Best Green Tea Brands In The World In 2022

Green tea has been an important part of Chinese culture for thousands of years. Even to this day, the green drink is a huge part of traditional Chinese medicine. There are good reasons why green tea continues to be popular. Several studies have shown that green tea offers a host of great health benefits.

The best green tea is capable of improving your body from the inside out. With regular consumption, you may experience a boost to your immune system. The stuff is chock-full of antioxidants, which are known to support your overall health.

Many people have been using green tea for weight loss as well. It naturally increases your metabolism, which can help to burn fat without going to any extremes. On top of all that, green tea is a great alternative to coffee. It has a healthy amount of caffeine to help you feel energetic and rejuvenated. It’s a wonderful detox tea.

As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons why green tea is such a beloved beverage. If you’re looking to take advantage of some of those benefits, you’re in luck. There are several types of green tea available on the market. To help you find the right one, we’ve rounded up a collection of the best that money can buy.





Zealong Premium Organic Green Tea

Zealong Premium Organic Green Tea

This option from Zealong is an award-winning tea that’s meticulously processed for great taste. The tea is made from plants grown in New Zealand. They’re all organic and non-GMO for your peace of mind.

After harvesting, the leaves are dried and loosely rolled. Then, they’re placed in pyramid-shaped bags. To ensure that the taste isn’t affected at all, the bags are made out of plant starch. It doesn’t use synthetic glues or bleached paper. It’s an all-natural tea that’s high in antioxidants and nutrients.

Bags made of organic plant starch
USDA organic tea
Grown in New Zealand
Loosely rolled for better infusion





Jade Leaf Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea

Jade Leaf Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea

With this matcha tea powder, you can make healthy lattes, desserts, and more. The powder is sourced from tea plants that are grown in Japan. The plants are all organic. In fact, the farms have been using the same natural growing techniques for several generations.

To boost the nutritional content of the tea, the plants are grown in the shade for the last 3 to four weeks. Then, they’re harvested and processed into the fine powder. Each batch is heavily tested to ensure that you’re getting good amounts of caffeine, catechins, and L-theanine.

Tea sourced from Japan
USDA organic
No additives
Finely ground
Comes in a resealable bag




Tazo China Green Tips Green Tea

Tazo China Green Tips Green Tea

Tazo is one of the most popular tea brands. The company’s green tea is a great addition to their line. The green tea leaves are sourced from China during the spring. This ensures that the brewed tea is fresh, full of flavor, and chock-full of nutrients.

This particular Chinese green tea has a moderate amount of caffeine. When it comes to taste, the tea is fresh and has some subtle sweetness. It’s not as sharp as black tea, so it’s easy to enjoy cold or hot. To make brewing easier, the tea leaves are all packed in bags that are ready to steep.

Sources from China
Individually wrapped tea bags
No additives or preservatives




Yogi Tea – Green Tea Super Antioxidant

Yogi Tea - Green Tea Super Antioxidant

Tea lovers will enjoy this herbal blend tea. The main star of the show is Jasmine green tea. However, it also includes some great extras to provide a boost of antioxidants. Some of the other ingredients you’ll find include licorice, dandelion root, lemongrass, peppermint, and more.

All of the ingredients are grown organically. There are no artificial ingredients or GMOs either. This tea is marketed as a healthy tea. It’s specifically formulated to help you improve your immune system and fight off free radicals.

Contains lemongrass and peppermint
USDA organic and non-GMO
Low caffeine
Rich in antioxidants




Numi Organic Tea Jasmine Green

Numi Organic Tea Jasmine Green

This green tea from Numi has a subtle aroma of fresh flowers. The green tea tastes sweet and smooth. The added jasmine flowers help to add a unique layer after brewing. Full leaves are used to maintain the plant’s nutrients and antioxidants.

Numi bags the leaves in individual tea bags. The great thing about this particular tea product is that the bags are completely biodegradable and safe. They’re made out of hemp cellulose and are not bleached. So, you can experience the natural flavor without any potential contaminants.

Contains Jasmine flowers
Moderate caffeine
Organic and non-GMO
Non-bleached bags





Stash Tea Premium Green Tea

Stash Tea Premium Green Tea

The premium green tea blend from Stash is a very versatile option. The unique blend of flavors is great for making sweetened iced tea. Or, you can brew it hot and enjoy it immediately. Whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that you’re getting all the nutritional benefits possible.

