duty stitching and rivets are used for additional stability and durability.

The Good

Leather is durable and creates a hard-shell outer surface, but it is still pliable and does not scuff finished surfaces. The foam padding and durable, felt lining make for a very comfortable fit. Leather straps and buckles allow for size adjustment. These have been a go-to type of kneepad for a very long time and there is a reason for that; they work.

The Not So Good

Some users would like the leather to be a little bit softer. These kneepads do not work well apart from being used in a kneeling position.

A Great Choice If…

You do frequent flooring and plumbing work and desire a non-slip, non-scuff type of kneepad with more flexibility in the outer shell. You won’t be happy with these kneepads when wearing them for more mobile tasks.





Brutus 79637BR Contour Washable Knee Pads for Hard and Soft Surfaces with Strap

Those who use their kneepads frequently know that they can get pretty ripe from sweat buildup. Brutus 79637BR Contour Washable Kneepads have a solution to that problem with washable kneepads made of nylon/foam manufactured by QEP. Both your knees and the finished surfaces you are working on will be protected by these lightweight machine washable kneepads with easy-on/easy-off Velcro straps which provide a snug fit to various sizes of knees.

The Good

Being washable is a major plus of these kneepads. They are made of nylon foam with machine washable materials throughout. The Velcro straps make them suitable for a wide variety of knee sizes and shapes.

The Not So Good

These kneepads are not comfortable when you are kneeling for a very long time. Velcro wears out quickly with frequent use as well as breaking down from frequent laundering.

A Great Choice If…

You use kneepads infrequently and tend to use them for short periods of kneeling rather than extended periods. You probably won’t be happy with these kneepads for frequent use.





Troxell USA SuperSoft Leatherhead XL Kneepads (Premium)

One of the best ways to protect both finished surfaces as well as your knees is by using leather kneepads and these Troxell USA SuperSoft Leatherhead XL Kneepads are among the best. Comfort from neoprene lined padding to cup your knees is on the inside while soft, pliable leather on the outside provides protection and durability. Velcro front-fastening straps allow you to strap them down tight and let you see that they’ve come loose without a surprise.

The Good

The leather used on these kneepads is durable, but still very flexible creating more of a soft curve style rather than a hard shell type of kneepad. Comfort on the inside is enhanced with the neoprene lining. The front fastening Velcro straps makes them a bit more secure in their connection to your knees.

The Not So Good

The Velcro will pull loose if you do a lot of sliding across a rough surface. The elastic straps stretch out over time and will not fasten.

A Great Choice If…

You tend to do more stationary kneeling work. You won’t be as happy with these kneepads if you do a lot of moving and sliding around on your knees.





Luwint Basketball Volleyball Knee Pads – Ideal for Gardening Cleaning Weightlifting Fitness Sports

Some of the most thoroughly engineered and designed kneepads available are specially made for sports and these Luwint Basketball Volleyball Knee Pads are among the best. Designed for both protection and optimal movement, these kneepads fit well, provide durable comfort and are breathable as well. The high-grade elastic provides a precision comfortable fit and they are also machine washable.


The Good

These kneepads are optimized for staying in place while moving. They are soft and breathable so that they don’t get too hot. Their outer will they work well on finished surfaces where being able to slide without scuffing is an advantage and frequent standing and kneeling is a possibility.


The Not So Good

Their outer surface will not wear well on rough surfaces. These are fitted kneepads which really shouldn’t be bought without trying them on. They will chafe if they are not the right size.


A Great Choice If…

You stand and kneel frequently or need to slide around on a finished surface without scuffing it. You won’t be happy with this type of kneepad when kneeling for an extended period of time in one position.





Gel Elite Knee Pads For Work and Gardening by Gamba Tools

Gamba Tools is interested in saving your knees with their Gel Elite Kneepads. These kneepads are for construction, concrete workers, gardeners and anyone else who needs a little extra support while they work. The 18mm high density EVA foam provides a durable waterproof layer. Added to that is 1 cm thick layered gel cushioning. Covering all of those layers is 3mm thick neoprene lining. In addition, these kneepads have a large durable low-profile cap made of PP + TPR rubber with a solid kneeling base which is non-slip and prevent scuffing finished surfaces. The adjustable woven neoprene straps come with slip-buckle fastening.


The Good

The rubberized hard-shell on the outside is non-slip, non-scuff and resists impact to the kneecap. The layered inner lining cups your kneecap in a protected position and is lined with a waterproof material to absorb sweat. The thick lower strap is soft and durable and the upper, adjustable strap has a durable fastener for longevity.


The Not So Good

Their one-size-fits-all is a little too large for some knees. They aren’t as non-scuff as the seller claims. They are not very good to use if you need to move around a lot.


A Great Choice If…

You frequently work for long periods of time in one place without doing a lot of moving around. You won’t be as happy with these need pads if you are frequently standing and kneeling.

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