Ten Best 1440p 144hz Monitors 2021 – Reviews & Mini Buyers Guide

Thanks to breakthroughs in video display technology, ordinary consumers can now buy monitors with incredibly good resolution. Right now, one of the most advanced technologies is referred to as QHD (Quad High Definition) or WQHD (Wide Quad High Definition) as well as “2K” and other terms, making it confusing for gamers and other people interested in buying the latest generation of monitors to understand exactly what they’re getting.

What Exactly is a 1440p 144 Hz Monitor?

Simply put, the image quality of a monitor is determined by the number of pixels on its screen. A 1440 p monitor has 1,440 vertical pixels and 2,560 horizontal pixels using a standard 16:9 aspect ratio (the horizontal plane has a 16/9 ratio to the vertical plane).

The acronyms, whether they be QHD or WQHD or 2K or others do not follow a standardized definition, so the only thing you really need to know when identifying a 1440 p monitor is that it does, indeed, have 1,440 pixels along the vertical axis.

1440 p is four times the definition (or concentration) of pixels in a given area than 720 p HD (High Definition), which is why 1440 p is often called “quad” HD or QHD. This means that a 1440 p monitor with the same physical dimensions as a 720 p HD screen has four times more pixels per square inch. The only perceived difference between QHD and WQHD is that the “W” signifies that the monitor has the 16:9 ratio as opposed to the older format of 4:3 ratio.

The reason why 1440 p monitors are sometimes called 2K (short for “2,000”) is both because it has half the resolution of a so-called “4K” monitor and because the horizontal axis has (more than) 2,000 pixels. Technically, of course, a “2K” monitor has 2,048 pixels along the horizontal axis, so some people refer to it as a “2.5 K” monitor, although this is not very common.

The “144 Hz” descriptor refers to the monitor’s refresh rate or how many times it can “draw” a new image on the screen. “Hz” is short for “Hertz” or cycles per second, therefore a 144 Hz monitor can refresh the image on the screen up to 144 times per second.


A Brief Guide to Choosing 1440p 144 Hz Monitors

There are numerous factors that come into play when choosing the right monitor for you, including 1440 p 144 Hz monitors.


Screen Size

The physical dimensions of the monitor’s screen have no bearing on the resolution, so a 21-inch monitor with 720 p resolution (720 pixels along the vertical axis) is physically the same size as a 21-inch monitor with 1440 p resolution (1,440 pixels along the vertical axis).

When choosing a monitor by screen size, consider how far away you will be sitting from it during use.


Response Time

The response time refers to how long it takes an electrical signal to travel from your computer to the monitor, usually measured in milliseconds (ms). For ordinary use, a response time of 10 ms or more is generally acceptable while professional gamers prefer monitors with a response time of 4 ms or less.

For gamers, generally the higher (faster) the refresh rate, the better.


Review of the ten best 1440p 144 Hz Monitors on today’s market

After carefully reviewing and assessing all of the 1440 p 144 Hz monitors on the market today, we have created a list of what we believe are the 10 best 1440 p 144 Hz monitors you can buy.


Dell Gaming S2417DG YNY1D with a 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor / Comes with G-SYNC

This Dell 144hz monitor has a large 24-inch screen and a super fast 1ms response time to deliver a powerful gaming experience. From one of the leading names in video display technology, this model uses Nvidia’s proprietary G-Sync technology to overclock the monitor to deliver a refresh rate up to 165 Hz. The thin bezel design of the Dell S2417DG makes it perfect to use in a multi-monitor setup while the ability to tilt, pivot, or swivel the monitor means you always get the perfect view.

Features of this gaming monitor:

16:9 aspect ratio
Comes with anti-glare coating
Built-in G-Sync technology for flicker-free gaming fun
Impressive color depth of 16.7 million colors
Deep sleep energy saving feature for when not in use




For more information on G-Sync technology, head over to our G-Sync guide and list of monitors.




ASUS PB278Q 27″ Eye Care Gaming Monitor

From one of the leading manufacturers of computer monitors, the ASUS PB278Q delivers a full WQHD image across its impressive 27-inch screen. It has a very wide 178-degree viewing angle and comes with a rugged stand that can be tilted, swiveled, or pivoted to create the best viewing experience. In addition to all its incredible features it also has built-in HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and Dual-link DVI ports for improved connectivity.


Features of this gaming monitor:

IPS panel technology
Huge 27-inch screen size
Can be wall mounted (using separately sold accessories)
Proprietary EyeCare technology reduces eye strain
Comes with 6 preset video modes







VIOTEK GN32Q – 32 Inch 144 Hz Curved Computer / Gaming Monitor

With a giant 32-inch curved screen, the Viotek GN32Q provides a truly immersive viewing experience. The Viotek GN32Q has a number of ports, including HDMI, Dual-link DVI, and DisplayPort to give you more options when connecting to your favorite console or personal computer. It has an impressive 16:9 screen aspect ratio and 20 million to 1 dynamic contrast that delivers ultra sharp images. It also comes with a blue light filter that can be activated to reduce eye fatigue at night, which is super handy for all those hardcore gamers that do most of their gaming when every body else is tucked up in bed.


