Top 10 Best Gaming Desks of 2022 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Aside from the PC itself, the most fundamental part of any gamer’s setup is the computer desk. If you don’t think a table can drastically improve your gaming experience than you have obviously never owned a high-quality PC desk. But, while deciding to buy one is a no-brainer, choosing the best model for your needs can turn into a lasting headache.

There are hundreds of desks to pick from and countless factors to consider. Fortunately, you can skip all the frustration and make sure you avoid buyer’s remorse by utilizing our buyer’s guide. Follow along for an in-depth comparison of the top ten gaming desks on the market.


Gaming Desk Buying Guide

Each gamer has unique preferences and every setup is different. So even if you find a worthwhile model, it may not suit your personal needs at all. Here are the most important factors to consider before you shop:


It makes sense to get a wide, rectangular table if you have enough room for a large setup. But, if space is limited, you should probably look for an L-shaped model with plenty of shelves.


First and foremost, a gaming desk must be comfortable, especially since you’ll be hunched over it for hours at a time. Consider the height of the table and make sure there’s plenty of leg room.



Most computer tables are made of either tempered glass, laminated wood or steel. Glass models tend to be more visually appealing, steel is sturdier and more durable, while laminated wood is affordable and strong enough for the average gaming setup.


Top 10 Best Gaming Desks Reviews


#10 – Origami RDE-01

Origami RDE-01

For a portable model, the Origami’s 100lb weight capacity is quite impressive. It also features a CPU shelf that supports another 75 pounds and is designed to keep your PC tower above the floor for dust control.

It takes just a minute to fully assemble the Origami, and you can fold it for storage in even less time. When folded, it measures about six inches in height. Combined with its lightweight design, the folding mechanism allows you to store it in a closet or even underneath your bed.

Though the tabletop is just a piece of laminated particleboard, it stands on top of a solid steel frame. Backed by a 12-month warranty, the RDE-01 is among the most reliable and time-tested gaming desks in its class.





#9 – Z-Line Designs Vance L Desk

Z-Line Designs Vance L Desk

Z-Line Designs is a leading specialty furniture manufacturer known for durable, aestheticly designed products, and the L-shaped Vance computer desk is no exception. Thanks to a sleek finish and black power coat, the contemporary-style desk can blend into virtually any kind of interior design.

Though it’s larger than similar models, most of its surface is clear tempered glass and its main storage shelves are easily detachable. Therefore, this Z-Line desk wont make your room seem cramped. In fact, with two flip-up storage compartments and 250 pounds of weight capacity, it might actually save space in the long run.

About a third of the tabletop surface is made of steel, which provides more than enough support for heavy equipment. If you like the visual appeal of glass but use a clip-on display, the Vance is a perfect choice.





#8 – Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

Technically, this is an office desk, but it provides enough space for a gaming setup in addition to a number of extremely convenient features. The Soreno furniture line is Walker Edison’s best seller. It couples a modern, minimalistic look with an efficient, highly practical design.

The tabletop consists of three pieces of black tapered safety glass. Each panel is beveled and polished, making it extra tough and virtually scratch-proof. Aside from the frame that houses these panels, every other part is 100% stainless steel with a crisp powercoat finish.

Made with flexibility in mind, the L-shaped desk comes with an autonomous computer tower stand and a sliding keyboard tray. You can even mount the tray to either side of the Soreno for maximum comfort





Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Designed for seasonned hardcore gamers, the Arozi Arena is the golden standard of computer desks. For starters, it boasts 14.1 square feet of tabletop surface and a weight capacity of 176 pounds. That’s enough for an immersive three-monitor setup.

Every inch of the tabletop is covered with microfiber cloth, an ideal mousepad surface. The cloth is waterproof, machine washable and easy to detach. Both the giant mousepad and the rena’s frame come in five different color schemes.

The Arena’s djustable frame let you choose the perfect desk height. Meanwhile, a pair of wide support beams with non-slip coating guaranty stability during gameplay.

