Best Bungee Chairs Guide – Unique Seating Idea For 2021

Looking for a comfortable chair that makes you stand out from the neighbours and their typical chairs? Perhaps you should take a look at bungee chairs. A bungee chair uses round or flat bungee cords or bands to provide support instead of the usual springs, foam, or strapping. They have become popular due to their unique style, distinctive bounce, and a sense of breathability provided by the open spacing in the cords.

However, as with most consumer goods, not all bungee chairs are the same. Some are constructed of better quality materials, some have a more comfortable design, and some are created for a specific type of user. In this guide, we will take a look at the top six bungee chairs currently available on the market. Additionally, we will cover some important factors to look for when shopping for your bungee chair, as well as provide answers to some of the more common questions asked by consumers.

Our Top Rated Best Bungee Chairs

To start off, let’s take a closer look at the six bungee chairs we have selected as our top choices. We based these ratings off of market research, information provided by the manufacturer, but most importantly, information from the most reliable sources, consumers that have actually used these products.

Zenithen IC544S-TV04 Bunjo Bungee Dish Chair

Our first pick, the dish-shaped Zenithen Bunjo Chair, is also our pick for the best option currently on the market. For those familiar with the portable furniture industry, the fact that this model is our top pick shouldn’t be too surprising since Zenithen has made a name for themselves with these types of products. It can support up to 225 lbs and is constructed with a durable steel frame. This unit can be folded to a slim configuration for easier storage and portability and is suitable for both children and adults.


  • Very sturdy construction should provide plenty of longevity.
  • Lightweight for easier mobility.
  • No setup required after unboxing.


  • The most common consumer complaints involve the nylon ring, stating the nylon began to rip a short time after purchase.
  • Consumer complaints indicate this model is not comfortable for long periods of use.
  • While the 225 lbs weight limit is respectable, other models on our list have higher weight limits.



2. Harvil Portable Hexagon Bungee Chair

Up next is the Portable Hexagon Bungee Chair by Harvil. This model only weighs 10 lbs but can support up to 225 lbs, similar to the Zenithen discussed above. It features a hexagonal design that makes it stand out from many of the other bungee chairs and incorporates a sturdy locking mechanism to help keep the chair stable. The unit can be folded to a very slim profile to help conserve storage space and is suitable for interior and exterior use.


  • A larger, more accomodating size.
  • Lightweight and easily portable.
  • Tightly wound cords create additional support.


  • While the tightly wound cords do provide additional support, they also make for an uncomfortable experience if sat in for too long.
  • Similar to the Zenithen model discussed above, most consumer complaints involve nylon supporting the cords ripping after minimal use.
  • The back of the chair is too low for taller users and does not provide much support for the head.



REDCAMP Folding Bungee Web Chair

This model from REDCAMP, the first on our list that uses bands instead of cords, was designed for the taller user. With measurements of 31” x 31” x 31.5”, it can seat users up to 6’2” and has a weight limit of 250 lbs. Even though REDCAMP primarily produces camping equipment and this is considered a camping chair, this folding bungee web chair can be used for interior purposes or exterior purposes. The steel tubing legs are powder coated and feature a sturdy locking mechanism that ensures the legs remain stable during use.


  • A larger design for taller users.
  • Lightweight and portable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Sturdy locking mechanism helps to ensure the legs stay in place.


  • The primary complaint from consumers is that the frame around the chair is easily felt while in use and creates an uncomfortable experience.
  • Limited color options.
  • Overall appearence of the unit is reported as boring by many consumers.



Bunjo Chair Hex Bungee Chair

This hex bungee chair from one of the more familiar names in the bungee chair industry, Bunjo, offers a slight twist to the traditional hexagonal design. Instead of all the corners being perfectly symmetrical, the side corners are lowered, creating a unique and stylish look. The unit can fold completely flat and is lightweight, making it a good option for portable applications. The cords are wound tightly and should provide more support for adult and teen users.


  • Provides plenty of support for adults and teens.
  • Lightweight and easy to fold and store.
  • Requires little storage space when not in use.


