The Best Fabric Shavers and How to Select One – 2022

Every year, when winter approaches, many of us start digging out our favorite sweaters. A good sweater can be more than just good fashion sense. They can be like an old friend that keeps you cozy and warm on a cold winter’s day. The one thing every sweater lover has to contend with is fuzz. The official term for sweater fuzz is pilling, and yes, they all do it. It doesn’t matter if you have a cheap sweater, a homemade sweater, an angora or an expensive cashmere sweater. All of them will suffer from pilling.

The best solution for sweater fuzz is a fabric shaver. They can make your old sweaters look like new again. Fabric shavers can even be used on your blankets, carpets and curtains. They come in a few different varieties. There are battery-operated shavers and corded shavers. Just be mindful of what will work best for you when selecting a model. Lightweight, battery-operated shavers are great for travel. Many modern fabric shavers are rechargeable. They can be plugged into an outlet or even a USB port. This gives you the benefit of portability while saving you money on batteries.

In addition to electric shavers, there are manual ones out there as well. These tend to be easier on delicate fabrics. They may be a good choice for your expensive sweaters. Still, the average, modern electric shaver shouldn’t do any damage to the fabric. With a manual shaver, you won’t have to worry about it running out of power. Fabric shavers come in an enormous variety of shapes and sizes. The good news is, most of them are inexpensive tools. You don’t have to break the bank to find a good one. Here are 10 excellent models that will get your sweaters looking great again.


1. Aerb Rechargeable Fabric Shaver

Aerb Rechargeable Fabric Shaver

This fabric shaver gives you the portability of electric power without the need for batteries. This also makes it environmentally friendly. You simply plug the unit into a USB port to charge it. Once charged, it should last for around 50 minutes. This will be fine for most jobs, but you may find yourself wanting to tackle multiple sweaters at once. In that case, you might find that the unit needs recharged sooner than expected.

While most of us have access to a USB port nowadays, it is unfortunate that Aerb didn’t include an outlet adapter. That way, it could be plugged into any wall outlet as well as a USB port. This model offers a nice safety feature. If the protective cover comes off, the blade will stop automatically. This can save your fingers from an unfortunate accident. This unit is light, portable and solidly built. The motor seems powerful enough to work quickly and efficiently. It’s also an ergonomic design that won’t strain your hand with extended use.


Safety feature
Affordable price
Environmentally friendly
Excellent manufacturer’s warranty


Doesn’t include USB-to-outlet adapter
Power runs out quicker than you might expect



2. House of Wonderful Wonder Electric Sweater Shaver

House of Wonderful Wonder Electric Sweater Shaver

This model may be on the expensive side, but it’s built like a tank. The sturdy construction alone is worth the extra cost. Along with the heavy-duty construction, you also get heavy-duty performance. A powerful 5-Watt motor shaves through fuzz with ease. A large, 2.5-inch head lets you cover more ground with every pass to get the job done quickly. The precision blades are made of durable stainless steel. The unit can be charged with the included cord or used indefinitely while plugged into an outlet.

This shaver is extremely safe to use. It features an automatic-shutoff design. The handle is comfortable and the unit is easy to use. It is, however, a bit on the heavy side. This is due to the overall build quality and shouldn’t lead to any fatigue. It just might add to the overall weight in a travel bag. A tank collects all of the shavings as you work, for fast and easy cleanup. This model also comes with a fabric carry bad and extra blades.


High quality build
Easy, mess-free cleanups
Lots of included extras
Can be used for carpet, upholstery and tougher jobs


The price
Heavier weight that most models



3. Conair Fabric Defuzzer

Conair Fabric Defuzzer

This electric shaver runs on AA batteries for easy portability. That does mean, however, that you’ll need to be replacing those batteries often. This can get costly in the long run. The base price of the unit is one of the cheapest on this list. The outer casing is made of a cheaper plastic as a result. It’s an economic purchase, but not the highest-quality build. Still, it makes a great choice for a travel shaver.

This model comes in multiple colors. It’s safe to use and light in the hand. A large shaving area makes your life easier. One unique thing here, is that there are multiple depth settings for this unit. That lets you set the action just right for different fabric types.


Ergonomic handle
Large shaving area
Detachable lint catcher
Multiple settings for different jobs


Cheap materials
Batteries will need to be replaced regularly



4. Popchose Fabric Shaver

Popchose Fabric Shaver

This shaver falls in the middle of the price ranges on our list. It offers a lot of versatility. It can tackle just about any type of fabric thanks to its powerful motor. The shaving head is one of the largest available. You can make quick work of any job with this unit. The real selling point here is the 3-in-1 functionality. You get a device that works as an electric shaver, an electrostatic lint brush and a cleaning brush. This alone makes it well worth the price.

The Popchase shaver also features a revolutionary handle. It can be swiveled and locked into multiple positions. This makes it easier to tackle different job types. The stainless-steel screen is designed to protect your fabrics. A safety lock makes sure that your hand doesn’t get near the blade while it’s functioning. A built-in lint catcher makes cleanups a breeze.