Underneath the tabletop, there are three cutouts meant to host mounting arms for monitors. Alternatively, these compartments can be used to store the mess of cables that surround a proper gaming area.





#6 – Denise Austin Home Phoenix Desk

Denise Austin Home Phoenix Desk

This rectangular computer table is covered by a seamless panel of clear tapered glass and supported by a welded iron frame. Combined, these materials not only guarantee stability but also make the desk visually appealing. A slick charcoal finish covers everything except the chrome tabletop mounts.

With over 12 square feet of surface space, the Home Phoenix can easily accomodate a large setup. And its extra-thick tapered glass can handle up to 105 pounds.

Iron is heavier than steel, so you may want to consider opting in for professional assembly. On the other hand, a heavier frame absorbs more vibrations, which maximises stability.





#5 – Ameriwood Home Dakota L

Ameriwood Home Dakota L

Ameriwood’s L-shaped Home Dakota is the only 100% wood model on our list. That’s because it is, by far, the best wooden gaming desk available today. Constructed from a mix of MDF and particleboard, it provides ample support yet weighs just 63 pounds.

Both sides of the Dakota L are over 50 inches long, which is enough room for three monitors or two full gaming setups. Each of the three storage shelves is large enough for a PC tower.

Three shelves are located at the edge of the desk, leaving you with more than enough room to strech your legs. To top it off, there are two conveniently placed grommet holes for easy cable management.







#4 – Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Computer Desk

Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Computer Desk

This Tribesigns computer table stands out from the crowd, mainly due to its simple design that’s easy on the eyes and its surprisingly impressive specifications. With a surface area of over eight square feet and a maximum weight capacity of 900 pounds, it’s a truly universal piece of furniture. And, with a height of 42 inches, it accomodates taller users who can’t use normal (30-inch-tall) desks comfortably.

Covered with a thick layer of waterproof, scratch-proof MDF, the tabletop is virtually indistructable. It sits on top of four rugged 1.5-inch steel legs and is supported by two heavy-duty leg bars.

Thanks to its simple design, assembly takes less than half an hour and the only required tool is a hex key. Tribesign backs this table with a comprehensive 18-month Quality Assurance warranty.







#3 – HomCom 48″ Modern Computer Desk

HomCom 48

If you live in a dorm room or if you simply don’t have enough space for a dedicated gaming desk, consider using this multi-purpose HomCom for both work and play. It has all the attributes of a gaming surface but weighs just 40 pounds. You can effortlessly move it around or take it to another room. There are even rubber tips on each of its legs to avoid scratching the floor when you move it around.

With its minimalistic, modern design, the HomCom desk blends well with most styles of home decor. And, in case the white finish would stick out too much in your room, there are two other color options to choose from. You won’t need professional help to assemble this computer table but it may be easier to attach the legs with the help of a friend.







#2 – Workstation Gaming Table

Workstation Gaming Table

Made for gamers who don’t have the space for a large setup, this computer desk is just wide enough for a comfortable gameplay. Thanks to its slick tabletop and thin frame, the table makes any room feel less clunky and more spacious. But don’t let its thin beams fool you – this gaming desk is extremely stable and capable of supporting up to 100 pounds of weight.

The table comes with an integrated headphone holder as well as all the tools you’ll need to assemble it. A user-friendly assembly guide is also included, so you won’t need to pay for professional assembly.





#1 – Atlantic Universal Gaming Desk

Atlantic Universal Gaming Desk

This high-capacity gaming desk offers all the qualities gamers need in addition to over a dozen small bonus features they love. It has a sturdy frame that support the smooth, durable carbonfiber tabletop and 80 pounds of computer equipment.

To maximize the surface area, Atlantic added a dedicated monitor stand that holds up to 40 pounds. There are also two speaker table extensions, a headphone rack and a detachable controller rack.

Here’s the kicker: the desk even has a cup holder.

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