Ten Best Dash Cams 2021 – Guide and Reviews on the best buy dash cams

Shopping for a dash cam can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of high quality models on the market, and it can be difficult for buyers to sift through all of them and find the best dash cam for their needs. Whether you are looking for a simple model or a more advanced camera, you will find something helpful in this review run down of the best ten dash cams.

Before shopping for a dash cam, it’s smart to consider which features are the most important to you. Some drivers may be interested in an affordable camera to simply record driving events from behind the wheel. Others may need motion detection to protect their car in a high crime area. Other buyers may want a dash cam that includes a rear view camera for safe backing up. Every driver is interested in finding a model which is easy to use and install and provides a good value for the money.


What exactly is a Dash Cam or Dash Camera?

A dash cam is a compact camera attached to the windshield or rear view mirror. Most dash cams record in automatic loops while the car is in motion, allowing the driver to save and review events that happened while they were behind the wheel. Dash cams also provide important safety benefits like collision detection, motion detection, and rear view cameras.


Benefits of Using a Dash Cam While Driving

A dash cam can potentially save the driver money by preventing insurance fraud and showing clearly who is at fault in an accident. The driver can also check the recordings to find the license plate number of an aggressive or dangerous driver. A dash cam can be a good and non-intrusive method of checking up on a teen or family member’s safe driving.

Most dash cams currently on the market can detect accidents, sharp turns, or sudden stops with a G-force sensor and begin recording automatically. Some dash cams can detect vibration when parked and start recording. Some cameras include GPS integration which can help you find the exact location of any incident.

A dash camera is an important addition to the safety and security of your car, but it can be used for fun as well. Drivers can record scenic drives, natural events, or funny or surprising happenings on the road, and share these with their friends and family.

Below, we have listed the ten best dash cams available right now. Each dash cam below stands out for a different reason, but they all balance helpful features, ease of use, and value.


Best Dash Cameras Comparison Tables for 2020

We put together this hand comparison chart for all the best dash cameras that are available to buy online. Making it easier for you to choose the right one for your needs.


Image of Dash CamDash Cam ModelDisplay SizeRating out of 5Price
Vetomile V12.7 inches LED display with 6 layers of glass5.0$$
Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD Dash Cam4 Inch Touch screen
TENNBOO 4.3” Full HD 1080P Dual Lens Car Dash Camera4.3" inch display5.0$
LUMINA 1080p 170 Degree Wide Angle Dash Cam Recorder4 inch display4.9$
Z-Edge Z3 3-Inch 2K Ultra Full HD1296P 2560x1080 Car Dash Cam3 inches4.1$
MorWell Dash Cameras with 3.0” Screen Full HD 1080P3 inches4.7$
WHLZD 2K Super HD Car Dash Cam with GPS2.31-inch high-resolution LCD5.0$$
Bototek T619 3 inch Full HD 1080P Dashboard Camera3 Inch LCD5.0$
Vinpie GS-D Car Dash Cam - Full HD 1080P--$
Frizione 2.4" Car Dash Cam, Full HD 1080P Dash Camera2.4 inch display4.6$



Ten of the Best and Highly Rated Dash Cams on the market in 2020

Vetomile V1

The Vetomile V1 is a full 1080p HD camera with loop recording. The camera mounts behind the rear view mirror which makes it inconspicuous to other drivers. The camera has a 2.7 inch display screen for real-time monitoring.

The Vetomile has a 170 degree wide angle lens to catch events that are happening at the edge of the driver’s range of vision. The camera does well at night. In the daytime, license plates are readable at about 30 feet, and at night, they are readable at 15-20 feet.

This camera has a G-sensor which detects accidents and fender benders. The camera automatically saves any recordings triggered by the G-sensor. The camera starts recording when the car is started.





Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD Dash Cam

The Falcon Zero Touch Pro has a wide dynamic range built in. A unique feature is the 24/7 power feature, which makes it easy to use the camera for day and night surveillance without draining the battery. The camera also has a motion detector mode which starts the camera recording. This camera has GPS included and geotags the location of video clips.

The camera comes with two docking stations and a quick mount bracket to make it easier to transfer it between two cars. The camera also has a 4” touch screen to adjust the settings or play back video.

The GPS tagging and ability to use it as a 24/7 surveillance camera with motion detection make this camera stand out.





TENNBOO 4.3” Full HD 1080P Dual Lens Car Dash Camera

The TENNBOO Dual Lens Car Dash camera attaches to the car’s rear view mirror and will not block the driver’s view. It has a 500 MP camera and records on up to a 32 GB SD card.

The camera has a G force sensor which automatically saves any recording taken when a collision or abrupt stop is detected. The camera also has a parking sensor which detects any vibration and starts recording.

The 4.3” display screen integrated in the rear view mirror can show the front view, rear view, or both. This camera also has an included back-up camera, which is not featured on many cameras in its price range. The back-up camera has a 720p resolution and automatically records when the car is put in reverse.





LUMINA 1080p 170 Degree Wide Angle Dash Cam Recorder

The LUMINA Wide Angle Dash Cam has a compact display screen which can be mounted near the rear view mirror or lower down on the dash. The screen can tilt to be viewed at any angle that is convenient for the driver. The screen can also be turned off to avoid distracting the driver while the camera keeps recording.

