A Guide On The Best Gifts & Toys For 2 Year Old Girls – Fresh for 2021

The Perfect Developmentally Appropriate Toys for 2 year old Girls

Two year old little girls have grown out of the baby stage and entered into toddlerhood. At this stage, they’re learning how to play independently and they are developing many skills from cognition to fine motor, to language. Having age-appropriate toys will allow them to develop at a pace that is perfect for their physical and developmental abilities.

Below is a list of carefully chosen toys that will encourage independent play, as well aide in the development of necessary skills for your two year old. They are some of the top rated toys for this age group.



Banana Balance Bike LT – Pink

Two year old girls don’t have the strength to use a small pedal bike with training wheels yet. However, some are also not able to reach the pedals on a tricycle, which makes riding one very difficult. The perfect compromise between the tricycle and the small pedal bike is a balance bike. For instance, the Banana balance bike has an easily adjustable seat that requires no tools. This makes it possible to get the perfect height for two years and their quickly growing bodies.

Once your little girl gets comfortable walking while on the balance bike, she will start sitting down while moving it with her feet. She will then learn how to speed up and eventually she’ll be able to put her feet up behind her on the footrest and fly with this balance bike.

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Hape Wood Kids Play Kitchen

Toddlers love to pretend and many enjoy watching their caregivers cook. They can pretend to cook some delicious food on this Hape Wood play kitchen. Be prepared to try out many soups, pizzas, burgers, and casseroles that your little girl will make for you.

This kitchen comes with everything needed to make your little one believe they’re chefs in a kitchen. It has a stovetop, oven, sink and it includes 13 kitchen tools and accessories.

Since this kitchen and the accessories are made out of wood, it is of high quality and will last through rough toddler play. The beautiful purple color will appeal to your little girl and keep her playing with it for hours.

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Melissa and Doug Mine to Love Jenna Baby Doll

This adorable 12-inch baby doll is sure to make any little girl fall in love with her. The soft face and squishable body will have your little one hugging her and lugging her around everywhere. She can open and close her eyes, which make her look like a real baby. Baby Jenna can even suck her thumb or the included pacifier.

The clothes and hat can be taken off and placed back on to help your little girl learn and develop fine motor skills. This is a plus for parents because you can easily wash them and wipe Jenna clean when the clothes and Jenna inevitably get messy.

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EEDan 3 Wheel T-bar Kick Scooter with Max Glider Flashing Wheels

Your two year old little girl might be ready to ride a scooter and the EEDan three-wheeler is a great starter scooter. It is made out of metal and has a strong base to ensure a safe and stable ride for your toddler. It is equipped with a T-style handlebar that can adjust to three different heights. The handlebar has some nice, comfortable grip pads to keep little hands from sliding around.

For even more fun, the wheels light up and get even more bright as your toddler picks up speed.

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Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center

Helping your two year old build fine motor skills can be achieved with this 2-in-1 sports center. If your little girl is in the mood for shooting some hoops, show her how to get the ball in the basket. She might miss a few times, but since this is the ideal height for a toddler, she’ll get the ball in the basket in no time. She can then move on to kicking the ball in the net and scoring a goal. The electronic scoreboard will count how many goals or baskets she scores.

The sports center has over 50 songs, melodies, and phrases. Amongst other things, it will teach toddlers counting numbers, the different shapes, and the alphabet. It’s interactive and will produce some fun and encouraging phrases when your little scores.

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Melissa and Doug Pretty Purse Fill and Spill Soft Play Set

Does your little girl go in your purse digging for fun things to play with? With this Melissa and Doug purse, she can now have her own pretty things. It’s translucent which will make it easy for her to pick the toy that she wants to play with. Or she can dump everything out and fill it up again one by one. The purse has a key ring with four keys that she can take in and out, a mobile phone that makes some sound, a safe mirror, and a coin purse with four coins.

This pink purse with the many different textures will help your toddler develop gross motor skills as they figure out many ways to play with it.

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Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light, Turtle

To help keep your little girl calm at night try this Cloud B twilight constellation night light. It’s in the shape of a turtle and will project a ceiling full of stars in green, amber, and blue color options.

You can encourage your two year old to try to count the stars or make imaginary shapes with her fingers by connecting the stars. This will help her stay in bed longer until she’s able to fall asleep. If she wakes up in the middle of the night, turn the turtle light back on and set the 45 minute timer for her so she can soothe herself back to sleep.

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Melissa and Doug Let’s play House Dust! Sweep! Mop! 6-Piece Pretend Play Set

Most two year old girls love to clean! They don’t always like cleaning the messes they make with toys, but they love to take their parent’s brooms and sweep away. This play set will make it possible for them to clean with tools that are the perfect size for them. They can now mop, sweep, or dust just like their parents. Whenever they spill some cookies or other pieces of food, encourage them to take the correct tool and clean up the mess. If they spill some water on the kitchen floor, help them find the mop from their set and show them how to dry the floor up.

This is a durable set made out of strongly constructed wood and includes a storage stand to keep everything in place.

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Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel With Paper Roll and Accessories

Let the creative side of your little girl come out with this all in one easel. It is a whiteboard on one side, a chalkboard on the other side, and it has rolls of paper that can be pulled down for painting or drawing. When your little one is using it for painting, you will be happy to know that the paint jars have a nice holding spot, which will prevent spills from happening. The paper roll can be easily replaced whenever your daughter finishes it up. The tray on the bottom can be used for all types of tools such as markers, crayons, paint brushes, and anything else your little artist needs.

This easel can be adjusted in height to ensure that your two year old will be able to reach everything.

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TOMY Bath Foam Cone Factory Toy

Everyone loves ice cream, especially toddlers! This TOMY bath foam cone factory will allow them to make pretend ice cream while taking a bath. The ice cream can be made from a soap and water mixture, then your toddler can pull on the handle to pour the mixture into the cone. You can mount this toy for your little one on your bathroom wall or on the bathtub with the suction cups provided. Along with the included cones, this toy will also come with a sprinkle shaker to top off the pretend ice cream.

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VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

This VTech drum set will allow your little girl to jam and have some endless fun. She can jam to the melodies that are preloaded into this drum set or she can have some free play by creating her own rhythm. There is also a learning mode for numbers and letters to teach toddlers while at the same time allowing them to burn off some energy. Just be prepared to hear a lot of noise as it will be difficult for your little girl to put this toy down.

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