Ten Best Gunnar Gaming Glasses for 2022

Gaming glasses are designed to not only improve your gaming experience but can also prevent people from having health complications that arise with using digital screens. A vast majority of people who spend a significant amount of time on their digital screens, whether it be at work or gaming sessions at home, will suffer from some sort of digital eye strain and in some cases have computer vision syndrome. This is because the naked eye is not made to withstand the artificial blue light and UV lights emitted from these screens including smartphones, televisions, computers or tablets. These digital devices can result to health complications such as headaches, insomnia that leads to fatigue, blurred vision, strained, red or dry eyes.

Gaming glasses range in prices and as such, you should do your research and ensure you have enough information on what exactly you want to purchase. There are gaming glasses that are designed for a starter and others that contain extensive features for experienced users; before purchase, you should familiarize yourself with the variety.

Gunnar is one of the gaming glasses brands that people tend to opt for when looking to enhance their gaming experience. Normally people will think about other gaming accessories to buy before gaming glasses such as arcade sticks and gaming chairs, when really they should be thinking about their eyes. The glasses are designed to protect the naked eye from artificial blue light. Gunnar gaming glasses are designed to deal with complications that arise from computer vision syndrome.

They have features such as tinted lenses, anti-reflective material and multi-functional layers that contribute to their health and gaming benefits. The anti-reflective material reduces brightness bouncing off screens and harming the naked eye. The color tints are specially designed to increase the contrast of the screen and filter lights that are harsh to the naked eye.



The health benefits associated with these glasses include:

• Prevention of headaches
• Prevention of eye strain
• Reduce insomnia
• Prevention of cataracts
• Prevention of damaged retina
• Prevents red or dry eyes



Gunnar gaming glasses also improve your gaming by:

• Maximizing the images on your screen to ensure you have clarity and focus

• They have tinted lenses that increase contrast and ensure you play for long periods of time without strain

• Anti-reflective material protects your eyes from the artificial light emitted from your digital screen.

If you are constantly on your digital screen, then you should consider purchasing gaming glasses to improve your gaming or work, and protect your eyes from harm.


Best Gunnar Gaming Glasses Comparison Chart

ImageModelProsConsMaterialRating out of 5Pricing
Gunnar Optiks VER-06701
1. Gunnar Optiks VER-06701Lightweight; Instant Relief for Eye Strain.Difficult to keep clean4.0$$
Gunnar Optiks SCO-04301
2. Gunnar Optiks SCO-04301Lightweight; Instant Relief for Eye Strain.Frame a bit creaky3.8$$
Gunnar Optiks PHA-00101
3. Gunnar Optiks PHA-00101- Very comfortable
- Headset compatible
No accessories4.0$$
Anime Computer Glasses
4. Anime Computer Glasses- Durable and lightweight.Quite a narrow fit.
No accessories
Gunnar Phenom
5. Gunnar PhenomHigh contrast with lower strain on the eyes. Not as robust as other models.Aluminum-magnesium with a graphite frame finish4.0$$
Gunnar Optiks PHA-05601
6. Gunnar Optiks PHA-05601Very comfortableTinting is quite strange to start with.High tensile steel with a heat/carbon frame finish4.0$$
Intercept Computer gaming glasses
7. Intercept Computer gaming glassesRobust and durableQuite big and chunkyPlastic4.0$$
Sheadog Computer Glasses
8. Sheadog Computer GlassesInstant relief from eye strain.No Case/ Cleaning cloth.High tensile steel with an onyx frame finish.4.1$$
Micron Computer Glasses
9. Micron Computer GlassesDurable and great value for money.Not as comfortable as other models of Gunnars, when wearing them for more than a couple of hours.4.2$
MLG Phantom
10. MLG PhantomVery comfortable and great price.No accessoriesHigh tensile steel with a gloss onyx frame finish. 4.0$$



Best Buy Gunnar Gaming Eyeglasses Products


1. Gunnar Optiks VER-06701

Gunnar Optiks VER-06701

These glasses are designed with a full and broad frame suitable for different shapes and sizes of heads. They are light and are made of comfortable frame materials that ensure you do not experience eye fatigue in the course of your gaming. The glasses block blue light emitted from your digital screens and this reduces the risk of retinal damage, insomnia, dry and red eyes. Blue light is also accredited to more health complications such as neck and back pains.

The glasses feature amber lenses that reduce eye strain and in turn prevent headaches and insomnia. This amber tint lenses are suitable for gaming because they increase precision and graphics. The glasses are also designed with anti-reflective coats and a 0.20x mag focusing power to help you reduce eye stress and work or game with ease.





2. Gunnar Optiks SCO-04301

Gunnar Optiks SCO-04301

These glasses sport flexible temples that are designed to comfortably fit different head shapes and sizes. They are also customizable thanks to the interchangeable rims and can, therefore, be adjusted to suit your specific needs. They have amber tinted lenses to protect your eyes by blocking artificial blue light and are suitable for gaming. The glasses increase the precision and graphics of your game.

These lenses are specially designed to protect and improve your vision. They are lightweight and balanced to reduce eye strain and this means that you can comfortably game for longer periods. They contain onyx/carbon frame glasses that are made to enhance visual performance and enhance focus for those people with a 20/20 vision. The glasses also contain an adjustable silicone nose pads that ensure they can comfortably fit in heads of different shapes and sizes.





3. Gunnar Optiks PHA-00101

Gunnar Optiks PHA-00101

These glasses are designed to have ultra-slim temples that aid in the distribution of headphone pressure and guarantee headset compatibility. They are ideal for gaming thanks to the high tensile steel that guarantees comfort and stability. The glasses are lightweight and contain a full frame made of stainless steel. Their lightweight design reduces pressure points and prevents fatigue.