The camera has a G sensor which locks footage when an event is detected. It is not designed for low light usage but it works well enough to be practical.

The LUMINA Wide Angle Dash Cam is powered by a DC cord and needs to be kept plugged in at all times. However, the power cord has a USB outlet so charging is not blocked if your car does not have integrated USB.





Z-Edge Z3 3-Inch 2K Ultra Full HD1296P 2560×1080 Car Dash Cam

The Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam has ultra 2K image quality and records at 30 frames per second, making for incredibly clear videos of the road. The camera has up to a 13 MP resolution and supports up to a 64 MB SD card.

The high camera resolution combines with an advanced color system. The camera has a 145 degree view and wide dynamic range technology which helps with the contrast of the images.

The camera starts and stops when the car is turned on and off. It has a G sensor that automatically records video and locks the current loop when an event is detected, including when the car is turned off. The parking mode begins recording when it detects a strong vibration.





MorWell Dash Cameras with 3.0” Screen Full HD 1080P

The camera has a 3” LCD wide screen display with a suction cup mount that enables the driver to easily adjust the angle of the display and camera at any time.

A unique feature of this camera is the Super Night Vision system with 9 infrared LED fill lights. This ensures that low light captures are clear and crisp. The camera has a 160 degree wide angle lens.

This camera automatically locks and saves videos triggered by the G sensor. The internal microphone and speaker can be turned off.

The power cable plugs into the suction cup, which makes it easier to remove the camera and bring it with you if you are concerned about theft.





WHLZD 2K Super HD Car Dash Cam with GPS

This camera combines many of the most advanced features on the market with 2K video capability and a 150 degree wide angle lens.

This camera starts and stops with the car’s ignition. It has a G-sensor and a parking monitor which activate when the car experiences a crash, sudden change in acceleration, or vibration. The camera will automatically lock videos triggered by these events so the driver can save them.

The WHLZD 2K Super HD Car Dash Cam has Google Maps and GPS integrated to keep track of where driving events occurred. It can also serve as a backup source of navigation for the driver.

This camera has unique safety features normally only found as options on newer cars, including a front car warning system, lane deviation warning system, and low light warning system.





Bototek T619 3 inch Full HD 1080P Dashboard Camera

This camera records at 1080P with a 140 degree wide angle lens. The camera records continuously while the car is operating and it is easy to read a license plate in daylight.

The Bototek T619 mounts via suction cup and has a screw in the mount to attach it securely. It is easy to unscrew and take along if the driver is concerned by the possibility of theft. The camera runs on DC power and comes with enough cord to run it around discreetly.

This camera has a G sensor with parking mode and motion detecting. The camera starts when the G sensor is activated. This camera supports night vision with infrared when the car lights are on.





Vinpie GS-D Car Dash Cam – Full HD 1080P

This camera has a unique spherical shape which rotates 360 degrees. The slide mount is secured to the windshield with double sided tape. The camera records in 1080P and has a 170 degree wide angle lens.

The Vinpie Car Dash Cam has a G sensor with adjustable sensitivity, parking monitor, and motion detection.

The camera has Wi-Fi capability to make it easy to share and store videos from the camera. One unique feature is that the camera can take still photos when the driver waves at the sensor. Also, a passenger could control the camera with a smartphone. The slide mount is easily detached if the driver wants to connect it to a computer or TV. The camera runs on DC power, and the charger has a USB port.





Frizione Car Dash Cam, Full HD 1080P Dash Camera

This camera records at 1080P with open HDR and has a 170 degree wide angle lens. A rear camera is included, and its function with the front camera is seamless. When in reverse, the monitor view automatically switches to the 120 degree VGA rear camera. The driver can switch between front and rear view using the monitor.

The camera features a G sensor system which automatically records when the sensor is activated by a crash, sharp turn, or sudden stop. Videos triggered by the G sensor are saved and locked. The parking monitor system also detects any collision with the car and turns on when the sensor is activated. It records 30 seconds of video for each collision event.

The camera mounts to the windshield with a suction cup and has a DC power adapter.



Dash Cams: A Good Investment

Dash cams are an easy and affordable accessory to add to any car. The video recordings may be able to help you out in a car accident or insurance situation. They can also be used for sharing your vacation experiences or natural events with your family. In addition, these cameras can add important safety features that your car may not have come with: motion detection, parking mode, and a rear view camera are a few examples. A dash cam would be a good investment for any driver.


Your Dash Cam Questions Answered!!!


Q: What dash cam should I buy if I’m looking for the cheapest but best dash cam on the market? 

A: The cheapest yet best dash cams are below $50 normally. The best cheap dash cams are as follows:

Bekhic Dash Camera

YI Dash Cam

EVASA dash cam

These are very high quality for the price, but lack the features of the more premium models and brands.



Q: What dash cam should I buy if I’m looking for a discrete camera without a screen? 

A: Your best bet for dash cams that are discrete + without a display would be the JooVuu X – 2016 Edition or try Vantrue R3


Q: What dash cam is discrete and has a screen?

A: The Adashine Mini 0807 Dash Cam is probably your best bet. It’s small, discrete and has GPS and parking mode monitor.


Q: What camera would you suggest that is discrete and doesn’t have a screen?

A: BOBLOV Mobius 2 or the Mobius Action Camera 1080P HD Mini Sports Cam is pretty small and discrete.



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