11 Of The Best Car HUDs ( Heads Up Display ) – 2021

A car HUD (Heads Up Display) can make you feel as if you’re driving in the future. Originally designed for fighter pilots to keep track of important information without taking their eyes off the skies, manufacturers now offer similar products that you can use in your car. If you like heading off on road trips to explore the world on your own or with family or friends, you definitely need the best car HUD.

The best car HUD displays can help you in a few different ways. It creates a digital display over your windshield and allows you to access information about your car while keeping your eyes firmly on the road. While many states have laws restricting the use of electronic devices while behind the wheel, those laws do not apply to these devices. It gives you a full view of the road but lets you know the temperature of your engine as well as your speed and other pertinent information. Those who drive often for work such as truck drivers and delivery personnel love these devices. You can find the best car HUD head up display that works well for all the trips that you take and any of the driving that you do.



SHEROX A900 Car HUD Head Up Display

The best HUD app for car owners today might just be the A900 from SHEROX. It works on any vehicle that has OBDII certification, which means cars produced in more recent years. The display has a bright LCD screen that uses multiple colors to help you see clearly. This display automatically adjusts the brightness based on the amount of available light to reduce glares from the sunlight. This model also has several built-in alarms that indicate when you need to shift gears or slow down. It also has a speed alarm that alerts the user when they are going too fast. It also tells you when your engine is too hot and when you need to take a break. It pulls in data such as speed, water temperature, and fuel consumption.


Automatically adjusts its brightness settings to prevent glares
Turns itself on and off when you start the vehicle
Compatible with American vehicles produced after 2003
Has multiple alarm settings


Speedometer can be off
Doesn’t feature good mounting hardware



Hudly Wireless Head-Up Display – For all cars and for both IOS and Android

The Hudly wireless heads up display unit is at the higher end of this particular product area. It looks slick, well designed, well built and is fully compatible with IOS and Android mobile phones.

Hudly allows the user to wirelessly cast their phone apps directly into their line of sight. You can even cast your smartphone’s navigation app such as Google Maps, with the free Hudly app, optimized for use on a HUD. You can also connect your car’s diagnostics like speed, water temperature, RPMs, and fuel levels.



TIMPROVE T600 Universal Car HUD – Heads Up Display

Compatible with all makes and models, the T600 is the only car HUD that you’ll need. It has a 2.2-inch high-definition screen that shows your current speed and the voltage of your engine. You can adjust that screen to show the time or any other information that you want to view. As it has an angled display, you can see that screen no matter how you sit in your car. It also uses satellite positioning to ensure that everything you see is accurate. You can choose from features such as altitude, alarms that you set, brake performance and engine temperature.


Compatible with all types of vehicles
Adjustable settings for all users
Speed alarm to help you regulate your vehicle speed
Accurate information displayed at all times
Angled screen to help you see clearly


Short circuits are slightly off
Some settings are off



ITEQ 4.8-Inch GPS Car HUD

As you search for the best car HUD, you’ll find some solid reviews of this ITEQ product. Many like the large 4.8-inch display because it allows them and their passengers to view needed information while on the road. That display lets you keep on eye on the road and one eye on your car, but you can change the settings and lay the display over your windshield. It comes with a suction cup for quick mounting and installation. This model uses GPS to ensure that the information it shows is accurate to the second. As long as you have a 12V outlet in your car, you can use this HUD.


Two ways to use the display
Compatible with standard and electric vehicles
GPA satellites provide accurate details
Can show speed in miles or kilometers


Can drain your car’s battery if left plugged in
May not fit tightly in your outlet



LEMSIR C800 Universal Heads Up Display

You no longer need to struggle to find the best car HUD kit that will fit your car because this universal HUD fits all models. That design even lets you switch it between vehicles when you change rides. The display sits right on top of the steering wheel on the dash to show you the current time and speed. It also has a temperature display that shows you when you need to slow down to protect your motor. The C800 also features a number of different alarms that can alert you of the voltage, time and water temperature. A driver fatigue alarm lets you know when you spent too much time driving too.


