Best Cheese Slicers Reviews And Buying Guide – 2021

Is there anything better than a plate of assorted cheeses? While many people today have grown accustomed to individually wrapped cheese, there’s still a large market for tradition. Pre-sliced cheese just doesn’t have the same freshness or excitement as doing things the old-fashioned way. Slicing and preparing your own cheese platter lets you experience more exotic and authentic flavors.

A high-quality cheese slicer is a must-have kitchen tool for any cheese connoisseur. They’re specifically designed to work with the unique properties of the beloved dairy product. Sure, knives can get the job done. However, cheese slicers provide you with safety and consistency. Whether you’re preparing a sophisticated platter to go with wine or you’re simply getting slices from your favorite block of cheddar for a grilled-cheese sandwich, slicers can give you that perfectly uniform piece every time.

Despite all of the innovations in the culinary world, cheese slicers have remained relatively unchanged. Why fix what isn’t broken? These tools still use the same basic principles to prepare cheese efficiently. Because there are so many different kinds of cheeses out there, you’ll find a wide variety of slicers on the market. Here are some of the best cheese slicers to try out.


Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer

There are many different types of cheese slicers on the market, but there’s not that many that betters The Bellemain cheese slicer.  This cheese slicing marvel is a handheld model that uses a durable piece of cutting wire to make uniform slices. Most of the components are made out of tough stainless steel, ensuring that your investment lasts. The great thing about this slicer is that it has adjustment knobs that move the wire. The wire is about 3.5 inches long, allowing you to cut wider blocks with ease. You can adjust the position of the wire to make slices that are up to a quarter of an inch thick.

If you ever have any issues with the wire, this slicer comes with a replacement. It’s already prepped for installation, making the process a breeze.


  • Stainless steel cutting wire
  • Thickness adjustment knobs
  • Includes replaceable wire cutter
  • 1-year warranty


  • No anti-slip feature



Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer

Made out of tough cast aluminum, this Westmark Germany cheese slicer is built to last. In fact, Westmark is so confident in their product that they offer a full 5-year warranty. The slicer has a stainless steel wire. It’s a rolling slicer that’s wide enough to handle rectangular blocks.

While it doesn’t have an adjustable wire, you can still get different thicknesses. A steeper approach angle will result in thinner slices.


  • Stainless steel wire
  • Handle made of cast aluminum
  • Easy to clean
  • 5-year warranty


  • Position of wire can’t be adjusted



Meckily Cheese Slicer

The Meckily tabletop cheese slicer is made entirely out of stainless steel. Not only does it look great, but the material can hold up to years of use. It’s also very easy to clean. The base measures approximately 5.34 inches by 9.21 inches. Grid lines are printed onto the surface of the slicer, making it easy to make consistent cuts each and every time.

On the bottom of the slicer, there are four rubber feet. They help to keep the product stable as you cut. Meckily also includes four replacement wires.


  • Inclused four replacement stainless steel wires
  • Grid lines for easy measuring
  • Stainless steel base
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Rubber feet


  • May not be big enough for larger cheese blocks



Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer

Also from Westmark is this plane slicer. It features a rather large planing surface. It’s made out of stainless steel and helps you glide smoothly over the cheese. The blade itself is approximately 2 inches wide.

The slicer has a plastic handle. While not entirely slip-proof, the material offers a bit more grip than sleek metal. Also, it has a small loop on the end, allowing you to hang the slicer for easy storage.


  • Thermoplastic handle
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Can get different thicknesses based on slicing angle


  • Blade is only 2 inches wide



OXO Good Grips Wire Cheese Slicer

From OXO is this rolling cheese slicer. It has a sturdy stainless steel wire that’s capable of cutting through soft cheese and hard cheese without a problem. The wire can be adjusted with a simple turn of a knob. The adjustment isn’t to the position of the wire, but to its tightness. Making the wire tighter can help you get through harder cheeses safely.

The handle of the slicer is made out of non-slip rubber. It has an ergonomic shape and prominent treads on both sides, helping to avoid potential injuries.


