The Best Fire Proof Safes 2022 – Reviews and Buyers Guide on Protecting Your Valuable Stuff

We all have things that must be kept safe. By purchasing a safe, you are purchasing a safeguard for those items that are most important to you. From important documents, to jewelry, firearms, and money, safes help protect what’s yours. But what happens in the event of a fire?

A safe does no good if it doesn’t protect your belongings during a fire. The 9 fireproof ( fire resistant ) safes on the list below offer a wide range of benefits, but it’s important to decide what’s most necessary to you. First, you must decide on a size; do you just need something small, or do you need something larger?

Next, you must decide on other features that could be important, like whether it’s waterproof or not, which kind of entry it uses, what materials it’s made of, and where it can be stored. The following list will offer you a wide variety of quality, fireproof safes to choose from.


Best Fire Resistant Safes Comparison Chart

Fire Proof Safe ImagesModel NameFire Resistant DataWeightRatingPrice
Paragon 7800 Electronic Fireproof Safe
1. Paragon 7800 Electronic Fireproof SafeFire resistant to 1700 degrees F. at 30 minutes74 lbs3.4$$
First Alert Safe (2030F)
2. First Alert Safe (2030F)Fire resistant 30 minutes up to 1550-Degree F26.6 lbs4.2$
SentrySafe Extra Small Fire Safe (0500)
3. SentrySafe Extra Small Fire Safe (0500)Fire resistant 30 minutes up to 1550-Degree F12.2 lbs4.1$
SereneLife Safe Box (SLSFE15)
5. SereneLife Safe Box (SLSFE15)Fire resistant 30 minutes up to 1550-Degree F12.1 lbs4.0$
SentrySafe Extra Large Combination Fire Safe (SFW123DSB)
6. SentrySafe Extra Large Combination Fire Safe (SFW123DSB)Fire resistant to 1700 degrees F. at 30 minutes90 lbs4.0$$
SentrySafe Fireproof File Safe (HD4100CG)
7. SentrySafe Fireproof File Safe (HD4100CG)Fire resistant 30 minutes up to 1550-Degree F39 lbs4.0$
First Alert Digital Lock Fire Chest (2601DF)
8. First Alert Digital Lock Fire Chest (2601DF)Fire resistant 30 minutes up to 1550-Degree F22.3 lbs3.6$
Honeywell Large Fire Safe (1104)
9. Honeywell Large Fire Safe (1104)1 hour fire up to 1700F / 927C56 lbs4.0$
SentrySafe XX-Large Fire Safe (EF4738E)
10. SentrySafe XX-Large Fire Safe (EF4738E)one half hour up to 1400°F224 lbs3.2$$$


1. Paragon 7800 Electronic Fireproof Safe

Paragon 7800 Electronic Fireproof Safe

This safe is large enough to store all of your valuables at the home or the office. You can open with either the included key or a customized digital code you can program yourself. The hinges in this safe are even hidden, so it’s completely tamper-proof. It can withstand temperatures of 1,700 degrees for up to 30 minutes, so you know you’ll important items will be safe.

It’s made with fire resistant fiber insulation, 11-guage solid steel, and has a powder coated interior and exterior. The steel thickness of the exterior is 2mm and the inner steel thickness is 1.5mm. There are two uniquely-sized compartments within the safe and creating a 3 to 8-number pin code is extremely easy. The safe weighs roughly 74 lbs., is 19 inches tall, and comes with an amazing 10-year limited warranty.

The Paragon 7800 is perfect for the home or the office, and is large enough to hold vital documents, small firearms, and/or valuables.





2. First Alert Safe (2030F)

First Alert Safe (2030F)

From the makers of some of the safest tech in the industry, this safe is both water and fireproof. It can withstand temperatures of up 1,500 degrees for up to 30 minutes. The safe is specifically designed to last through the average length of a residential dire. It’s built with a special waterproofing seal that ensures all your important documents are safe if submerged.

It’s roughly 8.5 inches tall and 16 inches wide, so it’s the perfect size for letter-sized documents small valuables; with a storage volume of around .4 cubic feet. Its durable construction can even protect temperature-sensitive items like flash drives. The locking feature involves a simple key entry and the safe weighs almost 28 pounds and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

This First Alert Safe is perfect for keeping your important documents safe at home in the event of flooding or a fire.





3. SentrySafe Extra Small Fire Safe (0500)

SentrySafe Extra Small Fire Safe (0500)

There’s .2 cubic feet in this little safe, but it’s just large enough to hide all your important documents and keep them safe. It can also hold (and protect) digital media and other small valuables. It’s verified to last up to 30 minutes in temperatures of up 1,550 degrees and can adequately safeguard your temperature-sensitive media.

The safe features a privacy key lock that keeps unwanted eyes away and helps prevent the lid from opening in the event of a fire. It’s made of durable materials and has hand grips on either side for easy transport. It weighs just over 12 lbs and is just under 4 inches tall and just under 10 inches wide.

