Ten Best CB Antenna in 2021 – Reviews and Handy Buyers Guide

CB Radios are pretty standard, whether you have a hand held CB radio or a fixed unit CB. Even high-quality CB radios on the market will be offered with a maximum of 4 watts power. While this is a great equalizer, you can upgrade your CB system by having the best CB antenna.

Factory truck antennas are useless in CB radios. Seeing that these antennas are affordable, buying a good one will not break your bank. With a good antenna, you can transmit and receive over long distances.


So, How Do You Choose a Good CB Antenna?

While you can choose the lowest priced antenna on the market and assume it will work well for you, you need to pay attention to the brand, type of CB antenna, where to mount, and height. A good CB antenna should meet your needs. That is, be suitable for the vehicle you need to mount it on, transmit over the distance you need and be easy to mount.

Granted, some models are more popular than others while some are versatile, fitting in different situations.

CB antennas are offered in three types; fiberglass, base and whip. Fiberglass are the cheapest and are made of a fiberglass pole wrapped in copper wire. Whip antennas can be base or center loaded and they feature a long steel whip. While fiberglass antennas are mounted low, the whip and base antennas are mounted high on a vehicle. As a rule of thumb, tall CB radios give a wide range.


It is not easy choosing a good CB antenna with the market being inundated with brands and models. This article is an evaluation of some of the best units.




The ConsumerExpert.com Best Rated Best CB Antennas List



Best Wilson CB Antenna

First up on our list is the Wilson range of CB Antennas. Wilson is a trusted and reliable brand when it comes to CB Antennas. When you buy a Wilson CB antenna you know you’re buying a quality product. The two I’ve listed below are the best in the range as far as I’m concerned. See what you think.


Wilson 305-38 300-Watt Magnet Mount Antenna

The Wilson 305-38 300-Watt Magnet Mount Antenna, commonly known as Little Wil, is one of the most popular CB Antenna models. It is created with a magnetic base that allows you to easily mount it on any part of your vehicle. It is a low-profile antenna, which still offers a wide range transmission. Designed with a heavy-duty coil with a 14-gauge copper wire, the antenna offers clarity of transmissions.

The unit is offered with a manual, giving you a headstart on how to tune it to standard CB frequency. Overall, the antenna does not disappoint. Out of the box, the unit comes set with 1.7 SWR on Channels one and forty and 1.25 SWR on Channel 19. This means you can mount the unit and get started without any need for adjustments.


• Powerful magnet for stable mounting
• 300W
• Offered with a heavy duty coil
• Great price
• Compact at 5 by 6 by 37.5 inches
• Lightweight, weighing only 2.2 lbs





Wilson 305-492 T2000 Series Truckers CB Antenna

Wilson has created some quality CB Antennas. The Wilson 305-492 was created for truckers. It sports a unique construction with a large coil housing that gives it a bulky look. It features a 5-inch shaft and a 49-inch stainless steel whip. Unlike other antennas from this manufacturer, the Wilson 305-492 is a high power CB antenna, handling up to 3500 Watts. This makes it suitable for power-intensive applications.

It is offered with a standard mount for easy mounting and handles frequencies between 26MHz and 30MHz. Its large coil housing allows it to handle high power.


• Handles high power
• Offered with a standard mount
• Transmits and receives up to 8 miles







FireStik FL3-B Three-Foot Firefly Antenna

FireStik has produced some of the most popular CB antennas out there. The FireStik FL3-B 3-Foot Firefly Antenna with a tunable tip is designed as a compact and lightweight CB antenna that performs well on trucks and jeeps.

The tunable tip is one of the highlights of this unit. You can turn it with bare hands to achieve the desired frequency. It is designed with a strong and flexible fiberglass. This enhances the sturdiness and the tune-ability of the antenna.

This black CB antenna will offer you a great range; a couple of miles on the highway. It is not a long unit and you can, therefore, attach it low. However, even with the great features, a quick disconnect feature is conspicuously missing. Unlike the Little Wil above, this unit will require you to buy mounting hardware separately.


• Weighs only 7.2 ounces
• Compact at 38 by 3 by 1 inches
• Powerful coil
• Sturdy and flexible fiberglass tube





Solarcon A-99 CB Antenna

The Solarcon A-99 CB Antenna is a fiberglass CB antenna created for professional use. Currently, the unit works with GPK-1 ground-plane. It is designed to accommodate up to 2000 Watts and 14,500 Volts. This makes it an ideal choice for commercial use in a base station and not on mobile applications.

You will be offered a heavy-duty mounting plate to anchor the unit strongly, keeping it safe from environmental factors. Even when it is designed for commercial use, the antenna remains compact and lightweight measuring 78.7 by 2.8 by 2 inches and weighing only one pound. You can, therefore, install it by yourself.

Comparatively, the price is high. But this is expected for a commercial antenna, which can withstand so much power. It is a unit for those who are interested in performance. It offers a low SWR out-of-the-box.

It is currently the market’s highest fiberglass antenna gain. At the same time, the weight is light and maneuverable so you can even install it all on your own with no extra help. Made in USA means high quality standards have been met with this powerful antenna.


