10 Best Electric Can Openers for 2022 – Making Life Easier In The Kitchen

Everyone wants to save time when it comes to the kitchen, especially if the tasks are fiddly and hard to do. One of the easiest ways to semi-automate a task that can be difficult as well as dangerous to do, is to invest in an electric can opener.

Electric can openers will help to save time by allowing home cooks to simply press a button to open their cans rather than being forced to turn the handle on old-fashioned manual openers multiple times just to open one can. Electronic models cater to people with wrist and hand problems as well, making it easier for those with conditions such as arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome pop the tops of cans. The can openers listed on this guide are also the best can openers for people with arthritis, and will certainly help to reduce pain that suffers will experience while cooking in the kitchen.

Safety concerns have been addressed in most electric models by adding features like automatic shutoff and recessed blades. Modern electric can openers can open cans traditionally from the top while some models open cans from the side, eliminating sharp edges to keep fingers safe from cuts. Cans opened from the side are often resealable as well, so unused food portions don’t go to waste.

Below I have created a list that I feel contains some of the best electric can openers on the market.


Consumer Expert’s Star Buy Electric Can Opener

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener – Model: 76606ZA

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener - Model: 76606ZA

This can opener comes in a black and chrome design, fitting most modern kitchen decor. The large lever sits at the top of the unit, making it easy for everyone to use. The compact design of this can opener, measuring 5″x4″x9″, allows it to rest on the counter top without taking up too much of that precious counter space. Hamilton Beach’s can opener cuts cans from the side and opens cans of all types, including pop-top cans. The plug can be stored inside the back of this unit but is not fully retractable.

Unfortunately, the blade on this can opener does not seem to be removable which means that, with time and wear, it may not cut as well or may leave debris inside of the can as it attempts to cut.





Multi-Purpose Can Opener from BLACK+DECKER – Model: CO100B

Multi-Purpose Can Opener from BLACK+DECKER - Model: CO100B

If counter space is an issue, this electric can opener has the solution. This Black+Decker model mounts under any cabinet, bringing it to eye level so users are not made to slouch to confirm can attachment. When not in use there is a flip-open cover to conceal the working parts. Mounting the unit does require a bit of work, however, including the use of power tools to drill holes in overhead cabinets. Careful placement is a must as well, stating in the directions to avoid placing the can opener over ovens or sinks. The unit itself does open cans automatically and features a knife sharpener, bag opener and bottle opener as well. This is a traditional from-the-top opener that may leave sharp edges.





Sokos Electric, Automatic can opener

Sokos Electric, Automatic can opener

This hands-free electric can opener is a solution for those who want an automatic can opener but don’t have the counter space to spare but don’t want to go through the trouble of mounting a unit under their cabinets. Sokos delivers a compact device that will fit in a drawer and takes only a few seconds to open cans; simply attach the device to the top of a can, press a button then watch the unit work its magic. This can opener cuts from the side, leaving a smooth edge and making each can easily resealable. Something to keep in mind for those who run their can openers frequently: this unit is battery-powered and does not feature a hand crank if batteries are running low or not readily available.

Some hand pressure is suggested when placing the device onto a can, which could be a downside to those with hand or wrist problems.




Best Electric Can Opener For Arthritis Suffers

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Cuisinart’s simple counter-top electric can opener comes with design in mind in a sleek device that easily fits in with other modern kitchen decors. All standard-sized cans are easily opened with the one-touch feature by simply attaching the can then pressing the lever with one finger. The one-touch lever is also detachable making clean-up a breeze in the case of any spills or messes. A magnet will make sure that any lids removed will not fall back into the cans after they’ve been opened.

The power cord for this can opener is two feet long with any unused portion able to be tucked into the opening in the back of the device.
Although this device does feature the one-touch opener, owners must still hold cans while they are being opened. Cuisinart has kept the hands-on nature of this opener in mind by using an extra-wide base to avoid tipping and sliding as well as an automatic stop feature.





BangRui Smooth Soft Edge Electric Can Opener with One-Button Manual Start / Stop

BangRui Smooth Soft Edge Electric Can Opener with One-Button Manual Start / Stop

This unit is another hands-free, battery-powered electric can opener. Simple plastic design produces a compact and lightweight device that can be easily stored in drawers without taking any counter space. Friendly to people with hand disabilities or arthritis, the device opens regular cans by placing on top of the desired can and pressing a button. The blade is recessed into the unit for safety and boasts a magnet that will lift the lid that has been removed.

Something to be aware of: this device is limited to traditionally-shaped cans and can not operate on any cans that have corners or on rimless cans. This model does not have an automatic shut-off when it reaches the end of its rotation either, users must stop rotation themselves by pressing the button a second time.