This smaller-sized fireproof safe is perfect for a residential space, for small valuables and documents like credit cards, birth certificates, CDs/DVDs, and flash drives.





4. SereneLife Safe Box (SLSFE15)

SereneLife Safe Box (SLSFE15)

This fits the medium-sized category at over 13 inches long and almost 10 inches tall. It’s lightweight, weighing only 14 lbs and comes with 3mm-thick, steel door. Included with the safe are batteries, 2 keys mounting bolts, and pre-drilled anchor holes, so you can put the safe anywhere.

The safe comes with an electronic lock system powered by battery, but also has a mechanical override. You can customize your own password and key code settings, and it even has an LED low-battery indicator. It’s fireproof, and corrosion/stain resistant. This durable product tops safety and security best sellers lists.

SereneLife’s safe box is an ideal choice for the home or office. It can be mounted on/in walls, hidden in cabinets, or even stored in the floor. It’s large enough to hold documents, jewelry, valuables, and firearms.





5. SentrySafe Extra Large Combination Fire Safe (SFW123DSB)

SentrySafe Extra Large Combination Fire Safe (SFW123DSB)

Compared to the others on the list, this safe can fit more important things with 1.23 cubic feet of space. It’s verified to endure fires for up to an astounding hour at 1,700 degrees. Its special design can protect even temperature-sensitive items. It’s large enough to store digital media, flash drives, documents, valuables, firearms, and more.

This combination safe has 4 locking bolts and is made of materials that can withstand up to 8 inches of water for up 10 24 hours. It’s so tough that it can even withstand a 15-foot drop. It’s almost 18 inches tall and just over 16 inches wide. Additional features include a pry-resistant hinge bar, dual key access, and an after-fire replacement guarantee.

The extra-large SentrySafe is an awesome product for residential or business purposes. It’s large enough to accommodate a wide range of items and can be placed anywhere.





6. SentrySafe Fireproof File Safe (HD4100CG)

SentrySafe Fireproof File Safe (HD4100CG)

It’s easy to see why SentrySafe keeps making an appearance on the list, with more than 60 years in the business. It’s a little on the smaller side, at 13.5 inches long and 15.5 inches wide. It is meant to secure important files/documents, and can also protect media files and memory stick. This safe can withstand temperatures of up to 1,550 degrees and is also waterproof.

Its design works perfectly for storing and organizing important documents and it even comes with an in-lid holder for CDs and DVDs. It uses a key entry, but the entry point is hidden with a privacy piece. It weighs almost 40 lbs and is a good option for both the office and at home when it comes to securing your most important documents.





7. First Alert Digital Lock Fire Chest (2601DF)

First Alert Digital Lock Fire Chest (2601DF)

Instead of using a simply key entry, this .19 cubic foot safe is secured by a 4-8 digit personalized code that uses an emergency override key. It can withstand temperatures of up to 1,550 degrees for up to 30 minutes and is made with a waterproofing seal. It’s easy to transport with a convenient carrying handle and a light 22-lb. body.

This safe also comes with a 5-year warranty, a lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee, and is just over 16 inches long, 13 inches long. It’s the perfect size for important documents, media files, jewelry, money, and electronics.

The First Alert safe is great for home or office when it comes to keeping documents safe. It can be stored almost anywhere, including floors, cabinets, and walls.





8. Honeywell Large Fire Safe (1104)

Honeywell Large Fire Safe (1104)

This safe looks more like a briefcase, with a large carrying handle. It has a storage space of .38 cubic feet and can withstand up to an hour of fire reaching temperatures of up to 1,700 degrees. The waterproofing seal can keep your items safe for up to 24 hours under water.

It’s about 20 inches long and 7 inches high, and includes 2 entry keys for added security. It’s large enough to hold documents, jewelry, firearms, and other valuables. Honeywell also adds in a 7-year limited warranty and a lifetime free replacement guarantee.

This fire safe is perfect for an office or at home. It can be placed easily in many different locations and can hold your most valuable possessions.





9. SentrySafe XX-Large Fire Safe (EF4738E)

SentrySafe XX-Large Fire Safe (EF4738E)

This is easily the largest fireproof safe on the list, with 4.7 cubic feet of storage space. It features a programmable electronic lock with an override key that allows you to personalize your combination. It’s verified to be able to withstand up for 12 inches of water for up to 72 hours.

This safe weighs almost 190 lbs and is almost 38 inches tall. There are 3 different adjustable storage compartments with carpeted interior. It’s large enough to fit any type of valuable you’d want to safeguard, including firearms, money, keepsakes, and more. The 9 oversized locking bolts will ensure your items are secure for years to come.

SentrySafe’s XX-large fire safe is a great option for homes and offices if you have more than a few items you’d like to protect. It’s heavy and harder to hide, but can hold a massive collection of valuables.

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