Ten Best iPod Charging Stations 2021

Best ipod docking station

A docking station for your iPod or iPhone is essential in home entertainment. Aside from providing the best convenience for your audio needs, docking stations can serve a bunch of purposes in your home. Before the smartphone, many brands made charging docks and speakers for iPods and MP3 players. And, even with the easy accessibility of Bluetooth, docks are still considered a must-have.

Whether you go for one with many features or no-fuss, it’s great to do some homework before making your purchase. Below are 10 of the best iPod docking stations to suit a range of needs.


Sinjimoru Sync Stand

Sinjimoru designed this docking station with simplicity in mind. Streamlined and clean, this docking station is a no-fuss way to charge your iPod or iPhone. The dock does not take up much space so it’s perfect for storing on your desk or narrow bookshelf. Made of clean and durable aluminum alloy, this is the best docking station for a minimalist decor. The Sync Stand Chrome can be used with most protective iPhone cases and is Apple MFi Certified so you can sync and charge your iPhone or iPad with ease. The supported Apple devices include the iPhone generations from 7 to 5, and works with iPad Air and Air 2, 4, 3 and minis.




Pyle Home Universal Docking Station

Another great and compact docking station is the Pyle Home station that can fit easily into any kind of room. The station comes with a remote, includes audio cables and lets you listen to music on a home stereo system. You can synch iTunes on your home computer and is made to keep your iPod or iPhone fully charged. You can easily connect your iPod, iPod Touch, or iPhone with a stereo audio output. It comes with a 3.5mm to dual male RCA jack wire, provided for easily connecting to your home receiver, and wireless remote –all the essentials needed to take your music experience to a higher level.




Philips iPod Alarm and Speaker Dock

This brushed-aluminum charging station adds a clean look to your bedroom while functioning as a charger and alarm clock. Compatible with most generation iPods, the dock is sturdy and props your iPod up for easy use while connected. Enjoy music while charging, or tune in to the radio for live FM broadcasts. The dock also lets you preset EQ levels to maximize the most out of your music. The dual alarm feature lets you vary the alarm settings for you and your partner, and the auxiliary input lets you plug in other devices such as newer iPhones and non-docking iPods.




Bose SoundDock in White

Charge your iPod as it plays without any cables or adapters. The dock delivers crisp, vibrant, sound that enhances your home entertainment enjoyment and its slender design seamlessly blends in with most decor. The remote lets you control from across the room and is super easy to work, making it a perfect pairing for your iPod. The SoundDock is made to play your favorite songs with vibrant clarity, allowing you to explore the multi-layered subtleties in your music which brings beautiful depth to your music. The SoundDock can be plugged in and ready for use once you pop in your iPod and your device works as long as it has a dock connector at the bottom.




Jensen Docking System with FM Receiver

Jensen has been a leading name in audio electronics for 100 years, so it’s no surprise this charging dock comes with a host of features you can’t live without. Features include a retractable dock, a night light and dual alarm clock, and FM radio. The multi-function LED display, volume control and remote control means no need to make frequent trips to hit the buttons, making this a perfect addition to your night stand. It is also compatible with other smart devices.




AT&T SongPod Station

The SongPod docking system from AT&T is the hands-down favorite charging station for music lovers. Hidden behind a metal grill, the dock houses a tuned and tested ProTune Speaker System, which can simulate surround sound speakers system and bring depth to your music. The speaker dock also lets you play and charge your iPod, and its small size allows the speaker to cradle on your desktop. With the free app, myDock, your iPod turns into a central dashboard and the full screen displays local weather, current song information and anything else you need to know in a pinch. The multi-alarm function allows you to wake up to your playlist or preset FM station, kick starting your day with a shimmy.




JBL OnStage Speaker Dock

The JBL Onstage docking station is probably one of the best portables on the market. Packed with the power to crank it up to 11, the speaker has the ability to envelope the room with music, and easy to access controls help you pump up the volume. It’s portability and ease are what you want in a dock and it runs on AA batteries, giving you long hours of use. The remote lets you search and control your library and the USB will sync and charge your iPod when connected to iTunes. It can fit in a travel bag or backpack, allowing you to enjoy your favorite sounds away from home.




iHome Color Changing Dock

This is a luxe-looking station that doesn’t have the steep price tag. Add color to your music with iHome’s color-changing body that can change quickly or slowly or not at all. With four wake up color modes (Dawn, Flash, Glowing and No color) and five display colors (blue, green, amber, red and white), lets you set the tone and also works great as a night-light. Integrated with a Reson8 speaker, the wide-range provides crystal clear volume and bass for a compact, and the SureAlarm battery back-up keeps it going in the event of a power failure.




iHome Portable Stereo

This lightweight speaker dock is easy to pack and packs a lot of power. It charges and plays your iPod or iPad music through two large speakers, and also housing Reson8 speaker sound technology, you’ll want to take this everywhere. Battery-operated and equipped with a sliding cover to protect the connector from debris, this brand is one of the first to manufacture docking station when Apple released the first iPod. In other words, iHome’s products are specifically designed with Apple in mind.




Great Useful Stuff (G.U.S.) Multi-Device Charging Station

Finally, an eco-friendly way to power up devices. Available in Bamboo, White Gloss, High Gloss Cherry, and Walnut Veneer finishes, the bamboo model is by far the most popular. Equipped with dividers, each is designed to keep iPods, tablets and laptops fully juiced, and can hold up to three smartphones and a laptop at once. The bottom part of the dock stores cords and keeps them tamed with a specially designed magnetic base that is flipped open to hide all charging wires from sight, giving this dock an even sleeker look. The company uses renewable bamboo material instead of plastic or aluminum, which pays it back to the environment and elevates the style of your home or office instantly. Some other compatible devices include HP, Dell, Toshiba, Chromebook, Nexus, Samsung, Kindle, Nook and Blackberry, and it matches well with both household and office surroundings.


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