Features of the VioTek GN32Q:

Curved 32-inch screen for full video immersion experience
Ultra thin bezel
Built-in FreeSync technology
Displays up to 16.7 million colors
VA panel technology








BenQ ZOWIE 27″ LED 144Hz Quad HD Gaming Monitor – Ideal for eSports Tournaments and Professional Players

The BenQ ZOWIE has a large 27-inch screen size with a ultra-fast 144 Hz refresh rate to deliver a smooth gaming or viewing experience. Designed for video game professionals, the BenQ ZOWIE comes with proprietary flicker free and low blue light technologies to reduce eye strain during lengthy playing sessions. Fully loaded with a D-Sub, Dual-link DVI, DisplayPort 1.2, headphone jacket, microphone jack, and two HDMI ports, this BenQ monitor is ready to be connected to your favorite console or personal computer. The built-in “S Switch” allows you to instantly choose between three different presets to get the best video experience possible for games, photographs, and movies.



One-finger adjustment of height and viewing gangle
Specially designed for video game professionals
Comes with 20 levels of color vibrance settings
TN panel technology
S Switch for selecting between three customizable video presets








ASUS MG278Q 27-Inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Another popular model from ASUS, the MG278Q has a generous 27-inch display with a very fast 1ms response time. It uses FreeSync technology to deliver seamless visuals even during high-speed game play and comes with proprietary Eyecare technology and a blue light filter to reduce eye fatigue during lengthy play sessions. The ASUS MG278Q monitor can be swiveled, pivoted, or tilted to get the best viewing angle possible.



IPS panel technology
Generous 1.78:1 aspect ratio
FreeSync technology
Super low 1ms response time
3-year warranty and free shipping for any returns








Acer XG270HU  27-inch WQHD AMD FREESYNC (2560 x 1440) Widescreen Monitor

Another excellent entry in the gaming monitor field, the Acer XG270HU has a big 27-inch screen that uses AMD FreeSync to deliver ultra smooth game play and video watching experiences. It has an extremely fast 1ms response time and comes with 1 DisplayPort, 1 HDMI, and 1 DVI port for maximum connectivity to your favorite console or personal computer. With a lovely thin bezel design, the Acer XG270HU looks as good when not in use as it does when displaying your favorite games. The Acer XG270HU comes with proprietary Comfy View technology to reduce eye strain and deliver a crisp, clear image.



Full 1440 p resolution
Stylish red/black design
Comes with HDMI, DisplayPort, and Dual-link DVI cables
AMD FreeSynch technology
Weighs just 8.5 pounds







Monoprice MP 2734 144Hz FREESYNC LED Gaming Monitor

A very affordable contender in the 1440 p 144 Hz monitor category, the Monoprice MP 2734 has a large 27-inch screen size that delivers the full WQHD experience. The Monoprice MP 2734 comes with a DisplayPort 1.2, headphone jack, audio output, HDMI 2.0, DVI-D, and HDMI/MHL ports for added connectivity, including to Android smart phones and tablets. This model is unique in that it has both Picture in Picture (two images onscreen) and Picture by Picture (four images onscreen) options for watching multiple video streams simultaneously.



Comes with “Pixel Perfect” warranty
Can be connected to gaming consoles, computers, or Android devices
AMD FreeSynch technology
Comes with both PiP and PbP modes
350 cd/m2 brightness








Samsung CF791 Series 34-Inch Curved Widescreen Monitor

With a very futuristic and elegant design, the Samsung CF791 has a very generous 34-inch curved display for maximum viewing immersion. The big 21:9 aspect ratio is perfect for latest generation games while the rapid 4ms response time ensures that you never miss anything. It uses proprietary quantum dot technology to deliver sRGB 125% colors in a true ultra wide quad high definition resolution. This Samsung gaming monitor also has two built-in speakers, 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and one DisplayPort for easily connecting to a wide variety of peripherals.



No bezel on three sides
Built-in dual 7-watt speakers
Huge 34-inch curved screen design for immersive gameplay
Comes with VESA adapter
Includes 1 DisplayPort, 1 HDMI, and 1 USB cable







BenQ 27 inch 2K Photographer Monitor (SW2700PT)

The BenQ SW2700PT uses an OSD controller and a large 27-inch screen to deliver rich colors and a wider viewing angle. The built-in palette master software allows you to fine tune the output while the OSD controller allows you to effortlessly choose between Adobe RGB mode, black and white mode, and sRGB mode. The BenQ SW2700PT also comes with a shading hood to reduce glare and improve the viewing experience.



Full customization of color palette
14-bit 3D Look Up Table technology for color accuracy
Matte screen finish
Beautiful design
Designed for professional photographers







Acer Predator XB271HU 144hz – Resolution (2560×1440) Comes with NVIDIA G-SYNC IPS Display

The Acer Predator XB271HU has a sleek black and red design and uses IPS panel technology to deliver incredibly smooth playback. The Acer Predator XB271HU has both a DisplayPort and HDMI 1.4 port for easy connection to your favorite console or personal computer while the big 27-inch screen and 16:9 aspect ratio ensures games and movies look pixel perfect. The Acer Predator XB271HU also has 4 USB 3.0 ports and two built-in speakers.



4 USB, 1 DP, and 1 HDMI 1.4 ports
Two 2-watt built-in speakers
IPS panel technology
Sleek futuristic design
Nvidia G-Synch technology for minimal stutter and tearing



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