What Are The Best Bunion Correctors? 14 Bunion Splints Reviewed For 2022

Bunion Correctors To Help Ease The Pain and Hassle of Bunions (Hallux Valgus)

Bunions can be both painful and inconvenient. When the toe bone pushes out of the side of the foot, it can even be difficult to properly fit into shoes. The pressure and pain can become unbearable, making walking difficult and potentially leading to knee, hip, and even back problems.

Foot problems commonly lead to problems in other areas, such as the aforementioned back, knee, and hip. Foot problems can also lead to other foot problems, such as muscle, tendon, or nerve damage and possibly injuries to the bone. It is for the reasons discussed above that proper bunion care is important; without it, small discomforts can become chronic problems. If bunions coexist with other foot problems, all of the problems can compound and make one another worse.


What is a Bunion?

A bunion can be a painful, boney bump that appears around the base of the big toe, normally on the inside of the foot. 1 in 4 adults suffer from bunions. This occurs when the bones and ligaments of the foot move out of alignment. The pain of a bunion comes from the bunion rubbing against the shoe or from the pressure put on the joint when walking, running or standing.

The main cause of bunion formation is badly fitted shoes or wearing high heels too much. Your genetic makeup is also to blame.


Possible solutions to Bunions

Other than bunion surgery, bunions can be corrected by using a “bunion splint” or as they are also known “bunion correctors”. Bunion correctors are not a cure. They are designed to relieve pressure and treat pain that bunions cause and to avoid the need for foot / bunion surgery.


Here are our ten best bunion support options:

Finding a bunion corrector that can properly relieve symptoms and stretch the foot is simple thanks to the internet. In fact, our top picks will have the backing from podiatrists who help people everyday with painful bunions.


Caretras Bunion Corrector – For Pain Relief from Hallux Valgus

The best bunion corrector that money can buy is this splint option from Caretras. This high-quality, bestseller bunion corrector comes in a two-pack that includes a splint designed for each foot. The splint separates the big toe from the other toes to provide some comfort and relief from bunions. Using this corrector is easy due to the Velcro closure. You simply place one foot on the split, wrap it around your big toe, pull the rest of the splint around your foot and adjust it before using Velcro to secure it. This splint won’t get in your way and allows you to resume some of your favorite activities as you recover.

Designed to treat bunions in three months or less, this corrector is so comfortable and lightweight that you might forget that you put it on. It gives you complete freedom of movement and is perfect for wearing around the house. The breathable material used in the construction keeps your feet from sweating. It also has a nonslip strap that keeps the corrector from sliding down your feet. Many like the durable metal bar on the side that treats the bunion and the sponge pad on the bottom that makes it more comfortable than other correctors.





Best Bunion Sleeve
Flyen Bunion Corrector & Bunion Relief Protector Sleeves Kit – Pain Relief from Hallux Valgus

The high-quality Flyen bunion corrector kit includes a pair of fabric bunion sleeves, a pair of full-length bunion braces, one pair of shorter bunion braces, and one stretch band for strengthening the feet. Thanks to the variety of pieces, this kit can be used to treat bunions by stretching, separating, and relieving pain in the toes.

The bunion braces are made from medical grade silicone, making them easy to clean. The fabric components are easy to clean and sanitize as well. These items are cushioned enough to provide comfort and relief from foot pain, but slim enough to wear under socks and shoes.




PediDoc Bunion Relief – Bunion Corrector and Hinged Bunion Splint with Hallux Valgus Bunion Pad Toe Straightener to Realign Toes

This splint boasts a thick, comfortable pad to cushion bunions and offer pain relief by realigning the big toe into its proper position. While this bunion brace is a bit bulky, it can still be worn while walking, eliminating the need to stay stagnant while using them and essential relief from foot pain.

Easy to clean, these braces are made of strong, medical grade materials and a soft cushioning material. These splints fit many different foot sizes and straighten the toe in such a way that it relieves the pressure from the bunion.



Adjustable Velcro Bunion Night Splint –  A Corrector Brace for Hammertoe Big Toes

These splints can fit on either foot but come in a pack of two so that the customer does not have to switch feet. They work best at night, as it is difficult to walk when they are stretching the toes and joints. They apply a three-point pressure system and are not flexible, making them ideal for use when relaxing around the home.

Most foot sizes can use these splints, as they are fastened with adjustable Velcro straps. They are easy to wear but do not contour to the movement of the foot. These splints can be used to both relieve pain and prevent it from happening by forcing proper toe alignment.



Alayna Bunion Corrector and Gel Pad

Suitable for both men and women, this corrector from Alayna is a good choice for anyone who wants something that they can wear with their shoes and socks. As it comes in a one size fits all design, you don’t need to worry about choosing the right size or figuring out if it fits. Alayna also offers this bunion corrector in smaller sizes for those with smaller feet. This corrector uses a lightweight and flexible material that fits similar to the way an elastic bandage does. You slip it over the top of your foot and pull your big toe through a small opening before moving the rest of the corrector over your foot. It has a thick pad inside that pushes the bunion against your foot to help you stay comfortable as you heal.

Also known as a bunion sleeve, this is one of the few products designed to work on both structural and tailor’s bunions. It can relieve and treat a bunion located next to your big toe and those found next to the smallest toe. The low price makes this bunion corrector a popular choice for those looking to save money, too.