Aicok Electric Can Opener Bottle Opener Knife Sharpener 3 in 1

Aicok Electric Can Opener Bottle Opener Knife Sharpener 3 in 1

Continuing the trend of multi-use counter top tools is Aicok with their three-in-one electric can opener. Much like other combination units, this space-saving device also includes a knife sharpener and bottle opener. Users can operate the device by attaching a can and pressing a “one-touch” lever with automatic shut-off at the end of the can’s rotation. The mechanics for this can opener are removable as well for easy clean-up.

This unit does not have an accessible compartment in the back to store the power cord. Instead, users can pull more of the cord from the back if needed or push unneeded length back into the hole for storage.





Bartelli Soft Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener with Assistive Auto-Stop

Bartelli Soft Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener with Assistive Auto-Stop

Designed to be more compact than ever, Bartelli delivers a hands-free electric can opener that requires little effort from the user. This device attaches easily to the top of a can and only requires one button be pressed to begin its rotation. The assistive auto-stop feature eliminates having to press the button a second time. Lids are cut from the side for safety and allows cans to be resealed. This is a near-effortless device for those with hand and wrist disabilities.

As with other handheld can openers, this device requires the use of four “AA” batteries. The mechanics of this device are not removable and care must be used when it requires cleaning.





Best Electric Can Opener For Seniors

Hamilton Beach 76388R Ensemble Electric Can Opener

Hamilton Beach 76388R Ensemble Electric Can Opener

People who are elderly and suffer from arthritis and find it difficult to undertake various tasks in the kitchen will certainly appreciate owning this model of electric can opener. Hamilton Beach have come up with SureCut, a patented technology for opening the cans. It states that the can opener works first time, all the time, hence the name.

Hamilton Beach presents a tall model electric can opener built to open both regular size and extra tall cans. The metal cutter on this model is removable and dishwasher safe to make clean-up very easy. This device was released in a Hamilton Beach series of matching appliances so users can collect a matching set for their kitchen. Also electric can opener equipped with an internal knife sharpener and bottle opener.  This exceptional model seeks to eliminate counter-top clutter while competing with other multi-use electric can openers. It’s also really easy to clean and user-friendly.

The Hamilton Beach 76380Z provides the user with excellent features for the price, and is a resourceful tool for anyone, young or old, who requires the next level generation of can openers.

While this can opener will hold lighter cans for hands-free operation, they suggest supporting heavier cans to avoid the machine being overloaded.





ZYLISS EasiCan Electric Can Opener

ZYLISS EasiCan Electric Can Opener

Zyliss presents another member of the hands-free, compact electric can opener family. Brightly colored in design, the Easican seems to live up to its name by including one-touch operation: press one button to start rotation then press the button again to stop. This model runs on two “AA” batteries instead of the four that some other models require. Although the blade on this unit is exposed more than other units, the company has gone to great lengths to ensure ease of use and safety by even including a reverse feature in case the blade becomes jammed.





New Black & Decker Ec475b Extra Tall Electric Can Opener

New Black & Decker Ec475b Extra Tall Electric Can Opener

This Black + Decker can opener is a more traditional countertop model with hands-free operation. The tall, sturdy design allows this unit to open cans up to 49.5 ounces with little or no hand support. Users simply attach a can, press the easy-touch lever and the can opener will do the work. The device features power cord storage as well as removable mechanics to help ease cleanup. Safety of a free-standing unit has been addressed by adding an auto-shutoff feature in case of a tip over. Black + Decker built this unit for function, including common add-ons like a knife sharpener and bottle opener as well as a pop-top can opener.



Features of an Electric Can Opener That You Should Be Aware Of


In order for you to pick the right electric can opener for your requirements, you really need to understand the main features of each individual model. We will show you want to look for. I have listed the most relevant features below of an electric can opener that you need to know about in order to buy the correct model for your needs.


1. How Your Electric Can Opener Is Powered

With electric can openers, they are powered one of two ways. Corded or battery. The free standing can openers use battery power, where the integrated or ones you place under the counter are powered via a cord. The ones that are battery powered are a little power hungry, so you have to make sure you have a stock of batteries at hand when you do run flat.


2. The Design Of Your Electric Can Opener

With electric can openers you will tend to find that there are two types.



Under-the-counter can openers can be installed by mounting the product under the countertop of a kitchen or under a high cupboard unit. This is a great option for people who want to save space on their kitchen worktops. Also there’s no issue of having top store the appliance in a cupboard and trying to unearth it when you need to open up a can.


Free Standing 

The other type of electric can openers are the freestanding versions which allow you to house them anywhere. My only issue with them is that you don’t necessarily want them on show on your worktop all of the time. I find I want to hide mine away as worktop space is at a premium in my kitchen.


3. Lid Removal

Make sure you check how your can opener cuts the lid of the can. Some electric can openers will use magnets to open the lid which will tend to cut the lid in a  jagged fashion. The problem with this is that you can use it again to cover the can if you want to store what’s left over. Others will have a smooth-edge cut function where the lid is cut in a way that you can reuse the lid and seal up the leftovers for later use.

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