When the tea plants are harvested, they’re immediately steamed. This helps to retain the nutrients, flavor, and color. The leaves are then bagged individually. All the plants are organic as well, ensuring that each bag tastes great.

Tea blend
Certified organic
Tea grown in Brazil




The Republic of Tea Acai Berry Green Tea

The Republic of Tea Acai Berry Green Tea

The Republic of Tea is a very popular green tea brand. The company uses organic ingredients throughout, so you don’t have to worry about consuming potentially harmful additives. This tea flavor combines the benefits of green tea with the benefits of Acai berries.

Acai is considered to be a superfood because it’s filled with nutrients and antioxidants. The berries are sweet, which adds a pleasant flavor to the tea. The fruity tones make this tea an excellent option for iced tea and desserts as well.

Blended with Acai berries
Unbleached tea bags
USDA organic
Moderate caffeine levels




Twinings of London Jasmine Green Tea Bags

Twinings of London Jasmine Green Tea Bags

From Twinings of London is this simple green tea. The only thing you’ll find in these tea bags is green tea leaves. There are no additives. However, the tea leaves are scented with real jasmine flowers prior to packaging. Because the flowers aren’t added to the blend, the flavor and aroma are very subtle.

This tea is a very popular option for weight loss and overall health. It has high levels of catechins, which can help to keep your cells healthy and boost your immune system.

Infused with Jasmine flowers
High catechines content
Ideal for weight loss
Well balanced flavor





Lipton Green Tea

Lipton Green Tea

If you’re looking for a simple and natural flavor, consider this green tea from Lipton. Unlike other products on this list, this tea doesn’t contain any extras. It’s pure green tea through and through. When brewed, you can enjoy the authentic flavor as nature intended.

Because it’s so natural, the tea maintains many of its health benefits. With regular consumption, you may be able to experience a boost in your immune system and metabolisms. This pack comes with 100 individual bags, so you should have no problem drinking this tea regularly.

No additives or extra
Rainforest alliance certified





Salada Green Tea

Salada Green Tea

Stada is an established tea brand that is known for creating simple and natural products. These green tea bags are no different. Like the option from Lipton, this tea doesn’t contain anything but green tea.

During the processing phase, the tea leaves are all steamed. The steaming process keeps all of those great nutrients and antioxidants intact.

Pure green tea
Smooth and sweet flavor




Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger Herbal Leaf Tea

Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger Herbal Leaf Tea

Looking for green tea with a kick? Take a look at this product from Traditional Medicine. It contains organic ginger. Not only does this help to enhance the taste a bit, but the ingredient also has some medicinal properties.

The ginger can reduce swelling in the gut. Ultimately, this helps to prevent stomach upsets and alleviate any discomfort you’re feeling. If you drink this tea regularly, the blend may also help to keep your digestive system in check.

Made for better digestion
Contains ginger
No caffeine
Organic and non-GMO




Harney & Sons Citron Green Tea

Harney & Sons Citron Green Tea

This green tea offers a touch of luxury. It’s a colorless tea, so it’s a great option for those who are looking to try their first taste of green tea. While it is made of predominantly green tea, there are some unique extras thrown into the mix.

There are hints of both lemon and orange. When you open the can, you’ll immediately notice the strong aroma. This continues even after steaming. Though, the flavors are a bit more subdued and complement the green tea taste well.

Individual sachets
Subtle citrus flavor
Strong aroma




What Can Green Tea Do For You

Whether you choose to invest in green tea bags or you brew loose leaf tea for a more traditional experience, you can take advantage of a slew of different health benefits. Truth is, this tea is capable of improving many different aspects of your health. There are so many great organic compounds found in the tea plant. When you use hot water to draw all of those nutrients and compounds out, you’re creating one of the healthiest drinks around. Here are some of the most noteworthy health benefits of green tea.


Enhanced Immune System

Your immune system is responsible for fighting off diseases and free radicals. Green tea is rich in polyphenols. About 30 percent of green tea’s weight is made up of polyphenols. One of the most prevalent polyphenols in green tea is catechin, which is a powerful antioxidant.

These compounds do wonders for your immune system. The catechins can protect your cells and prevent damage in your molecules. As a result, your body is more capable of fighting off diseases. Some studies have even shown that green tea lowers your risks of certain cancers. These include breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer.


