The Best CB Antenna Mounts 2021 – Reviews

An antenna mount is a fixture that securely holds your CB antenna onto your vehicle’s hood, trunk, hatchback, door, and any other mounting surface for a better radio reception. The players in the market offer many types of CB radio antenna mounts making it an uphill task for users to choose an antenna mount that makes the most sense of their situation.

If you are in such a state, however, you need not worry because we have scrutinized top CB Antenna mounts that you could consider purchasing. We have also recommended some helpful tips that may help you make an informed buying decision.


Tips for choosing the best CB antenna mounts

• Shop around for a weather resistant antenna that can withstand the wear and tear resulting from inclement weather elements like rain, direct sunlight exposure, and snow.

• Different mounts are designed to be installed on specific surfaces. As such, you would want to shop around for one that is designed for the area you intend to fix the antenna. You can also opt for universal mounts that attach anywhere.

• The ease of installation is another consideration to take into account when looking for a good CB antenna. Some CB antenna mounts are magnet mounted, some have clamps, and others require drilling into your vehicle. You will need to settle for the one that is easy to install.

• Give priority to CB antenna mounts that come with their mounting hardware to avoid additional expenses of purchasing the brackets separately.

• If possible, you should purchase antenna mounts that are custom designed for your vehicle. The customization minimizes the chances of buying auto-related products that are not compatible with your car.



Reviews of the Best CB Antenna Mounts for 2017


1. Rugged Ridge CB Antenna mount

The rugged ridge CB antenna is constructed from powder-coated steel to withstand corrosion and rusting resulting from adverse weather elements like water and snow. Besides its sturdy construction, Rugged Ridge CB antenna mount installs easily onto your jeep’s spare tire carrier without the need to drill holes.

Unlike some antenna mounts that require you to purchase mounting brackets separately, this antenna mount come with two screws and other mounting brackets required to bolt it tightly onto your car.

We recommend this CB antenna mount because, in addition to its amazing features, it comes with a five-year warranty that covers you against defects in material, artistry, and the user manual that guides you step by step through the installation process.

However, some people complain that installation is quite challenging and that the mount does not hold the antenna upright.




2. Firestik SS- 124A CB Antenna mount

Firestik’s CB antenna mount is made of stainless steel, a sturdy metal that is resistant to weather elements, corrosion, and rust. Since this is a universal mount for flat surfaces, you can fix it onto your stem bumpers, mirror arms, and any other flat surface on your car.

You would want to buy Firestik’s stud mount because it has a one-year warranty that protects you against manufacturer defects. Besides the warranty, the antenna mount is easy to install, and it comes with stainless steel mounting brackets. Its major downside is that it lacks an instruction manual to guide you through the installation process.





3. Wilson 305- 700 CB Antenna Mount

Wilson’s antenna mount is designed from aircraft quality aluminum, a light but durable metal. Aluminum is also resistant to corrosion and rusting. This CB antenna mount comes with stainless steel mounting brackets that hold the CB mount into place, and an ABS stud that holds the standard antennas. It is specifically designed for antennas that use the 3/8 – 24 thread type like the Wilson and heavy shaft oil car antenna types.

This CB antenna mount features in our top 10 list because it is easy to install and it comes with a one-year warranty that protects you against manufacturer defects. The downside of this CB antenna mounts is that they lack washers to secure the antenna mounts tightly.





4. Bentolin Rubicon Sahara CB antenna mount

Bentolin’s CB antenna mount is made from stainless steel with a black color coating to shield the hardware against wear and tear resulting from weather elements like water and snow. As such, the antenna mount will maintain its new looks for long.

Unlike the universal antenna mounts, Bentolin Rubicon Sahara CB antenna mount is custom designed to fit behind the spare tire of the 2007- 2016 Jeep Wrangler. Therefore, this antenna mount might not be an option if you own a different car model.

You would want to buy this CB antenna mount because it installs easily without the need for drilling holes, it does not corrode or rust, and it comes with user instructions. Its primary downside is that you will have to buy mounting brackets separately.





