Best Husband Pillows – 2021 – All Round Support and Comfort

A pillow is one of the most important factors in getting a good nights sleep. They protect your head and make sure you get a good nights sleep. However, if you’re someone who needs extra support while sleeping, or someone who likes to read books, watch TV shows and work on your laptop in bed, then a husband pillow is for you.

best husband pillows

With their special design, a husband pillow, also known as a reading pillow, provides support all around. A headrest give your head and neck the support they need, the backrest keeps your posture aligned and the arm rests insure you are not putting any extra pressure on your body when doing activities such as typing on a laptop. Many people spend a lot of time sitting at their desk or on uncomfortable chairs at work, and the husband pillow can provide that much needed support when you come home. Husband pillows are also useful to pregnant women or nursing mothers, giving them a comfortable position to sit in and relax.


Why do I need a husband pillow?

If you often struggle to get comfy lying in bed, or trying to work on your laptop on the couch, a husband pillow is for you. Providing you all round support, these pillows can alleviate back pain and ensure you sit in the correct posture to not put any added pressure on your back or neck. If you are pregnant or a nursing mother, a husband pillow can help you to relax even when you are feeling uncomfortable and provide the support you and your baby need.


What are the benefits of a husband pillow?

Husband pillows are a preventative measure for a comfortable lifestyle. Providing you extra support around your home, they can make sure you are supported wherever you choose to sit or rest. Their comfort can also ensure you get a good nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. They are soft and comfortable, making sure you can relax when using one, but also firm and supportive on your back and neck to keep your alignment right. The arm rests add a further bonus, making sure your arms are supported especially if you are working on a laptop or playing video games.



Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam

Comfy and supportive, this husband pillow if the pick of the bunch! This pillow ensures that you are supported to whether you are reading, watching TV or sleeping.


What should I look for in a husband pillow?

With so many different types and designs of husband pillows, it can seem like a daunting task picking one. Generally, there are a few different factors that you should look for when picking a husband pillow that we have listed below. First and foremost though, your pillow should give you the support you want for whatever your body shape and whatever unique situation you need. It should also not add to your back pain or put any strain on your body.



The design of your husband pillow is one of the most important factors. While it should be the first thing you are thinking about when purchasing a reading pillow, you must remember that they are unique to everyone and that no two people have the exact same needs or body shape. It must hold your body in the correct position using the headrest, backrest and arm rests, not adding any pain to your posture and ensure you are sitting correctly.



The headrest is most important if you are going to be using your husband pillow for hours at a time. Without proper support, a lot of strain will be put on your head and neck. A husband pillow aims to give you this support so your head can stay rested and pain-free whether you are watching a movie or reading a book.



The size of the husband pillow you will want to buy depends on the size of your body. If you are of average height and weight, an average sized pillow will be best for you. However, if you are taller then you will want to increase the size of your reading pillow to accommodate for your size and width. It is important you choose a husband pillow that fits your body correctly to optimize the support the backrest, headrest and arms can give you.



Picking the correct filling determines what kind of comfort you get from your husband pillow as well as it’s longevity. There are many different fillings to choose from — some people like fillings such as goose down, where others will opt for a more environmentally friendly filling. Whichever filling you pick, make sure it keeps your reading pillow soft but firm, ensuring you get the maximum support you need from it.



Choosing a husband pillow with a removable cover will make your life a lot easier when it comes to washing it. If your reading pillow has a removable cover, you can simple take the pillow out of it’s cover and stick the cover in the washer. Many people have also suggested choosing a cover made of pure cotton, as this adds to the overall comfort of your pillow. However, there are many different covers to choose from and what you find comfortable may differ from someone else.



The backrest with arms is what makes the husband pillow unique. The arm rests on your reading pillow offer support for not just your forearms and wrists when you are typing on a laptop, but also support at your shoulder by ensuring your arms are in a comfortable position. Make sure to take into consideration your arm size when choosing the size of your husband pillow to maximize their effect.



The shape of the husband pillow you choose depends largely on your preference. While the pillow should support you no matter what the shape, some people prefer the shape of wedge pillows because it provides support for your lower back and ensures you are propped up on either your bed or couch. Some others prefer the more traditional shape of the husband pillow because of the fact that it encloses your body and can support you on all sides.



These pillows are loved for their unmatched support, whether you are lying in bed or on the sofa, no matter what activity you are doing. By alleviating back pain and making sure you are positioned in the most comfortable posture, we know a husband pillow will be a great addition to your pillow collection. There are many different designs of husband pillows, but if you like the sound of their comfort and support, take a look at the top ten we recommend below.


Here’s Our Ten Best Husband Pillows Available Now Online


Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam

The accessible foam in the Milliard reading pillow allows you to adjust and accommodate to your own needs. If the pillow is too firm, you can take some stuffing out or if the pillow is too soft, you can add stuffing in. Customizing your comfort, you can extend your pillow’s life with fresh foam available from Milliard. By creating your perfect situation, this husband pillow ensures that you are supported to the best of your ability whether you are reading, watching TV or sleeping. The shredded memory foam offers many of the same benefits as solid memory foam, but is lighter and more airy, yet still moulds itself to your comfort. This zippered velour cover for this husband pillow makes it easy to take off and wash and has a convenient carry handle for portability.



Hit Notion Husband Pillow

This microplush husband pillow is bigger than many pillows on the market, yet still offers great support. It has a large upper body support and detachable neck roll, meaning you can relax and still feel the effects of the pillow. Perfect for lounging, reading and sleeping, the Hit Notion husband pillow also contains side pockets for keeping your phone and a back pocket for keeping your glasses or magazines, or even the head rest if you are not using it. The fabric covers are detachable and are machine-washable, and the zipper on the inner shell of the pillow allows you to customize the pillow to your needs. Whether you need to remove some of the shredded memory foam or add some in, this pillow gives you the option to accommodate. Available in an array of colors, you can find the color that suits your style.