These glasses have an adjustable nose pad that aids in enhancing vision, preventing eye strain and increasing optical stability. The glasses have coated lenses that aid in filtering transmitted light from your digital device. They also contain a hydrophobic element that ensures water spots are marginal, another coating that provides resistance to blurring and impressions, and a final coat that decreases scratching.





4. Anime Computer Glasses

Anime Computer Glasses

These glasses have added amber lenses, anti-reflective coatings and 0.20 mag focusing power that help reduce eye strain and headaches. The amber lenses are also an added advantage for gaming. This is because they increase precision during gaming and enhance the graphics.

They block 65 percent of the artificial blue light emitted and 100 percent UV light, which is harmful to the naked eye. These lights cause complications such as red or dry eyes and retina damage. These complications easily interfere with your gaming. They are comfortable for gaming because they are designed using lightweight frame materials. These glasses can also comfortably fit in an array of head shapes and sizes.





5. Gunnar Phenom

Gunnar Phenom

Gunnar Phenom glasses are designed to protect your eyes from retinal damage caused by the use of digital devices for extended periods. These glasses are light and designed using durable frame materials to fit in different head shapes and sizes comfortably. The glasses also contain added amber lens contrast, and an anti-reflective coating that reduce eye strain and dry eyes. They block blue light, which contributes to insomnia by giving the mind an illusion that it is still daytime. The artificial blue light also causes eye strain that causes discomfort during gaming. The amber lenses are ideal to help you game with ease and comfort because they enhance your precision and graphics.

These glasses are constructed with the Gunnar iAMP technology, giving them a classic look and the comfort that you will enjoy. Their crystalline lenses make them ideal for graphic designers, gamers and workers alike. They are made of aluminum-magnesium, ensuring they last long. Better still, their graphite finish adds to their shine, ensuring that you can use them outdoors.

The medium fit frame with hidden spring hinges allow the glasses to accommodate a wide range of head sizes; they flex ergonomically without necessarily being uncomfortable.





6. Gunnar Optiks PHA-05601

Gunnar Optiks PHA-05601

These glasses contain tinted and coated lenses designed to block artificial blue light emitted from digital screens. The lenses act to prevent damages that occur from scratching, fingerprints and water contact. The Amber tint lenses increase the precision and graphics of your game. The glasses also contain an adjustable silicon nose pad that aid in increasing optical stability and reducing eye strain. They are lightweight to reduce pressure points ,ensuring that you are comfortable during gaming. They also contain a single-piece front designed using high tensile steel and a toggle free center that enhances your comfort during gaming.



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7. Intercept Computer gaming glasses

Intercept Computer gaming glasses

These glasses contain a wide format frame ideal for a panoramic view for high resolution viewing. They have an inflexible mounting lens and multi-barrel hinges. The lenses are also silicon coated to protect them from scratching. These glasses are designed with anti-reflective coatings and lenses that reduce eye strain.

They block 15 percent harmful blue light and 100 percent UV light emitted from digital devices. This prevents digital eye strain and in turn ensures that you can game for longer periods. They are light and designed using frame materials that are highly durable and can comfortably fit in different head shapes and sizes. These glasses are designed to target objects on your digital screen with ease and this enhances your gaming.





8. Sheadog Computer Glasses

Sheadog Computer Glasses

Sheadog Computer glasses are designed from stainless steel material and have a lightweight build. These glasses are designed to block blue light that is emitted from digital screens, minimizing eye strain. Blue light increases the risk of damaging your retina as you spend more and more time staring at the screen. This ensures that you can spend more time gaming with ease and without causing fatigue to your eyes. These glasses also contain a focusing power of 0.20 mag, anti-reflective coatings and lenses that are designed to reduce eye strain, insomnia, dry and red eyes. The lenses are silicone coated to reduce scratching that could degrade your vision. They are made of lightweight and durable frame materials that enable them to fit in different head shapes and sizes.





9. Micron Computer Glasses

Micron Computer Glasses

The Micron Computer Glasses are designed to block blue light, anti-glare and minimize eye fatigue that results in headaches, insomnia, red or dry eyes. These glasses are designed to protect your eyes from artificial blue light that is emitted by digital devices. This light increases your chances of damaging your retina and also causes insomnia.

The glasses are specially designed with amber lens contrast, anti-reflective coatings, and a focusing power of 0.20 mag that reduces eye strain. This ensures that you game comfortably and for longer periods. They are also made to enhance comfort thanks to the durable frame materials. They contain wide set-up lenses that produce a panoramic viewing field for high-resolution viewing. These glasses also contain an inflexible lens mounting area that prevents degradation of optics when fixing the lens. They contain a curved nose that enhances comfort by getting rid of pressure points and distribute weight evenly. The lenses are also silicon coated to reduce scratches.





10. MLG Phantom

MLG Phantom

These glasses contain silicone hard coated lenses to protect them from scratching. They also contain ultra-slim temples and a gently curved temple that is flexible. The glasses have wide format lenses and flexible silicone nose pads. These glasses are designed to block artificial blue light emitted from digital devices such as computer screens. The naked eye is not equipped to be exposed to artificial blue light and, therefore, exposure leads to increased chances of retina damage, eye fatigue, insomnia, and headaches. They are designed with a durable and comfortable frame and are lightweight to enhance your comfort during gaming. They comfortably fit in different head shapes and sizes.


Purchasing gaming glasses is a smart move because a majority of the population spends most of their time in front of digital screens. These glasses have more advantages than just wearing them when you are gaming or in front of your machine. You can also wear them when doing simple activities such as going to the beach. This is because the glasses are equipped with features that block harmful UV rays from the sun. Gaming glasses go a long way to improve your gaming by reducing health risks and increasing comfort during gaming and are, therefore, a necessary purchase.

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