5. Red Hound Auto spare tire CB radio Antenna Mount

Do you own a 2007- 2017 Jeep wrangler? If you do, then the Red Hound’s CB radio Antenna is custom designed for your car. Like most of the CB antenna mounts we have reviewed above, this type is designed from heavy duty steel with a black finish to last long as well as mimic your car’s looks. In addition to its superior design, the CB radio antenna mount fits easily onto your vehicle’s tire carrier without the need for drilling holes.

We recommend this antenna mount to our readers because it is durable and a one-year warranty backs it. However, you will have to buy mounting fixtures separately, and its installation is quite challenging.





6. Aries 10822 CB Radio antenna Kit

Aries’ CB radio kit comes with a 4 feet 500 watt CB antenna, a mirror mount, and a 6-feet coax with molded PL- 259s. The mirror mount and antenna stud are molded from double groove aluminum, a light but durable metal that can withstand heavy use. Furthermore, the 4 feet whip is coated to shield it from elements.

You would want to invest in this kit because it comes with its mounting brackets, it fits onto most car mirrors, and its antenna has a good reception. The CB antenna mount is easy to install, but you will have to drill some holes to bolt it securely onto your mirror.




7. FireStik SS- 194A Antenna Mount

FireStik SS- 194 CB antenna mount is moulded from stainless steel to maintain its new looks even after a period of exposure to elements like sunlight and water. This antenna mount is meant for CB or amateur radio antenna, and it accepts the standard coaxial cables with PL- 259 connectors.

We recommend this antenna mount since it attaches easily onto your pickup bed rails without the need to drill holes, and it comes with all the brackets that you will need to bolt it. You can also mount it onto any of your vehicle’s flat surfaces like the roof or bumper.

Although this antenna mount seems like an excellent buy, some users complain that it flexes a lot when mounted with whips that are more than 5 feet long. Based on this disadvantage, it would be wise to invest in a more stable antenna mount if your antenna is longer than five feet.




8. AUBALL CB antenna mount

AUBALL’s CB antenna mount is an ideal option for vehicles with large CB antennas that require an adjustable and heavy-duty antenna mount. AUBALL is constructed from a sturdy chrome material, and it can hold antennas with the standard 3/8 inch x 24 threaded base. Besides holding most antennas firmly, its universal design also fits onto almost all vehicles.

Like most CB antenna mounts we have reviewed above, AUBALL CB antenna mount is easy to install, and it comes with the necessary installation brackets like the backing plate, lug connector, rubber gaskets, and a heavy-duty spring. The installation process entails drilling three holes on your preferred mounting surface and bolting the antenna mount into the drilled holes.




9. K40 Magnet CB mount

K40’s magnetic CB mount is designed to easily mount your car’s K40 antenna, or any other antenna, with the standard threaded base onto your vehicle’s roof, trunk lip, or any other flat surface.

Different from the antenna mounts that need to be bolted to your car’s surface; this antenna mount uses a heavy-duty magnet with a 120lb pull. As such, it saves you from the hassle of drilling holes onto your vehicle, and it gives you the freedom to change its position anytime you need to search for a better reception.

Contrary to its positive attributes, some users complain that it is pricey, needs a regular inspection to ensure that it is in a good position, and that it scratches their car’s paint when it slides around.




10. FireStik SS- 204A vertical door jamb mount

Designed from corrosion resistant stainless steel, FireStik’s door jamb is an all round CB mount that fits onto any vehicle’s tailgate hatch, door, or any other vertical surface. Besides its versatile nature, this CB mount features a 180- degree swivel that lets you adjust your antenna for enhanced radio reception. It can hold 4-foot antennas with the standard 3/8- 24 mounting thread.

Its straightforward installation process entails drilling two holes onto the preferred mount surface and screwing the mount into place. However, you will have to purchase the screws or bolts separately since they are not provided in the doorjamb CB mount’s standard kit.

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