3-in-1 functionality
Powerful, efficient motor
Includes replacement blades
Innovative handle design


Kind of bulky
Not the cheapest option available



5. Xawy Lint Remover

Xawy Lint Remover

Sometimes, you just want a simple, basic model. This goes for just about anything. If that’s what you’re looking for in a fabric shaver, this may be the model for you. It’s one of the cheapest on the market. It still has a solid feel in hand for such an inexpensive tool. It’s also covered by a generous lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

The shaving head isn’t the biggest out there, but the motor is powerful enough to get the job done. It’s suitable for any type of fabric. You’ll have to spend plenty on batteries and none are included in the package either. This shaver is another great choice for a travel or backup unit.


One of the cheapest models available
Lifetime warranty from manufacturer
Portable and easy to use


Batteries not included
No extras, bells or whistles



6. Kooder Multifunctional Rechargeable Fabric Shaver

Kooder Multifunctional Rechargeable Fabric Shaver

This rechargeable unit for Kooder will save you time and money on battery replacement. It also has extremely long battery life. It keeps going and going without the need of a recharge. A strong motor, sharp blades and enormous shaving area means you can get most jobs done in no time. A charging cable and extra blades are included with the shaver.

An integrated stick brush is built into the unit for even more versatility. The shaver feels solidly built and the handle is comfortable for prolonged use. This is a basic, no-frills product that should provide years of use. The only negative I could think of is that it only comes in bright pink. For most users, that won’t likely matter.


Powerful motor
Huge shaving area
2-in-1 functionality
Long battery life


Only available in bright pink



7. Smartek ST-25 Deluxe Fabric Shaver

Smartek ST-25 Deluxe Fabric Shaver

This large unit from Smartek can be used with a cord or powered by batteries. The cord will save you the cost of constant battery replacements. It’s still nice to have the option of using the unit without that cord. It can be taken with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, it uses four C batteries, which can get costly. They also add to the already-hefty weight of the unit. The positive here is that they won’t run out of juice anytime soon.

This shaver has a powerful motor and a good-sized shaving area for quick work. A removable bin collects the fuzz and can be easily emptied once your job is done. The handle grip has a nice texture to it so you can keep a firm hand on it while working.


Large shaving area
Comfortable handle grip
Can be used with cord or batteries
It collects lint and fuzz as you shave


It’s heavy
four C batteries are not included



8. Gleener Ultimate Lint Remover

Gleener Ultimate Lint Remover

This fabric shaver and lint remover from Gleener is our only manual model to make the list. You won’t need to worry about changing batteries or recharging this unit. There’s no need to worry about where the nearest power outlet is either. This is a good, old-fashioned manual shaver that runs off of a little elbow grease.

A built-in lint brush gives this tool 2-in-1 functionality. Three different blade sizes let you tackle different types of fabric with great accuracy. The benefit of using your own push-power is that you can go easy on delicate or expensive fabrics. The ultimate portability here also makes this a great travel option.


No batteries or electricity needed
Lightweight and portable
A comfortable, ergonomic handle
2-in-1 functionality
Multiple height settings


Manual function means slower function
It’s not as powerful or efficient as an electric model



9. AlwaysLux EasyLint Professional Sweater Shaver

AlwaysLux EasyLint Professional Sweater Shaver

This is a pro-grade, heavy-duty model with a price to match. It may be one of the pricier models on the list, but the rugged construction and tough performance warrant the cost. Keep in mind that none of these shavers is particularly expensive. This is a tool that will last a lifetime. If you have a ton of sweaters to take care of, this is a good option. A huge shaving area lets you get jobs done fast. There’s also a huge tank to collect the lint as you go.

This unit comes with an AC adapter and the finest carrying case of any model on our list. The durable, fabric case has a zip closure and a mesh net to store additional items and accessories. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for this product.


Lifetime warranty
Heavy-duty build construction
Professional-grade power
A very high quality carrying case


The price
Not designed for use on rugs



10. Fety Sweater Fabric Shaver

Fety Sweater Fabric Shaver

This shaver is another that falls in the middle of the price spectrum. It offers the build quality and performance of the highest-end models. This makes it a great value purchase. The unit is rechargeable to save you some money on batteries. It has proprietary technology that leads the industry in charge time. Not only will it last for an hour on a single charge, it can be recharged again in no time at all.

The Fety shaver is tough enough to tackle carpets and upholstery in addition to your favorite sweaters. The unique bionic-honeycomb mesh helps to protect your fabrics from any damage during shaving. The charging cable is included. You also get a draw-string pouch to store the unit in.


Industry leading charging technology
Lint container for easy cleaning
Ultra-wide shaving area
Safety features protect your favorite clothes


Somewhat bulky size
The cost


All of these products are good choices that can save your poor old sweaters. You won’t likely be disappointed regardless of which one you purchase. Most of these fabric shavers are very affordable. They’re well worth the price to remove that nasty fuzz and lint from your favorite clothes. Just pay attention to the differences we’ve discussed, as well as those pros and cons, and you’re sure to find the best option for you.

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