• Easy to mount
• Can be tuned to low SWR readings
• Handles up to 200W





Tram 703 HC CB Antenna Kit

The Tram 703 HC CB Antenna comes as a complete kit so you can get started immediately. It is a center-load CB antenna that should be mounted low. It gives a remarkably good range. The unit is ideal for those who are looking for value for money on a truck CB antenna.

The unit covers all CB frequencies. It is offered with a 3.5-inch magnet mount, allowing you to connect it to any part of your truck. It also features a shock spring and stainless steel and whip. It also features a 17ft cable with great insulation.

The 2-feet tall antenna adheres strongly to your truck and comes in handy for all you needs.


• Covers all CB frequencies, making it ideal for all needs
• Offered will all needed accessories
• Great price





K40 K-30 35-Inch 300-Watts CB Antenna

The K-30 is a great unit for those who are looking for a simple magnetic CB mount. The antenna is offered with a 15-ft shielded coax cable. This unit is stranded to ensure there is no breakage. For strength, the antenna cable features a balanced thickness with a PL259 connector as a bonus. It offers low SWR readings and is easy to assemble.

With the purchase of this unit, you are offered a coaxial cable to connect to your radio and a magnetic base for strong mounting. Mounted right, the unit can transmit and receive over an eight-mile radius.


• Handles up to 300 Watts
• Offered with 15-ft pre-wired cable
• Comes with PL259 connector
• Covers up to 8 miles





Browning BR-28 Broad Band CB Antenna

The Browning BR-28 Broad Band CB Antenna looks great when mounted on your truck or your jeep. It is a high-profile mount, featuring a 49-inch stainless steel whip. The whip, coupled with a 6-inch stainless steel shaft and a chrome plated copper coil adds to the beauty of this antenna.

It is a performance-oriented antenna, handling up to 10 kW, making it ideal for most truckers. The unit handles all CB frequencies and works perfectly even without a spring. With a good mount, you get low SWR; between 1.1 and 1.5. With the three-way mount, you are assured of strong adherence.


• Handles up to 10,000W
• Frequency: 25MHz–30MHz
• Stainless steel whip and shaft are long lasting
• Great price





Cobra HG A 1000 Base-Load CB Antenna

Cobra Electronics has been designing CR Radios and Antennas since the 60s. Famous since the sixties for creating the very first CB radios, Cobra Electronics is the king of CB companies. These days, they have gone through immense growth due to their top notch products suited for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

This is a small mount CB antenna created for applications that do not need a lot of power. The unit can only handle 100 Watts and a frequency ranging from 26MHz to 30 MHz. While it is a small unit designed to handle low power, the unit transmits and receives over a long range.

It is offered with a 239 connector, a scratch resistant magnetic base and a braided coaxial cable. The black stainless steel whip makes the unit look great when mounted.

This CB has a magnetic mount created for handling three hundred-watt power. It works within a frequency range of up to 30MHz. Cobra has included a SO239 Connector and a black stainless steel whip. Getting this tuned quickly is not a hassle and you can immediately enjoy pushing forty channels with values such as 1.1 on the 1. The decent clarity and excellent range will help you understand exactly why Cobra is the brand to beat in this industry. This product is solid and features such a great price for such a powerful product.


• Weather channel capable
• Offered with SO 239 Connector
• Strong magnets for strong mounting





FireStik LOT of 2 FL4-B 4-Feet Firefly CB Antenna

Well, it goes without saying that this brand happens to be one of the industry’s most trusted, and there is a great reason for this. The products are extremely reliable, high quality and are all Made in America. You are thus assured of standards of quality that are met for safety and reliability. FireStik antennas are high quality and durable. The FL4-B 4-Feet Firefly CB Antenna sports a solid construction, but remains lightweight. The unit easily screws into a standard antenna mount. While it is not offered with a mount and coax cable, the unit is offered at a great price, allowing you to buy these accessories separately.

This antenna handles up to 200 Watts. Like other FireStik CB antennas, it features a bare-hand tunable tip, letting you get the frequency you need with ease. True to its name, you are offered two antennas on purchase, giving you value for money.

Enjoy solid construction in this lightweight 5/8” CB wave antenna. To be able to use it, you will need a separate coax fitting and a mount. Where are you planning to attach this antenna? You might need to buy a flexible spring for between the antenna and the mount as well to make it more flexible. Stability is the middle name of this product and you will love the fact that you will get the full CB experience each and every time with this Firefly CB antenna.


• Transmits and receives over a long range
• Lightweight
• Easy to mount





Midland 18-2442 Mobile CB Antenna

Midland has been producing CB radios and antennas since 1972. The 18-2442 Mobile CB Antenna, which is a center-load antenna, is one of their great products. It features a 17-7 stainless steel whip with a relief spring to minimize the impact on the whip. The unit features a small coil housing along the length of the whip.

To ensure stability, the 18-2442 Mobile CB Antenna features a plastic-coated magnetic base. This allows you to mount it on different parts of your truck. Even better, it is delivered prewired with a cable and connector.

You will find it easy to tune thanks to the upgrade that have been done on it. The price is great, considering the performance of the unit.


• Long whip for long range transmission
• Lightweight
• Great price



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