Starts and stops when your engine does
Universal design makes it compatible with all vehicles
Works at high and slow speeds
Loaded with alarms and features


Does not have many customer reviews
Can take some time to install




As long as your car can work with an OBD2 (OBDII) device, you can use this HUD. This includes cars made in North America between 2004 and today. It features a large screen that you can use on top of your steering wheel to view information about your vehicle speed, the temperature outside and of your motor and any warnings you need to know about while still seeing the road ahead. The included app might be the best car HUD app because it lets you easily adjust the speed shown on the screen to the actual speed of your engine. You may need to add a USB cord when using the HUD at a high voltage.


Lets you use the display in two ways
Uses small icons to help you view more information
Will not get in your way
Compatible with many types of vehicles


Speed on the HUD doesn’t always match your real speed
May require the use of a separate USB cord
Not compatible with some makes, including Jeep and Chrysler vehicles



EBTOOLS HUD Display with Interface

Any list of the best car HUD displays should include this EBTOOLS model because it eliminates problems caused by reflections on your windshield. It has several settings that you can choose from to compensate from the lack of light, which makes it suitable for use in the middle of the night as well as in the bright sunlight. The display has a plug and play design that makes installation a breeze and an automatic setting that turns it on and off based on a signal from your engine. A 4.3-inch TFT LCD color screen is another nice feature that lets everyone in the car keep an eye on it.


Fast and easy installation
Eliminates reflections on the windshield
Large multicolor display
Comes on and turns off when your motor does


The display may not show all features
Some customers had issues installing it



XYCING 5.8-Inch Car HUD

The best car HUD 2019 model for those who want more options comes from XYCING. This model has two display settings: normal and projection. With the normal display, you can easily view the 5.8-inch screen and adjust it as you see fit. The projection mode projects that image of the screen onto your windshield. Designed to work with OBDII certified vehicles, it shows the number of miles you traveled, the temperature of your engine and the voltage of your battery. It also has built-in safety features to help you regulate your speed to avoid tickets and keep track of your driving time to prevent accidents. This HUD also provides you with even more comprehensive data on your car such as fuel consumption, drive time, battery voltage, and engine RPMs.


Normal and projection display modes
Bright LED display
Built-in safety alarms for drivers
Compatible with OBDII certified vehicles


Has a somewhat cheap feel when compared to other displays
The vehicle speed setting is sometimes off



TIMPROVE Universal Digital Car HUD

Unlike some of the other best car HUD displays that use multiple colors, this one just uses a bright green color that you can see easily in the dark and the sunlight. You can plug it into your cigarette lighter and let the HUD connect to the GPS satellites in the sky to track your vehicle as you drive. It works with most modern vehicles and has easy to use alarms. Those alarms will produce three loud beeps as a warning and will shut down when you meet the requirements to stop the alarm. It has both a projection setting and a regular display setting too.


Green display lets you see well in all lights
Alarms are easy to set and turn off
Displays information in two ways
Uses GPS satellites for accurate readings


Does not come with a cigarette lighter adapter
Doesn’t mount well on dashes




A common issue that some had with other best car HUD displays is that they had trouble reading the screens. You won’t have that issue with this model because it puts all the pertinent information in the center of the display in an easy to read format. It shows the time, current temperature and your battery’s voltage in the middle. A temperature gauge around the edges acts as a warning when your engine temperature climbs too high. Included with the display is a small piece that you can mount to the dash to use it right in front of you or off to one side.


