Best Athletic Tape 2021 – Top 10 Guide and Review

Athletic tape is a relatively new invention. Introduced in the mid-1970s by chiropractor Kenzo Kase, this product was virtually ignored until the top athletes in the world used it at the 2008 Bejing Olympics.

The popularity of athletic taped exploded after this and so has the research into the product. Recently, Kinesio tape has come to the forefront of sports, with its healing properties and enormous popularity with high-profile athletes in just about every sport. Some superstar athletes have even used it as a fashion statement during games and worn it in a particular design.

But athletic tape does serve an actual purpose that helps athletes to heal properly as well as ventilate their skin without the danger of moisture setting in and causing infections or improper healing when it is used properly.


Tips for Using Athletic Tape

For optimum athletic performance and care for injuries, athletes should be aware of some important elements to using athletic tape:

  • Skin conditions, sunburns, or extremely sensitive areas should not be wrapped with athletic tape
  • A raw scar should not be wrapped until it forms a thin scab
  • Any person with circulatory issues should consult a doctor before using any athletic wrapping.
  • Do not use any lotion on an area before you wrap it.
  • Shaving the area to be wrapped is discouraged; it deters brain receptors from reacting which are signaled by hair follicles.
  • If numbness occurs on a wrapped area, remove the athletic tape immediately.
  • Athletic tape should be cut off and not peeled to avoid harming skin.


Top 10 Best Athletic Tapes

Kinesiology Tape for Athletes, Pre-cut Strips of Blue Therapeutic Sports Tape For Knees, Shoulders, and Elbows with Bonus eBook

This tape has the Kinesio properties like the YOtape , but it is specially designed to allow for quicker recovery. It is also recommended for use as a pre-wrap before an injury occurs and used by athletes to prevent injuries in the following areas:

• Runners (shins and feet)
• Cyclers (thighs and calves)
• Soccer players (tendons in the feet)
• Golf (hips and lower back area)
• Tennis (shoulders and elbows)
• Boxing (ankles)
• Swimming (neck area and shoulders)
• Fitness enthusiasts (wrists)
• Bodybuilders and weightlifters (quadriceps and hamstrings)

It is known for its reduction of muscle fatigue and increased circulatory properties to induce faster injury recovery. The material is ultra-resistant to perspiration or water and stays extremely tacky with a material that is made up of a medical-graded adhesive, so it can be kept on for longer than even five or six days.

It can also take the place of a splint or a brace because it is that strong and actually lifts the skin and pulls it comfortably away from muscles which allow for free range of motion. It is described by professionals in the field of sports medicine, chiropractic medicine, and physical therapists to be like a second skin it adheres so well and does not deter the athlete from performing at the level of a non-injured athlete.

That is why so many athletes use this tape even if they have not incurred an injury. Finally, this athletic tape is versatile enough for both genders as well as for use with children during sports activities.

• Conveniently pre-cut strips
• Latex free and waterproof
• Resistant to heavy perspiration
• Extreme stretching of up to 160% for ease of movement, and optimum compression for fast recovery
• Includes an instructional eBook







YOtape Kinesiology Tape Precut Athletic Tape

The Yotape has Kinesio properties in its design which consider the physiological movements of the human body. This tape is also specifically designed with female athletes in mind. It works with athletes at all skill levels and can improve circulation as well as reduce swelling in injured areas. It is extremely lightweight for long-term use, but it still gives great support. It also has a Kinesio-induced ability to give neuromuscular support for the athlete’s that use it with a maximum breathable material.

• Precut for ease of use
• Includes a taping guide
• Best when used to tape knees, shoulders, and ankles
• Extra muscle and tendon support
• Latex free
• Can be worn up to 5 days






Cramer Team Color Athletic Tape

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association has endorsed the Cramer athletic tape for a number of years. This athletic tape is actually designed for use by athletic trainers. It is the one that most sports medicine professionals prefer to use as well because it is known to be an efficient and high-quality tape. The manufacturers really see this product as an athletic tool that aims to allow players, even with an injury, to still perform at their maximum performance level. This tape is so strong that it can give an athlete maximum stability and recovery time, but it can also be used to repair an athlete’s equipment at the same time.

• Latex free rolls
• All cotton, porous, professional-grade material
• Zinc oxide infused backcloth for additional support
• Maximum support for joints and muscles in the ankles, elbows, and knees
• Great for stability and avoiding hyperextension
• Keeps dressings for wound areas in place
• Can be used to repair athletic equipment







KT TAPE Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Therapeutic

• Kinesio properties manufactured with cotton sheathes for ultra-reinforcement
• Extremely lightweight but durable
• Brace-like support with a elasticized core for additional muscle and joint support
• Can be worn up to 3 days
• Latex free
• Pre-cut strips for quick and easy use
• Rounded corner strips to avoid issues with fraying






Johnson & Johnson Coach Sports Tape

• Can be used for sprains as well as multiple other injuries on fingers, ankles, and wrists
• Breathable, cloth material
• Includes a natural rubber latex
• Great for use over under wrapping






Mueller Black Athletic Tape

• Manufactured specifically for athletic medical injuries
• Medical grade bleached backcloth
• Color resistant to bleeding from perspiration
• Optimum tensile durability
• Extreme hold for long-lasting wear with maximum comfort






Goat Tape Scary Sticky Premium Athletic / Weightlifting Tape

Goat tape was originally created to be an alternative to the standard athletic tape that had been used up until 2011. Specifically, the manufacturers researched the properties of adhesive and improved upon this component with their Goat Tape.
This is considered by athletes to be a tough tape in terms of being able to stay on even during maximum endurance use such as weightlifting practice. That is why it is considered a specialty tape for weightlifting athletes who consider it the most durable athletic tape for their training and match performances.

• Manufactured as a CrossFit specialty product
• Best used for fingers, wrists and thumb taping
• Optimal bonding and stays secure in heavy friction
• Adverse to extreme heat and perspiration
• Serrated edges for quick ripping action
• Great for weightlifting
• Latex free, cotton material
• Manufactured in the United States






RockTape Kinesiology Tape for Athletes

• Helps with reduction of pain
• Optimal tackiness and hypoallergenic adhesive material
• Waterproof and resistant to perspiration
• Cotton and nylon material
• Great for optimal range of motion with up to 180% stretch ability
• Free of Latex and zinc properties
• Can be worn for up to 7 days





Athletic Tape in White, Ultra breathable Sports Tape

This is an athletic tape that was literally designed by athletes from many different sports and different levels of athletic ability. The focus was on the problem of moisture building up during heavy activity, so this tape made of micro-fine pores actually takes any moisture and traps in the cotton backcloth so it does not have an adverse effect on the adhesive. It also has the added property of alleviating skin irritation from occurring because of its extra drying properties. This inevitably leads to an athletic tape that will stay dryer and last longer.

  • Made with a medical grade cotton that allows for tape to absorb extreme perspiration
  • Maximum stability for all major joints and Achilles’ heel issues.
  • Preventative properties for future injuries even during extreme activity
  • Easily torn with zig-zagged edges
  • Free of latex
  • Adhesive made from zinc oxide for additional support






EXO Athletic Active Recovery Kinesiology Tape


• Helps to reduce fatigue and faster recovery properties including soft tissue injuries for greater lymphatic drainage
• Provides reduction of pain
• Designed with a wave-patterned adhesive backcloth for reduction in moisture build-up
• Elastic is designed to move with the natural abilities of human skin



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