  • Non-slip handle
  • Wire tension wheel
  • Made of die-cast zinc alloy
  • Includes replacement wire


  • Adjustment wheel made out of plastic



Norpro 349 Marble Cheese Slicer

The Norpro cheese cutter is a very beautiful kitchen tool. Its white marble base will fit right in with any decor. Even the handle of the vertical slicing arm is made out polished marble. It’s a simple and elegant way to cut and display cheese.

The bottom of the cutting board has rubber feet for stability. However, the weight alone should be enough to keep it steady as it is. Two replacement wires are included for convenience.


  • Base made of marble
  • Includes two stainless steel replacement wires
  • Hefty weight adds stability
  • Can create uniform slices
  • Marble keeps cheese cool longer


  • No adjustment feature



Prodyne 805B Thick Beechwood Cheese Slicer

This beechwood cheese slicer is simple and modern. The base is treated to bring out the natural grain pattern of the wood. On the bottom, there are non-slip feet to help you stay safe. The cheese cutting arm is durable enough to last. While Prodyne doesn’t include any replacement wires, they do offer a lifetime warranty should the preinstalled wire ever break.


  • Lifetime warranty for wire
  • Rubber feet
  • Made of thick beechwood
  • Modern design


  • No adjustment feature
  • Doesn’t come with replacement wires
  • May be more difficult to clean



Westmark Germany Multipurpose Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer

At first glance, you might think that this tool belongs in the office. It’s a multipurpose device that’s designed to cut all types of foods, including many type of cheeses. It has a durable vertical slicing arm made out aluminium. However, the blade itself made out of stainless steel.

One great perk of this product is that it’s fully adjustable. You can move the arm to create slices with different thicknesses. Also, the plastic base features grooves to help keep the cheese stable as you slice.


  • Adjustable
  • Non-slip base
  • Aluminum slicing arm
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Decent cheese cutter
  • Can be used with other foods


  • Made of plastic
  • May not produce clean cuts



Bjorklund Cheese Slicer

If you want to create thin slices of cheese for your next dish, this option may be for you. It has a stainless steel blade and a large flat surface to help with consistency. It’s very easy to use, as it doesn’t require much pressure for most soft and semi-soft cheeses.

The handle is made out of wood. It’s contoured to fit in your hand. Though, it doesn’t have any non-slip coating or texturized grip.


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Easy to use
  • Can create very thin slices
  • Large planing surface


  • No adjustment feature
  • Handle not anti-slip
  • Not dishwasher safe



Fox Run Cheese Slicer

The Fox Run 5047 wire cheese cutter is great at cutting paper thin cheese slices of all types, as well as adjusting the wire to cut thicker pieces. It’s made of a strong,  high quality zinc alloy. The cheese cutting stainless steel wire easily adjusts and comes with 2 extra replacement wires.



Cheese Slicer Buying Guide

Before you buy the first slicer you come across, check out this buying guide. Not all slicers are made the same. If you want consistent results while staying safe, here are some things to consider.

Slicer Design

During your search for the best cheese slicer, you’re going to come across two main categories. Slicers can either be handheld or tabletop. Handheld slicers are compact, easy to store away, and can produce nice slices. The main downside of using a handheld cheese slicer is that they can be tough for beginners. To get that perfect slice, they need to be held at a certain angle. Also, handheld devices offer less consistency. Depending on your technique, they may produce curled slices of varying thicknesses.

Tabletop slicers, on the other hand, are very user-friendly for newbies. They have a durable base that’s usually made out of wood, marble, or steel. These slicers offer more stability and control, as the cheese remains stationary on the base while a vertical cutter is pushed down. Most have a small groove for the cutter to get all the way through, making it ideal for hard cheese and soft cheese. What’s the disadvantage of a tabletop slicer? They take up much more space and may be more difficult to clean compared to a handheld option.

Cutting Method

The next thing you should consider is how the slicer is actually cutting into the cheese. Again, there are a few different varieties.