Easy to read
Shows MPH or KM/H speeds
Includes mount for use on the dash
Features a built-in temperature gauge


Some questioned the accuracy of certain settings
Interface can peel off quickly



WL Upgrade T800 Universal Car HUD

With two display modes, this universal car HUD lets you use the traditional display on top of your dash or project the screen across your windshield. Some of the information it displays includes the altitude, engine temperature, battery voltage and both your driving distance and direction. You can also press a button and view the position and angle of each satellite that it uses too. Not only does it features a large 4.3-inch LCD TFT screen, but it also has a slimmer design than some of the other best car HUD 2019 models. You can adjust the brightness as you drive and switch between settings too.


Has a large screen with a slim design
Lets you adjust settings while driving
Displays info about your engine and battery
Allows you to test the brakes and performance of your vehicle


Can be a little distracting
Only works if you have a working cigarette lighter



Car HUD Buyers FAQs and Buying Guide

Those shopping for the best car HUD 2019 products can find answers to some of their more commonly asked questions below.


Q: Do You Need to Download a Best HUD App for Car Users?

A: As the best car HUD displays use GPS and other types of satellites to give you information, you usually need to download an app first. These apps can work in a few different ways though. Some verify that you purchased the best car HUD and download right to the unit. This lets you update the device in the future as new technology becomes available. Others come with an app that you can download to a phone or tablet. That app lets you test the information shown on your display to make sure that it’s accurate. If the information is not correct, you can use the app to adjust the car HUD.


Q: Is a Smartphone HUD the Best Car HUD?

A: The best car HUD displays include some that are compatible with leading models of smartphones. You can sync your phone via bluetooth to the device and view information on both screens at the same time. This might be the best car HUD of 2019 for those concerned with others who drive their cars. You can use one to keep track of your teenager’s driving record or to keep an eye on your spouse.


Q: What are Some of the Features You Should Look for in the Best Head Up Display?

A: Doing some research before you buy is a smart way to make sure you buy the best car HUD kit for your car. The most important thing to consider is whether it is compatible with your vehicle. Vehicles made in North America in later years and those manufactured overseas after the middle of the 2000s will often work with HUD devices because they are OBD-II certified. This means that you can plug the device into your steering column or engine to use it. Older model vehicles may require a different type of HUD.

You may want to look at the size of the screen and whether you can view that screen in more than one way. Some of the best car HUD displays have a projection feature. If you have problems viewing the small screen, you can press a button to turn on the projection setting. This will create a large display that covers your windshield. You can still easily view the road as well as that information. It’s important that you make sure the unit comes with a mount or mounting hardware too.


Q: What Can the Best Car HUD ( Heads Up Display) Tell You About Your Car?

A: The best displays can tell you quite a bit about your vehicle and alert you of potential problems that can lead to big repairs. A good display will show the current temperature of the engine and the voltage of the battery. This lets you know if there is something draining and weakening the battery or if the motor is in danger of overheating. Some models also show you how much gas you used per mile and your current vehicle speed.


Q: What Alarms Do You Need?

A: One of the best alarms you will find on these devices is a driver fatigue alarm. Driving while tired is just as dangerous as driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It can delay your reaction time and leave you unaware of some of the dangers on the road. This alarm keeps track of how much time you spent driving and lets you know when you should take a break to avoid driver fatigue. Some models also use satellites to keep track of posted speed limits and can alert you when you break those speeds.


Q: Do You Need to Buy Any Accessories to Use a Car HUD?

A: Though the best products come with all the accessories that you need to use the HUD, you may find that you need to purchase a few things separately. If you buy a cheaper unit to save money, you may need to spend extra on mounting hardware to actually use it in your car. Some models also require the use of a USB cord to plug the unit into a cigarette lighter. Many find it helpful to buy and use a reflection screen too. This screen completely covers the windshield and blocks glares that can interfere with the display.


Q: Can the Best Car HUD Save You Money?

A: The best car HUD head up display can absolutely save you money. As it monitors your speed, you can remain at a safe speed and avoid tickets. It also helps you save on car repairs because the device will alert you of problems. Some also find that best car HUD displays save them money because they can avoid accidents on the road that cause expensive repairs and high insurance rates.

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