Ten Best Golf Ball Retrievers 2021 – Helping Golfers With Bad Backs

How many times have you found yourself coming home after a game of golf with pain in your lower back? The pain that you experience comes from the constant motion of standing and bending over the holes to pick up your ball. With one of the golf ball retrievers available online, you can now find that ball in a fraction of the time and without bending over and without feeling any pressure in your lower back or any other part of your body.

While there are some things to think about as you shop, you really want to take into account design and size. If the ball retriever is too large, it won’t fit in your bag or it may take up the space that you need for your clubs. The retriever should have an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand too. Some have handles that you squeeze to wrap the retriever around the ball, but others act like a scoop to catch the ball like a net.

Ball retrievers with a telescopic handle are a great choice too because you can extend the length of the handle to reach balls further away.


You can weigh all these factors as you look at the top 10 best golf ball retrievers.



Search and Rescue Retriever

If you often feel like tracking down a lost ball is like a search and rescue mission, you’ll appreciate this golf ball retriever. Two steel rings on the end work with a lock bar to ensure that once you grab the ball, you won’t drop it. Though those pieces use stainless steel, the body of the retriever uses a special aluminum alloy with a powder coated finish that can withstand all environmental conditions without rusting.

The way this retriever works is pretty simple too. You just place the dual bars over or under your ball, apply some pressure and scoop the ball up until you can reach it. The Search and Rescue Retriever comes with a cover that fits over the head to make it match all the clubs in your golf bag.




IGOTCHA The Biggest Golf Ball Retriever

While bigger isn’t always better, it certainly is when it comes to this IGOTCHA ball retriever, which is the biggest one from the company and one of the biggest once available. Weighing just 25 ounces, this retriever fits inside any golf bag without taking space away from your equipment and without weighing you down. The telescopic shaft actually extends out to give you a total reach of 21 feet. Once you pull that handle back in though, it measures only 46-inches long, which is the same length as most clubs.

Squeezing the comfort grip helps you open and extend the head to wrap it around your ball. That head will wrap around the entire ball to keep it from dropping as you bring it back towards you.



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Callaway Ball Retriever

Those who use the golf balls and other accessories from Callaway will like using this Callaway ball retriever while on the greens. At just 45-inches long, this ball retriever fits inside your bag without taking space away from your clubs and without adding extra weight to your bag. Its telescopic handle extends to an impressive 15 feet to help you reach balls you might otherwise give up on ever finding.

A sure-grip handle has a textured grip to relieve stress on your hands and an ergonomic design that doesn’t put pressure on your wrists or fingers. Made from an aluminum alloy that will never bend, this retriever retains its strong shape during the longest of grabs. Callaway gives you a cover that makes the retriever look like your golf clubs.




IGOTCHA Executive 10 Ft Golf Ball Retriever

The convenient design of the Executive golf ball retriever from IGOTCHA makes it one of the best models for tucking inside your bag. It weighs only eight ounces, which is a fraction of what others weigh, and it measures just 15-inches long when in a retracted state. The Executive is so small that you can actually store it in a pocket on your bag. When you extend the telescopic handle though, this ball retriever can capture balls up to 10-feet away.

A spring mechanism on the end of the ball retriever pops up when you press down and put some pressure on the end. This mechanism helps the head wrap around your ball and keep it in place as you move the retriever. It works with balls stuck in water, sand, dirt and even mud.




PrideSports Universal Ball Retriever

No matter what type of golf balls you use, you’ll find that this universal ball retriever helps you track down and retrieve each one. Designed to work like a scoop, this simple tool has a telescopic handle that expands in seconds to reach distances further away from you to scoop up a ball in a sand trap or a water hazard. The handle that you hold in your hands is ergonomic to reduce pressure and keeps your wet or slick hands from sliding off.

Capable of extending up to 12 full feet away from you, this retriever can help you save money on the balls that you usually lose on the course. It uses a durable aluminum alloy and has a bright orange color that is easy to see.




JP Lann Golf Ball Retriever

With just a small amount of pressure and this golf ball retriever, you can easily scoop up the balls that land in traps and hazards. Though this retriever comes in different sizes and designs, the best is the one that measures 18-feet long when fully extended and features a pressure head on the end. This head lets you press down on the top of the ball to push it through the head and bring it back to you.

Made from anodized aluminum, the ball retriever has a comfort grip handle that takes the pressure off your hands and a bright orange head. That color ensures that you can see the retriever as you move it and that you never lose it in pond or any other golf course trap.




Golf Equipment 2M Golf Ball Retriever Device Automatically Portable Telescopic Pick Up Ball Retriever

With a comfort grip on the end, this ball retriever is as easy and comfortable to hold as your own golf clubs are. The shaft of the retriever features a durable type of stainless steel that is strong enough to stand up to common weather and environmental conditions without breaking or even bending. That steel also helps keep the overall weight of the retriever down.

A scooping head on the end is as easy to use as a net. You just slide the head under your ball to scoop it up an then pull the head towards you. A locking mechanism adds some structure to the retriever too. When you grip the end of the ball retriever with one hand, it drops the lock down to hold the ball in place until you release the lock.




Signstek Brand New Retractable Steel Saver Telescopic Golf Ball Pickup Retriever

Golfers of all skill levels gave this golf ball retriever good reviews because of how well it works. The telescopic handle extends to nearly 80 inches to help you locate balls you hit into a water feature or a sand trap. Though its shaft uses stainless steel to bring down its overall weight, that metal is quite durable and will keep the retriever in great shape after years of play.

Located on the end of the handle is a locking feature that automatically locks as soon as you grab the ball. This keeps the ball from slipping out and keeps the retriever itself from bending or drooping. A grip added to the opposite end of the handle acts like cushioning to make your hand feel more comfortable when using it.




8 PCS Golf Ball Pick Up Retriever

Whether you want to practice at the putting green, or you have some aches and pains in your lower back that keep you from bending over to grab your ball out of the hole, this golf ball retriever is a good choice. It essentially acts like those gripping tools that elderly people use because it has a small claw that will wrap around the ball to help you pull it out of that hole without bending or twisting.

Designed to work with putters, this set comes with eight ball retrievers that you can keep on hand for your trips to the course. Each retriever measures just three-inches long and will fit inside a pocket on your golf bag or even in the pocket of your pants or jacket. This set works with golfers who have arthritis too.




PrideSports Golf Ball Pick-Up

While some golf ball retrievers are perfect for grabbing balls that landed in traps and other hazards that you could not otherwise reach, this ball retriever is better for those who want to avoid bending over to find a ball. Though it won’t work with most hazards, it’s great for use on putting greens and in situations where you need to grab your ball after knocking in a shot. It is the same length as most clubs and will fit inside any golf bag, and you can store it as-is or add your own cover to the end.

This golf ball retriever has a head that acts like a small suction cup. You’ll need to stand over the hole, place the retriever inside the hole and push down until it grips the ball. It will retain its hold on that ball until you pull it off.


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