Cascadia Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Reading Pillow with Cup Holders

This unique lounge pillow contains cup holders and is perfect no matter the activity. Removable, the cup holders measure 2.75 inches in diameter in order to hold a regular cup, meaning you can stay hydrated when using this pillow. With a great back support, Cascadia Essentials’ husband pillow alleviates back pain when sitting in bed, as well as providing excellent shoulder support. Filled with soft shredded memory foam, this reading pillow will mold itself to you and the exterior fabric is soft gray velour, ensuring you are most comfortable. Furthermore, the headrest is detachable and can be used as a foot rest. This reading pillow is large and is great for anyone looking for the ultimate best rest pillow.



Brentwood Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge Sleep Pillow

This Brentwood pillow is a little different to the other husband pillows in this list. Shaped in a wedge, this pillow does not have arm supports but provides immense back support. The comfortable, gradual slope ensures your back is supported in the correct position while reducing neck and shoulder pain. This support pillow is designed for those suffering from acid reflux, have difficulty breathing, poor circulation, and back or neck problems. It can also be used as a foot rest or to elevate your feet when not being used to support your back. This pillow is made with therapeutic foam and will therefore remember your body shape. The removable and washable material is made from bamboo fiber and ensures you stay at your most comfortable.



Linenspa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

Although the fabric cover is not removable on this Linenspa husband pillow, it still provides great support for your body. Whether you are reading, working on your laptop or watching TV, this pillow, filled with a blend of shredded memory foam and support, molds to your body to ensure you you get lasting comfort and support. The blend of the foams make sure the pillow keeps it’s shape for longer and means the foam is less likely to shift or clump. This husband pillow has a convenient carry handle and is covered in a plush and velour cover. It is available in two colors — navy and stone — both of which will neutrally blend in with your house.



Xtra-Comfort Reading Pillow

The Xtra-Comfort lounge pillow is perfect for relaxing, reading and sleeping, providing a cushioning back support that molds to the body for exceptional comfort. Featuring a removable bolster cushion, it can be repositioned to add either extra support to the head and neck or legs. It has large arm rests that support the forearm, especially useful if you are someone who uses a laptop. The inside is filled with shredded memory foam, contouring to the body and retaining it’s shape for the best support. This foam is also breathable, so it quickly diffuses any heat buildup for comfort.

The bed pillow comes with five pockets — one on the back for storing larger items such as books and magazines, one on either arm rest for items such as your phone and remote control, and two mesh pockets on either arm rest that can be used as drinks holders. The cover is removable and easily washed and there is a further zipper inside to adjust the high quality memory foam to the comfort you require. Lastly, it has a handle for easy transportation.



mittaGonG Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

The firm support in the mittaGonG Shredded Foam Reading Pillow helps to support your back and give lasting protection against bad alignment. It has a large neck support and neck roll which can be detached or removed for maximum support, depending on your needs. The large arm supports takes some weight off your shoulders and neck and gives you a great position for typing on a laptop or reading a book, which is especially great for those struggling with neck pain. As this pillow is bigger and taller than many husband pillows, it is perfect for everyone, especially breastfeeding mothers. The shredded foam filling molds to your body and it has a convenient handle and pocket. The velour cover can be removed and is machine-washable.



ComfySure Backrest Reading Pillow

Although this pillow can be used by anyone, it is especially perfect for nursing mothers. Offering lower back, neck and arm support, the ComfySure Backrest bed-rest pillow will give you support all around. It helps to keep the body relaxed while relieving any pain and discomfort you may be feeling. It is filled with a shredded memory foam, molding and contouring to your body to make you extra comfortable. The exterior is soft and breathable, but also removable and washable, perfect if you are a new mother. It has a carry handle so can be moved around the house or taken with you on the go, wherever the support and comfort is needed.



Nestl Bedding Reading Pillow

Larger than most husband pillows, the Nestl Bedding Reading Pillow sits at 31 inches high, giving you maximum support and enveloping your body. Filled with high-density shredded memory foam that contours to the body, this support pillow is sturdy and fully supportive no matter whether you are reading, watching TV, playing video games or sleeping. There are two convenient pockets in this husband pillow — one small side pocket perfect for holding your phone or the remote control, and one larger back pocket for magazines or a tablet, meaning you don’t have to get up once you are comfortable!

There are also two detachable pillows that can be used as either a neck support, placed behind you for back support or put on your lap as a book rest. Nestl’s pillow comes in 12 vibrant colors and the covers can be unzipped and thrown in the washer whenever they are dirty. An inside zipper means you can shift the memory foam around for maximum personalized comfort.



Vekkia Extra Large Reading Pillow

Vekkia’s ratio of high quality shredded memory foam and ordinary foam filling gives you maximum stable support for your back and arms. An extra 200g of foam comes with this bed pillow, meaning you can either add or take away foam for personalized support by unzipping the inner section of the pillow. It also contains a detachable neck roll and a built-in side pocket to hold your phone or the TV remote. The covers are detachable and washable and there is a convenient handle to move the pillow with, meaning you can have support in your bed, on the couch or wherever else you may need it.




Whether you need extra support when reading, playing video games, sleeping or you spend a lot of time working on your laptop, we know you can benefit from a husband pillow. With their supportive headrests, back and arms, a reading pillow can dramatically help your posture and position when either lying in bed or on the couch. Also perfect for pregnant women or nursing mothers, everyone can use the benefits of these pillows and we know you won’t want to miss out.


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