The Best Scooters for Kids 2022 – Buyers Guide



Why read a scooter buying guide? Kids can have a ton of fun riding scooters. A scooter also provides a way for kids to have a healthy, fun time. A scooter can also offer a great way to get children outside and away from technology.

The problem becomes how to choose the appropriate scooter for the child. Many parents don’t know whether to get a two-wheel or three-wheel scooter, a stunt scooter, a pro scooter, or a caster scooter.

This ultimate guide to children’s scooters is particularly useful this time of year as scooters are on most children’s Christmas list to Santa.  Will answer most questions to help parents pick the best scooter for their child or children this Chirstmas.


Types of Scooters For Kids

Different Types Of Kids Scooters

The first step in choosing the best scooter is understanding the various types of scooters. In the early days, scooters were typically built in garages using fruit crates and wheels from roller skates.

Today, the most up-to-date technology is used to precisely engineer the most modern scooters. These designs were created to ensure the most fun and the most stylish.

All types of scooters have the same agenda which is to give kids of all ages a way to have fun while doing a healthy physical activity.

Today’s scooters fall into seven categories which are, two wheels, three wheels, caster, pro, electric, and off-road scooters.


2-Wheel Scooters

This type of scooter, as the name implies, has only two wheels. With just two wheels, this scooter best suits older children who have a keen sense of balance. Younger children may become frustrated trying to balance on only two wheels.

Two wheel scooters allow the user to achieve higher speeds and they can hold more weight than many of the other scooters. These scooters, being made of durable metal, also allow even more abuse.

The best age group for two-wheel scooters is between five and eight years old as long as the child does not take scooting too seriously.


3-Wheel Scooters

With three wheels, these scooters make balancing a breeze. This fact makes these scooters the perfect scooter for toddlers and younger children.

Typically, three wheel scooters have two wheels in front and one wheel in the back. This design helps improve balance.

However, with this improved balance, speed is significantly reduced. This reduction can be a good or bad thing depending on the age of the child and his or her stability.

This decrease in speed is why three-wheel scooters also make fabulous first-time scooters for children. With this capability, three wheel scooters are extremely popular with parents.


Caster Scooter

The caster scooter is the direct opposite of the three wheel scooter with two wheels in the back and only one in the front. A caster scooter also works completely different than other traditional kick scooters.

Each of the rear wheels is spaced far enough apart to allow a footplate for each one. When riding a caster scooter, the child has to use a skier seven-year-olds the slalom motion. This motion requires the child to shift his or her weight from one side to the other.

While some kids love this scooter’s uniqueness, others will not like them because the child cannot do tricks with this type of scooter. A parent should buy these scooters as second scooters for kids who are serious about scooter tricks or are involved with a scooter group.


Pro Scooters

A pro scooter is a particular type of two-wheel scooter which is known as a stunt or trick scooter. Because these scooters are built for tricks and stunts, they are made of higher quality materials and are more durable.

The critical feature of a pro scooter is a T-bar handlebar that is extra wide. The T-bar handlebar ensures better stability when the user is performing flips and tricks on the skate park ramps.

If a child wants to learn difficult tricks and be serious about scooting or a part of a scooter club, the pro scooter is the best choice for him or her.


Electric Scooter

These types of scooters have a rechargeable battery and an electric motor. An electric scooter tends to be mu heavier than a kick scooter.

The wheels on an electric scooter are also chunkier. The more substantial weight and chunkiness make it harder to store these scooters, but these two items also make these scooters more stable to ride.

The primary issue with an electric scooter is kids do not have to push them physically. This fact means the child will not get the healthy physical exercise with this scooter that he or she would with some of the other scooters.

Electric scooters are more expensive and are not conducive to performing stunts.


Scooters for Toddlers

Scooters for toddlers have two front wheels to ensure stability. They also have handlebars that don’t make sharp turns to help keep the scooter steady.

The base of a scooter for a toddler sits low to the ground and is sturdy. These scooters should also be lightweight in case the toddler falls, and the scooter falls on top of him or her.

