A Guide On The Best Gifts & Toys For 8 Year Old Girls – 2022 Edition

You need a gift for an eight-year-old girl, but don’t you dare bring her a princess outfit. The choices for girls now include things that build crucial 21st-century skills in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math.) You can bring her a gift that allows her to experiment, code, build, and learn to make critical decisions that she’ll face in her adult life.

It’s essential that kids learn through dynamic play, so the toys found here feature multiple kinds of tasks that allow her to ask open-ended questions, explore outside through motor skills, or read and synthesize and increasingly complex story. She can learn through activities she wants to participate in.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best toys for eight-year-old girls. Each one addresses a critical learning task, but still brings plenty of fun to the table. She can learn through play and inquiry without ever feeling like she’s chained to an “educational” toy. Let’s take a look at the list.


Kano Computer Kit 2017

Kano Computer Kit 2017

Start her off right with in-demand 21st-century skills. Kano allows her to build her own computer and learn to code using playful projects, music, and games. It’s an excellent system for beginning coders, and since coding is the top skill in demand with modern business, she’ll get the chance to learn and apply those skills.

There are also more than 100 apps, and the system can connect to the internet so she can watch her favorite YouTube videos. It’s a chance for her to create her own technology instead of just consuming a passive screen. As a bonus, there’s a safe, friendly Kano community for her to join, get pointers, and be inspired by other creators.

Why she’ll love it: Kano is a chance for her to take control of her computing technology and do fun things like hack into Minecraft. She’ll be inspired to create, think critically, and be an active participant in her technology.




Kids Science Set

Kids Science Set

The Kids Science set is a pack of over 55 pieces and can perform more than 60 experiments intended for all parts of the year. She can build some classics like an exploding volcano, but she can also conduct more in-depth experiments like growing her own mini sprout garden.

The experiments are designed to be performed in a variety of weather and conditions, so even she’s stuck inside during bad weather, she can still be a scientist. It has a variety of equipment for lots of different types of inquiry.

All the experiments come with clear instructions, and the package includes a DVD as well. The experiments are safe and will allow her to explore the world without worry. It supports STEM learning activities in the sciences, which are especially crucial for girls.

Why she’ll love it: There’s no shortage of experiments for her to try. She’ll be able to ask questions, formulate a hypothesis, and then test her hypothesis all from home.




The Game of Life

The Game of Life

The Game of Life is a classic board game that mimics the real-life choices adults make as they navigate life. It shows rewards and consequences of certain decisions as well as allowing for life’s unexpected obstacles.

It is a low tech game. The classic board game structure is relaxing, but The Game of Life is also a challenging process as she attempts to make the same kinds of decisions she might have to in real life. Each time she plays, she’s given a different circumstance and can try on all sorts of identities before she gets into the real world.

Why she’ll love it: This is a low-key but thought-provoking game, and she’ll have fun playing against friends and family. It is a great way to help her connect with the important people in her life.




ATM Savings Bank

ATM Savings Bank

Speaking of real-life skills, the ATM bank is a realistic ATM designed to help children save money and make good decisions. It features an alarm clock, motorized bill feeder, and the system works like the real ATM. Kids can withdraw cash using a card made specifically for the ATM and a unique four-digit code.

It accepts coins and bills and recognizes all denominations. It helps kids save, and it teaches them to track their progress in savings over time. It’s a great way to teach critical financial skills while she’s young.

Why she’ll love it: It’s a modern twist on the piggy bank. She can deposit and withdraw money just like mom and dad and learn to make important decisions.




LEGO Friends Snow Resort Ski Lift 41324 Building Kit

LEGO Friends Snow Resort Ski Lift 41324 Building Kit

The LEGO Snow Resort is a working ski lift engineering pack. It features a ski lift, ski slope, restaurant, rock climbing wall, bear cave, and trail map stand. She can build her own working ski resort, and with 585 pieces, this system will keep her building for hours.

It comes with two mini figures and a bear cub and addresses essential STEM requirements in engineering. Many of the parts in this system are movable, so she’ll be able to connect principles from physical science into real working machines.

LEGO pieces are quality, and the kit is a deluxe builder. It can be combined with other packs in the LEGO system to expand the environment.

Why she’ll love it: LEGO has been a classic toy for so long, and she’ll be captivated by LEGO’s tiny world.




Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow

Nerf’s Rebelle line features toys made in the spirit of Katniss. The bow comes with arrows, decoder so that she can send and receive secret messages, a quiver, and instructions. Arrows can launch up to 85 feet and feature rounded pink tips to prevent any injury.

This line gets her outside and imagining. Creative play is still one of the best ways for her to learn about her world, so the Rebelle line gives her the chance to play act and still practice physically tricky tasks like archery.

Why she’ll love it: Archery is a cool skill that likely her heroes have mastered, so she’ll have the chance to follow in their footsteps.






Cozmo is just like some of the movie robots we’ve come to love. He’s got a personality and is interactive. The more you hang out with him, the more he evolves.

You can challenge him to games or switch to see his view of things. He comes with a coding manual so that you can program functions into his personality. He’s curious and recognizes faces as you continue to interact.

He’s tested for durability, and there are no parts to assemble. He comes ready to play straight out of the box with plenty of instructions to get your young coder started.

Why she’ll love it: Cozmo is like a pet from the future. He learns, responds, evolves, and builds a relationship with his owner. It’s a great way to let her imagination develop over time.




Harry Potter Complete Book Series Special Edition Boxed Set by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter Complete Book Series Special Edition Boxed Set by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter is a classic. As she evolves in her reading skills, she’ll be able to follow Harry, Hermione, and Ron through a series of adventures culminating in the ultimate showdown. As the series continues, the structure and language of each book become more complex, helping her to hone critical reading skills while she enjoys a story for the ages.

The box set is a beautiful set that shows scenes from Harry’s magical universe on the spine. All seven are included in their own decorative box.

Why she’ll love it: It’s Harry Potter in one beautiful set. What’s not to like? After a long day of school or time with her friends, reading a book is the perfect way to wind down.




Simon Optix Game 2 Pack

Simon Optix Game 2 Pack

The classic game of Simon gets a new look for the 21st century. It’s a wearable headset that can connect with another wearer, but all the fun of classic Simon is still there. Players watch sounds and lights and then repeat the pattern as it gets increasingly complicated.

Players complete the same sequence together until one misses a note. When that happens, the last person standing is the winner. The headsets can also be set to play alone.

The rules are simple, but the game gets increasingly harder as each player goes along. This is an excellent way for her to build memory skills and test them out.

Why she’ll love it: The game is simple to learn, but the VR headsets add a modern element to the classic game.



Regardless of the system you choose, your gift will be a hit. She’ll get something fun for her and friends, and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing she’s learning the whole time.

Which gift did you choose? Let us know in the comments, and tell us how excited she was to receive it!


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