Bunion Bootie Store Bunion Corrector – Pain Relief From Hallux Valgus

Available from the Bunion Bootie Store, this bunion corrector has a wraparound design that provides both the comfort and support that you need as a bunion heals. It comes in multiple sizes that range from extras-small to extra-larger. All of the correctors use the same design, which the company created after getting feedback from both doctors and customers. The elastic material wraps around your big toe and pushes the bunion against your foot, but it also continues to the back of the foot and wraps around the ankle to provide extra security.

The heel strap on the back ensures that the corrector remains in place and doesn’t slip no matter how active you are. While it is flexible enough to let you do everything that you want, it does a good job of supporting and protecting the bunion to reduce your pain and discomfort. You might like how well it works on corns and other foot conditions, too. Unlike some of the bulkier that interfere with your movements, this one will not get in your way. You can even wear it with the shoes that you wear when running errands and those you rely on at work.





Bunion Pain Relief Management Orthopedic Splits & Toe Spacer

This item is actually a set including an ergonomic toe wrap and a bendable toe stabilizer. It is highly useful for treating bunions thanks to the stabilization feature which pushes the toe back into its proper position, but there are other conditions and injuries this set can help treat. The include sports injuries, corns, arthritis, calluses, hammer toe, gout, and more.

The toe stabilizer correctly spaces out the toes while the wrap ensures a snug and supportive fit regardless of foot size. The separator is made of aluminium  that is firm without being uncomfortable or causing soreness. It can also be bent for a true fit. This system is ideal for night time wear





Best Gel Bunion Guard
NatraCure Big Toe Gel Bunion Guard

If you have a painful bunion but can’t afford to take time away from work for it to heal, try this bunion guard from NatraCure. Unlike other correctors that are heavy and bulky, this one has a sleek design that easily fits underneath your socks and/or shoes. You simply slide the guard over your big toe and press the side against the bunion. Within a few months of daily use, you should notice the bunion healing and shrinking in size. This is one of the smallest bunion correctors / toe spreaders on the market.

While similar bunion guards use silicone that can feel uncomfortable against your feet, this guard uses a type of smart gel. Not only does the gel regulate your body temperature to keep your feet from sweating, but it also stretches to fit the sizes of your foot and bunion. The gel also does a good job of soothing the bunion to keep you comfortable. A unique feature of this bunion corrector is the combination of materials used in the gel, including Aloe Vera and mineral oil. Those ingredients work together to create an intense soothing sensation that you’ll experience as the bunion heals.





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HealthAndYoga Hinged Bunion Splint for Big Toe Malpositioning

Neoprene is the primary material for this splint, making it more resistant to sweat and other moisture than a plastic or nylon splint. Neoprene is also hypoallergenic, protecting users of this splint from any likely allergic reactions.

The splint is firm but features a hinge for free movement of the big toe; the toe is simply pushed inward as it moves, correcting the altered alignment of the big toe. Velcro fastenings allow for a firm but adjustable fit. This splint can be used during the day or night, but it may not fit well under most footwear.



Bunion Corrector and Bunion Relief Sleeve with Gel Pad Cushion Bunion Protector

Sometimes a cushioned fabric sleeve can be exactly what a customer needs to correct the alignment of their feet. These sleeves provide pain relief by cushioning part of the foot and applying gentle pressure to force the big toe into its correct position. They include a soothing gel cushion just over the joint where bunions form, and the gel also protects the skin while the wearer is on the move.

These bunion protectors are comfortable enough to wear all day, from walking around wearing shoes to being barefoot at home. They fit easily under shoes and thanks to the firm, stretchy material they can fit almost any foot size.



Gel Toe Separator Bunion Splint

These splints slip over the big toe and the following two to provide a soft silicone cushion for hammer toes, bunions, and other foot problems. The material between the big and second toes is a bit thicker to push the big toe out, treating bunions by pushing the joint back in.

This splint also features holes in the bottom, which help with airflow and reduce the risk of bacteria or moisture buildup. This product is also good to use when at home, especially on hard floors, as in addition to the holes on the bottom there are non-skid marks that prevent slippage on linoleum and other smooth surfaces.



Dr. Rogo Bunion Relief Gel Toe Separators

The medical grade gel this toe separator is comprised of provides comfortable wear. The separator slips easily over the big toe to push it outward, thereby pushing the bunion inward and correcting the anatomy of the foot. It is slim and can easily be worn under shoes, socks, and slippers.

The soft gel material is firm enough to prevent toe overlap, thereby preventing corns, calluses, and infections. Comfort should be a factor when choosing a splint or toe separator, as if the device is uncomfortable it can affect its usefulness. The shield-ike design also prevents shoes from rubbing against the bunion.



Dr. Frederick’s Original Nighttime Bunion Splints

These splints are heavy-duty, meaning that they are meant for nighttime use and can impact mobility. Double stitched and padded, these splints realign the big toe while the wearer is sleeping and are designed specifically for that purpose.

The toe stabilizer area of the splints are bendable, meaning the user can customize each one to conform to the exact shape of their feet. The splints are made out of an easily washable material and are stiff enough to provide firm, solid support.



Bunion Corrector Splint Big Toe Alignment Brace

Velcro fastenings make these braces easily adjustable, and the thickly padded aluminum bar provides firm support that is best implemented while the user is sleeping. Due to the heavy support, these braces are not ideal for daytime use or any other time where the user must be productive.

In addition to support, these braces help relieve the pain of hammer toe, bunions, and more by forcing the big toe joint back into its proper position. The outward tab can be adjusted to determine the level of support, from light to heavy, and the braces are comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time.

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