One key feature of a scooter for toddlers is an adjustable handlebar. This type of handlebar allows the scooter to grow with the toddler. The best scooters for toddlers will also fold for easy portability.


Off Road Scooter

The tires on off-road scooters are big and chunky to ensure they can be taken off of the pavement. Off-road scooters can ride across rough terrains which include grass, pebbles, and dirt.

Children of all ages can appreciate an off-road scooter, but these types of scooters are not as common. It is also important to remember that off-road scooters are not suitable for tricks and most stunts.





What to Look For When Choosing a Scooter For A Child

The above scooters are each appropriate for a variety of age groups. However, when choosing a scooter for a child, only two questions need to be answered.

The first question deals with how serious the child is about scooting. The answer to this question depends on if they want to learn tricks or be a part of a scooting friendship group. The second question deals with the age of the toddler.

The answer to the first question also allows the parent to decide which features are essential when choosing a scooter.

When trying to choose a scooter, a person should consider seven features.


1. Brakes

Some scooters do not have any braking system while others have a handbrake or a rear wheel foot brake. Choosing the type of braking system depends on the preferences of the user. However, it is essential to practice braking with the child before allowing him or her to roam by his or herself.


2. Completes

This feature refers primarily to pro scooters. The pro scooters that come pre-made are called completes. The other type of pro scooter allows the customer to choose separate parts and assemble the scooter themselves.


3. Kick Scooters

This feature is more of a type of scooter, but it is where a child must push off the ground to propel the Four-year-olds. All traditional scooters except the electric scooter are this type.


4. Wheels

The type of wheel on a scooter depends on the type terrain designed for the scooter. Younger children need the bigger wheels because they offer greater stability. However, these more prominent wheels require more effort to push, a variety of scooters utilize a standard skate wheel which makes them easier to replace and upgrade.


5. Folding

A folding feature is great for those children who live in apartments or travel a lot. It makes it easy to store a scooter in a smaller space such as a closet or under a bed. Many pro scooters and electric scooters do not offer this feature.


6. Steering

Typically, there are two ways to steer a scooter. The first way is by using an upright T system of handlebars. This type of steering is best for younger riders. The second way to steer is the system where the user shifts his or her body to the left or right to drive in that direction.


7. Age/Weight range

A universally accepted standard for the amount of weight does not exist. The usual procedure is to rate the scooter by the age of the child. When looking for a scooter, weight limit, skill level, and age requirements should be considered.



Scooters by Age

The second question asked above is the most important consideration when choosing a scooter. The amount of fun, but more importantly, the amount of safety depends on selecting an age-appropriate scooter.

It may seem a little terrifying, but in reality, it is quite simple to choose a scooter that is age-appropriate for the child.



Three-wheel scooters are the best for toddlers and very young children. These scooters provide more excellent stability and are slower. These two facts make three-wheel scooters superior for developing balance and confidence.

A good scooter for toddlers will have features such as a wide deck, a drawer to store items, and a seat to ride. They also grow with the child. Either the three-wheel scooter or the scooters with special add-ons make for an ideal first scooter for toddlers.


4 to 7 Year Olds

Children ages of four and seven can choose from a variety of scooters. Four-year-olds are still restricted to three and two-wheel scooters such as the Neon Flash Scooter and the Micro Kick Scooter.

At five years old, an off-road scooter may become an option. One great off-road scooter for a five-year-old is the Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter.

Six and seven-year-olds can also use a pro scooter or an electric scooter if they have the balance and coordination.


7 to 12-Year-Olds

By the age of seven, the widest selection of scooters is available. When a decision is being made, preferences and the seriousness about scooting should be the two key factors.

If a child just wants to have fun riding a scooter, a two-wheel, three-wheel, or electric scooter could be chosen. However, a three-wheel scooter may be inappropriate, and an electric scooter would not provide the necessary physical activity needed at this age.

If the child wants to learn a variety of tricks or become involved with a scootering club, a pro scooter should be chosen.