  • The cords are tightly wound and smaller children may not find it very comfortable.
  • Complaints by consumers indicate that cords have to be adjusted each time it is unfolded.
  • The 200 lbs weight limit is the lowest of the chairs on our list.



Impact Canopy Round Bungee Chair

The Impact Canopy Round Bungee Chair could be a good option if you are looking for bungee chair that is lightweight and easily portable. The unit only weighs a little under 8 lbs and has a weight limit of 225 lbs. This bungee chair can fold to a completely flat profile to save on storage space and uses denier 600 weight fabric and is classified as ballistic nylon.


  • Provides plenty of support for adults and teens.
  • Narrow footprint when folded for easy storage.
  • Several color options to chose from.


  • Lightweight children might find it uncomfortable due to the tightly wound cords.
  • Complaints by consumers indicate that the design is not suitable for teens or adults.



Giantex Folding Bunjo Bungee Chair

This bungee chair from Giantex uses Oxford fabric, which is softer than traditional nylon while remaining water resistant and breathable. The unit weighs just under 10 lbs and can fold to a height of only two inches and can be slid under a couch for storage. The steel tube frame has a rust-resistant coating that should make this a good candidate for outdoor applications.


  • Designed to provide additional back support.
  • Folded height of two inches requires little storage space.
  • Available in a variety of color options.


  • Primary consumer complaints envolve the steel tubing breaking at pivot points.
  • Complaints by consumers indicate that the materail used to support the bungee cords is of low quality and easily rips.



What to Look For When Buying A Bungee Chair

When it comes to shopping for your next, or possibly your first, bungee chair, there are some factors to keep in mind to ensure the product you are selecting will serve the purposes you intend to use it for.


Weight Limit Of The Bungee Chair

Bungee chairs have a specified weight limit as to how much they can safely and effectively support. For example, if a bungee chair states that it has a weight limit of 100 lbs, you may not want to buy it if the primary user weighs close to or more than that. Additionally, if the primary user is on the lighter side, having a bungee chair with a high weight limit could be uncomfortable for them due to the cord being tightly wound.



The dimensions of a bungee chair can impact the comfort level it provides the user. Some chairs are designed with a wider frame while others can be narrow.


Bungee Bands or Cords

Some people find sitting on bungee cords for any length of time to be uncomfortable and prefer the flatter design of bungee bands. If you have never used a bungee chair before, look for a vendor that has each model out on display before deciding on which you prefer.


Weight and Portability

If you are looking to use a bungee chair for mobile applications, such as camping, hiking, or fishing, make sure that you check the weight of the chair itself. While a couple of pounds might not seem like a major difference, you may change your mind after having to lug it around for a while.


Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, let’s take a look at some of the more common questions consumers have about bungee chairs.

Q = How do I know what type of bungee chair to get for my kids’ room?
A = To answer this question, you need to determine your child’s weight. For smaller children that do not weigh much, avoid buying a bungee chair with a high weight limit. Bungee chairs with a high weight limit tend to have cords or bands that are wound tightly. While this may add more support for heavier users, it can be uncomfortable for lighter users.

Q = Which type of bungee chair should I use, bands or cords?
A = There are a couple of factors involved with answering this question. First, will they be used for extended periods of time? If so, most consumers seem to agree that bungee bands are more comfortable for extended use than cords because of the cords having a narrow surface area. The wider bands do not become as uncomfortable as quickly. Secondly, if the chairs are to be used sporadically or for limited amounts of time, then it would be which would you prefer, bands or cords.

Q = Does the shape of a bungee chair really make a difference?
A = The actual shape of a bungee chair really only effects its comfort level in regards to dimensions. Narrow chairs might be uncomfortable for larger users. Besides that, it’s really just a matter of style preference.




Bungee chairs can serve a good addition to any room in your home or for making outdoor activities more comfortable. So long as you know what you intend to use the chair for primarily and keep those factors in mind when shopping, you should be able to find the perfect chair for your needs that will last.

We hope this post has provided you with plenty of useful information to help may your decision easier. Please feel free to leave any feedback you would like, we love feedback. Until next time, good luck.

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