Weight Loss

There’s still some confusion about how green tea improves weight loss. However, many studies have shown that it’s capable of increasing metabolic rate. Your metabolism affects how your body uses the fuel you get from food. Those with higher metabolisms burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

Drinking quality teas can improve your metabolism significantly. This helps you lose weight naturally. When you throw a regular exercise regime and good diet habits into the mix, your chances of experiencing obesity are decreased.

Furthermore, green tea is great at increasing fat oxidation in key areas. So, you can lose weight in stubborn areas around the abdomen and thighs.


Cardiovascular Improvement

It’s estimated that regular green tea drinkers have a 31 percent lower chance of cardiovascular disease. Heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death worldwide. The compounds in green tea are thought to affect cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol.

Essentially, the antioxidants in tea help to slow down the effects of those risk factors. Plus, the improved metabolism and immune health ensure that antioxidants have an easier time flowing through your body.


Improved Brain Function

There are a few ways that pure green tea can improve your brain. First, the caffeine content can help to block inhibitory neurotransmitters. Caffeine can change the way that neurons are fired off in the brain. However, too much caffeine can lead to increased heart rate as well. Green tea has moderate caffeine content. So, you can take advantage of those benefits without the jittery feeling.

Green tea can also improve your brain health because it contains L-theanine. This amino acid can get through blood barriers in the brain. Once it gets past those barriers, it can increase the activity of neurotransmitters that work to keep anxiety levels low.

In the long run, the best tea can also decrease your chances of degenerative brain diseases. These include Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Studies conducted on animals showed that the compounds in the tea can protect the neurons from these common old-age issues.



What Kinds of Green Tea Are Available

Contrary to popular belief, there is more than one type of green tea available. All green teas come from the Camellia Sinensis plant. However, processing techniques, where the plant is grown, and much more can affect the final product. Here are some of the most common teas you can get.


Sencha Green Tea

This type of tea is thought to have more polyphenols in it than other varieties. As a result, it’s viewed as a healthier option. Sencha is one of the most popular kinds of Japanese green tea. It’s made from the delicate leaves of the tea plant. Once brewed, it has a very pure and sweet taste.


Gyokuro Green Tea

Another tea that’s popular in Japan is Gyokuro Green tea. This a very sought-after variety because it’s made from some of the freshest leaves available. While it does cost a pretty penny, the flavor is highly palatable. It’s sweet and doesn’t have that grassy flavor that’s associated with low-quality teas.


Matcha Green Tea

Chances are, you’ve heard of matcha before. It’s a bestseller that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. There’s really no huge difference between matcha and standard green tea in terms of plant quality. However, matcha is processed differently. It’s ground into a very fine powder. Instead of brewing it, you can simply mix it with some hot water. Thanks to its fine consistency, it’s also used in baked goods and lattes.


Gunpowder Green Tea

Gunpowder green tea comes from China. Like matcha, it’s processed for simplicity. Rather than powder, it’s formed into pellets that dissolve in hot water. It has a fairly unique flavor thanks to processing. The tea is smoky and less sweet.



Buying High-Quality Green Tea

Take one stroll through your local health food store and you’ll find a wide range of tea products. Choosing just one can be a tough task. Whether you’re looking for a healthy drink or just love the taste of green tea, here are some things to consider when you’re shopping.

Caffeine Levels

While some people thrive with a constant supply of caffeine, it’s not for everyone. If your body doesn’t agree with caffeinated drinks, you can easily find decaffeinated green tea. These teas have the same taste after steeping. However, you don’t have to worry about the effects of caffeine.


Origins of Tea

Authentic teas are always best. Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of companies out there that offer teas made out of low-quality tea leaves. Some brands also mix the tea with low-quality additives to save a few bucks. If you want the best health benefits and great taste, stick with teas that originated in China or Japan.


Organic and Non-GMO

Modern farming techniques are notorious for stripping plants of their natural components. Green tea is supposed to be high in antioxidants. Sadly, genetically modified tea plants do exist. They don’t offer the same level of nutrition as organic varieties.



Like any other plant-based food product, tea doesn’t last forever. Older teas have fewer nutrients and antioxidants, so they should be avoided. Plus, they can take on a bitter taste after brewing. Go with the freshest product that you can find. Also, avoid buying in bulk. You don’t want the products to go bad before you have a chance to make a cup of green tea.



All in all, introducing green tea into your diet can have wonderful effects on your health. Green tea is an all-natural drink that has the power to improve your life. Whether you choose a delicious blend with unique flavors or stick with something natural and simple, give green tea a shot and see what it can do for you.

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