Children that are older can also use most pro, off-road, or electric scooters. As with seven to twelve-year-olds, the choice depends on the child’s preferences. For example, a serious stunt scoot-kid needs a different scooter than a go-from-A-to-Z kid.

Most adult scooters should be avoided for the typical teen. A variety of two-wheel scooters are made for adults, but if the teen spends most of his or her time with pro-scoot kids, an adult scooter would be an inappropriate choice.



14 of the Best Scooters for Kids


2-Wheel Scooters

Neon Flash Scooter-Kids Light Up Scooter-Best Flare Scooter

Neon Flash Scooter-Kids Light Up Scooter-Best Flare Scooter

This scooter has a super grip deck to help ensure safety. It does not require batteries to operate but does have motion powered wheels.

A child can glide on this scooter in style with the LED deck. It is a reflective deck that has a neon under glow. This reflection comes from the motion-powered LED wheels.

This scooter is durable and robust. It also has a lightweight aluminum frame. Because the scooter only weighs one pound, it is easy to transport.

The Neon Flash has a rear brake to ensure real stopping power. These scooters are suitable for children five years and older who weigh less than 134 pounds.



Razor A Kick Scooter-Best Scooter to Grow with a Child

Razor A Kick Scooter-Best Scooter to Grow with a Child

This scooter is a two-wheel scooter. It is an original kick scooter which is made of aircraft grade aluminum.

With a patented t-tube and deck design, this scooter folds making it convenient for transporting it. The urethane wheels have ABEC five bearings. The wheels have a 98mm inline-style.

This scooter is perfect for a growing child because of the adjustable handlebars. With the Razor name, the user knows he or she is getting the best-riding experience with cutting-edge technology.

This scooter is fantastic for children over the age of five who are under 143 pounds.



3-Wheel Scooters

Micro Maxi Kick Scooter With T-Bar- Great for Urban/Suburban Pavements

Micro Maxi Kick Scooter With T-Bar- Great for Urban/Suburban Pavements

This scooter is unique because every part is replaceable. With the Maxi’s ability to be upgraded easily with replaceable components, it should last almost forever. However, it is most appropriate for kids from ages 5 to 12.

The quality RU wheels give an incredibly smooth glide which makes this scooter impressive on the pavement. The design of the Maxi was created with elementary school age kids in mind. The steering is similar to being on a skateboard except the rider has greater control and maneuverability.

Its 3-wheel construction is strong and durable. The customer has the choice between two steering options. The first option is a joystick which allows curving and carving. The second option is a T-bar to ensure more natural balancing.



Globber Elite Three Wheel Folding Adjustable Height Scooter

Globber Elite Three Wheel Folding Adjustable Height Scooter

This scooter folds with a push of a button. When riding, the handlebars of this scooter lock in an upright position. This 3-wheel scooter is the only one on the market with this patented folding ability.

The customer has three options when purchasing a Globber Elite. One option is the standard choice. The second option is a scooter with LED lights included on the deck. The last option is the LED lights are built into the wheels.

The adjustable handlebars allow this scooter to grow with the child. The handlebars range from 26.5 to 31 inches. The steel-plated deck is provided for the best support and stability. The scooter works for a child between the ages of two and six who weigh less than 110 pounds.



Toddler Scooters

Micro Mini 2-Go Deluxe Scooter

Micro Mini 2-Go Deluxe Scooter

The Micro Mini uses award-winning engineering with an iconic Swiss design. The unique design incorporates a Micro silicone grip that raises the deck. This dual-injection deck also utilizes a silicone anti-slip micro logo to help keep the toddler from falling off.

This scooter is perfect for an 18+-month-old toddler. It will grow as the child grows because it will convert to a stand-up scooter by connecting the T bar.

When in toddler mode, this scooter has a drawer the child can carry prize possessions. A child can also ride on top of it. As the toddler grows, the seat and drawer can be removed. The T-bar is adjustable from 14” to 24”.