One of the most common type of cheese slicers is a plane. Similar in design to a standard wood planer, these little handheld slicers allow you to shave off pieces of cheese. These types of slicers can be characterized by their downward-facing edge and flat surface. To use them, you must slide the slicer over the edge of the cheese block. The flat surface is used as a guide while also catching the shaved pieces.

Next up is a rolling slicer. Also a handheld kitchen tool, these slicers work very similarly to that of a plane. However, instead of a traditional blade, they use a tight wire. The wire is very thin, allowing it to glide through the dairy product with ease. The wire is positioned parallel to a smooth roller. The roller is used to move the slicer over the cheese block as the wire cuts right through. Both the cheese plane and the rolling cutter require a steady hand to use.

Last, but not least, there’s the wire cheese slicer. It’s a tabletop model that has a vertical arm and a long piece of tight wire. The arm is designed to go over the block of cheese unencumbered. As you move the arm down, the wire slices into the cheese smoothly until it ends up in the groove at the bottom of the base platter.

Quality of the Cuts

Slicing cheese is all about creating even and consistent cuts. These days, dishes have to look just as good as they taste. While practice and experience certainly play a part in how well your slices come out, the quality of the slicing tool can also have an effect. To ensure that your cheese is cut to perfection, you need a heavy-duty cheese slicer with a sharp blade or tense wire.


Chances are, you’re going to be cutting a lot of different types of cheese. Having a slicer that can handle them all is important. Some slicers are fine-tuned for different consistencies. For example, hard cheeses, such as Parmigiano and Manchengo, fair well with very taught wires and sharpened blades. However, soft cheeses, like Mozerella and Gorgonzola, don’t have much resistance. Thus, the slicing tool can be slightly duller.

In addition to working with a variety of different types of cheeses, you’re going to want a slicer that can produce varying thicknesses. You may want to create thick slices for snacking with wine and thin slices for melting over your favorite dish. An adjustable cheese slicer can handle all of these tasks. Most adjustable tools utilize a wire that can be loosened and tightened as you need. Some rolling cheese slicers give you the opportunity to adjust wire distance. This gives you more control over thickness as you slice away.

Build Quality

A high-quality slicer is an investment, so it should be built to last. A sturdy tool can withstand years of cutting without becoming damaged. Pay close attention to the material. Stainless steel is a popular choice because it stays sharp and doesn’t rust. If you have a wire slicer, go with products that have replacements stainless steel cutting wire. Replacement wires can prolong the life of a tabletop slicer significantly.

Finally, consider the base or handle. Oftentimes, these components are the first to go. They can be made from a wide variety of materials, so it’s important that you scrutinize how the product is made to ensure that it lasts. For even more peace of mind, look for a warranty. A warranty usually means that the manufacturer is confident with their product, which is a good sign. Plus, it makes things easier should you ever need a replacement wire or assistance.


While cheese slicers may not look all that dangerous, they can easily cut your fingers the same way a knife can. Handheld slicers are the worst offenders, as you must hold the cheese with one hand and slice with the other. The stainless steel blade can knick your skin, causing injury. To avoid these types of mishaps, get a slicer that features non-slip material. There are many handheld slicers with rubber coatings. Alternatively, you can go with an option that has an etched design or rough surface. Anything that can prevent the slicer from slipping out of your hand is better than nothing at all. The same goes for tabletop slicers. However, instead of having a non-slip handle, you should find a product that has rubber feet for stability.


Your new cheese slicer should be cleaned after every use. So, stick with something that’s easy to maintain. In most cases, cleaning is as simple as taking off any cheese residue and popping the tool in the dishwasher. However, there are some instances in which cleanup could be a bit more cumbersome. For example, any wooden tools, whether its handheld or tabletop, need to be washed by hand. Putting them in a dishwasher could lead to warping and premature wear.

The base of your tabletop slicer may also require a bit more attention. Some materials, such as a wood or marble board, may need to be sealed every year to ensure that residue doesn’t affect the finish.

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