Micro Mini 3 in 1 Deluxe Kick Scooter

Micro Mini 3 in 1 Deluxe Kick Scooter

This scooter has the perfect design for children between the ages of one and six. It starts as a ride-on toy but will grow with the child by becoming a scooter.

The T-bar is removable and adjustable from 17 inches to 25 inches. This unique design offers three different types of rides for three age groups all in a single box.

A one-year-old starts with a ride-on seat which has two different heights. At two years old, the seat can be removed to create a standard scooter except with a short O-bar.

When the child turns three, the O-bar can be replaced with the standard T-bar. This T-bar can be used until age five. This scooter also has soft edges and a stable upright design to ensure safety.



Caster Scooters

Razor Power Wing Caster Scooter

Razor Power Wing Caster Scooter

The Power Wing is a trick scooter which has a pair of caster wheel. This type of wheels allows the scooter to be propelled with a twist of the feet.

With caster wheels, the user can ideally do kick-outs, spin-outs, and side drifts. The front wheels are made from urethane and are 125 millimeters. This scooter’s unique three-wheel design has removable stability bars. This type of plan gives extra stability to ensure learning to ride and doing tricks is easy.

The Razor Power Wing is also equipped with hand-operated brakes and foam grips to ensure comfort and control. This scooter’s weight capacity is 143 pounds.



Yvolution YFliker Lift Kids Scooter

Yvolution YFliker Lift Kids Scooter

The YFliker Lift is an innovative self-propelling, three-wheeled scooter. It is a unique carving drifting scooter. The lift technology with this scooter allows for effortless wheelies and other tricks.

The 360-degree handlebar is a trick wheel which gives extra control when the user is performing certain tricks. The polyurethane wheels are performance rates PU. The wheels have anti-vibration rubber grips that provide extra comfort to the child.

These performance wheels work with the lift technology to allow the user to slide and carve into corners. The maximum weight limit is 220 pounds.



Pro Scooters

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter-The Best Value Scooter

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter-The Best Value Scooter

If the child is a beginner or intermediate rider, the Z250 is the perfect scooter. This scooter was redesigned with the goal of handling any obstacles on the street or in a skate park.

This redesign includes a new deck, neck design, excellent colors, and new graphics. This scheme allows the user to perform complicated tricks. The bottom concave model and the three degree top were created for grinds.

The Z250 incorporates all of the best components such as steel bars, HIC compression system, Fuzion integrated and sealed headsets, etc. to ensure the best scooter experience. Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter can comfortably carry up to 220 pounds.



Envy Series 5 Prodigy

Envy Series 5 Prodigy

The Envy Series 5 has upgraded 120mm wheels and a new bar design to ensure comfort, strength, and style. This scooter comes in five beautiful colors which are Polished/Teal, Smoke Blue, Red Bandana, Black/Oil Slick, and Candy. It is perfect for all ages.

The 120mm wheels are aluminum and weigh only 8.15 pounds. The new bar is a 4130 Cro-Mo which has extended gussets. The bar also has TPR hand grips with nylon bar ends which make it extremely durable. The bar height is 24.40”, and the width is 21.25”. The maximum weight for the Envy Series 5 Prodigy is 200 pounds.



Off-Road/Dirt Scooters

Razor Pro RDS Dirt

Razor Pro RDS Dirt

With this scooter’s tubular BMX style steel fork, it is ready to go off-road. This scooter also has a triple stacked head tube clamp to help ensure durability. The tires have an aggressive tread pattern to protect the 200mm pneumatic tires from damage while riding off-road or in the dirt.

Razor Pro was specially designed with a heavy-duty aluminum frame to tackle dirt tracks. This scooter also comes equipped with a rear fender brake to ensure safety when braking. The soft rubber grips provide a comfortable place to rest hands on the bumpy off-road ride.

The capacity for the Razor Pro RDS Dirt is 220 pounds.


Lucky DSJ Dirt Complete Off-Road Pro Scooter

Lucky DSJ Dirt Complete Off-Road Pro Scooter

Weighing only 12.8 pounds, this scooter is on the lighter side. The bars are 23” high by 23” wide and are 4130 Chromoly tig welded. The deck is 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum that measures 25” by 5”. This scooter also comes with a dirt SMX fork that has also been Chromoly tig welded.

All of the above guarantees fine-tuned handling and performance while using this scooter. The Lucky DSJ scooter has three models available. These models include Moto-X legend Justin Bogle Sig, Black Warthog, and Gunmetal LS. Unlike many of the other scooters, the Lucky DSJ comes fully assembled.



Electric Scooters

Razor E100 Electric

Razor E100 Electric

The E100 utilizes a 24-volt battery system. This system has two 12 volt lead acid batteries that are sealed and rechargeable. The scooter’s handlebars have a twist-grip control that causes acceleration. They also have a front brake that is hand-operated.

The chain-driven motor is high-torque and quiet. The engine is kick-started which can be difficult for younger riders. Once the simple kick start motor is running, the scooter will travel at speeds up to ten mph for 40 minutes of continuous use.

The Razor offers a variety of models for ages from eight to adult. The E100 is best for children age and above who weigh less than 120 pounds.



Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

This Razor E90 has new power core technology to enhance the ride. The design creates 50% more power and two times the continuous ride time. The E90 is maintenance free with no need for alignment, no chain, and no chain tensioner.

It also has a kick start motor that is high-torque hub motor. The throttle is push-button, and it has a from fender brake that is hand-operated. The E90 will run continuously for up to 80 minutes and can travel at speeds up to ten mph.

Razor Power Core E90 is best for a child over the age of eight and under 120 pounds.



Scooter Accessories

When choosing accessories for a child’s scooter, the only ones that are truly needed are the accessories designed to keep the child safe. These items include helmets, knee pads, and other safety items.

Decorative accessories such as flowers and horns are available and more practical accessories such as wall hangers and pull cords are also available. Each of these accessories can help make a parent’s life easier and the child’s experience more fun.


Safety Accessories

The first accessories a parent should purchase is the essential safety gear. The three most important pieces of safety gear needed when scooting are a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.

When purchasing a helmet, it is essential to make sure it fits the child correctly. Another item to consider is if the child is performing tricks, a pro-helmet should be used for better protection. Knee and elbow pads should also fit the child correctly.

Wrist guards are sometimes recommended, but they may hinder the child’s grip.


Fun Scooter Accessories

Aside from the above safety accessories, a variety of optional accessories are available for purchase. The ones included here are just a few of the many that are available.

• Dino’s head can be connected to the handlebars.
• Scoot-n-pull is a strap that can be used to pull a younger child.
• A basket gives the child a place to put treasures.
• A bell can be a great addition but can become annoying.
• When the weather is cold, scooter mitts can keep a child’s hands warm.
• A windmill will spin as the scooter moves.
• LED wheels can replace ordinary wheels with just a few turns.


Tips for Staying Safe on Scooters

1. A helmet should always be used.
2. Knee and elbow pads should also always be worn.
3. A child should wear bright colored clothes to make them more visible.
4. When riding a scooter, a child should ride on paved surfaces that do not have traffic, water, gravel, or sand.
5. A child should not ride at nighttime.
6. Young children on scooters need to be carefully supervised at all times.
7. A child should dismount the scooter before crossing a street.
8. The safest place for children to ride a scooter is on the side of the sidewalk furthest from the street.


Dos and Don’ts When Riding A Scooter


• Get scooter insurance for more expensive kick scooters and electric scooters.
• Wear gear even when uncomfortable to provide protection.
• Fully charge the battery on electric scooters to avoid being stranded.
• Take care of the scooter with regular maintenance.


• Ride a scooter in bad weather because it can cause damage.
• Break the law while riding a scooter.
• Store the scooter in an inappropriate place.
• Forget the fun which is the primary purpose of a scooter.

After reading this ultimate guide to children’s scooters, parents are more than ready to choose the best scooter for their child or children. Good luck to them in the scooter purchasing process.


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